Main Strategy is to Leave Turkey Alone… 11 July, 2019

“We do not experience dignified loneliness, on the contrary we are facing a planned loneliness. We saw ourselves as ‘crowded’. NATO member, negotiating with European Union (EU) for the full membership, United Nations pioneer and distinguished member, has a place in Islamic world and when it comes to it big brother of the Turkish world; Turkey.”

These paradigms lasted until they confronted with Ghazi Mustafa Kemal Ataturk's exhibited in the establishment of the Republic which cannot cross main structure of the new state’s "full liberationist" strategy. Then the last world balance started to seek last 70 years quiet Turkey. There is no such Turkey anymore and it’s not about the Turkey’s daily politics. The nation realized that the state was facing multiple attacks, and it was dragging politics not only to resist, but to counterattack. It is of great importance that the Turkish Armed Forces cleans up the junta within right after the July 15th and to initiate the Euphrates Shield and later the Olive Branch Operations. The Turkey which watches the imperialisms aggressive policies and moves accordingly is out.

Issue 83