• Ukraine to Buy New Aircraft After Crash
    Ukraine to Buy New Aircraft After Crash 30 September 2020
    Ukraine plans to replace the AN-26 fleet it plans to retire with new AN-178 military transport planes. Ukraine's Defence Ministry has decided to buy three AN-178s from Antonov and drafted the contract, it said. Officials confirmed plans to replace the fleet of soviet-era transport aircraft that became old after the AN-26Sh crashed in the Kharkiv region. On September 25, 2020, an AN-26Sh from the Ukrainian Air Force crashed in the Kharkiv region during a training flight; Of the 20 students...
  • Third Hercules Arrives Bangladesh
    Third Hercules Arrives Bangladesh 20 September 2020
      The Bangladesh Air Force’s(BAF) 3rd C-130J Super Hercules arrived Dhaka on 17 September 2020. The aircraft reached Dhaka, after conducting fuel stops in Cairo, Egypt, and Muscat, Oman. The C-130J aircraft is equipped with modern avionics and sophisticated technology which would be utilized for transportation of materials, personnel, humanitarian assistance both at home and abroad and to support United Nations Peacekeeping Operations. British company Marshall A...
  • Motor Sich to visit to Turkey
    Motor Sich to visit to Turkey 18 September 2020
    A high-level delegation from Motor Sich, one of the most strategic companies in Ukraine, will attend to Saha Istanbul event. Motor Sich, one of the companies with the largest product family in the world in terms of engines to be used in air platforms, has been having troubling days regarding ownership for a long time. China got in contact with the Ukrainian owner of the company, but the US demanded this trade be stopped, stating that China will transfer technology to its own country. After th...
  • Sivrihisar took Off
    Sivrihisar took Off 13 September 2020
        Sivrihisar Aviation Shows are held this year without an audience due to the coronavirus outbreak. The shows are broadcast live on television, YouTube and Facebook. Gendarmerie Steel Wings Acrobatic Team, Ali İsmet Öztürk and Mor Menekşe and 201st Ak Fleet also participate in the demonstrations attended by Solotürk, one of the aerobatic teams of the Turkish Air Force. The event also includes many historical and valuable aircr...
  • Antonov Winking at Turkey
    Antonov Winking at Turkey 7 September 2020
    Oleksandr Los, Senior Manager of the Ukrainian aircraft company Antonov, invited the Turkish aviation industry to take part in the production process of the AN-178 aircraft. According to the Anatolia News Agency reported on special Antonov's top manager Oleksandr Los found in the assessment of the past week on a visit to Turkey. Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister and Strategic Industrial Responsible Minister Oleg Uruskiy headed a delegation Los coming to Turkey, the missi...
  • Antonov completes final assembly of the AN-178 aircraft destined for Peru
    Antonov completes final assembly of the AN-178 aircraft destined for Peru 29 August 2020
      Antonov Company has completed the assembly of the AN-178 fuselage template for delivery under the contract between the Spetstechnoexport Company and the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Peru. On August 21, the aircraft (serial number 006) was introduced to the Ukrainian media by Oleksandr Los, president of the Antonov Company. He spoke about the results achieved in the construction of the AN-178 and expressed thanks to Antonov's team for these highly ...
  • Buran’s Mriya Back On The Sky
    Buran’s Mriya Back On The Sky 29 March 2020
    World’s biggest aeroplane An-225 “Mriya” (Ukrainian: Антонов Ан-225 Мрія, lit. ‘dream’ NATO reporting name: Cossack) returned to sky according to the press service of the Antonov company. The Antonov company started to repair and modernization of aircraft An-225 “Mriya” in 2018. March 25 after an 18-month outage, the plane took off from the airfield near Kyiv and held in the air for about 2 hours. The aircraft was fitted with a new contr...
  • New Target of NATO
    New Target of NATO 28 March 2020
    NATO, which was established for a common defence against an attack from any external force, is currently struggling with different targets. Armies are in alarm because of COVID-19, which affects most of the world. NATO continues to support its allies, albeit for a different goal in this process. 45 tons of medical supplies acquired by the Romanian State to combat the epidemic were transported from the Republic of Korea to Bucharest under NATO's Strategic Airlift Capabi...
  • First An-178 on Production Line
    First An-178 on Production Line 17 March 2020
    An-178, which is in the agenda of Turkey's transport aircraft procurement tender also on the agenda and has a trump card with significant amount of technology transfer is in the production line. In a news article published in Ukraine, it was stated that Antonov took the first An-178 ordered by Peru on the production line. The first platform has the serial number 006. The production activities of the platform, where the cargo cabin was first built, will continue with th...
