• Autonomous Unmanned Ground Vehicle Order
    Autonomous Unmanned Ground Vehicle Order March 18 2020
    The works carried out to reduce the human factor in the warfare field never lose their importance. Unmanned ground vehicles, which are tailored for risky missions and whose effectiveness is enhanced with autonomous abilities, continue to progress day by day instead of on the battlefield. The UK Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) announced on March 16 that it ordered an unmanned ground vehicle (UGV). Three HORIBA MIRA production Viking 6x6 and one Titan tracked UGV...
  • MEDEVAC Mission to Boğaç
    MEDEVAC Mission to Boğaç February 12 2020
    Boğaç 6x6 unmanned ground vehicle (UGV), developed by a Turkish company Elektroland Defence, is en route to the front line. The platform will be adapted for medical evacuation (MEDEVAC) missions. Elektroland started the modification studies of Boğaç for MEDEVAC missions in line of the requests. UGV, which is fully autonomous, will also perform the tasks of removing the injured soldiers from the front line. It was stated that the platform will be modified for the evacua...
  • Patria Cooperation for Armoured Vehicle
    Patria Cooperation for Armoured Vehicle January 31 2020
    Finland-based land vehicle manufacturer Patria has signed a cooperation agreement for a new armored vehicle development project. Finland and Lithuania set out to join forces for the platform, which is planned to be developed under the Lithuanian Army Mobility Development Program. Under the agreement signed with the ceremony attended by the defence ministers of the both countries, a joint wheeled armored vehicle development project will be carried out. In this way, besides a bud...
  • Otokar exhibits ARMA and COBRA II vehicles
    Otokar exhibits ARMA and COBRA II vehicles December 10 2019
    Otokar, participates in Gulf Defence & Aerospace (GDA) 2019, on December 10-12, 2019 in Kuwait. During the exhibition, Otokar’s ARMA 6x6 with BOZOK turret and COBRA II with KESKIN turret will be displayed at its stand. Otokar General Manager Serdar Görgüç stated that Otokar is a company on a global scale. , "Designed in Turkey and our vehicles manufactured in Turkey, we have the honour to represent the Turkish defence industry in the world successfull...
  • Brutus at Fire Range
    Brutus at Fire Range July 31 2019
    US is continuing to develop its Brutus howitzer, as a reminder of France's CAESER howitzer. US Army fired the 155 mm Brutus self-propelled howitzer in Northern Strike 2019 drill, Michigan. In February 2018, the U.S. Army announced it was interested in exploring available options for a new howitzer to replace its existing 105mm and 155mm towed types. The Brutus 155mm self-propelled mobile gun is jointly developed by the AM General and The Mandus Group companies. The Brutus mounts the same ...
  • First 6X6 at Trials
    First 6X6 at Trials June 27 2019
        The Finnish Defence Forces (FDF) has taken delivery of the first of four 6×6 protected multi-purpose vehicle (PMPV) from Protolab. PMPV vehicles are currently undergoing operational testing in field conditions. The trials will allow the FDF to assess the performance of the Protolab vehicles. Positioned as a highly manoeuvrable and agile vehicle, the Protolab PMPV is designed to perform mission roles such as patrol, transport, and command post. The 6&tim...
  • TITUS: New Armored Vehicle Solution to the Army
    TITUS: New Armored Vehicle Solution to the Army June 27 2019
    Czech Ministry of Defence signed a contract for the supply of 62 wheeled TITUS 6x6 armoured vehicles. The value of the contract is €237 million and deliveries will take place in 2022-23. The contract covers 42 wheeled armoured vehicles in command post version, and 20 others in the artillery coordination of fire support (MKPP), and includes logistic support and training.  TITUS will replace obsolete equipment and will equip units from the 4th Brigade Task Force. Armoured ve...
  • Neptune Ready for Service
    Neptune Ready for Service April 26 2019
    It has been announced that the final trials of the land-based missile Neptune have been completed and the system is ready to enter service with the naval and land forces. It has also been stated that the cruise missile, which was indigenously developed by Ukraine, will soon be distributed to the units. The system was developed to protect Ukraine’s coastal areas. Four missiles are carried ready to fire on a KrAZ-7634HE 8x8 truck. Each vehicle is operated by three personnel. The...
