Kinetic Bombardment 4 October, 2019

A kinetic bombardment is essentially a form of ground attack, firing off a solid, monolithic mass from orbit to the earth, the destructive effect of the kinetic energy it will access due to its speed and mass complete the mission.

In almost all of the projects thought for this purpose, it is envisaged that a core produced from heavy metals, which is high in weight in comparison to its size, is thrown from an orbital launcher. In other words, kinetic bombardment can also be described as a man-made micro meteor shower. In the kinetic bombardment, the core is sent to the target at a very steep angle and at a tremendous speed. Due to these factors and their relatively small size, it is impossible to detect and prevent. Besides, since it is made of a tough metal such as tungsten, the high kinetic energy achieved at the time of impact provides a tremendous destructive effect without any explosive material.

Issue 86