Issue 55  
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  • 54. Issue Exhibition News - 02.10.2017

    New Task for Gripen Nexter’s Exclusive Solutions for Global Market Leonardo Joined the Team Rolls-Royce Looks Beyond the Horizon Rafael Solutions Move to London UK Dragonfire Self-confident MBDA Left Its Mark in London El

  • 54. Issue Sector News - 02.10.2017

    Changing Threats, Versatile Solutions Israeli-made Ship Took to the Seas Russian Technology, Chinese Production Astra BVRAAM Put a Smile on Faces US does not Give Up on LCS Black Hawk Delivery to Afghanistan Commenced Anti-UAV Patriot

  • Eurasia Airshow Aims at $40m Target - 02.10.2017

    Although aviation is traditionally separated into commercial and military, these two are in fact highly intermingled. An organisation in the scope of Eurasia has never been launched in Turkey, despite great enthusiasm for aviation in this country. The undertaking will be a major event not only wi

  • In the Shadow of BREXIT: DSEI 2017 - 02.10.2017

    The United Kingdom, which deepened its geographical divide with the European Union with a political divide following BREXIT, attended the first DSEI amid the aftershocks of this radical decision. Is the “Empire on which the sun never sets” looming into darkness with respect to defence

  • The Person behind Iraq’s Fragmentation: Not Barzani, but Nouri al-Maliki... - 02.10.2017

    Nouri al-Maliki is the statesman, deciding the fate of Iraq between 2006 and 2014. His policies stand before us as the main reason behind the deep instability faced by the country. He was born in 1950 as the son of a middle class family in Hindiyah, southern Baghdad. His grandfather Muh

  • The Saudi Impact on Africa - 02.10.2017

    Africa is on the brink of a serious collapse in the face of Jihadi Wahhabism inspired by Saudi Arabia, crises in Qatar and Yemen forcing to choose sides, plus socio-economic and ecological plight caused by Saudi- financed agricultural activities. Against the backdrop of Africa’s e

  • Europe’s New Security Problem: Europe Itself - 02.10.2017

    Continuously being tested by refugee flows and terrorist attacks, Europe witnesses that tensions have risen to Cold War levels thanks to Russia’s close yet controlled advances. Nevertheless, security issues in Europe lead to “fissures” rather than “union” and togethe

  • ALEMDAR Off for Its First Drill - 02.10.2017

    A-582 TCG ALEMDAR Submarine Rescue Mother Ship built by Istanbul Shipyard performed in its first ever drill. The ship, which was delivered to the Naval Forces inventory this summer, took part in the Exercise DYNAMIC MONARCH-17. Hosted by the Naval Forces Command, the exercise took place in the Ak

  • 53. Issue Sector News - 29.08.2017

    Moving On with EUROSAM New Radar to 'Patriot', by Lockheed General Atomics UAV Flew at Red Flag Israel Undecided Just as Germany Signature of $5,91 Billion by Qatar TAI, Wastes No Time BMC Chosen for TTA-2 Project TCG I

  • AYESAŞ and VESTEL Defence Grow with New Strategies in a New Age… - 29.08.2017

    One of Turkey’s time-honoured private companies in defence and aerospace, Aydın Yazılım (AYESAŞ) reaps the yields of various investments as a joint venture of Zorlu Group. The Company offers a wide range of capabilities from working with SMEs to supplying its own product to the F-35, to mee

  • Crispy Like Fresh-Baked - 29.08.2017

    Perhaps you may have noticed; most bread sold in plastic bags retain their freshness for more than a week, while the bagel you just bought in the morning simply becomes hard to bite at the end of the day. Since their basic ingredient is the flour, there must be a reason for this difference. 

