Rafael joy in Greece

Rafael joy in Greece 14 September, 2020

French involvement in Hellenic Air Force has created an over trust in Greek media. Instead of calling the force Hellenic Air Force (HAF) they mostly call PA which stands Polemikí Aeroporía, (War Aviation) The Greek media writes that "Rafale introduces PA to the AESA radar era." The process for the selection and training of the first group of pilots in France has already begun.

The six new aircraft of the PA will be F3R version and the 12 used F3-O4T version all with AESA radar, IRST and electronic warfare system SPECTRA self-defence system. PA can homogenize the French Rafale fleet at the F3-R software level and later at the F4 level.

In the F3-R version, the Rafale incorporates improvements such as RBE-2AA radar, electronic scanning technology (AESA), certification of MICA NG (New Generation) and Meteor (maximum range over 100 km) guided missiles. (Armement Air-Sol Modulaire) and TALIOS target detection, reconnaissance and point-and-shoot missiles and AEROS tactical and strategic reconnaissance. The Rafale F3-R also incorporates an automatic ground collision avoidance system.

The aircraft has a capacity of 9.5 tons of cargo (weapons, fuel), battle radius greater than 1,700 km, sufficient to cover operationally the Balkans, Cyprus and the triangle Crete - Libya - Cyprus.

As announced on September 12th, the old Mirage 2000EG will be returned to the French under the agreement for the supply of Rafale.

There are also two questions posed by the media; The supply of 18 Rafale automatically creates the obligation to form a second Squadron in the future. The media urges Greece to form at least two squadrons (38-40 aircraft) for efficiency and less support and maintenance infrastructure financial cost for each aircraft.

It is also questioned why “The Republic of Cyprus” (Southern Cyprus Greek Cypriot Government) is not involved in the new Greek armaments program. It is recalled that Greek Mirage F 1CG could be used for the creation of a Cypriot Squadron. US arms embargo on the “Republic of Cyprus” is also halted. The media urges “Republic of Cyprus” to take the big step and not wait for the French acquisition.

Rafael joy in Greece

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