  • Turkey and Ukraine back on An-178 Track
    Turkey and Ukraine back on An-178 Track 4 February 2020
    Turkish and Ukrainian presidents met in Kyiv on Monday to attend the eighth meeting of the Turkey-Ukraine High-Level Strategic Council. The head of state Vladimir Zelensky said this during a joint briefing with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan that Ukraine and Turkey agreed on military assistance and supplies of the An-178.  Also today, an important agreement on military-financial cooperation was signed, according to which the Ukrainian army will receive financial assista...
  • New Transport Aircraft from Russia
    New Transport Aircraft from Russia 11 November 2019
    Russia has introduced a new platform, similar in design to the Antonov An-124 Ruslan (NATO code: Cock) transport aircraft. The aircraft, which can carry up to 180 tons of cargo in a long range, was named Slon. The Russian Central Aerodynamics Institute recently shared its first image from the transport aircraft. The model will be used in aerodynamic studies to test the design characteristics of a wind tunnel. At 1.63 meters long and 1.75-meter wingspan, the replica can be reconfigured to test...
  • Russia's New Transport Aircraft to Continue Test Flights in 2020 10 October 2019
      New developments have taken place in the IL-112V program, designed by Russia after the Soviet Union from scratch. Ilyushin IL-112V, the light transport plane will replace the ageing Antonov An-26 and An-24 airlifters in the Russian military. Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu said that work is underway to reduce the weight of the platform and that the flight tests are aimed to be resumed in the first quarter of 2020. Redesign work on the aircraft was ordered after the air...
  • Russian Il-112V Successfully Completes Its First Test Flight
    Russian Il-112V Successfully Completes Its First Test Flight 30 March 2019
    Russia’s first military transport plane designed from scratch during the post-Soviet era completed its maiden flight after several postpones. Ilyushin Il-112V, the light transport plane will replace the ageing Antonov An-26 and An-24 airlifters in the Russian military. The 24-meter-long aircraft took off from a runway at a test range in Voronezh, spent some 45 minutes in the air, flying at a speed of around 250 km/h and circling over the area several times before lan...
  • Kazakh Y-8 Made Its Maiden Flight
    Kazakh Y-8 Made Its Maiden Flight 18 June 2018
    Y-8F-200WA tactical transport aircraft which is ordered by Kazakhstan made its maiden flight. The contract was signed on April 21st for the aircraft tested at Shaanxi Liugu Airport. All aircraft which are ordered by Kazakhstan are scheduled to be delivered in the first quarter of 2019. The Y-8F-200WA is an upgraded version of the Y-8, a medium-range transport aircraft developed from Antonov-12. The body can be used for tasks such as platform, troop transport, aerial resupply an...
  • Eurasia AirShow Fair News
    Eurasia AirShow Fair News 11 May 2018
    Otonom Teknoloji Exhibits Products From Leonardo, both Attack and Preparation Amphenol, Looking for a Market Nero is Targeting Exports Alp Aviation’s Indigenisation Effort Cargo Show by Antonov Union of Forces against Drones New Step from STM
  • Eurasia Airshow: OK or Over?
    Eurasia Airshow: OK or Over? 11 May 2018
    In an environment, where many participating companies and people wondered about the future of this exhibition, we set our prority to clarify the issue. The success of an exhibition is calculated with the opportunities of cooperation offered to its participants. Questions referring to the names and numbers of companies opening stands and pavilions and to the details of high level participants, provide a general picture. Past performance of the event as well as the level of organisati...
  • Russian Navy Expands
    Russian Navy Expands 4 May 2018
    The Russian Navy will get six new and four repaired warships by the end of this year, Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu said on Thursday. Shoigu stated that the United Shipbuilding Corporation is building, repairing and providing maintenance actually for the entire range of combat ships and vessels under the state armament program.  "In March, the company transferred the new logistics support ship Elbrus to the Navy. In April, the first Project 12700 serial-produced...
  • Turkey, Ukraine To Cooperate On STOL Transport Aircraft
    Turkey, Ukraine To Cooperate On STOL Transport Aircraft 30 April 2018
    Turkey and Ukraine will cooperate on manufacturing a Short Takeoff and Landing (STOL) military transport aircraft. Due to high tactical and operational characteristics, this aircraft has low requirements for runway length, and can also be operated from airfields. The presentation of the program was held in Eurasia Airshow by Sergii Omelchenko, First Deputy Director General of the SC “Ukroboronprom”, and Dr. Oleksandr Los, Acting President of ANTONOV Company. 