  • Dassault Systèmes is an Aspirant for TF-X - 29.08.2017

    As time is ticking for the design activities of Turkish National Fighter Program (TF-X) to start, companies are looking for a placement in Turkey to demonstrate their expertise on this subject. Being one of these aspirants, the French company Dassault Systèmes manages to shorten the proces

  • The Last Legendary Battleship: Iowa Class - 29.08.2017

    Once ruling the seas, battleships or so-called armoured ships, gradually lost favour to aircraft. On the eve of the Second World War, many large navies were indecisive as regards the fate of these platforms. Being the last of these formidable giants cruising the seas, Iowa class battleships were

  • Hard Times: “Fragmentation” Endures… - 29.08.2017

    When it comes to Iraq and Syria, we can talk about territorial integrity only in a “literal sense.” There is no way out other than facing the facts.  The fact before us is that we are witnessing a period proceeding in the same path once drawn by the George W. Bush Admin

  • Separating Fact from Fiction about North Korea - 29.08.2017

    Despite the long-held conviction, North Korea is far from being a poor, communist state, which would definitely starve without Chinese support. On account of mainstream media’s exclusive focus on North Korea’s nuclear programs, many facts about this country remain in the shadows. 

  • 52. Issue Sector News - 21.07.2017

    Funding Ready for “Boxer” Hybrid Protection by Serbia General Dynamics Solution for Canada Anti-ship Missile under Focus North-South Tension Increased Momentum in Defence Giant Aircraft Carrier Took to the Seas TCG Kınalıada

  • Once Again in Europe: Common Defence - 21.07.2017

    Attempts to move towards common defence have been part of the United Europe project since its inception following the Second World War. It is doubtful whether the recently launched European Defence Fund will pave the way for a happy ending.  It was in September 2016 that the Europe

  • METEKSAN Prepares for the Future - 21.07.2017

    Up until today, METEKSAN Defence has been known for the services and sub-systems offered to platform manufacturers. Among the most prominent of these are damage control simulator, helicopter fire training simulator and MİLDAR radar. Now the company keeps working on its latest products, developed

  • Katmerciler Looks for Niche Product to Make a Difference - 21.07.2017

    Established around 30 years ago to supply vehicle-mounted equipment, Katmerciler is taking incremental steps to occupy a larger area in the sector. The company participated in IDEF’17 with many new products following extensive preparation for this special occasion. These included; ambulance

  • Anti-ship Missile Under Focus - 21.07.2017

    MBDA has successfully performed the first qualification trials of its Sea Venom/Anti-Navire Léger (ANL) anti-ship missile at Île du Levant Test Range in France on 21 June. During the tests, the performance of critical components of missile were evaluated, such as propulsion system as

  • 52nd Issue Exhibition News - 21.07.2017

    Task Switch: From Training to Close Air Support Finally: A Satisfying Demonstration by the JSF Embraer on the Hunt Airbus Era in Search & Rescue Boeing Seized the Opportunity Kawasaki Looks for Support New Member to Mirach Family

  • Where does the Future of Aviation Lie? Paris Air Show - 21.07.2017

    Taking the pulse of developments in global aviation and organised for the 52nd time this year, Paris Air Show opened its door at Le Bourget in June 19-25. Civil aviation keeps its rhythm in one way or another thanks to competition and globalisation; however, it is possible to argue that, by 2017,

  • TAI’s Show of Strength - 21.07.2017

    Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) participated in the fair to demonstrate the fruits of years of efforts. The company, which had displayed the mock-ups or prototypes of its products in Paris in the past years, was much at ease this time. At the fair’s outdoor show park, the company exhibit

  • 51st Issue Sector News - 01.06.2017

    Raytheon Confident in Korea Fincantieri Anchors in France Seoul Relies on Rolls-Royce Heron Outstretches to the Sea Laser Move by ASELSAN Investment; Sought and Found

  • 51st Issue Exhibition News - 01.06.2017

    TAI, Dazzled with its Objectives Striking Moves by ROKETSAN Simulation Days in HAVELSAN ASELSAN Sets Record after Record İşbir, Silently Moving Forward Giant Steps by FNSS Nurol; Vehicle and Deal Combined OTOKAR Points Out the

