• Hercules of Uruguay Will Rejuvenate
    Hercules of Uruguay Will Rejuvenate 11 September 2020
    Uruguay signed an agreement with the Spanish Government to supply two C-130H Military Transport Aircraft in the Spanish Air Force (EDA) inventory. The contract, worth approximately 21 million Euros, includes the purchase of spare parts for two C-130H Transport Aircraft. Uruguayan Defence Minister Javier García disclosed the information on the contract at the Senate Defence budget meeting. The purchased aircraft will replace the high-cost maintenance C-130 Hercules aircraft in...
  • A400M Moves Firms Steps
    A400M Moves Firms Steps 20 August 2020
    A400M, which developed in cooperation with the European countries, increase its abilities in line of the "multirole platform" term. The French DGA (Direction Générale de l'Armement / General Management of Armament) announced on 20 August that the A400M multi-role transport aircraft conducted wet contact with a helicopter for the first time. Thus, the platform will be certified another of its capabilities in the field. In the campaign to be carri...
  • 100th A400M
    100th A400M 17 August 2020
    The A400M, which has a history dating back to the FIMA (Future International Military Airlifter Project) launched in 1982, left behind an important milestone. The 100th A400M Atlas transport aircraft, jointly developed by European countries and manufactured by Airbus as the main contractor, rolled out the production line last month. The aircraft, which entered the Luftwaffe (German Air Force) inventory, will serve there with 54+33 serial number. Within the scope of the process,...
  • New User for A400M
    New User for A400M 5 August 2020
    The production process of the A400M transport aircraft program continues at full speed. There has been good news for Belgium, which recently retired a C-130H Hercules transport aircraft. Airbus, one of the world's leading aircraft manufacturers, announced that the first A400M manufactured for the Belgian Air Force meets the sky. Within the scope of the activity, the platform numbered MSN106 performed its first flight on July 30 at the facilities in Seville, Spain, which also bas...
  • Retirement Time for C-130 Hercules
    Retirement Time for C-130 Hercules 26 July 2020
    The development of the C-130 Hercules, which has successfully served in the inventory of many countries since its introduction in 1956, continues. On the other hand, users retire platforms that have reached the end of their economic life in inventory. Belgium has announced that fourth of the C-130H Hercules transport aircraft that have been in its inventory for nearly 50 years has been phased out. Currently, seven of the platforms planned to be replaced by Airbus A400Ms continue to ...
  • New Dimension of the Battlefield: Unmanned Armoured Combat Vehicles
    New Dimension of the Battlefield: Unmanned Armoured Combat Vehicles 5 July 2020
    Unmanned ground vehicles, started to duty on battlefield with destroying armoured vehicles, gain different dimensions with the developing technology. Estonian-based Milrem Robotics, which is currently working on 10 different concepts, has announced its new unmanned ground vehicle. The new platform introduced as Type-X was equipped with the CPWS II (Cockerill Protected Weapon Station Gen. II) turret, which developed by John Cockerill. Type-X, the first platform developed in line...
  • A400M Certified to Low Level Automatic Flight
    A400M Certified to Low Level Automatic Flight 1 June 2020
    Developing computer technologies reduce the need for aircraft for the pilot. New generation flight computers can automatically ensure the flight control and movement of the aircraft in the light of the data collected through sensors, especially in difficult conditions where visibility is limited. This is a factor that significantly increases flight safety. Airbus announced that the first phase of the certification process of the Automatic Low-Level Flight System of the A400M mi...
  • Luxembourg A400M in Skies
    Luxembourg A400M in Skies 15 April 2020
    A400M production and delivery continues despite the worldwide epidemic. Airbus continues its efforts to avoid any disruption in A400M processes. In this context, the first A400M produced for Luxembourg made its first flight on April 13. After the trials conducted at the facilities located in Seville, Spain, the platform returned to the base after five hours flight safely. MSN104 that Belgium and Luxembourg will use jointly will be assigned to the 15th Air Transport Wing of...