  • Patria: Driving the 6x6 in Lapland’s Snow February 7 2019
    With a long experience in the production of armoured wheeled vehicles, Patria of Finland is probably one of the most northern located manufacturers for this type of system. C4Defence took pride in being the only invitee to test the two prototypes in a region 100 kms away from from the Arctic Polar Circle. In Finland, where snow covers the country for a good part of the year, Patria’s Land Business unit is based in Hämeenlinna, some 80 km north of Helsinki, where the vehic...
  • Israel Grounded Unmanned
    Israel Grounded Unmanned October 22 2018
    Israel introduced two new autonomous robotic systems. Systems are designed by developed by IAI, can be used in different tasks. The first of these, the Sahar unmanned ground vehicle, is used in the destruction of improved explosive devices (IED). With its 6x6 capability, the platform is able to perform its task even in difficult terrain. Equipped with a hydraulic arm, the Sahar has special equipment to remove the IED from the ground. The system is fully autonomous. Thanks to its adv...
  • Decision for OMTTZA
    Decision for OMTTZA October 14 2018
    Defence Industry Executive Committee (Savunma Sanayii İcra Komitesi/ SSIK) gathered under the chairmanship of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. SSIK has decided on special purpose tactical wheeled vehicle (Özel Maksatlı Taktik Tekerlekli Zırhlı Araç /ÖMTTZA) program which was a surprise. The project first came to the agenda in 2009 for the supply of 336 vehicles, and many times SSIK was about to decide but never achieved. Most recently the amount was more than 450 vehicles but ...
  • Puma M36 Mk 6A 6x6 Logistics Support Vehicle Has Completed The Factory Tests
    Puma M36 Mk 6A 6x6 Logistics Support Vehicle Has Completed The Factory Tests September 25 2018
    South Africa-based OTT Technologies announced that a significant milestone has been left behind. Puma M36 Mk 6A 6x6 logistics support vehicle developed by the company has completed the factory tests. The Puma M36 Mk 6A has a two-men armoured cabin. Thanks to the V-shaped body, the vehicle provides protection against explosions. The platform, which can be configured as right or left-hand drive according to user preference, is built on the Mercedes-Benz Zetros chassis. With the shock ...
  • Ukraine to Unveil New Weapon
    Ukraine to Unveil New Weapon August 10 2018
    Ukraine has announced the development of a 155 mm truck-mounted howitzer. The system, called Bogdana, was integrated on the KrAZ 6x6 truck. Platform developed the Ukraine based AutoKrAZ company. Bogdana 6x6, equipped with a modern ballistic computer-controlled fire control system, has a welded steel armored cabin. There are also screens behind the vehicle for the use of the crew during shooting. The new artillery system is planned to has 780 meters minimum and 40...
  • France will be Up-Armored with Scorpion
    France will be Up-Armored with Scorpion August 7 2018
    France has decided to increase its defense budget for the past month. Following this decision, France's defense budget for 2025 will reach 2% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). This means 295 billion Euro will spend for defence in seven years by France. After the budget increase, France stepped forward on the Scorpion Program. Through the Scorpion Program, it is planned that the (Groupement Tactique Inter-Armes / GTIA) will increase the number of communications and cooper...
  • PASARS-16 Terminator on the Range
    PASARS-16 Terminator on the Range July 16 2018
    The Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Serbia has released new images from the tests of the new PASARS-16 short-range air defense system. The PASARS-16 Terminator, which carried out live ammunition firing tests in the exercise held by the 98th Air Brigade in Serbia's Air and Air Defence Force, completed its initial tests. The PASARS-16 Terminator consists of 6x6 FAP 2026 military truck with integrated Bofors 40 mm in the armored cabinet. The system requires tw...
  • VAB Mk3 to Continue
    VAB Mk3 to Continue July 7 2018
    Arquus (formerly Renault Truck Defence) announced that the production of the Mk3 6x6, VAB (Vehicule de l'Avant Blindé) will continue. It is also stated that new variants will be developed in line with the needs of potential export customers. The latest version of the VAB 6x6 Mk3 is an armored reconnaissance and combat vehicle equipped with advanced cameras, laser rangefinders and electronics on an moving mast. Vehicle can be equipped Arquus Lite 7,62-millimeter ...
