• BAE Systems has Announced Its Half Year Results for 2020.
    BAE Systems has Announced Its Half Year Results for 2020. 2 August 2020
    The British multinational defence, security, and aerospace company release its 2020 half-year results. It warned the Group is subject to geopolitical uncertainties and there remains considerable uncertainty in respect of COVID-19. The company says that, including the two acquisitions, it expects the Group’s sales to increase by a low-single-digit percentage compared to last year, as there are increased volumes in F-35, Combat Vehicles and growth in the electronic defence portf...
  • Assault Rifle Delivery
    Assault Rifle Delivery 23 July 2020
    Infantry rifles, which provided an absolute superiority to the armies when they were first used, and whose main explosion was accompanied by the Industrial Revolution, continue to develop with advancing technology. Estonia, one of the smallest members of NATO, continues its defence system procurement projects. In the process, which was started in order to renew the army of the country and to meet the requirements of the modern battlefield, the first batch of 1,500 assault rifles&nbs...
  • Griffon VBMR Delivery
    Griffon VBMR Delivery 11 July 2020
    The French Army continues its progress in the land vehicles phase of the SCORPION Program, which was launched within the scope of network-centric warfare requirements. Delivery of Griffon VBMR, produced in partnership with Nexter, Thales and Arquus, continues. The French Army added 13 more of the platforms developed to replace VAB 4x4s in its inventory. It is stated that the Griffon VBMRs will be assigned to the 21st RIMa (21st Marine Infantry Regiment). Under the agreemen...
  • Compact Sniper System
    Compact Sniper System 5 July 2020
    Sniper rifles are evolving day by day, in parallel with the developing technology, so that they can shoot more precisely at longer range. In the light of advances in weapon systems, modern battlefield requirements and the new concepts and doctrines that created, the US Army continues its weapons procurement processes. In this context, the 3rd Infantry Division, which was affiliated to the 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team, received the new generation semi-automatic sniper weapons...
  • The Fighting Vehicle of the Infantry "ACV-15" 2 June 2020
    The most important weapon of the infantry in the battlefield was the sword or rifle and his foot once. Advances in the battlefield brought new vehicles. One of them is the Armoured Combat Vehicle, which has protection against various types of attacks.   The infantry relied on pedestrian advancement on the battlefields, from the Late Bronze Age, when the history of warfare began, to the Industrial Revolution, where rail networks appeared in 1848. Along with the opportu...
  • Additional Infantry Fighting Vehicle
    Additional Infantry Fighting Vehicle 2 June 2020
    India, which has border disputes with Pakistan and China, continues its arms procurement processes in different areas. The Indian Ministry of Defence has approved 156 additional procurement package for the BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicle produced under license in the country and serving as "Sarath" in the inventory. The total cost of the vehicles to be produced under the state-owned subsidiary of Ordnance Factory Board (OFB) was announced as 148 million USD. BMP-...
  • Turkish Navy Ready for Operation
    Turkish Navy Ready for Operation 2 May 2020
    The Turkish Army is in charge of their duties regardless of conditions. Naval Forces Command continues its training activities despite COVID-19. The Turkish Armed Forces continues its training activities without interrupting with COVID-19 measures. The Amphibious Task Group Command affiliated to the Naval Forces Command conducted "Combat Readiness Training" in the Aegean Sea on April 27-28. According to the statement made by the force, 18 warships and UAVs, as we...
  • NATO User of National Infantry Rifle
    NATO User of National Infantry Rifle 27 April 2020
    Turkey continues its military and medical material support to the friendly and allied countries despite the epidemic. The Ministry of National Defence has signed a protocol with NATO ally Albania. In this context, 30 MPT-55 and MPT-76 infantry rifles will be donated to the Republic of Albania. Ministry announced the agreement from official social media accounts. Ministry said, "The Ministry of National Defence signed protocol for 30 MPT-55 and MPT-76 type light i...
