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11.12.2017 11:35

ASELSAN Gained Momentum; Will Continue to Grow

Established for the purpose of addressing the gap in military communications in Turkey, ASELSAN today is the highest-ranking Turkish company among 100 defence companies of the world as an affiliate of the TAFF, whose shares run in stock markets. During the defence exhibition organised in Ukraine, we discussed with ASELSAN General Manager Faik Eken about the company’s 2018 targets, priorities and the future of products displayed at the event. 

C4Defence: We are counting days to say farewell to 2017. Financially speaking, we are in the last quarter. What are ASELSAN’s targets for the year 2018? 
ASELSAN General Manager Faik Eken: For us, growth and positive financial performance, which started in 2016, moves on. The value of our shares is a major indicator for this trend. One of our goals is to sustain this progress also in 2018 and 2019. For sustainable growth, we seek to increase our exports and improve our competitiveness even further. We have numerous projects undersigned, to be delivered in 2018. In other words, we already have at hand sufficient orders to reach the business potential for growth in 2018.

C4Defence: We have heard that ASELSAN’s volume of orders would sustain the company for four, perhaps five years. Would you like to elaborate on this argument?
Faik Eken: It approximately corresponds to the period you mentioned. However, timely completion and delivery of projects featuring the required qualities is extremely important. Therefore, just like we did in 2017, we will pay due diligence in 2018 to fulfil our commitments and meet requirements in time. Meanwhile, Turkey is very volatile in military terms. There has been many confrontations and activities on many fronts. Thus, there are often urgent demands to be met immediately. Accordingly, our responsibilities also include activities other than ongoing projects to be completed in two or three years.


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