  • Common Capabilities, Original Solutions: STM - 01.06.2017

    IDEF 2017 will take its rightful place in history as an occasion for Turkish defence industry’s show of strength. However, with respect to products displayed and agreements signed, STM is going through one of the most important periods in its history. Raising expectations through postings i

  • Rolls-Royce Comes with a New Engine to New Aircraft - 01.06.2017

    As one of the most assertive engine producers of the United Kingdom, Rolls-Royce (RR) seems to become a part of Turkey’s Indigenous Fighter Jet Project. The company, which drew attention with its striking media planning and important partnership deals on the very first day of IDEF, is affil

  • Eurojet: More Powerful than Typhoon with Turkish Contribution - 01.06.2017

    One of the bidders competing for the TF-X Program is the Eurojet Consortium. The distinguishing feature about this proposal is that, one of the firms under this Consortium has also made a separate bid. Looking at the issue from the perspective of air platforms, the engine is definitely a major co

  • It Can Do Everything but Fly! ATAKSİM - 01.06.2017

    Armed air vehicles have become one of the most dangerous elements beginning with their appearance on the battle stage. Adding a third dimension to the battlefield, these mechanical birds have proved to be indispensable ever since the Battle of Benghazi. What is comparably more dangerous are pilot

  • Turkey’s International Show of Strength: IDEF 2017 - 01.06.2017

    Organised this year under the auspices of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey, IDEF 2017 13th International Defence Industry Fair conveyed a message to the international public opinion from Turkey, which has been struggling with problems inside and beyond its borders for a year and whose sec

  • Triangular-Winged Legend of the Skies: Mirage III - 01.06.2017

    Although not the first of its kind, Mirage series is the first that comes to mind when referring to delta-wing aircraft. Being the first fighter of this series, Mirage III served the most in the battlefield as compared to other jets commissioned at the time. This triangular-winged aircraft had it

  • NATO: Problematic Alliance... - 01.06.2017

    The US Administration has recently announced that “Cooperation with PYD-YPG in Syria, particularly during the Raqqa Operation is a tactical move; it does not bear any strategic quality or continuity.” To what extent, is this explanation satisfying?  Back in the First an

  • In the Middle East, Polarisation is Crystallizing… - 01.06.2017

    As a boiling cauldron, the Middle East is witnessing the rise of a new bloc centred upon the United States, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, as an alternative to the Russia-Iran duo. Turkey, constrained by the circumstances beyond its control, currently sides with the second camp, which may not bode well

  • Search for Collaboration under the Shadow of Terror - 01.06.2017

    Organised this year between May 21-23, American Turkish Council’s 36th Annual Conference on US-Turkey Relations took place at Trump Hotel in Washington D.C. under the shadow of nuisance felt in Turkey caused by US support to PYD. Against the backdrop of President Trump’s announcement

  • Demir: IDEF is Now Our Showcase - 08.05.2017

    Once an event, in which foreign companies exhibited their products for the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF), IDEF has transformed into a fair, through which products in the TAF inventory were exhibited under the auspices of the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries (SSM). On the eve of this occasion,

  • TAFF Welcomes IDEF at its 30th Anniversary - 08.05.2017

    Turkish Armed Forces Foundation (TAFF) is getting prepared for IDEF at the 30th anniversary of its establishment. On this occasion, Deputy General Manager Sadık Piyade conveyed us the founding purpose, contemporary issues and targets of the Foundation. C4Defenc

  • From Arms Embargoes to the Present... - 08.05.2017

    It was those days of the Cold War, when we felt safe under the NATO umbrella. We would realise years later how much risks we had taken for survival, under the circumstances of the time…  We would also recognise that the Cuban Missile Crisis, which erupted thanks to Soviet Un

  • Welcome IDEF - 08.05.2017

    “Numbered days pass quickly.”; so they say… The countdown to IDEF, which began in November, ended rapidly. Today, the Fair is opening its door to visitors.  As C4Defence, we welcome you with special content on IDEF, taking pride in the fact that we are celebrating the publ

