MRAPs to Replace Armoured Pinzgauer

MRAPs to Replace Armoured Pinzgauer 10 July, 2020

Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles are one of the first choices of many countries thanks to their personnel safety and high terrain capabilities.

New Zealand, which has a small but well-equipped army, replacing its old platforms that are at the end of their economic life. Wellington has announced that MRAP will be acquired to replace the armoured Pinzgauer LOV (Light Operational Vehicle) platforms. In this context, an agreement was inked with Thales Australia for the acquisition of 43 Bushmaster 4x4s. With the 67.5 million USD agreement, New Zealand will receive items such as simulators, necessary equipment, and the necessary infrastructure improvement service at Linton Camp Barracks where Bushmasters will be deployed as well as platforms.

The first vehicles are planned to arrive in the country at the end of 2022 and the process will continue until the end of 2023. Bushmaster MRAP, produced by Thales, has a monocoque hull structure. The hull, which made of welded steel, provides protection against small arms ammunition and splinters. Designed in V form for the vehicle to dissipate the blast effect of the explosion, the belly structure is resistant to explosives, with a 9.5 kilogram TNT equivalent that detonating under the vehicle.

New Zealand published a Defence Capability Plan for the replacing of old platforms last year. The document was highlighted the replacing Pinzgauers as the primary priority.

MRAPs to Replace Armoured Pinzgauer

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