Issue 67  
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  • Sino-Japanese Rapprochement - 07.10.2018

    October 2018 marks the 40th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the People's Republic of China (PRC) and Japan. Whether it will turn into an unforgettable celebration remains unknown. At a meeting on the sidelines of the Eastern Economic Forum organised on September 11-13 in

  • SAHA EXPO Fair News - 07.10.2018

    FİGES’ Export Solution of MİLMAST Ata Arms’ New Grenade Launcher Special Bar by Menatek

  • ADEX Fair News - 07.10.2018

    Azeri “Tufan” at ADEX Elbit Systems Unveils ATMOS M-46 Howitzer ROKETSAN’s Broad Participation Silent Export Door by İşbir ASELSAN; Two States, One Weapon HAVELSAN Offers Technology Guarantee Solutions are Abound in STM

  • ROKETSAN: First TAF, then Export - 07.10.2018

    Established for the purpose of meeting the Turkish Armed Forces requirements, ROKETSAN keeps an eye on this vision while simultaneously making efforts to increase its export volume. Hüdai Özdamar, Market Development and PR Director at ROKETSAN shared with C4Defence the state of progress

  • Global “Stockholm Syndrome” - 07.10.2018

    There is a very narrow, strenuous and probably bloody path lying ahead of the mankind, while today’s leaders, political cadres and even universities prefer to save the day by overlooking these problems. On August 23, 1973, two persons entering the Kreditbanken in the Swedish capit

  • Entering the Season: SAHA EXPO - 07.10.2018

    The first of three defence and aerospace exhibitions organised in Istanbul in September took place at the World Trade Center Istanbul located nearby the Ataturk Airport. Organised under the auspices and responsibility of Istanbul Defense Aerospace and Space Cluster Association, SAHA EXP

  • Issue 66 Sector News - 07.10.2018

    MKEK’s Flying Howitzer: BORAN TUSAŞ’s T625 Performs First Flight FNSS’ Kaplan is to Breed Replacement in STM TEI's T625 Engine is “Steady” New Development at Pegasus Lockheed will Fire from Afar

  • Analysing Mudros Armistice on its Centenary - 07.10.2018

    Signed on October 30, 1918, Mudros Armistice was signed between the Ottoman Empire and the Entente Powers to conclude fighting. However, it paved the way to the establishment of the Turkish Republic owing to its disregard of equality and sovereignty in terms of content and practice. The

  • Teknofest: Prepares for the Future - 07.10.2018

    Organised by Turkey Technology Team (T3) Foundation and Istanbul Municipality, TEKNOFEST ISTANBUL Aerospace and Technology Festival was an event with both positive and negative elements. The most significant and positive feature of the Festival was its ability to draw the attention of the new gen

  • Hard Times for Istanbul Airshow - 07.10.2018

    Taking place in the last four days of September, Istanbul Airshow or former Airex, was perhaps the only exhibition to close the year without any enthusiasm. Organised for the 12th time in 22 years particularly in the area of commercial aviation, the event received an initial blow with E

  • AYESAŞ; Prepared for the TF-X with the F-35 - 07.10.2018

    Taking part in the F-35 Program as the sole source supplier from Turkey, AYESAŞ takes pride in shouldering a unique mission. We interviewed with AYESAŞ General Manager Öner Tekin about the tasks undertaken in the F-35 Program, investments for this project, expertise gained, handover ceremony

  • Union Makes Strength! Swarm Technology - 07.10.2018

    Inspiration by nature is one of the most substantial elements in throughout the history of mankind for human progress. Although the system imitated was intended to serves the best interests of man, it has occasionally been the subject of conflicts. Today, the machines are to proceed in the absenc

  • ADEX: The Neighbour Next Door - 07.10.2018

    Organised for the third time in the Azerbaijani capital of Baku, ADEX Defence Exhibition bore signs of economic instability yet rising importance of defence in the country. The sharp drop in oil prices between July 2014 and January 2016 had necessitated consecutive budget cuts. As a res

  • Making Ammunition Lighter for Small Arms - 15.09.2018

    Studies on reducing the weight of all equipment and systems, as well as increasing their portability and ergonomics, have been initiated within the scope of modern infantry/military projects. The ammunition for light weapons were also included in this scope. The rapid advancement of tec