  • Saudi Contribution on An-132D
    Saudi Contribution on An-132D 6 March 2018
    Ukrainian Antonov, Saudi Arabian Taqnia Aeronautics and Wahaj companies have signed a Memorandum of Understating to jointly manufacture the An-132D multi-purpose transport aircraft. The agreement was signed during the Armed Forces Exhibition for Diversity of Requirements and Capabilities AFED-2018 held in Riyadh on February 25 - March 3, 2018. At this stage Antonov will be the prime contractor, TAQNIA and WAHAJ will construct components and units according to the coop...
  • Russia lays keel for fifth minesweeper
    Russia lays keel for fifth minesweeper 27 December 2017
    Russia’s Sredne-Nevsky Shipyard held a keel-laying ceremony for the Russian Navy’s fifth Project 12700 minesweeper at its shipyard in St. Petersburg on December 26. The vessel is scheduled to be launched and handed over to the fleet in 2019. The ‘Alexander Obukhov’, has already entered service while the three following ships ‘George Kurbatov, ‘Ivan Antonov’ and ‘Vladimir Emelyanov’ are under construction. Project 12700 ...
  • Ukrainian Tactical UAV Made First Flight
    Ukrainian Tactical UAV Made First Flight 13 November 2017
    Antonov's new tactical UAV Horlytsya, capable of staying in flight for 7 hours, operating at a 5 thousand meters altitude, has made its first flight. The UAV allegedly has 1000+ kilometres range and was indigenously designed to reinforce Ukrainian Ground Forces in conducting day and night reconnaissance under all weather conditions and transmitting the received data to the command post. 
  • An-32 Modernisation to Bangladesh
    An-32 Modernisation to Bangladesh 27 September 2017
    Ukraine has completed the upgrade work on three Antonov An-32 'Cline' turboprop transport aircraft in service with the Bangladesh Air Force (BAF) and handed over the aircraft to the country on 25 September.  The upgrade and overhaul work has been conducted by Ukraine's SE PLANT 410 CA aircraft repair company. 
  • Ukraine's New Aircraft In France
    Ukraine's New Aircraft In France 13 June 2017
    Ukrainian aircraft manufacturing and services company Antonov will bring its newest aircraft An-132D to the International Paris Air Show “Le Bourget 2017”. During the exhibition demonstration flights of An-132D are planned, according to the state concern "UkrOboronProm"s (UOP's) press release. Antonov developed the aircraft in cooperation with various countries such as USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France. Turkey had also been invited t...
  • Seven Contracts in One Go
    Seven Contracts in One Go 11 May 2017
    ASELSAN has signed 7 different agreements on the second day of IDEF 2017 International Defence Industry Fair. Within the scope of the Memorandum of Understanding signed with ANTONOV company, ASELSAN will work together with the company to produce avionics systems and special mission equipments for AN-148 family. TUBITAK BILGEM and ASELSAN signed two different contracts covering development of three algorithms for ASELSAN's radar systems, and the use of National Rea...
  • Ukraine's Aircraft In The Sky Again
    Ukraine's Aircraft In The Sky Again 1 April 2017
    Ukraine carried out the first flight of Antonov AN-132D. The aircraft was manufactured without supplying parts from Russia, with whom Ukraine experience significant military problems. The ceremony was attended by Ukrainian President Petro Porosenko. In the past, the same plane was produced as AN-132, but there were many Russian parts in the plane. Instead of these parts, now the engine, avionics, power unit is being supplied from the western countries. Ukrainian officials also note ...
  • Ukraine's AN-132D To Carry Out Maiden Flight
    Ukraine's AN-132D To Carry Out Maiden Flight 27 March 2017
    Antonov, a subsidiary of Ukraine's state-owned Ukroboronprom, revealed to C4Defence that its multipurpose AN-132D military transport aircraft is to carry out its first flight on 31 March. The flight ceremony will be attended by Ukrainian and Saudi Arabian high-ranking officials.  The AN-132D is designed for transporting cargo over short- and medium-range routes, and is capable of carrying a maximum payload of 9.2 tons. The work on this project was implemented...
  • Russian Aircraft To Conduct Observation Flight in Turkish Skies
    Russian Aircraft To Conduct Observation Flight in Turkish Skies 27 February 2017
    An Antonov An-30B aircraft belonging to the Russian Air Force (RAF) will conduct an observation flight between February 27th and March 3rd in Turkish skies, under the 'Open Skies Treaty'. Russian military planes will fly in Turkey for the first time after the shooting of RAF's Sukhoi Su-24M aircraft on 24 November 2015. Sergey Rijkov, President of Russia's National Center for Nuclear Risk Reduction, announced that Russian experts will begin their observatio...