  • UOP: Looking Forward to Develop Relations with Turkey in all Areas - 08.05.2017

    In our previous issue, we published the first part of an interview with the CEO of Ukrainian state enterprise UkrOboronProm (UOP), Mr. Roman Romanov. UOP and Turkish Undersecretariat for Defence Industries (SSM) have signed many agreements and MoUs to develop bilateral relations. Prior to Interna

  • Turkey’s Defence Industry Potential on the Verge of IDEF - 08.05.2017

    When we observe the global business development activities of Turkish defence companies, we see that their focus is mainly on a flight zone (hinterland) covering four hours. This hinterland covers the Central Asian Republics, North Africa, the Gulf Region Countries and Eastern Europe. 

  • Company News - 08.05.2017

    AKBA Solution against Live Bombs AlpDefence to Set Up Defence Line at IDEF Alp Aviation Shoulders the Sector ASELSAN Sets High Goals ATEL’s Goal is to Export National Solutions FNSS with Six New Products and a Long-Term Strategy Gi

  • What is the Target for Altay’s Engine? - 18.04.2017

    Official remarks by UkrOboronProm (UOP), Ukraine’s highest state institution in defence industry, as regards the engine of the Turkish Main Battle Tank Altay, have drawn much attention. In its aftermath, we interviewed with Delta Defence Savunma Ltd., representing the engine family in Turke

  • Following the Code, Now is Time for the Robot - 18.04.2017

    Although many spectators got carried away with the thrill in “Da Vinci’s Code”, more stressful moments may await us in real life.  Certainly, all of us would like to live a healthy life. However, the life itself is full of surprises. Imagine that one day, you have

  • UOP: Profit Time for Defence - 18.04.2017

    Ukraine have gone through hard times in the last two years in terms of homeland defence. Simultaneously, UkrOboronProm (UOP), association of multi-product enterprises in various sectors of the defence industry of Ukraine, has commenced producing for export markets. We spoke with UkrOboronProm Gen

  • Higher Education in Defence: Defence Technologies Congress 2017 - 18.04.2017

    University activities serve not only as an important venue to establish cooperation between state, university and defence industry, but also as an opportunity to reach out directly to university students, who constitute the defence industry’s future. In a period, when defence representative

  • TCG ANADOLU, is Under Construction - 18.04.2017

    Organised on behalf of the IMEAK Chamber of Shipping, the 14th International Maritime Exhibition & Conference took place in Istanbul between March 21-24, 2017. Speaking at the Conference, Executive Board Member of Sedef Shipyard, Orkun Kalkavan announced that production and design of Turkey&r

  • Tracked Infantry Fighting Vehicles - 18.04.2017

    At their crawling stage, motor vehicles were instruments supporting men in the First World War. When it came to the Second World War, machine and man began to operate in coordination. Still, in doctrinal terms, the question how the infantry will serve in a mechanised war remained ambiguous for a

  • The Cost of North Atlantic Security - 18.04.2017

    Describing NATO as “out-fashioned” during his election campaign, Donald Trump immediately took action once elected the President of the United States. Following German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s visit to the White House, Trump used social media to announce that Germany was highl

  • European Values: Balancing the Scales - 18.04.2017

    When Jean Monnet, one of the architects of the Unified Europe Project, maintained that “Europe will be forged in crises, and will be the sum of the solutions adopted for those crises.”, he probably did not give much credit for populism and nationalism to rise once again from their ash

  • Hero with Nine Lives: Simon - 29.03.2017

    It was during the Chinese Civil War that the Royal Navy frigate HMS Amethyst was anchored at one of the busiest docks in the British-controlled Hong Kong in March 1948. The crowded dock hosted not only seamen but also stray cats wandering for food. Our story began with Simon, one of those cats in