  • COVID-19 Support from Turkey to the Balkans
    COVID-19 Support from Turkey to the Balkans 8 April 2020
    Turkey's medical supplies in the COVID-19 fight continues. Last week, the Turkish Armed Forces' A400M transport plane carried a variety of medical equipment to Italy and Spain. The A400M carries health supplies to the Balkans to combat the virus, the Ministry of National Defence said today. Equipment departing from Ankara Etimesgut  Air Base will be delivered first to Serbia, followed by Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia and Kosovo. 
  • Turkey Provides Health Assistance to NATO Allies
    Turkey Provides Health Assistance to NATO Allies 1 April 2020
    Turkey has sent health equipment to Italy and Spain.  Health supplies have departed from Ankara’s Etimesgut Airport prepared for Spain and Italy which have been severely affected by COVID-19 and are currently battling against the virus. Protective face masks, protective eye masks, overalls and anti-bacterial fluids were sent to Italy and Spain via A400M aircraft belonging to the Turkish Armed Forces. The health supplies were delivered to the Spanish officials.
  • A400M Commisioned for COVID-19 Mission
    A400M Commisioned for COVID-19 Mission 24 March 2020
    Due to the epidemic caused by the Coronavirus, state authorities went to alarm. Airbus also supports fighting with COVID-19 with the platforms it uses as a test aircraft. The F-WTTO registered A330 NEO test aircraft in the Airbus company fleet recently took off from China and landed in Touluse with a load of medical equipment, devices and about 2 million masks from China. Yesterday, again, the company's EC-400 registered A400M created an air bridge between Touluse and Madrid. In...
  • The Bundeswehr Refuses new A400Ms 14 November 2019
    The German military announced it would not accept deliveries of two A400M Atlas transport aircraft due to recurring technical problems. “During routine inspections of the mounting nuts on the propellers of the A400M already in flight, it was found that not all 24 nuts per propeller have the intended tightening torque,” revealed the Luftwaffe, the German air force, in a statement. Increased inspections of the engine mounts, combustion chambers, and engine flap, ...
  • Koca Yusuf Will Win New Talents
    Koca Yusuf Will Win New Talents 5 October 2019
    Turkey passes an essential milestone on the A400M aircraft program on Thursday, October 3. ASFAT and Airbus companies will work together in the maintenance-repair-improvement (retrofit) program of A400M Transport aircraft. Minister of National Defence Hulusi Akar, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Mehmet Cahit Turhan, Chief of General Staff Gen. Yaşar Güler, Land Forces Commander Gen. Ümit Dündar, Air Forces Commander Gen. Hasan Küçükakyüz, N...
  • A400M Performs First Helicopter air-to-air Dry Contacts
    A400M Performs First Helicopter air-to-air Dry Contacts 24 September 2019
    The Airbus A400M new generation airlifter has successfully achieved its first helicopter air-to-air refuelling contacts with an H225M. Over the course of four flights, operated in day conditions over the south of France, the A400M performed 51 dry contacts marking a decisive milestone towards its full capability as a tanker. These tests were performed under the coordination of the French “DGA Essais en vol” flight test centre. The tests, involving no fuel and performed b...
  • Bangladesh Received C-130J
    Bangladesh Received C-130J 2 September 2019
    The Bangladesh Air Force (BAF) received the first of five Lockheed Martin C-130J Super Hercules it purchased from the UK Royal Air Force (RAF). Britain replaces Hercules with A400Ms. The aircraft arrived in Dhaka on 25 August 2019 and represents the most capable airlifter of the BAF. The four other aircraft purchased by the BAF are arriving before yearend.
  • Sector News Issue 75 11 July 2019
    New Support for A400M RAM for USA and Japan UK Gets a German Partner Refuelling from KC-46 to F-35 Lantset: Cost Active Solution LCS Meets the Water New Solution for Air Operations Armour Becomes Lighter Kement, Ready for Mission ACMI found its Place. Gökbey on its Way to Certification Technologic Support for Atak ...
