Greece and Italy Signs, Turkey Wins

Greece and Italy Signs, Turkey Wins 11 June, 2020

Greece, which has used all kinds of ways to expand the sea and air borders unilaterally as an excuse for the continental shelf of the islands in the Aegean, scored its own goal.

Because of the importance of hydrocarbon deposits detected in the Eastern Mediterranean growth exclusive economic zone problems several times. An agreement, which in favor of Turkey's exclusive economic zone, has been inked. Greece signed an Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) agreement with Italy that shares its sovereign rights in the Ionian Sea. Athens has made some concessions, the Greek side said the situation is even a lower back than the 1977 and 1982 EEZ conventions. The opposition thinks about this development advocates the view that "an agreement was signed only to sign an agreement" by giving up Greek rights in the Ionian Sea.

Greece and Cyprus still continue their unilateral claims on the continental shelf and the EEZ in the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean. On the other hand, the Greek and Greek Cypriot sides, who are trying to put Ankara under diplomatic pressure in the EU and in every possible international area, are preparing to take new steps.

Although Greece has decided to unilaterally expand its air and maritime responsibility areas by arguing that the islands are the maritime jurisdiction, especially in the Aegean, this situation has not been accepted internationally. In the agreement signed with Italy, while the boundaries of the EEZ were determined, the areas of the islands were not included in the calculations. In this case, the Aegean and the eastern Mediterranean is a precedent that will strengthen Turkey's trump card in hand.

Greece and Italy Signs, Turkey Wins

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