  • Arab NATO: A Mirage? - 15.09.2018

    As NATO takes pains to cope up with new developments, does an Arab NATO, whose predecessors have all failed, hold any potential to survive? Convening on May 21, 2017 in Riyadh with the participation of more than 50 leaders including the US President Donald Trump, the Arab Islamic Americ

  • TUSAŞ’s First Goal, $10bn Revenue in 2027 - 15.09.2018

    As an ever-growing company with a vision to become a world player, Turkish Aerospace Industries, Inc. (TUSAŞ) moves according to plans to reach the objective of $10bn revenue by 2027. Corporate Marketing and Communications Vice President Tamer Özmen provided an assessment of the Company&rsqu

  • Turkish-American Relations: Quo Vadis? - 15.09.2018

    The US Senate’s decision to apply military sanctions against Turkey for Russian S-400 air defence system procurement has become the latest hot topic in bilateral relations. Although this raises in minds the question of “Is this the sign of a new era in Turkish-American relations?&rdqu

  • The Voice that Atatürk Awaited: Alemdar Gazi - 15.09.2018

    Although the War of Independence took place mainly in Anatolian territory, the Black Sea nevertheless played a great role in this struggle. When Mustafa Kemal set sail from Istanbul to the Black Sea in the hopes of rescuing the country from enemy, he arrived in Samsun. Hundreds of old a

  • An Unstable Turkey is Chaos in Eurasia… - 15.09.2018

    Europe has eventually come to the realisation that Turkey should sustain itself as a strong and wealthy state, devoid of internal problems and compatible with European standards. Hastings Lionel Ismay was born in 1887 in India, Nainital, as a subject of the mighty British Empire, on whi

  • Technology News Issue 65 - 15.09.2018

    Seal in the Sea DARPA Charging Laser-based Drones Microscope in Space 3D Print, in Every Field Natural Stealth Technology  

  • Sector News Issue 65 - 15.09.2018

    HAVA SOJ, Put under Contract OMTAS in Mass Production $28.9m Export by Otokar Lockheed Martin Said “Done” Rosoboronexport Unveils Export Tank IMI Hits the Target Eldis’ TITUS, on the Way to Czechia  

  • What is the Difference between SSB and SSM? - 16.08.2018

    With the adoption of the presidential system of government in Turkey, the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries (SSM) changed into Presidency for Defense Industries. Following this development, an oft-repeated question has been whether the change involved not only the name but also the substanc

  • Siberian Weather in the midst of Summer: NATO Leaders’ Summit in Brussels - 16.08.2018

    “NATO is a defensive Alliance. NATO’s greatest responsibility is to protect and defend our territory and our populations against attack. Any attack against one Ally will be regarded as an attack against us all, as set out in Article 5 of the Washington Treaty. We will continue to stan

  • Beijing Consensus vs. Washington Consensus - 16.08.2018

    Trump Administration increasingly erodes the political and economic structure that the United States has shaped and globally spread. Will the power vacuum thus created, pave the way to alternative visions? From 1990s onwards, China has pursued a policy of transforming its closed, planne

  • Farnborough under the Wings - 16.08.2018

    Organised bi-annually at the Farnborough International Exhibition Conference Centre, located just one hour away from London, the International Airshow was the place where the heart of aviation beat. Participants from hundred different countries displayed their innovative products. Beyond these pr

  • Defence and Security Industry Met at SEDEC - 16.08.2018

    The event, composed of an exhibition, conference and B2B organisation, took place for the first time in July 3-5, 2018 in Ankara, where issues like homeland and border security, domestic security and defence systems were debated. Organised under the auspices of the then Undersecretariat

  • Pi Makina's Indigenous March - 16.08.2018

    Having launched new endeavours in 2017, Pi Makina plans to move on to the serial production stage. In this vein, the Company is seeking to create a different product range in land platforms covering indigenously produced powertrain systems. Pi Makina General Manager Hacı Sarı explained to us the

  • SATEK ARGE's Target: Indigenous Design - 16.08.2018

    With a mission to develop indigenous and national products, SATEK ARGE is a recently founded yet widely acknowledged company of outstanding designs. Attaching primary importance to meeting the requirements of the Turkish Armed Forces in terms of design and product, the Company seeks to carve out

