“Reactionary Diplomacy” Is Not Sustainable… 4 October, 2019

We owe to (R.) Major General İlhan Atabaş for the extraordinary memory, Whose name appears is in the centre of that secret Turkish history, and for the memory that shows us what kind of place is Turkey seated in NATO.

The real owner of the extraordinary moment is (R) Lieutenant General Atıf Erçıkan. Firstly, it is best to learn who is Atıf Erçıkan: 10 years of the Cold War years, a civic forced to spend the emergence of a shock and a blow to the junta in Turkey while avoiding other, i.e., a name which led to March 12, 1971 memorandum. The name which is the reason for the birth of 12 March 1971 right after the end of a coup. We are talking about an officer who leaked into the coup formation within the army called Madanoğlu Junta because of its political history leader Cemal Madanoğlu (1907-1993), successfully recorded all meetings on tape and transferred to intelligence, thus preventing the coup planned to be made on March 9, 1971. (Madanoğlu trusts Erçıkan so much that he gives the order to ara search for everyone üstün at a meeting. Of course, no listening device comes out of anyone because the only instrument in the room is the tape attached to Erçıkan's back!.) Let's go back to the letter where İlhan Atabaş conveyed exceptional memories: Atıf Erçıkan is a brilliant officer, with a high transfer speed, excellent English and strong national feelings.

Issue 86