Greek, Israeli and US Cooperation in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea: Themistoklis

Greek, Israeli and US Cooperation in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea: Themistoklis 23 June, 2020

In February 2020 ONEX Neorion Shipyards and Israel Shipyards signed a contract for the co-production and co-development of vessels. The agreement was part of Greece’s cooperation and strategic relationship with Israel in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea.

An agreement for the co-production of the “Themistoklis” corvette is the result of this agreement.

According to today’s announcement of the company that manages the shipyards of Neorio in Syros, the corvette Themistoklis aims to meet the needs of surveillance of the borders of the Eastern Mediterranean.

The new design of the Themistoklis corvette combines the know-how of the Greek, Israeli and American industries, and the next generation of functional specifications in the future of the naval war.

It is a multi-purpose boat with a length of 72 meters and a displacement of about 800 tons. The Themistocles corvette can also reach speeds of over 30kn. A medium-sized naval helicopter can operate, but it also supports unique capabilities for developing special forces units.

“Themistoklis” includes art weapons and electronic systems, which can be adapted to the individual requirements of customers.


Missions of Themistocles Corvette Include:

  • Open Sea Patrolling and Surveillance operations
  • Maritime Sovereignty protection
  • Off-Shore facilities protection
  • EEZ protection
  • Anti-terror/ smuggling /illegal activities interdiction
  • Minimize illegal immigration transits
  • Search and Rescue operations in coordination with SAR Helicopters
  • Participation in Naval combat operations
  • Fishing protection and control
  • Support of boarding/landing and intervention forces
  • Sea Pollution containment activities

Themistocles Can Accommodate Advanced Weapon Configurations, Including:

  • Launchers for anti-missiles defence missiles
  • Surface-to-surface missiles launchers
  • Up to 76 mm Naval gun
  • Remotely controlled stabilized Naval gun system up to 30mm
  • Command and Control system
  • ESM & ECM
  • Advanced Multifunction Search Radar
  • Heavy machine guns – 0.5” / 7.62mm
  • Most advanced day and night vision system


Length Overall

72.00 m

Beam, Molded

10.25 m


2.92 m

Flight Deck

10 × 15.3 m


Abt. 800 tons


2×MTU 16V1163M94

Max. Speed

Above 30 Knots

Sustained Speed

28 Knots

Cruising Speed

12-18 Knots

The range at 12 Knots

Above 5000 NM


21 Days


45 + 20 special troops


Themistocles was an Athenian politician, general, and naval strategist whose emphasis on naval power and military skills was decisive during the Persian Wars. He was the creator of the Athenian Navy and the main saviour of Greece from submission to the Persian Empire in the Battle of Salamis in 480 BC.

Greek, Israeli and US Cooperation in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea: Themistoklis

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