  • Issue 64 Fair News - 16.08.2018

    Tempest Blowing at Farnborough Czech Alternative in Light Attack Saab’s Next Generation RBS15 Tekever Unveiled AR5 Raytheon Approaches with Precision F-35 Costs to Decrease Hermes 900 in Civilian Airspace Time for the Six

  • New Era with New Playmaker: F-35 - 09.07.2018

    In the framework of the program, in which it participates as partner since 1999, Turkey received its first aircraft with tail no. 18-001 following a modest ceremony in Fort Worth, USA. With Turkish defence industry sector actively taking part in the production process, the F-35 aircraft will spen

  • Back to Old Habits: Eurosatory 2018 - 09.07.2018

    Eurosatory Exhibition, which have taken the pulse of military land systems for more than half a century including the Cold War, thus witnessing many doctrinal and conceptual changes, gave hints during its 2018 edition on 11-13 June as to the requirements of modern battlefields. 

  • New Breath in Maritime Affairs: TAIS - 09.07.2018

    Turkish shipyards’ accomplishments have pushed export doors to open. Efforts of five shipyards in Turkey to “achieve strength in unity” resulted in the creation of TAIS. TAIS General Manager Doğan Beşcan shared with C4Defence readers the Company’s objectives and plans.

  • Turkish Bases in Africa: Cost-Benefit Analysis - 09.07.2018

    It has been underscored that the so-called “bases” established in the former Ottoman territories of Somalia and Sudan would serve the best interests of Turkey in terms of image, regional security and export of “indigenous and national” defence products. However, it should

  • Honeywell Gears Up for Indigenous Projects - 09.07.2018

    Concomitant with the increasing number of Turkey’s national and indigenous projects, sub-system types required for these projects also increase in variety. We discussed with Honeywell, engaged in activities in Turkey for an extended period of time, about their work on these new kinds of def

  • Turkey does not Want to Become Finland; Do not Force It… - 09.07.2018

    Although faced with undeserving behaviours, Turkey does not intend to leave NATO or backtrack on the EU accession process…

  • Katmerciler in Dual-Track Race - 09.07.2018

    Based in İzmir, Katmerciler displays confidence in vehicle-top-equipment as well as defence. The Company basks in the glory of its UKAP, following the success of 4x4 HIZIR. We discussed with Furkan Katmerci, Executive Vice President of Katmerciler, the Company’s vision.  

  • ATEL’s Grand Target - 09.07.2018

    ATEL products, offering protection against IEDs in security operations, have brought to prominence studies in this area. The Company foresees that development of jammer system technologies will proceed through specialisation with respect to threat. In this vein, General Manager Erol Çınar

  • News from Expo issue 63 - 09.07.2018

    New Jaguar, Greets Visitors ASCOD Family is Growing Digital Touch on the CV90 Lightweight yet Robust Avoiding Friendly Fire Augmented Reality New Hunter on Stage: Pars Protective Shield from Israel Harmony of Colours

  • “Cormorant” of the Independence War: Rüsumat no: 4 - 09.07.2018

    Following the Mudros Armistice, Greek and British warship were patrolling the Black Sea, in an attempt to capture ships delivering weapons and ammunition to the battlefield during the Turkish War of Independence.

  • Neocon Legacy in Iranian Policy - 11.06.2018

    The neocon establishment once again took hold of Washington following the recent appointments. Bearing resemblance with the George W. Bush era, can the current situation culminate in another catastrophe? With the former Head of CIA, Mike Pompeo and Undersecretary for Arms Control and In

  • TEI’s Surprises at Full Throttle - 11.06.2018

    A common theme for each platform in the development of defence industry is the engine. Turkey adopted this issue as priority item on the agenda. We discussed with Faruk Mahmut Akşit, General Director of TUSAŞ Engine Industries, Inc. (TEI) based in Eskişehir, about their activities on the subject

  • Development of LASER Weapon - 11.06.2018

    LASER has been frequently used in every area of the military sector since 1960s. Laser’s destruction power and metal cutting capability, besides its ordinary use as measuring device or target designator, have always attracted attention. However, the requirement for great amount of mobile en

  • Articles of the North Atlantic Treaty (2) - 11.06.2018

    Our previous issue (the 61th) reminded the basic principles and states that served the establishment of NATO and analysed the first seven articles of the North Atlantic Treaty. In this issue, the remaining seven articles will be the focus, in a quest to find whether the authority problem observed