  • Patria 6x6 Unveiled
    Patria 6x6 Unveiled June 13 2018
    Patria, based in Finland, has introduced the new armored personnel carrier (APC) called Patria 6x6 in Eurosatory 2018. The vehicle weighs 24 tons. Patria 6x6 can carry up to 8,5 tons payoad. According to the statement made by the company, vehicle can be equipped with a wide range of weapons, including the AMOS 120 millimeter mortar system, which is already in is use Finnish Army mounted on the AMV vehicles. In the version of Patria 6x6 introduced in the Eurosator...
  • Eva Displayed
    Eva Displayed May 21 2018
    Slovakia based Konstrukta Defense has introduced an 8x8 version of a 155-millimeter 52-caliber howitzer. The vehicle is also known as the export version of the 6x6 Truck Mounted Gun (TMG / Truck Mounted Top). The joint production of 8x8 TMGis redesigned version of, Konstrukta Defense and Czechoslovak Group (CSG) companies the 6x6 TMG system which introduced in 2015 The vehicle, 11.5 meters long, is integrated on the Tatra T815-7 8x8.1R truck. The platform, which can b...
  • Jaguar 6x6 Unveiled
    Jaguar 6x6 Unveiled May 18 2018
    A prototype of France's Jaguar 6x6 armoured fighting vehicle (AFV) was unveiled at the Nexter facilities on 16 May. The vehicle was developed jointly by Nexter, Renault Trucks, and Thales under  France's Scorpion multi-role armoured vehicle programme. A total of 248 Jaguars are planned for acquisition by the French Defense Procurement Agency (DGA).  Jaguar features a gross weight of 25t and can carry a crew of up to three members. The vehic...
  • Tigon 6x6 Offer to Malaysia
    Tigon 6x6 Offer to Malaysia May 7 2018
    The Republic of Korean Hanwha Defense Systems partnered with the Malaysian firm AVP Engineering to offer the 6x6 Tigon armoured personnel carrier (APC) for a potential Malaysian Army requirement.  Designed based on Hanwha’s 6x6 Black Fox armoured vehicle, Tigon is able to accommodate up to 11 personnel and can be equipped with additional armour for improved ballistic and mine protection. The APC is fitted with a standard crew-served 12.7 mm machin...
  • FNSS Favours Cooperation in Altay
    FNSS Favours Cooperation in Altay April 7 2018
    Scoring high business volume in land vehicles exports in the Far East, producing 8x8 in Malaysia and tank in Indonesia thanks to its cooperation models, FNSS stands out as one of the three companies bidding for the Altay Main Battle Tank mass production in Turkey. We discussed with General Manager Nail Kurt about export targets and the future of land vehicle companies in Turkey. Kurt maintained that Altay was a strategic asset and that production required cooperation rather than competition.&...
  • VAB Found Its Light Successor: VBMR Léger
    VAB Found Its Light Successor: VBMR Léger January 15 2018
    It is a major event that occurred recently in France when Nexter, part of the French-German KNDS company, has won the Light VBMR (VBMR Léger) contract for the Armée de Terre (French Army).  The contract, worth more than one billion Euros, includes the procurement of around 1500 vehicles, the ILS, and the development and qualification of a dozen of versions. Renault Trucks Defense was the favourite, since Light VBMR is in the core business of the Volvo subsidiary. ...
  • Otokar Showed Off In Kuwait
    Otokar Showed Off In Kuwait December 12 2017
    Otokar exhibits ARMA 6x6 and COBRA II 4x4 armored tactical wheeled vehicles along with their own designs BOZOK and KESKIN turret systems in the GDA 2017 Gulf Defence and Aerospace fair held in Kuwait between 12-14 December. Otokar General Manager Serdar Görgüç stated that the Gulf Region is one of the Otokar target markets. "We aimed to strengthen our overseas partnerships with Otokar Land Systems we established in the United Arab Emirates in 2016, especially t...
  • Argentina Wants New Radars
    Argentina Wants New Radars October 30 2017
    Argentine is in pursuit of new ground surveillance radar systems. The Argentine Army Attaché in Washington, D.C. has issued a public tender for the new radar systems last week. The pursuit falls under Argentinian Government's upgrade efforts of its surveillance capabilities. The Argentine Ministry of Defence began upgrading Elta EL/M-2106 radar systems in June 2017 and five more systems are due upgraded.  Argentina current...