  • 48th Issue Sector News - 29.03.2017

    Digital Black Hawk's Maiden Flight PHAROS Move by France Increase in Turnover, Decrease in Profit Technological Collaboration from the North USA Stands by Zumwalt Good Tidings from Armed ‘Hürkuş’ for 2018 Timely Solu

  • Grand Ideal Turns into Catastrophe Ogaden War - 29.03.2017

    Today, many combat ships belonging to various nations are engaged in counterpiracy missions around the Gulf of Aden. For Somali people, piracy is an easy as well as necessary means to acquire economic gains against the backdrop of a dysfunctional state. The roots of this intricate problem can be

  • Questions and Answers in SSM’s Strategy for 2017-2021 - 29.03.2017

    As required by the law, the Undersecretariat for Defence Industries has been publishing its strategic objectives for four-year periods since 2006. More in-depth preparations are necessary for such publications in order to provide more quality service to the sector.   In March, the

  • SSM Records Budget Surplus in 2016 - 29.03.2017

    The Undersecretariat for Defence Industries published in March 2017 a report on the activities held throughout the 2016. This 58-page booklet, which provides information as to the activities and expenditures of the institution, also offers access to details about some activities held within the y

  • Aleppo-Mosul: Cities where Humanity Ends... - 29.03.2017

    Aleppo and Mosul, two cities featuring milestones in the history of mankind, have disappeared amidst the savagery of the 21st century. What awaits us is an onerous struggle, through which these ancient cities will rise from their ashes…  Aleppo is one of the oldest cities in

  • A Fresh Chapter in Qatar - 29.03.2017

    The scope of bilateral relations dating back to 1985 has been expanding. However, for a win-win case, a realistic analysis of requirements and expectations, as well as proper division of labour are necessary.  With an indigenous population of only 600,000 out of roughly two million

  • The Biggest Defence Showcase of the Middle East: IDEX 2017 - 16.03.2017

    A geography in which conflicts never cease, the Middle East comes to the front with ever-expanding defence expenditures and volatile balance of power. IDEX 2017, being the biggest defence fair organised in this region, was significant for demonstrating not only potential market opportunities but

  • Bold Moves by OTOKAR - 16.03.2017

    Otokar was one of the most attractive participants at IDEX 2017 to conclude the biggest export deal at the fair. The company signed a partnership agreement with the United Arab Emirates worth around $661 million to produce and sell modified ARMA 8x8 amphibious armoured vehicles at the UAE facilit

  • ASELSAN is Everywhere - 16.03.2017

    Attending IDEX 2017 with a large delegation under the leadership of the General Manager, ASELSAN displayed a visible dynamism. ASELSAN Middle East, ASELSAN’s subsidiary in Jordan, attracts attention with its activities. Established for the purpose of producing night vision systems to meet t

  • Alternative Helicopter from Ukraine - 16.03.2017

    Ukrinmash, a subsidiary of state-owned UkrobOronProm, which controls Ukraine's defence industry, presented a new product at the IDEX 2017 Defence Fair. Ukrinmash revealed the KT-112UD light attack helicopter developed by KB Vertical.

  • UAE Ready for Rapid Intervention - 16.03.2017

    NIMR Automotive, one of the subsidiaries of the Emirates Defence Industries Company (EDIC), exhibited its newest vehicle designed for use of special forces for the first time at IDEX 2017. The "RIV" Rapid Intervention Vehicle, which was unveiled at the fair, was developed with the partn

  • LAV 700 Show by General Dynamics - 16.03.2017

    General Dynamics Land Systems (GDLS) displayed in Abu Dhabi the latest variant of its Light Armoured Vehicle 700/ LAV 700. LAV 700 is the most advanced vehicle of its class developed by the company so far, appearing at IDEX 2017 in its command control configuration.According to information shared

  • Front against Iran: BEWARE!.. - 18.02.2017

    In order to keep under check Iran’s seemingly Shi’ite “expansionist identity based on Persian nationalism”, Trump has to knock on the door of Israel, rather than Turkey. It is of utmost importance that those responsible for the rise and spread of a problem would sign up fo