  • A400M Acts as Tanker
    A400M Acts as Tanker 9 July 2019
      The German Air Force Luftwaffe cleared the A400M for air-to-air refuelling, and has also deployed an A400M to Jordan on its first operational air tanker mission. The A400M is now being tested abroad as a tanker aircraft as part of Operation Counter ISIS, it refuels German and Allied aircraft in the air. Since August 2018, the certification of the A400M as refuelling aircraft in the AAR (Air-to-Air-Refuelling) version has been in progress. Air transport squ...
  • New Support for A400M Program
    New Support for A400M Program 2 July 2019
      Airbus and Organization for Joint Armament Co-operation (OCCAR)signed A400M contract amendment to solve the cost, performance and delivery problems in the A400M military cargo aircraft program. After the negotiations started in 2017, the agreement is divided into four parts. The first step is new capabilities development plan. According to this plan, Airbus will aim to offer all agreed features and perform better operations. The second step, which aims to significantly reduce...
  • Yavuz Gets Lighter
    Yavuz Gets Lighter 30 April 2019
    Yavuz truck-mounted howitzer, which was developed by Mechanical and Chemical Industry Company with its own sources, got lighter. The cabin height of the platform, which was displayed during IDEF'19 in Istanbul, was reduced in line with user demands. In addition, the weight of the vehicle was reduced thanks to modifications without compromising armour and CBRN protection. It was also fitted with a semi-automatic loader once again in line with user demands. In this way, the vehicl...
  • Royal Aircraft on Shelf
    Royal Aircraft on Shelf 8 January 2019
    UK has prepared a report on the Royal Air Force inventory. The document published by the Ministry of Defence included information on the situation of combat aircraft fleet. Of the 434 aircraft currently available in the UK inventory, 142 were declared unable to fly due to various reasons. According to the statement, only 101 of the 156 Eurofighter Typhoon were in active service. The report was described as shocking for the Royal Air Force (RAF) in the British press, which celebrated...
  • A400M Passes First Phase of Beach Landing Trials
    A400M Passes First Phase of Beach Landing Trials 15 December 2018
    Royal Air Force Members of 206 Squadron, supported by LXX Squadron Engineers based at RAF Brize Nortonhave complete beach landing trials in Southern Wales. According to a release, beaches are routinely used by the RAF for training operations with other tactical airlifters. “The A400M showcased its superb tactical capabilities on natural surfaces by performing take-off, landing and taxiing manoeuvres” press release reads. Next challenge will be conducting same o...
  • Korea and Spain to Barter Aircraft
    Korea and Spain to Barter Aircraft 7 November 2018
    The Republic of Korea and Spain have started negotiations for a possible procurement. A barter decision may be taken from the ongoing training aircraft procurement process of Spain.   In the ongoing talks, it was reported that Korea was discussing the purchase of A400M transport aircraft in response to the already-continuing training aircraft procurement programme of Spain. Talks are expected to be completed within this week.   Spain ordered 2...
  • One Third Of German Vehicles Ready For Combat
    One Third Of German Vehicles Ready For Combat 1 November 2018
    Just over a third of the new military equipment delivered to the Bundeswehr by manufacturers in 2017 is fit for service according to a report revealed for the German defence ministry According to the report, of the 71 Puma infantry fighting vehicles delivered, 27 are combat ready. Of the eight new Airbus A400M Atlas military transports, half are fully operational. Just two of the seven Eurocopter Tiger combat helicopters and four of seven NH Industries' NH90 transport helicopter...
  • Indonesia Confirms Plan to Buy C-130 Planes
    Indonesia Confirms Plan to Buy C-130 Planes 31 August 2018
    Indonesia has confirmed a plan to buy Hercules C-130 planes and other transport planes from the United States to support the development of its defence architecture. "In future, Indonesia plans to buy several primary weaponry systems, including Hercules C-130 planes, and other heavy-duty transport planes from the US," Indonesian Defence Minister Ryamizard Ryacudu said. The former army chief of staff added that Indonesia aimed to not only be able to meet its prima...