  • Tough Conditions, yet Robust Exhibition: KADEX 2018 - 11.06.2018

    Comprising a geographical area of one third of the United States and almost four times that of Turkey, Kazakhstan is the world’s 10th largest state and takes pains to maintain security. Devoid of any access to open seas, Kazakhstan does not live a single day in peace in the Caspia

  • Hollywood and Military Technology - 11.06.2018

    There is a sector, by which the defence industry is influenced and perhaps shaped the most: Hollywood. Particularly those foreseen in sci-fi movies find their echoes in real life whenever technological advancements pave the way. Furthermore, this influence is not one-sided at all. Eventually, the

  • Europe’s New Trials with Fascism… - 11.06.2018

    Against the backdrop of economic mismanagement and rampant corruption, the Italian voter seems to have found the solution in extreme rightist and populist parties. Today, Italy suffers from a debt of 2.3 trillion Euros, threatening the whole European Union (EU) geography and the Europea

  • Meteksan Raises the Bar in Export - 11.06.2018

    Reaching its financial goals in 2017, Meteksan Savunma intends to continue with its business strategy to concentrate on niche areas and supply the Turkish Armed Forces and foreign markets. Against this background, President Tunç Batum explained the Company’s vision. Maintai

  • ARES Liked Being the First - 10.06.2018

    Scoring major successes in building and exporting patrol vessels each year, Chairman of the Antalya-based ARES Shipyard explained the background of their accomplishments. ARES, completed and delivered the building of 11 vessels in 2017 and ranked the first in the history of the Turkish

  • Fair News Issue 62 - 10.06.2018

    Electrical Vehicle by KazTechinnovations “CADI” Meets Visitors KAE Signature in Arlan T-72A Fitted with Owl Eyes AMTE’s Armoured Medical Evacuation Vehicle

    Barys Undergoes Climate Tests

  • 61st Issue Sector News - 11.05.2018

    Two Birds with a Stone Germany Says "Triton" Order from the Host at DSA Customer-Specific "Skif" Barbaros in Modernization ANKA-S Number in TSK Increases

  • One-Winged Eagle - 11.05.2018

    Built by McDonnell Douglas upon orders by the Vietnam-torn USA to counter MiG-25s, the F-15 Eagle aircraft stood out among its contemporaries by scoring a remarkable success. Designed during the Cold War, this large aircraft is currently produced and serviced by Boeing for many years to

  • ROKETSAN Reached Target - 11.05.2018

    “Climbing up the hills” for decades to design Turkey’s national weapons ROKETSAN now runs on a “straight path”, having commenced serial production. As conveyed by ROKETSAN’s General Manager Selçuk Yaşar, the Company now focuses on high value-added busine

  • Articles of the North Atlantic Treaty (1) - 11.05.2018

    At a time when Russia, thanks to its Cold War behaviour, drives the rest of the world towards anxiety and new strategies, NATO once again assumes importance as an old and friendly assembly. Born as a counterforce to the rising Soviet threat in the immediate aftermath of the Second World War, what

  • Has F-35 Entered the Fog? - 11.05.2018

    Although Turkey-US military relations encounter tough challenges at times, these have been resolved so far under the premises of NATO. Does the current proposal for the F-35 stand for another challenge or is it a minor subject thrusted upon the agenda by political conjuncture? Turkey&rs

  • Eurasia AirShow Fair News - 11.05.2018

    Otonom Teknoloji Exhibits Products From Leonardo, both Attack and Preparation Amphenol, Looking for a Market Nero is Targeting Exports Alp Aviation’s Indigenisation Effort Cargo Show by Antonov Union of Forces against Drones

  • Eurasia Airshow: OK or Over? - 11.05.2018

    In an environment, where many participating companies and people wondered about the future of this exhibition, we set our prority to clarify the issue. The success of an exhibition is calculated with the opportunities of cooperation offered to its participants. Questions referring to th

  • Who is Awake? “Sleeping Beauty” or “Sleeping Giant”? - 11.05.2018

    Rooted in the European Coal and Steel Community of 1952, the United Europe paved the way to long-term peace by regulating the production and distribution of these two major elements of war industry. However, can the partnership deal concluded between the European Investment Bank and European Defe

