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09.02.2018 10:17

Making Enemies Equals Running to Hell!

The mankind is now paying for the wrong policies of a superpower, left “single” following the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Ever since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, the United States of America proceeds to the unknown by continuously making new enemies.

Immediately following the days of attack, the George W. Bush Administration rushed to employ Pentagon’s standard operating procedures. The war, which began henceforth, has reached states’ borders.

The mistake at the very outset was to interpret the concept of “war against terrorism” as “war against terrorists.” If you fail at the very beginning in politics, then there is only one way out to redress the situation: To halt the failed process, take a step back and establish the foundations of a new process!

It means that Barack Obama and Donald Trump, who replaced the George W. Bush-neo/con Dick Cheney Administration in order, lacked the courage to challenge this fundamentalist approach. Thus, the mistake repeats…

In fact, this was simply a case of “North America.”

War and destruction…


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