  • Sector News Issue 46 - 18.02.2017

    Heckler&Koch Fights for the Throne Ababeel in Pakistani Skies Japan Adapts to Conjuncture Italian Navy Rejuvenates Cadre German-Viking Collaboration in the North Sea Olive Branch from Warsaw to Paris ASELSAN’s Force of Gravity<

  • Master of Dreams: Hunley - 18.02.2017

    One of the most distinguishing characteristics of submarines is surprise attack. Nevertheless, H. L. Hunley went down in history as the first submarine to sink a warship, although it was not completely submerged.  Each country pursuing naval supremacy may choose to enlarge their sh

  • Company to Balance Civilian and Defence Sectors: STM - 18.02.2017

    It is highly natural that defence companies concentrate on their area of expertise and leave the rest to the “civilian” sector. This time, we spoke with Davut Yılmaz, General Manager of STM (Defense Technologies Engineering and Trade Inc.), to share the vision of a company, whose name

  • Summer Time or Wartime? - 18.02.2017

    The thing that breaks into your sweet dreams and forces you to wake up has a very innocent name indeed: “Daylight Saving Time” (or Summer Time). Although this practice seems to have its roots in modern times, in fact, it can be dated back to a very distant past.  Abbrev

  • The Value of X in F-X - 18.02.2017

    Against the backdrop of a long period of uncertainty in Turkey as regards the F-X Project, February brought with it a major development in terms of progress. Thanks to UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s visit to Turkey, the much-awaited defence collaboration between the two countries has event

  • Centenary of the Russian Revolution - 18.02.2017

    It is a matter of great interest, whether Putin’s Russia harbours plans to celebrate the centenary of the February Revolution, which ended the Czarist regime. In a country, where any protest –let alone revolution– is severely suppressed, there seems to be no sign of the 1917 spi

  • Nightmare of the Earth and the Sky: The 88 - 18.02.2017

    During the Second World War years, one of the most frightening weapons for the Allies was definitely the 88mm Flak 18/36/37/41 artillery gun. Often known as the “eighty-eight” and intended for anti-aircraft missions, these weapons owe their fame rather to their anti-tank features. Nev

  • Sector News Issue 45 - 28.01.2017

    First from the TAFF: 30th Anniversary TAFF 2017 Book  JSM Tests on F-16s Avicopter AC352’s Maiden Flight Australia on Guard Delivery of Tiger HAD/E Block 2 to Spain Kuwait Will Hit the Spot Strategic Movement from the Foundati

  • Paratroopers in Nylon Stockings - 28.01.2017

    Which one is older; nylon stockings or parachute? Doesn’t it seem like a question about two nonrelated things? In fact, it is not… The story of this product is a bit complicated. As can be anticipated, nylon stockings are not something needed by a soldier. For this reason,

  • Traces of Defence at Transist - 28.01.2017

    Organised in December, Istanbul Transport Congress and Exhibition (Transist) hosted many important players from the defence sector. Since the event mainly addressed the urban transportation sector, it was not surprising to notice two major Turkish manufacturers of land platforms, namely Otokar an

  • New Quests Workshop by ASPİLSAN: Battery Technologies - 28.01.2017

    “Battery Technologies” Workshop, organised by ASPİLSAN Energy Inc., a subsidiary of Turkish Armed Forces Foundation on December 23-24, 2016 in Kayseri, was the first occasion to bring together those working in this field.  The workshop was attended by nearly 60 particip

  • The Unique Sanctuary of Aviation: State Aviation Museum of Ukraine - 28.01.2017

    The State Aviation Museum of Ukraine is one of the foremost places to be visited by aviation enthusiasts. For those familiar with the distinguished status of aviation in the Soviet Union, this museum bears particular importance. The most exclusive features of the Museum are composed of