  • Decision Time for Malaysian Defence - 11.05.2018

    On account of uncertainties surrounding the upcoming general elections in Malaysia in May, the DSA 2018 entered its 30th year with modest participation at company level, yet broad participation in terms of governmental representatives, military staff and delegations. Perhaps the Fair failed to ge

  • Preparing for the “Great Chaos”… - 11.05.2018

    This situation is unlike the Arab-Israeli wars of 1967 or 1973. The chain of escalating conflicts herald for the first time in the region’s history a great confrontation in many fronts. The Middle East is getting prepared for the greatest chaos in its recent history. Looking at th

  • 60th Issue Sector News - 07.04.2018

    Sharp Eyes to AWACS USAF Has Had Enough New Electronic Warfare from France Printer-made Explosive New Generation Sonar System by MST Two New ANKA-Ss Delivered to TAF New Deal by STM

  • İşbir's New Objective, New Opening - 07.04.2018

    İşbir Elektrik, which has so far produced expensive yet quality work owing to limited opportunities, puts into practice its new strategies. With an eye to high production capacity, competitive price and traditional quality record, the Company’s Management discussed these objectives in detai

  • FNSS Favours Cooperation in Altay - 07.04.2018

    Scoring high business volume in land vehicles exports in the Far East, producing 8x8 in Malaysia and tank in Indonesia thanks to its cooperation models, FNSS stands out as one of the three companies bidding for the Altay Main Battle Tank mass production in Turkey. We discussed with General Manage

  • Eurasia Airshow, Opens its Doors - 07.04.2018

    Seeking to establish a bridge between Europe and Asia in the area of aviation, Eurasia Airshow will take place for the first time in April 25-29, 2018.  To be organised at Antalya International Airport, the Airshow has the objectiv

  • DIMDEX Fair News - 07.04.2018

    Large Sales by Leonardo Barzan Holdings, Established Fincantieri Day in Qatar Kongsberg’s Northern Wind Baykar’s Second Step Qatar, Pleased with ARES Qatar on Good Terms with BMC Rapid Response from Yonca-Onuk

  • Cooperation Time in Qatar - 07.04.2018

    Arms race observed in Gulf countries is now accompanied by indigenous production models. Following Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, Qatar also started pursuing the same path. As tension between Qatar and other Gulf members escalates, the former makes efforts to prevent isolation. Intern

  • The Last Battlecruiser in the Seas Project 1144 Orlan; Namely, Kirov - 07.04.2018

    Project 1144 Orlan (Sea Eagle) class cruisers, being the largest surface battleships today, are more widely known as the Kirov class. Those familiar with or enthusiasts of naval systems can find it odd that we are using the plural form. Indeed, it is only the RFNS Petr Velikiy that is currently o

  • Is Turkey’s Strategy Heading Toward “NATO-exit”? - 07.04.2018

    The first answer to this question is: No!.. Turkish behaviour is based on the acknowledgement that NATO membership creates an ample room for

  • Weapon of the Future: LASER - 07.04.2018

    During the Siege of Syracuse (215 BC), Archimedes used the weapons of mirror and the sun to arrive at the equation “light=energy=weapon”. The legacy of this concept endures even today. This candidate weapon intended for land, naval and air platforms, is multi-dimensional. On this issu

  • 59th Issue Sector News - 18.03.2018

    JASSM-ER Reinforcement to F-15 J-20, Now in Service Demand for Spike Missiles Increase India did not Decelerate $117 Million for Ocean Unmanned Capability to Ejder ANKA Flew with Indigenous Engine ANKA-S in Inventory

  • SEDEC Focuses on Homeland Security - 18.03.2018

    Security and Defence Conference (SEDEC) is organising an event on a subject relatively unattended by the industry but which, in fact, holds a special place in the agenda. We evaluated this organisation with the SEDEC Management, highlighting an overlooked point in the framework of institutions an

  • Russian Effect on Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun - 18.03.2018

    During the Cold War, there was not only an ideological divide between the two poles. Both the USA and the USSR, which led the West and the East respectively, restructured their armies based on their battlefront experiences in the Second World War. According to the US Army, which owed its success

