Armoured Mortar Vehicle on Tests

Armoured Mortar Vehicle on Tests 2 May, 2020

Countries continue their weapons and system tests despite COVID-19.

According to images published on social media, Taiwan conducted an armoured mortar vehicle (AMV) test on April 26. Developed on the country's CM-32 8x8 platform (ZHA), the vehicle is equipped with the 120 mm M120 smoothbore mortar which derived from Soltam K6. The main weapon, which has 7.2 km effective range can fire fin-stabilized high explosive, smoke and illumination rounds in addition to the guided projectiles. Thanks to turntable at rear compartment, main weapon can rotate 360 degrees.

CM-32, which can be easily adapted to different tasks thanks to its modular architecture, has an armour structure resistant to 12.7 mm ammunition. In the V-shaped hull form, which minimizes the effects of mine explosion blast, the mortar is located at the rear, which has covers. There is also a remote-controlled weapon system (RCWS), which is suitable for the use of different weapons on platforms.

Armoured Mortar Vehicle on Tests

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