  • ARMA, URAL and COBRA Goes to Bahrain
    ARMA, URAL and COBRA Goes to Bahrain October 13 2017
    Turkey's privately owned defence company Otokar will exhibit its own design wheeled armoured vehicles ARMA 6x6, URAL, COBRA at BIDEC 2017, to be held on October 16-18, 2017 in Bahrain.  Having a product range from 4x4 to 8x8, from tracked armoured vehicles to turret systems, Otokar now has over 30,000 military vehicles in service in many different parts of the world. In 2016, Otokar established a new company titled Otokar Land Systems Limited in the United Ar...
  • New UGV Has Tested August 4 2017
    The Ukrainian SpetsTechnoExport company tested the new Fantom-2 unmanned ground vehicle (UGV). The Fantom-2 is a 8x8 version of the 6x6 Phantom-1, can be used in many different calibers and types of weapons. Equipped with a more powerful engine, UGV can carry payload up to 850 kilograms. The system which can launch Stugna-P and Korsar anti-tank guided missiles  is much more effective than the precessor.
  • Tur-k Export From Ukraine to Bangladesh
    Tur-k Export From Ukraine to Bangladesh July 25 2017
    The Bangladesh Armed Forces and General Directorate of Police have awarded two separate armored personnel carrier contracts to Turkish "Delta Defense Defense Sanayii A.Ş.". The company represents the appropriate version of the 6TD tank engine, which is being procured from Ukraine for the Altay main battle tank. This time, the company has adapted the DOZER B vehicles produced in Ukraine to the Bangladesh tender specifications and designated the new version as TUR-K. Accordi...
  • 'Griffon' ACV At Bastille Day Parade
    'Griffon' ACV At Bastille Day Parade July 17 2017
    France unveilled its new multirole armored vehicle Griffon VBMR to public on July 14 during Bastille Day parade. The vehicle, which is one of the two prototype vehicles undergoing certification tests, has participated the parade in personnel carrier configuration.  The Griffon VBMR is a new development of 6x6 Multi-Role armoured vehicle for the French Army under the program EBMR Scorpion. The vehicle was designed and developed by a consortium of Fr...
  • First FNSS Delivery To Oman
    First FNSS Delivery To Oman July 12 2017
    Turkish FNSS company has held a ceremony for the very first armored vehicle export to Oman. The company will produce a total of 172 6x6 and 8x8 armored vehicles in Oman Pars III version for the Royal Army of Oman. Pars 8x8 accomodates 12 personnel. with its 550 hp engine and 7 gears, it can reach a maximum speed of 100 km/h and has a range of 700 km. The vehicle has a 25 mm gun on its turret. Pars 6x6 variant can accomodate 7 personnel and features a 483 hp engine with the same maxi...
  • MKEK's "Yavuz" Will Be At IDEF 2017
    MKEK's "Yavuz" Will Be At IDEF 2017 May 1 2017
    Turkish Machinery and Chemical Industry Corporation (MKEK) will display its truck-mounted howitzer YAVUZ at 13th International Defence Industry Fair (IDEF'17). MKEK has conducted first live-firing tests with the prototype on 18 April at Konya-Karapınar. Being satisfied with the results, MKEK will exhibit the howitzer at the international fair. The company also plans a launching before the exhibition. Mounted on a 5-crew 6x6 truck, Yavuz will be able to succes...
  • Bundeswehr Strengthens APCs
    Bundeswehr Strengthens APCs February 2 2017
    Germany will receive 90 more modernized Fuchs 6x6 armoured personnel carriers (APCs) in 2017. Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles (RMMV) has been awarded a $107 million contract to upgrade the APCs to 1A8 standard. The improvements include a strengthened armoured steel hull and additional passive armour, additional external stowage boxes. Some of the modernized Fuchs 1A8s are fitted with Krauss-Maffei Wegmann FLW 200 remote weapon station (RWS) armed with a stabilised .50 calibre M2 HB MG in re...