  • TAF Ruled Out “Hybrid War”!.. - 18.03.2018

    TAF demonstrated that a regular army shall always prevail over hybrid war components, if technological superiority is combined with the high capabilities of personnel deployed in the field.  Experts acknowledge that the conflict in Ukraine stands out as a spectacular example for &l

  • China’s Europe Policy: “Divide and Rule” - 18.03.2018

    The time-honoured “divide and rule” policy of the West is reshaped today at the hands of the East to work against the West. China, which further deepens the pre-existing cracks in the European Union with its economic openings, moves slowly yet adeptly while expanding its geographical

  • Version 4.0 Debate in NATO: Pact or Partnership? - 18.03.2018

    Preparing for its 70th anniversary in 2019, NATO undoubtedly differs from its original form in 1949, as it harbours other defence and security concerns today. With the end of the Cold War in early 1990s, NATO gradually moved beyond its usual military tasks to embrace political objectives, thus dr

  • Warfare Concept of the Future - 18.03.2018

    Multipolar world and the predominant role of non-state actors in war strategy have rendered obsolete many customary state doctrines. Realities traditionally acknowledged so far have assumed new names like asymmetric threat, psychological warfare, proxy war and multidimensional war. Irregular mili

  • 58th Issue Sector News - 09.02.2018

    Norway, Germany Unite Forces ASW Cooperation in the Baltic Sea Marketing Boost to HERO 400EC Black Hawk Goes to Riyadh FREMM Requisition in Athens  Eastern Partnership in UAV Rolls-Royce Tightens Belt Alternative Solution

  • Alp Aviation, On its Way to Indigenous Programs - 09.02.2018

    An important centre featuring the technology and capabilities Turkey has acquired in air platforms, is located in Eskişehir. In this regard, Alp Aviation not only contributes to Turkey with investments in aviation but also serves as an export gate. We discussed with Mustafa Kemal Erçelik,

  • SSİK: Silent and Deep… - 09.02.2018

    Defence Industry Executive Committee (SSİK), headed by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, convened on January 31, 2018. This first meeting of the new year drew remarkable attention; not only it was lengthy but also it had a loaded agenda. Taking into account that President Recep Tayyip Erd

  • AIRBUS, Partner of Turkish Aviation! - 09.02.2018

    Turkish Defence Industry, which specified an export target of $10bn by 2021 in line with the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries’ (SSM) International Cooperation and Export Strategy Plan for 2017-2021, not only situates itself in global markets with competitive indigenous products but a

  • Big Trump and National Security Strategy - 09.02.2018

    In December 2017, the US President Donald Trump released his administration’s National Security Strategy and explained it in a 30-minute speech. The Preface, which appears at the very beginning of this document, is as important as the report itself with respect to the public psychology that

  • Making Enemies Equals Running to Hell! - 09.02.2018

    The mankind is now paying for the wrong policies of a superpower, left “single” following the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Ever since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, the United States of America proceeds to the unknown by continuously making new enemies. Imm

  • Australia Girded Loins - 09.02.2018

    Legitimising military intervention in domestic terrorist incidents, refusing to become a party to the latest UN nuclear weapon ban treaty, and increasing arms exports to boost employment are among the recent offensive policies of Australia... The latest example of Aus

  • $20bn Ship - 09.02.2018

    Today, the world’s largest operational aircraft carriers undoubtedly belong to the Nimitz and Theodore Roosevelt Class ships. Although there are similarities between USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN78), which is currently at sea and about to enter into service, and USS Nimitz (CVN68), in fact these

  • 7,62×35mm Ammunition, an Alternative ? - 15.01.2018

    “New age conflicts require new weapons. The newest favourite in close quarter battles which predominantly occur in urban areas is the infantry rifle with its high-accuracy, easy-to-use ammunition in high and low velocities with a high hit rate…” As armed conflicts pre

  • Happy Ending in Scorpene - 15.01.2018

    India’s first indigenous submarine built at Mazagon Dockyard in Mumbai with technology transfer from France, Scorpene Class INS Kalvari officially entered service during a ceremony attended by Prime Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi and Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman.

