Mete Project Moving Ahead

Mete Project Moving Ahead 22 August, 2019

The indigenous move in the Turkish defence industry continues to grow. Deliveries are continuing which in the projects carried out in the light arms section by the Presidency of Defence Industries.

Presidency of Defence Industries made an announcement on its official social media accounts about the ongoing delivery process of the Indigenous Pistol Project. Design, development, qualification, production, maintenance and maintenance of a pistol with local facilities are targeted for the project and the number of pistols delivered by Samsun Yurt Savunma and Sarsılmaz exceeds 115,000.

TP9 SF Mete, developed by Samsun Yurt Savunma under the Canik brand within the scope of the indigenous pistol project, has a compact size fibre compounded polymer body In the pistol using 9x19 mm Parabellum ammunition, cold-forged steel barrel with a life of 30,000 rounds was preferred. The weapon has 750 grams of empty weight, with an interchangeable pistol grip, double-sided slide holder and double-sided magazine release for enhanced ergonomics of use. The TP9 SF Mete is equipped with a double-sided trigger safety latch, as well as trigger safety and needle block safety.

The needle-fired, lightweight next-generation polymer body service gun, the SAR9 Mete, has a specially designed steel barrel with 30,000 rounds of life. Using a 9x19 mm Parabellum ammunition, the pistol features three different sizes of the interchangeable pistol grip, double-sided slide holder and a magazine release that enhances handling ergonomics. The performance and lightweight optimization of the gun, which weighed 750 grams, was achieved with small, shaped and precision sheet metal parts. Thanks to the cassette-type mechanism, the SAR9 Mete is easy to maintain, and the MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny Rail on the body is suitable for mounting tactical equipment. Weapons have needle, trigger and latch safety.

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