  • Problems do not end in F-35
    Problems do not end in F-35 26 April 2020
    The problems of the F-35 Lightning II planes created by the USA within the framework of the joint attack aircraft program do not stop. Restrictions on the F-35B and F-35C aircraft used by the U.S. Navy and Navy Infantry are expected to become permanent. According to three signed reports in the US-based Defence News Magazine, the B and C versions of the F-35 can fly for a short period. Otherwise, structural damage may occur on the outer cover of the aircraft, which prevents it from b...
  • New Player for the Raytheon and Rheinmetall Partnership
    New Player for the Raytheon and Rheinmetall Partnership 14 August 2019
    Raytheon and Rheinmetall Defence are partnering with Pratt & Miller Defence for the U.S. Army's Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle competition. The Detroit-based company will provide engineering analysis to help ensure the KF41 Lynx Infantry Fighting Vehicle meets or exceeds the Army's survivability requirements for the program. Raytheon and Rheinmetall will offer an American-made KF41 Lynx vehicle to answer the U.S. Army’s call for a Next-Generation Combat Vehicle...
  • USA Approved to Procurement
    USA Approved to Procurement 29 July 2019
    US Defence Ministry has approved Thailand’s request for 60 Stryker infantry carrier vehicles. The estimated value is $175 million includes, 60 Stryker, 60 M2 Flex .50 cal machine guns as well as spares, systems, training and support. The Stryker vehicles will increase Thailand’s capability to defend its sovereign territory by filling the capability void between light infantry soldiers and heavy mechanized units. The principal contractor for the Stryker vehicle is General...
  • Firearm to Estonia from the USA 4 July 2019
      The Estonian Centre for Defence Investment and US company Lewis Machine & Tool signed a contract to procurement the Estonian Defence Forces with a new standard rifle announced on its The Estonian Ministry of Defence said Estonia would initially acquire 16,000 customised automatic rifles, plus accessories. The first weapons are scheduled to arrive in Estonia at the beginning of 2020 for the EDF's Scouts Battalion. This will be followed by deliveries to the 1s...
  • German Partner to the UK
    German Partner to the UK 2 July 2019
    After the UK's decision to rejoin the Boxer 8x8 wheeled vehicle program, the process for the platforms began. Steps have been taken in the production and procurement process planned for the Boxer family of 8x8 wheeled vehicles. In this context, Rheinmetall and BAE Systems Land have established a joint venture. The company, which will operate in Telford, will provide job opportunities for approximately 450 people. The company, which is planned to play an important role for Boxer ...
  • First Two of IFV Received
    First Two of IFV Received 30 June 2019
    Lithuania on 25 June, received its first two of 8x8 Boxer "Vilkas" Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFV). The vehicles will officially enter the inventory of the Lithuanian Armed Forces after admission procedures. The Vilkas IFV is a variant of Boxer armoured fighting vehicle developed by German manufacturer ARTEC according to the requirements of the Lithuanian Armed Forces. The vehicles have Israel-made turrets, 30 mm MK-44S cannons and ...
  • Lego Brick for Engineers 17 June 2019
      Engineer troops reduce building time with modular blocks. Soldiers of NC0 11 Infantry school made a training activities on engineering duties. With the training program held with assistance of Australia and New Zealand, Iraqi personnel held building activities.   A special hardened plastic bricks used in the training activities. These blocks are made of hardened plastic. These bricks have a shape similar to lego. With this, no adhesive needed during b...
  • Pentagon to Install HEL on Stryker
    Pentagon to Install HEL on Stryker 4 March 2019
      The Pentagon intends to develop high-energy laser weapons on the chassis of the Stryker, Infantry Carrier Vehicle. The order comes from the Directorate of Space and Missile Defence with the United States Strategic Command (STRATCOM). The Pentagon plans to study the possibilities of increasing the efficiency of its HEL (High Energy Laser) weapon by improving its control and cooling systems. The application states that a modern experimental laser facility is...