  • Perpetual and Reliable Weapon of Pilots: AIM-9 Sidewinder - 28.01.2017

    The last days of the Second World War concomitantly signified the dawn of the missile age. Victorious Allied powers quickly noticed the wonders of German engineering and launched their own programs. One of those projects on air-to-air missiles involved the AIM-9 Sidewinder. Still one of

  • USA on the Brink of a Coup? - 28.01.2017

    In any case, the USA is drifting towards a coup by a neo-con minority embedded in the system. Perhaps that coup had already taken place long before Trump made his belligerent inauguration speech… Just before he left the office, the 44th President of the USA Barack Obama signed in

  • “Quo Vadis” Europe? - 28.01.2017

    European states are falling down one after another like dominoes, in a spiral of rising conservatism. In this process, 2017 signifies an important turning point.  This year, the United Kingdom will take more steps closer to Brexit while general and/or presidential elections will be

  • The Endpoint in Military Radio Technology: PRC-5333 Anti-Electronic Warfare New Generation Handheld Radio (SAHARA) - 10.01.2017

    ASELSAN was founded in 1975 for developing national and indigenous products to address communication problems in the aftermath of the Cyprus Peace Operation, and the Company set out on this strenuous path by delivering radios in the first run. Accordingly, from its inception to the contemporary e

  • Captain Ertuğrul’s Victorious Artillery Battery - 10.01.2017

    Sinking today’s modern aircraft carriers by artillery fire from the shore is a military utopia. In order to realise this, at least the ship must approach to the artillery’s range of fire and, furthermore, the artillery must have sufficient firepower. In one way or another, since aircr

  • The Rising Right in Asia - 10.01.2017

    While the rising right in Europe and the United States promotes inward-looking and protectionist policies as well as anti-immigration, the same trend in three Asian giants is reflected in historical-based ethnic nationalism and active engagement in foreign policy. Rising popularity of t

  • SDT Signature on GÖKTÜRK-1 - 10.01.2017

    Launched on December 5, 2016 from the French Guiana, the GÖKTÜRK-1 Satellite will, for the first time, provide intelligence service under its control. The high-resolution satellite is intended for use of reconnaissance over any location on earth without geographical restriction.

  • NATO’s Deep Fear Project 705 Lira - 10.01.2017

    To protect Western Europe from Soviet invasion in the face of a potential Third World War, supplies from the United States over the Atlantic were highly substantial. Until the 1970s, large navies of NATO safely patrolled the ocean separating Europe and America. That was when Project 705 Lira; nam

  • MKEK, Owns its History - 10.01.2017

    General Manager of Machinery and Chemical Industry Institution (MKEK) Ahmet Taşkın, who was appointed to this post in October, visited the Turkish Air Force’s Istanbul Aviation Museum in Yeşilköy in November. - There, Taşkın saw on site the Turkish air

  • İŞBİR Workshop: From “Fossil” to “Renewable” Energy - 10.01.2017

    İŞBİR Electricity Industry Inc., a subsidiary of Turkish Armed Forces Foundation, organised the “Generator and Energy Systems Workshop” on November 28-29, 2016 at the company’s head office in Balıkesir. Chairman of the Executive Board Haluk Çetinkaya and General Manager

  • Trump’s War Drums against Sun Tzu’s “Art of War” - 03.12.2016

    Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States, challenged the US allies as well as China, soon after the election results. Before putting policy into practice, Trump should pay heed to Sun Tzu, who said: “If you seek to destroy the enemy, also prepare for your soldiers’ death.