  • The First Prototype Has Been Rolled-out
    The First Prototype Has Been Rolled-out 23 December 2016
    The first prototype of Ukraine’s AN-132D Military Transport Aircraft has been rolled out on 20 December at Antonov Serial Plant in Kyiv. Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko and Prince Turki bin Saud bin Mohammed Al Saud, President of Saudi Arabia's King Abdulaziz City for Science and Production have attended ceremony. A customer and partner in the project, representatives of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia were also present at the roll-out ceremony. The An-132D is able to carry up ...
  • Poland is Getting Ready for a New Heli
    Poland is Getting Ready for a New Heli 18 October 2016
    Poland and Ukraine is getting ready to jointly develop a completely new helicopter. Polish Defence Ministry stated that due to the conflict in Ukrain, Polish military will need helicopters on its eastern flank. The Minister added that both parties had different areas of expertise which they can combine effectively; Ukrain to produce engines for the new helicopters and Poland to make a composite body. The engine manufacturer Polish Defence Minister refers to is Motor Sich, who manufactures a w...
  • Russia's Turn to Observe
    Russia's Turn to Observe 26 September 2016
    Russia will conduct observation flights over Greece and the United States under the Treaty on Open Skies, which entered into force in 2002, providing for unarmed aerial surveillance flights between 34 member states. The observing aircraft will depart from Nea Anchialos airport in Greece and Travis airport in California within the last week of September. Russia uses the Antonov An-30 for their observation flights.
  • Ilyushin Il-112V Awaits its Maiden Flight
    Ilyushin Il-112V Awaits its Maiden Flight 6 September 2016
    Designed by Russian Ilyushin Aviation Complex, Ilyushin Il-112V lightweight transport aircraft will perform its maiden flight in mid-2017. The main manufacturer of the aircraft, Voronezh Aircraft Plant, stated that they had already started construction of the first prototype. Aiming to produce eight Il-112V annually, Voronezh is expected to deliver 62 aircraft to the Russian Air Force. Ilyushin Il-112V’s systems and equipment feature only Russian-made components. Having 6 tons of cargo-...
  • Turtledove is Ready for Flight
    Turtledove is Ready for Flight 5 September 2016
    Ukraine is ready for serial production of its new unmanned aerial and ground systems. In a statement made in August, Ukroboronprom declared they were ready to produce its new AN-BK-1 Horlytsia (Turtledove) multirole tactical unmanned aircraft system (UAS) and Phantom multi-purpose unmanned ground vehicle (UGV). Developed by Antonov in cooperation with other Ukrainian companies, new UAS and UGVs are expected to enter the inventory of the Russian Armed Forces. AN-BK-1 UAS has an endurance of 7 ...
  • Antonov's "Dream" in China
    Antonov's "Dream" in China 2 September 2016
    Aerospace Industry Corporation of China (AICC) made an agreement with The Ukranian Antonov Company covering the serial production of AN-225 Mriya (Dream) (NATO Code: Cossack) cargo aircraft in China under the license of Antonov. Thus, the first steps have been taken for long term cooperation between Ukraine and China. Programme will consist of two stages; first phase includes delivery of AN-225s to AICC after modernization of the aircraft in Ukraine, while the second phase covers the serial p...
  • UkrOboronProm : First An-132 May Hit the Skies In Autumn This Year
    UkrOboronProm : First An-132 May Hit the Skies In Autumn This Year 16 July 2016
    Ukranian Defence Company UkrOboronProm’s Director General Roman Romanov stated that country’s new aircraft AN-132 may conduct its maiden flight this autumn.  UkrOboronProm presented full-scale model of the multi-purpose transport aircraft An-132 programme at the Farnborugh  Air Show in UK and Director General Romanov stated there that airplane might be ready in record time to fly. Roman Romanov said, “AN-132D is the first global project of “Antonov” wit...
  • Russia delivers first two Mi-28NEs to Algeria 2 June 2016
    Two of 42 Russian attack helicopters Mi-28NE (Night Hunter) (NATO reporting name "Havoc) purchased by Algeria were delivered last week On May 26, two Mi-28NE attack helicopters were delivered at an air base in southern Algeria by a cargo plane Antonov 124. The helicopters are currently being assembled.  To cope with the terrorist threat, Algeria and Russia signed 26 December 2013 a contract for the delivery of 42 Russian attack helicopters Mi-28NE. Last year, the...