Decision to Continue Production

Decision to Continue Production 5 September, 2019

Russia has begun the design of the A-42 aircraft to replace the Beriev Be-12 Chayka (NATO Code: Mail) maritime patrol aircraft. Its design was suspended in 1993. Now the aircraft will be modernized and accepted into service.

Defence Ministry sources told the decision in principle to resume A-42 production had been made. The ministry is drafting tactical and technical requirements to the upgraded project. The main one is to create a universal antisubmarine and rescue aircraft. So far, the acquisition of three aircraft is planned. The sources could not say when the work to produce the gigantic amphibian would begin. A-42 will get a new radar comprising a viewing sight, heat seekers, piloting and navigational complex to measure sea waves, and a new communications equipment. The amphibious aircraft is likely to have two propfan D-27 engines to increase the range to 9300 km. Air refuelling system will be also provided.

The aircraft will be able to engage in air and electronic reconnaissance. It can detect, identify and track surface, underwater and coastal targets and determine their coordinates. If necessary, the aircraft can destroy them with onboard weapons. Besides, A-42 can search for submarines with a submergible acoustic sonar.

.A-42 is good for rescue operations, as it can quickly fly to the area of a distressed submarine and land close to it to the maximum to rescue the crew, the Russian-based Izvestia newspaper said.

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