  • Mystery or False News? The Real, “Non-Scandalous” Story of Fw-190 - 03.12.2016

    One particular news making the headlines last month captured the interest of those in Turkey interested in aviation; it even occupied considerable space in foreign aviation websites. The news went as “One of the most mysterious events in Turkish defence industry is about to be unveiled. New

  • Boeing in Search of Turkish Suppliers - 03.12.2016

    John Byrne, Vice President of Aircraft Materials and Structures Supplier Management at the aerospace and defence company Boeing, visited Turkey in October. While Boeing presents new opportunities for Turkish industrialists, Byrne shared their expectations from Turkey. C4Defence:

  • Black Continent’s Tank AML - 03.12.2016

    Known for its expertise in simple-structured low-cost vehicles, Panhard built the AML, whose success became legendary. Taking its name from “Automitrailleuse Légère”, meaning “light armoured vehicle”, the vehicle went down in history with its performance in c

  • Rolls-Royce’s TF-X Move - 03.12.2016

    Turkey has received an important offer from the United Kingdom for the Turkish Indigenous Jet Fighter Program, TF-X. We met with Patrick Regis, CEO of Rolls-Royce in Turkey, and heard from him the details of the British offer discussed by the highest-ranking state officials. C4D

  • Sector News Issue 43 - 03.12.2016

    United Kingdom’s Dreadnought Policy Strategic Importance of Unmanned Platforms BAE Systems Technology in the Himalayas Special Helicopter for Special Ops Support to Sevastopol World’s Energy Resources in Change Anglo-American

  • TRUMP: New Watchman of the “Established Order” … - 03.12.2016

    As Europe witnesses the breaking point of fault lines through explosion of ultra-rightist votes, it is hard to understand why similar occurrence on the other side of the Atlantic is regarded as a “great surprise” …   It was inevitable that the Global Ec

  • NATO’s New Defence Line Cyber Security Enlarges - 03.12.2016

    Defence Industry Executive Committee has resolved to establish a new unit under the premises of Turkish Armed Forces in order to counter against cyber threats. NATO CCD COE Ambassador Kenneth Geers, who is also Senior Research Scientist at the US cyber security company COMODO, responded to our qu

  • What Happened at the SSİK? The Background of Decisions - 03.12.2016

    Chaired for the first time by Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım, the Defence Industry Executive Committee (SSİK) took the decision to acquire 24 F-35A aircraft in a single shipment. Behind this decision was the US objection to place orders in small numbers. Evaluating that limited orders w

  • Özmen: The Purpose is to Introduce Aircraft Industry in Turkey - 03.12.2016

    We discussed with Fatih Özmen, owner of the Sierra Nevada Corporation operating in the United States, about the future of the TRJet Project.  Taking place at the Istanbul Air Show, our interview also entailed several topics, which have raised immense curiosity, but not asked before. Und

  • They Crossed the Atlantic with F-5 - 03.12.2016

    At the height of the Cold War, a low-cost US jet aircraft entered into service. This aircraft, called the F-5, was regarded as the counterpart of Soviet MiG-25, while in terms of training it corresponded to Albatros. This twin-engine aircraft completed its maiden flight in 1958 and, three years l

  • Issue 42 Fair News - 23.10.2016

    Black Hawk Girded on Its Arms Israel’s RADA Offers Close Vision The Last Stop in Obscuration: GALIX AOS PGZ PT-16 is Off to Markets 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea with SV7 Nexter’s Internal Security Vehicle Titus Rheinmetall&rs

  • Issue 42 Sector News - 23.10.2016

    India Opts for Rafale Finland’s Preference is Patria Effective Vision by Rockwell Collins SAAB-DENEL: Partners in Air Defence Ukraine Holds on to Mriya GM’s Fuel Cell Vehicle SAAB Delivers Simulation System to Poland <

  • Hürkuş’s Indigeneity and TAI’s Competence Sanctioned by EASA - 23.10.2016

    TAI’s (Turkish Aerospace Industries) Hürkuş A basic trainer aircraft has been granted air worthiness type certification in July 2016 by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). Hürkuş Project’s birth is full of surprises, while rumours about the aircraft are equally mind-

  • The Military History of Zipper - 23.10.2016

    The zipper, which particularly cause men to jump from their seat upon hearing the word “open”, today occupy a large space in our daily lives. Although it is scarcely used in men’s costumes, the zipper is an indispensable feature of women’s fashion. However, military requir

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