  • VAB Found Its Light Successor: VBMR Léger - 15.01.2018

    It is a major event that occurred recently in France when Nexter, part of the French-German KNDS company, has won the Light VBMR (VBMR Léger) contract for the Armée de Terre (French Army).  The contract, worth more than one billion Euros, includes the procurement of a

  • European Union Becomes “Balance Factor”... - 15.01.2018

    Both sides have realised that recent developments do not bode well for the future. The EU policy of escalating tension with Turkey, pursued for three years and reached a climax on the eve of the April 16 referendum, amounts to nothing!..  This policy led Turkey to question broadly

  • ASFAT Inc., Established - 15.01.2018

    One of the most important events for the sector that took place this month was undoubtedly the Statutory Decree (KHK), published in the Official Gazette on December 24. Military Factory and Shipyard Operation Corporation (ASFAT Inc.) has been established to bring military factories and shipyards&

  • From Loose Integration to Fragmentation: Gulf Cooperation Council - 15.01.2018

    Asserting that it will soon evolve in a kind of security community exemplified by the European Union, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) has nevertheless been drifting into fragmentation as demonstrated by the latest developments.  Theoretical explanations on regional integration i

  • 56th Issue Sector News - 11.12.2017

    India is All Smiles with Smart Bomb Ships of the Gulf, Entrusted to Rolls-Royce Cochin Shipyard Will Carry the Torch NIMR Automotive to Supply Turkmenistan's Special Operations Vehicles Berlin Says, "Survivor R" HForce Passed Ballist

  • Tiny Little Men Fitting into Devices: Artificial Intelligence - 11.12.2017

    Many things considered ordinary in the eyes of today’s tablet children, astonish some of us. This group of people once believed in their childhood that there were tiny little men in radios and that it was their conversation heard from outside.  Let us focus on modern times&he

  • ASELSAN Gained Momentum; Will Continue to Grow - 11.12.2017

    Established for the purpose of addressing the gap in military communications in Turkey, ASELSAN today is the highest-ranking Turkish company among 100 defence companies of the world as an affiliate of the TAFF, whose shares run in stock markets. During the defence exhibition organised in Ukraine,

  • SSİK: Why This Way? What Just Happened? - 11.12.2017

    Gathered under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım on November 2, 2017, the Defence Industry Executive Committee (SSİK) embodied many firsts. Since the previous SSİK had met in October 2016, this SSİK will be remembered as the first and possibly the last gathering of 2017. Minister

  • 56th Issue Fair News - 11.12.2017

    Target in Thailand: Artillery No Surveillance, No Artillery A First by Japan China, Active in Thai Market Surprises in Thailand Continue Things are Going Well for Daewoo Indian Industry, Strong in Bangkok Israel, Undoubtedly Ba

  • Winds of Change in the Far East - 11.12.2017

    Organised in Bangkok, the Defense & Security 2017 Exhibition opened its doors with sorrow, immediately after the funeral to bid farewell to the late king of Thailand.  Increased procurement of modern weapons in the region symbolises the rise in military threat perceptions. It w

  • Towards a Great Chaos… - 11.12.2017

    The US President Donald Trump’s plan to relocate the US Embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and to acknowledge this city, considered holy by the three Abrahamic religions, as the official capital of Israel in near future, is the stepping stone to an unavoidable bloody chaos of great proportion

  • Seoul: Under Crossfire in Asia… - 11.12.2017

    On November 9, Republic of Korea’s President Moon Jae-in launched the “New Southern Policy,” with the intention of deepening relations with ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) countries. Already a member of the ASEAN + 3 platform since 1997 together with Japan and Chi

  • Siemens’ Digital Revolution Proposal - 07.11.2017

    As Turkish defence industry plans for future investments, Siemens approaches the subject from another perspective. Siemens maintains that the digital industrialisation known as Industry 4.0 will catalyse processes to decrease costs and enhance competitive power. While the number of projects taken

  • 55. Issue Sector News - 07.11.2017

    Latvia Took Delivery of Howitzers Bundeswehr Restocks Long-Range Investments Seeing without Seeing: Virtual Window Technology ROKETSAN, Ready for Global Competition Otokar Beyond Borders White Hackers Compete TAI Began Countdow

  • Ukraine: Both Market and Venue of Cooperation - 07.11.2017

    ASELSAN was the most auspicious foreign company at the “International Specialised Exhibition Arms and Security 2017” organised in Ukraine. In the scope of this event, we got together with President & CEO of ASELSAN Faik Eken to discuss ASELSAN’s activities in this country. &

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