  • 215 New Weapons Stations to Brazil
    215 New Weapons Stations to Brazil January 4 2017
    Elbit Systems' Brazillian subsidiary ARES Aeroespacial e Defesa has been awarded a $100,5 million contract for additional 215 REMAX lightweight remote-controlled weapon stations and associated equipment and services. The new stations will be mounted on the Brazilian Army Logistics Command's Iveco VBTP-MR Guarani 6x6 amphibious armoured vehicles. Brazil acquired a trial batch of 76 REMAX systems in September 2012.
  • China Completed Deliveries of Over 700 Vehicles December 13 2016
    Ecuador has received the last 17 Chinese-made multipurpose vehicles on 6 December. Under a $81 million agreement signed in 2015, Ecuador ordered a total 709 multipurpose vehicles from China, including vehicle launched assault bridges, 4x4 and 6x6 armored vehicles, fuel and water trucks. 
  • UAE Displayed New Land Systems
    UAE Displayed New Land Systems December 7 2016
    New Nimr N35 armored vehicles has been displayed in a parade on 5 December marking the 45th National Day of United Arab Emirates (UAE). Dynamit Noble FeWaS remote weapon stations were mounted on 4x4 N35-4 vehicles attended the parade. The vehicle also has a 6x6 N35-6 variant. Nimr 35N has been developed by BAE Systems Land Systems South Africa, which was later on sold to Nimr Automotive.
  • Brazil Chose 'Guarani'
    Brazil Chose 'Guarani' November 22 2016
    The Brazilian Army is to acquire 1 thousand 580 Iveco VBTP-MR Guarani 6x6 amphibious armored vehicles. According to the service’s statement on 22 November, the vehicles will be delivered to the army between 2016-2035. The contract value is estimated as $1,76 billion and cover troop transport, communications, command post, ambulance, and 120 mm mortar vehicles.
  • Renault Improves Land Platforms
    Renault Improves Land Platforms November 7 2016
    Renault Trucks Defence presented its new 6x6 VAB Mark III medium wheeled armoured vehicle at the 11th International Exhibition of Homeland Security in the Middle East, MILIPOL Qatar, held between 31 October-2 November. VAB Mark III differs from its predeccessor by larger internal volume, improved situational awareness, increased payload and advanced protection and mobility. The vehicle also has a modular structure that would enable the VAB Mk3 adapt to changing missions. 
  • Jordan Modernizing Air Defence Systems
    Jordan Modernizing Air Defence Systems October 3 2016
    The Belarussian company Tetraedr offered an upgrade for the Jordanian Armed Forces’ 9K33 Osa (SA-8 'Gecko') mobile short-range air-defence systems for $2 million a unit. The JAF has 52 Osa systems in service since its first deployment in 1982. The 9K33-1T Osa-1T, which is an extensive modernisation of the system and can involve remounting it on a new 6x6 MZKT-69222 wheeled chassis, is equipped with a new day/night camera system OES-1T. 
  • Military Support by Endonesia to Pakistan
    Military Support by Endonesia to Pakistan September 21 2016
    Indonesia offered to sell defence equipment to Pakistan. Indonesia's state-run news agency Antara reported on 21 September that Indonesian officials were discussing with Pakistan potential sales of the CN-235 medium-lift transport aircraft and the 6x6 Anoa armoured personnel carrier (APC).
  • Korea Meets 8X8
    Korea Meets 8X8 September 11 2016
    The Republic of Korea Army is expected to place an order for 600 6x6 KW1 and 8x8 wheeled armoured vehicles (WAVs) with Hyundai Rotem in October. Renamed as K806 and K808 respectively, the vehicles will be outfitted with a one-person protected weapon station armed with an M2 HB machine gun and are powered by a 420 hp diesel engine developed by Hyundai Motors that provides a maximum speed of 100 km/h. They are also capable of moving on both land and water and has been engineered to maximize cre...
  • Brazil to get new turrets
    Brazil to get new turrets August 31 2016
    The Brazilian Army is to purchase remote-controlled light weapon stations; namely 602 REMAX with machine guns and 36 UT30BR with 30 mmx173 mm barrel calibre in 2017 from the Brazilian subsidiary of Elbit Systems, ARES. The Army will procure these weapon stations to beintegrated into previously ordered 2044 armoured personnel carriers. Remote-controlled weapon station REMAX will be mounted on theamphibious 6x6 VBTP-MR Guarani man...