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29.08.2017 16:38

AYESAŞ and VESTEL Defence Grow with New Strategies in a New Age…

One of Turkey’s time-honoured private companies in defence and aerospace, Aydın Yazılım (AYESAŞ) reaps the yields of various investments as a joint venture of Zorlu Group. The Company offers a wide range of capabilities from working with SMEs to supplying its own product to the F-35, to meet the requirements for end-to-end critical technology solutions against the backdrop of its strong R&D. On the other hand, another brand of the Group, VESTEL Defence, integrates its unmanned aerial platforms to both civilian and unmanned other platforms and systems. During our interview with Öner Tekin, holding the post of General Manager since April, we discussed the innovations and developments observed in both companies. 

C4Defence: We are familiar with AYESAŞ offering services in many areas as a prominent critical systems provider in our aerospace and defence sector. How would you summarise in general AYESAŞ’s areas of activity?

AYESAŞ and VESTEL Defence General Manager Öner Tekin: AYESAŞ is a company crowned with R&D, featuring a broad spectrum of capabilities from system integratorship to production of smallest parts. We can summarise AYESAŞ as a high technology company supplying critical systems against the background of a very robust software and hardware R&D. The Company is located within the upper-intermediate range of the ecosystem pyramid and it engages in both system integration and LRU level production plus sub-system production for platform integrators.


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