Hellenic Army Wants More Weapon Systems

Hellenic Army Wants More Weapon Systems 12 June, 2020

Greece, which experienced an economic crisis caused by unplanned armament and some reasons, continues its procurements. Athens plans to acquire infantry fighting vehicles (IFV) and wheeled armoured vehicles from the US.

The procurement of second-hand military platforms is among the first choices of countries with a limited defence budget due to low initial acquisition costs. Greece often prefers weapon systems and vehicles, which are determined as surplus equipment by the armed forces of the US and EU countries, especially from the USA. Athens, which came to the agenda with the decision of modernization of the navy in the past days, recently brought the acquisition of second-hand armoured vehicles from the USA to the agenda.

According to a report in the Greek Press, vehicles that the US National Guard has labelled as surplus equipment within the scope of the said process will be acquired under the requirements of the Hellenic Army. The source stated that the platforms were M2 Bradley armoured combat vehicles and M1117 Guardian wheeled armoured vehicles. Athens plans to acquire 350 IFVss that the U.S. phased out, and 1,200 of the Guardians.

The Hellenic Army has been working for a while for a IFV that can accompany Leopard 2HEL main battle tanks in front lines, especially in mechanized operations.

Hellenic Army Wants More Weapon Systems

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