Aegean and Mediterranean Dream of Greece: Mare Nostrum 15 February, 2020

The air and sea borders declared unilaterally by Greece have been keeping the waters of the Aegean warm for years. When the Exclusive Economic Zone disputes in the Eastern Mediterranean were added to the continental shelf and airspace problems that carried Turkish and Greek relations beyond the neighbourhood, the equation became multi-dimensional.

Filling the gap between the two neighbouring countries, the Aegean Sea has been the scene of many disputes for many years, especially the islets, due to various unilateral claims of Greek administration. Although there has been a hot contact with the increasing tension from time to time, the actual conflict has not been repeated as far as is known since the Cyprus Peace Operation. The two sides take measures against each other but the Greek-party content published on the news brings the proverb “No smoke without fire.” as a souvenir.

Issue 86