  • Rheinmetall and BAE Systems Joins Forces In UK
    Rheinmetall and BAE Systems Joins Forces In UK 21 January 2019
    German Rheinmetall bought BAE Land Systems facility at Telford, England to form a joint venture with BAE Systems. The takeover shows that BAE will reduce its holding to 45%, marking another step in the German company’s expansion.   Rheinmetall and BAE Systems today announced that they have signed an agreement to create a joint UK-based military vehicle design, manufacturing and support business. The new Joint Venture will be headquartered at BAE Systems' fac...
  • National Sniper from MKEK: KNT-76
    National Sniper from MKEK: KNT-76 12 September 2018
    Mechanical and Chemical Industry Institution (MKEK) developed the Sniper Rifle KNT-76 from the National Infantry Rifle MPT-76 and rifle is under serial production. KNT-76 is produced in Kırıkkale Arms Factory like MPT-76. The rifle with the same " Gas Operated Rotary Bolt Action” mechanism can fire semi-automatically. The MPT-76 could fire fully automatic and semi-automatic. Tigger sensitivity in the KNT was reduced by five Newtons. This allows the trigger to move with less pressur...
  • Akar appointed Defence Minister
    Akar appointed Defence Minister 9 July 2018
      President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan announced Commander of Turkish Armed Forces General Hulusi Akar as first Defence Minister at new political system.   General Hulusi AKAR, the 29th Commander of the Turkish Armed Forces, was commissioned as an infantry officer after graduating from the Military Academy in 1972.   Upon completing the Infantry Officer Basic Course in 1973, General AKAR served at different levels between 1973 and 198...
  • News from Expo issue 63
    News from Expo issue 63 9 July 2018
    New Jaguar, Greets Visitors ASCOD Family is Growing Digital Touch on the CV90 Lightweight yet Robust Avoiding Friendly Fire Augmented Reality New Hunter on Stage: Pars Protective Shield from Israel Harmony of Colours by Saab Gilboa is Doubly Dangerous! Otokar’s Serial Hunter French Infantry Rides German Horse KMW’s Amphibious Move BMC will Hit with Mort...
  • Pantsir at North Africa
    Pantsir at North Africa 30 June 2018
    Pantsir-SM, a new generation of Russian air defense system, was has been seen in Algeria. The most important detail in the system seen in the Sakhr 2018 Exercise, which held by the 36th Motorized Infantry Brigade in the Second Military Region at the northeastern part of the country, was that the Pantsir system was integrated into the new 8x8 K-53958 Tornado truck. Algeria's Pantsir-SMs are believed to have been equipped with a new extended-range missile. With the new high-speed missile wi...
  • New BMP on the Way
    New BMP on the Way 27 May 2018
    Ukraine-based Ukroboronprom introduced a new generation armored vehicle. Infantry fighting vehicle developed by the Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau was introduced under the name BMP-u. The design documentation and prototype production of the BMP-U, which is developed to replace aging BMP-1 and BMP-2 armored vehicles, is scheduled for completion in 2019. The BMP-U was developed for the transport of land troops and for providing fire support to the troops. The...
  • Altay Contract Is Close
    Altay Contract Is Close 18 May 2018
    Turkish Undersecretary for Defence Industries, Prof. Ismail Demir, said as the negotiations continue with BMC, they were close to signing a contract regarding the serial production of Altay tank project during his speech at the Turkish Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges Defence Industry and Sector Council. Demir said that more than a thousand Kirpi as well as more than 300 Cobra and Ejder Yalcin entered the inventory while the ongoing projects of the guiding ki...
  • 15,000 Rifles for USMC
    15,000 Rifles for USMC 1 May 2018
    The US Marine Corps (USMC) has ordered 15,000 Heckler and Koch M27 Infantry Automatic Rifles under a $29,4 million contract. The deliveries are expected to be completed by 30 April 2023. 
  • Effectiveness of MPT-55 Increasing
    Effectiveness of MPT-55 Increasing 25 April 2018
    The Machinery and Chemical Institution Institute (MKEK) develops 5,56 milimeters ammunition for the National Infantry Rifle (Milli Piyade Tüfeği) MPT-55. In accordance with the information obtained from C4Defence, polimer tip is added to bullet with the demand from the Turkish Land Forces Command. The results of the test with new bullets were presented to the Turkish Land Forces Command. The MPT-55, which was lighter than the MPT-76 with 5.56-caliber ammunition, prefe...
