The Hellenic Navy Started Sea Trials

The Hellenic Navy Started Sea Trials 25 July, 2019

For the Hellenic Navy, 6th Roussen-Class fast attack missile boat (FACM) started sea trials. The platform, which was under construction went into the water in Elefsina Bay for a limited time. Final ship acceptance board checks of the No. 6 FACM are scheduled to be executed in the third quarter of this year. The Roussen-class FACM are based a stretched variant of the successful Vita design in used with the navies of Qatar and Oman.

The Platform has a length of 62 meters, full load displacement of 668 tons, crew of 45 sailors and a maximum speed of 35 knots. In terms of weapon systems, these FACM are fitted with a 76mm main gun, 8x MM40 Block 2 & 3 anti-ship missiles, a RAM surface-to-air missiles launcher and 2x 30mm guns.

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The Hellenic Navy Started Sea Trials

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