  • 20th Atlas in Inventory
    20th Atlas in Inventory 19 July 2018
    The UK Ministry of Defence has announced that the Royal Air Force (RAF) has received the 20th A400M Atlas transport aircraft. It was also stated that the delivery was made in schedule with the program. The Royal Air Force will have 22 A400M aircraft. The all A400Ms are scheduled to be completed early in 2020. The A400M Atlas, which made its first flight in December 2009, was developed with joint participation of many European countries. TAI and TEI also contribute to the produc...
  • Fair News Issue 62
    Fair News Issue 62 10 June 2018
    Electrical Vehicle by KazTechinnovations “CADI” Meets Visitors KAE Signature in Arlan T-72A Fitted with Owl Eyes AMTE’s Armoured Medical Evacuation Vehicle
    Barys Undergoes Climate Tests
    Short-Range Igla Solution STM in Cybersecurity Training Rocket Deal between ROKETSAN and Kazakhstan OTOKAR in Maintenance Business A400M to Deliver Arlan with ASEL...
  • A400M passes Rafale refueling tests
    A400M passes Rafale refueling tests 10 June 2018
    The Airbus A400M airlifter has successfully completed in-flight refueling trials with the Rafale fighter using underwing pods. Directorate General of Armament (DGA)  expects to issue clearance “very shortly,” allowing the French Air Force to work up on this new capability.  A400M refuels by two alternatives; refueling pod attached under the wing (for fighters) or by a fuselage-mounted HDU (Hose Drum Unit) refueling unit for transport aircraft and fighters. An f...
  • "Arlan" Loaded to Turkish A400M Aircraft
    "Arlan" Loaded to Turkish A400M Aircraft 30 May 2018
    At the defence fair KADEX held in Astana which is capital of Kazakhstan, two Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering (KPE) product 4X4 Arlan armored vehicles loaded into the Turkish A400M transport aircraft. In order to provide technical support to SoloTürk in KADEX, A400M achieved different action. Two Arlan armored vehicles, each 16 tons and 3.4 meters in height, were loaded into the aircraft. Kazakhstan's Aselsan Engineering (KAE), gave SARP which is remote-...
  • End of P4 Era
    End of P4 Era 22 May 2018
    The French Army has selected the vehicle for the take place as part of an armored vehicle procurement program of Peugeot P4. The P4 will be replaced by the ACMAT Light Tactical Station Wagon (ALTV SW). Under the three-year delivery program, France will receive 3700 units of ALTV SW. The total amount of vehicles is 500 million Euros. ALTV SW is a military SUV which can carry loads up to 1 ton. Range of the vehicle is 1000 kilometers. The platform can be transporte...
  • Eva Displayed
    Eva Displayed 21 May 2018
    Slovakia based Konstrukta Defense has introduced an 8x8 version of a 155-millimeter 52-caliber howitzer. The vehicle is also known as the export version of the 6x6 Truck Mounted Gun (TMG / Truck Mounted Top). The joint production of 8x8 TMGis redesigned version of, Konstrukta Defense and Czechoslovak Group (CSG) companies the 6x6 TMG system which introduced in 2015 The vehicle, 11.5 meters long, is integrated on the Tatra T815-7 8x8.1R truck. The platform, which can b...
  • Demonstration Flight by ATAK in Pakistan
    Demonstration Flight by ATAK in Pakistan 24 March 2018
    The T-129 ATAK helicopters developed by the Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) are close to being exported to Pakistan. Two A400M transport aircraft belonging to the Turkish Air Force took three T-129 helicopters to Pakistan, although no announcement was made on this issue. T-129 carried out demonstration flights with aircraft and helicopters of the Pakistani Air Force during the inventory parade in Islamabad. Two years ago, TAI took a T-129 helicopter to Pakistan for flight tests. ...
  • Airbus delivers Double A400M at same day
    Airbus delivers Double A400M at same day 22 March 2018
    Airbus has for the first time formally delivered two A400M new generation airlifters to two different nations in one day. The company handed over the aircraft on 20 March to the European Organisation for Joint Armament Cooperation (OCCAR), in charge of the management of the A400M Programme, representing Germany and France – at a ceremony in Seville, Spain. OCCAR Director Arturo Alfonso-Meiriño said: “It is a great pleasure to see two of the leading OCCAR nations receiving t...
