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11.06.2018 00:16

TEI’s Surprises at Full Throttle

A common theme for each platform in the development of defence industry is the engine. Turkey adopted this issue as priority item on the agenda. We discussed with Faruk Mahmut Akşit, General Director of TUSAŞ Engine Industries, Inc. (TEI) based in Eskişehir, about their activities on the subject and the Company’s vision. Akşit summarised their efforts, heralding that they had other surprises besides the proposal for the National Fighter.

C4Defence: TEI surprised us as regards activities on National Fighter engine by making a proposal as a single company. Considering the times passed, what is the status of the proposal today?

TEI General Director Mahmut F.Akşit: Deriving our power from the level we reached in the design of the national fighter engine, we have completed the first stage work on the initial prototype of the engine core. At the moment, we are working on a second initial prototype to fulfil the actual requirements of the engine. We activated the initial prototype thanks to the technological advancement we reached through the engine software FADEC.


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