  • UK Re-joins Boxer Program
    UK Re-joins Boxer Program 4 April 2018
    The British Army announced on 31 March that it will be re-joining the Boxer programme. The UK will explore options to equip the Army with the 8x8 troop carriers to modernize its vehicle fleet and meet the Army’s Mechanised Infantry Vehicle requirement.  The announcement said UK played a major role in the original design, development and testing of the Boxer, and would reassume the rights it had as a project partner if a deal was to go through - allowing the...
  • MKEK Ready to Complete MPT-76 Delivery
    MKEK Ready to Complete MPT-76 Delivery 30 March 2018
    It was learned that 13 thousand 500 7,62 mm National Infantry Rifles (MPT-76) produced by Mechanical and Chemical Industry Company (MKEK) were delivered to Turkish Armed Forces. According to the information provided by C4Defence, MKEK's contract covers production of 20 thousand rifles and the company plans to deliver remaining 6,500 rifles by May at the latest depending on the service’s demand. Thus, MKEK will complete its delivery program before reaching the second half of 2018.
  • FNSS Vehicles Showed Capability
    FNSS Vehicles Showed Capability 15 February 2018
    Turkish FNSS company's armoured vehicles showed capability during a military drill called "Transition from Stagnant Waters" held by 55th Mechanized Infantry Brigade Bridge Battalion Command in Thrace region. KUNDUZ Amphibious Armored Combat Earthmover, Armored Combat Vehicles, Advanced Armored Personnel Carriers (GZPT) and SAMUR Armored Amphibious Assault Bridges, all designed and produced by FNSS, participated the exercise.
  • Wi-Fi gets in battlefield
    Wi-Fi gets in battlefield 13 January 2018
    US Army is preparing to use Wi-Fi technology in battlefield to secure fast reliable mission command and network communication.  Following the relocation of a command post on the battlefield, referred to as a “jump,” Secure Wi-Fi enables critical network and mission command systems to come up online in minutes, versus waiting many hours for Soldiers to wire a command post for network connectivity. The 1st Armoured Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division successful...
  • 56th Issue Fair News
    56th Issue Fair News 11 December 2017
    Target in Thailand: Artillery No Surveillance, No Artillery A First by Japan China, Active in Thai Market Surprises in Thailand Continue Things are Going Well for Daewoo Indian Industry, Strong in Bangkok Israel, Undoubtedly Bangkok’s Favourite Rafael, in Australia to Stay Thailand, in Search of New Infantry Rifle China Wants Quick Entry to Submarine Market Leonardo Response to ...
  • MKEK Kept Its Promise
    MKEK Kept Its Promise 6 December 2017
    Turkish Machinery and Chemical Industry Corporation (MKEK) will deliver 13 thousand 7.62x51mm MPT-76 National Infantry Rifles until the end of April 2018. MKEK, which has produced 7,000 MPT-76 to date, has delivered 6,500 of them to Turkish Armed Forces; whereas 500 rifles were delivered to relevant institutions to meet various needs. When the delivery of 13 thousand rifles planned to be completed by April is realized, the order of 20 thousand MPT-76 will be completed...
  • 5K MPT-76 In Inventory
    5K MPT-76 In Inventory 30 November 2017
    A new batch of the 7.62x51mm MPT-76 National Infantry Rifle, produced by the Mechanical and Chemical Industry Corporation (MKEK), was delivered to the Turkish Land Forces Command. According to the information obtained by C4Defence, with this last delivery, the number of MPT-76 in the inventory reached 5 thousand. On the other hand, the process of serial production of the 5.56x45 mm MPT-55, which will be supplied to the close protection officers of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, wil...
