The Star of Africa: Hans-Joachim Marseille 8 December, 2018

The great war, which initially grabbed Europe in its claws, gradually engulfed the whole world starting with Africa. This ring of fire to be called the Second World War once again pitted countries against each other, while bringing forth legendary vehicles, important doctrines and new heroes.  One of such heroes was Hans-Joachim Marseille, dubbed Der Ster von Afrika (The Star of Africa), who scored 158 air victories in his short history of service but defeated by his own aircraft.


The Luftwaffe served in many places during the Second World War, including Africa. During those missions, the Force trained many brilliant pilots, among whom was one of the air aces called Hans-Joachim Marseille. This talented pilot inscribed his name in history as a rebel on the one hand and as an honourable soldier to gain the respect of his enemies. Although he was constantly being punished for his reckless behaviour, he served his missions courageously and dutifully. This dual identity and the fire inside him became the milestones of his legacy.

Issue 83