  • A400M Production Rate To Decrease
    A400M Production Rate To Decrease 4 January 2018
    Airbus will cut back the production rate of its A400M military transport aircraft in the coming years to absorb excess “inventory at plant level,” a company spokesman confirmed to on 3 January. Airbus will produce 15 A400Ms in 2018, and just 11 in 2019, “in order to optimize long-term programme planning and ensure a sustainable future for the A400M, taking into account different factors such as inventory recovery, allowing more time for export...
  • An A400M refuelled six F-18 fighters in a single mission
    An A400M refuelled six F-18 fighters in a single mission 21 December 2017
    An Airbus A400M has successfully refuelled six Spanish Air Force F-18 fighters in a single mission as part of an air-to-air refuelling (AAR) human factors certification flight. The 13 December mission featured a complex series of AAR scenarios such as changes of area, receivers with unknown priorities, and unexpected increases in numbers of receivers. Through multiple contacts the six aircraft simulated a fleet of eight. The F-18s included the first Spanish operational fighters to be refuelle...
  • 12th 'Atlas' For French Air Force
    12th 'Atlas' For French Air Force 7 December 2017
    The French Air Force has taken delivery of the twelfth A400M Atlas military transport aircraft on November 22, which is also the first A400M equipped with underwing hose-and-drogue refueling pods. Other aircraft in the fleet will be progressively equipped with this capability during retrofit campaigns. France will have received 15 A400Ms by 2019.
  • 50th A400M Goes To Germany
    50th A400M Goes To Germany 29 September 2017
    Airbus Defence and Space delivered the 50th A400M new generation airlifter to German Air Force on 27 September. The aircraft, known as MSN59, is the twelfth to be delivered this year at the Final Assembly Line in Seville and the thirteenth to be accepted by Germany. 
  • 53. Issue Sector News
    53. Issue Sector News 29 August 2017
    Moving On with EUROSAM New Radar to 'Patriot', by Lockheed General Atomics UAV Flew at Red Flag Israel Undecided Just as Germany Signature of $5,91 Billion by Qatar TAI, Wastes No Time BMC Chosen for TTA-2 Project TCG Işın, Delivered Ceremoniously Gun of the Year: Canik TP9Fx ROKETSAN, Made it to the List ASELSAN Lands on Malaysia STM will Design Port for Pakistan OT...
  • 5th A400M Accepted
    5th A400M Accepted 14 July 2017
    Turkish Undersecreteriat for Defence Industries (SSM) announced on official Twitter account today the acceptance of the 5th A400M Strategic Transport Aircraft. The first A400M Atlas, manufactured under a joint project involving Germany, Belgium, France, England, Spain and Turkey has been delivered to Turkish Air Force on 12 May 2014, and the fourth on April 10. Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) undertook the production of centre fuselage and components. The maximum t...
  • C-130 Fleet Under Investigation
    C-130 Fleet Under Investigation 13 June 2017
    After a series of incidents with several platforms, the Belgian army has decided to ground its entire fleet of C-130 transport aircraft for two weeks. According to a military spokesman, the flight suspension of eleven C-130s is a result of "abnormal functioning of flight controls." Several incidents have occurred in recent weeks during the flights of the aircraft. However, since all platforms could eventually land safely, no damage could be measured. Ne...
  • Fourth 'A400M' Delivered to Turkish Air Force
    Fourth 'A400M' Delivered to Turkish Air Force 10 April 2017
    Turkish Ministry of National Defence has announced today on its official twitter account that the 4th A400M 'Atlas', a strategic transport aircraft which Turkey was also a partner for, has been delivered to the Turkish Air Force. Powered with four Europrop TP400-D6 turboprop engines, maximum take-off weight of the A-400M is 141 tons. Atlas can carry 116 fully equipped soldiers, 66 stretchers accompanied by 25 medical personnel and has a load carrying capacity of 37...