  • Hybrid Era for MKEK
    Hybrid Era for MKEK 7 November 2017
    Serving the Turkish defence industry since the Ottoman times and having accomplished many tasks up to the present, MKEK (Machinery and Chemical Industry Institution) proceeds silently yet modestly and decisively as a state economic enterprise. The Institution is in the process of shedding its skin with respect to its structure and areas of concentration.    Until very recently, MKEK has represented an institution, which only deals with arms and various ammunition sales. La...
  • Ukraine To Supply BTR-3DAs
    Ukraine To Supply BTR-3DAs 5 November 2017
    The Ukrainian Ministry of Defence ordered BTR-3DA Armored Infantry Vehicles to the Kiev Armored Plant. The amount of the order is kept undisclosed. The Ministry of Defence has made some noise regarding the price issue for a long time. On the other hand, there are also various comments on the quality of the vehicles. Ukrainian Ministry issued two orders in 2016 and 2017.
  • Otokar Will Exhibit Key Products In London
    Otokar Will Exhibit Key Products In London 12 September 2017
    Turkish defence company Otokar will participate the defence and security fair to be held in London between 12-15 September. Otokar will exhibit its own design armoured vehicle ARMA 8x8 and UCOK turret system at DSEI 2017 fair. ARMA 8x8, a modular multi-wheeled vehicle with superior tactical and technical features, is available in various types of configurations such as Personnel Carrier, Infantry Fighting Vehicle, Fire Support Vehicle, Mortar Carrier, Short and Medium Rang...
  • Tracked Infantry Fighting Vehicles
    Tracked Infantry Fighting Vehicles 18 April 2017
    At their crawling stage, motor vehicles were instruments supporting men in the First World War. When it came to the Second World War, machine and man began to operate in coordination. Still, in doctrinal terms, the question how the infantry will serve in a mechanised war remained ambiguous for a long time. Until the first real armoured infantry fighting vehicle BMP-1 appeared.  The ancestors of mechanised infantry were the German “Panzergrenadier” (mechanised infant...
  • %400 Expansion in Chinese Marine Corps
    %400 Expansion in Chinese Marine Corps 24 March 2017
    The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is set to expand its Marine Corps, increasing the number of assault troops from 20 thousand to a hundred thousand. According to an anonymous PLA official, troops of the expanded Marine Corps would be stationed abroad.  This 400 percent increase would mean six brigades in PLAMC, each consisting of one armored regiment and two marine battalions. The PLAMC uses ZBD05 Tracked Amphibious Infantry Fighting Vehicles and...
  • Tracked SARP by ASELSAN
    Tracked SARP by ASELSAN 22 February 2017
    ASELSAN, which raised its sights in the Middle East market, extends its sphere of influence via its joint venture. The product of the  joint venture IGGASELSAN, established by the United Arab Emirates company International Golden Group (IGG) and Turkish company ASELSAN, attarcted attention at the IDEX 2017 trade show. The SARP-THEMIS armed unmanned land vehicle has been exhibited at IGGASELSAN's stand. SARP-THEMIS, which combines ASELSAN's SARP remote-controlled stabili...
  • SSM's 'Sarsılmaz' Decision
    SSM's 'Sarsılmaz' Decision 17 February 2017
    With the agreement signed today by Turkish Undersecretariat for Defence Industry (SSM), Sarsılmaz will produce 10 thousand units of MPT-76 for the use of Turkish Armed Forces (TSK). ccording to Turkish Defence Industry Executive Committee decisions dated January 7, 2015, Machinery and Chemical Industry Corporation  and KaleKalıp would produce 35 thousand National Infantry Rifle MPT-76.   
  • MKEK's MPT-55 Counts Days
    MKEK's MPT-55 Counts Days 6 February 2017
    Already began delivering the National Infantry Rifle MPT-76's to Turkish Armed Forces, the manufacturer Mechanical and Chemical Industry Corporation (MKEK) achieved a significant advancement in this new project. MKEK has manufactured the first prototype of a lower 5,56 calibre rifle after 7,62 mm MPT-76, which was developed for Special Forces and designated as MPT-55. Since NATO commonly prefers 5,56 calibre rifles, MPT-55 will be an alternative in export market.