• "Mare Nostrum" Our Sea Imagination from Greece
    "Mare Nostrum" Our Sea Imagination from Greece 23 January 2020
    A remarkable article was published in Ptisi & Diastima Magazine, which publicates in the defence sector in Greece. Greek-Turkish relations, which increasing tension due to oil and natural gas deposits in Eastern Mediterranean and Turkey-Libya mutual exclusive economic zone were discussed in the article. Outlines of the offensive plan that could be implemented in a possible conflict were examined in the text. Turkey's radar and electronic support capabilities, as well as Greece...
  • Pacific Transformation in the US Army: AUSA 2019 1 November 2019
    The American Association of Unites States Army (AUSA) conference in Washington on 14-16 October this year was clear: High level of readiness and mobility in line with new threat perceptions, modernised ground forces and Military new type combat systems. The United States is about to replace its ongoing agenda in the Middle East and NATO spheres with a new one in which hegemony in the Pacific Ocean is questioned. Russia's “Soviet” modernisation and aggression also req...
  • U.S. to Expand Cannon’s Range to 1850 Km
    U.S. to Expand Cannon’s Range to 1850 Km 20 October 2019
      The U.S. Army is developing a new weapon capable of reaching 1,850 km. The U.S. Army released Directive 2017-33, which led to the establishment of the Army Futures Command Task Force and the outlining of six modernisation priorities. One of the concepts unveiled by the Army Futures Command, known as the "Strategic Long-Range Cannon" (SLRC) is based on scaling up existing howitzers and rocket-boosted artillery shells to a much bigger size and range capability. Army b...
  • AeroVironment Unveils Puma LE
    AeroVironment Unveils Puma LE 16 October 2019
    US Company AeroVironment unveiled its new Puma LE unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) at the Association of the United States Army (AUSA) conference. Wahid Nawabi, company president and CEO, said The Puma LE prototype, has already flown multiple times. The aircraft weighs 10.2 kg and can be launched by hand or bungee. It is capable of performing two 5.5 hour missions enabled by a five-minute battery swap at the end of the first mission. The drone has 2.5 kg of total payload capa...
  • AUSA 2019 Started
    AUSA 2019 Started 14 October 2019
    The 2019 Meeting of the Association of The United States Army (AUSA) began in Washington, D.C. The three-day event, which mostly includes land platforms, is expected to host more than 30,000 participants. “America’s Army: Ready Now, Investing in the Future” is the theme of this year’s meeting. The AUSA, featuring more than 650 exhibits spread over more than 300,000 square feet of space. The event will end on October 16
  • 50 mm Gun to Western Market
    50 mm Gun to Western Market 14 October 2019
    Northrop Grumman presents the 50 mm XM913 at AUSA 2019. The modular system offers a very high firepower compared to its predecessors. The system, which has been developed considering the future needs of different countries, especially the US Army, allows the use of 35 mm or 50 mm ammunition with a small kit change. The XM913, which can fire 35x228 or 50x319 mm SuperShot projectiles, is said to be compatible with most existing tower systems thanks to its compact dimensions. XM913, wh...
  • US Arms Sales Overseas Skyrocketed 33 percent in 2018
    US Arms Sales Overseas Skyrocketed 33 percent in 2018 12 October 2018
    The U.S. inked $55.6 billion in foreign military sales during fiscal year 2018, easily smashing past the previous year’s total — and the Pentagon’s point man for security cooperation expects more in the future. “This is a 33 percent increase over last year and I’m very optimistic that this positive trajectory will continue,” said Lt. Gen. Charles Hooper, the head of the Defence Security Cooperation Agency, during a speech at the AUSA conference. &...
  • "Maneuver" Offer
    "Maneuver" Offer 27 May 2018
    New short-range air defence system (SHORAD) recommendation came to the US. Italian company Leonardo and it's US subsidiary Leonardo DRS, have a new proposal. The two companies proposed the Maneuver Short Range Air Defense System for the US Army. The system, which integrated on the Stryker vehicle, can use the Hellfire and the Stinger missiles. Maneuver concept which is a short-range air defense system, introduced at AUSA 2018. Maneuver's modular...
  • Senator APC In Serial Production
    Senator APC In Serial Production 20 April 2018
    Canada’s Roshel Defence Solutions has started serial production of its recently developed and tested multi-purpose Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC), Senator. According to the company, Roshel Senator features a high level of maneuverability as well as advanced off-road capabilities, making it efficient in accomplishing its missions in urban and cross-country terrain. The vehicle can be reconfigured depending on necessity to conduct Medical Evacuation, Anti-riot, Command & Control Cen...
  • Ukraine: Marching at Double Time
    Ukraine: Marching at Double Time 7 November 2017
    International Specialised Exhibition Arms and Security 2017 organised in Ukraine was a stage for many dilemmas. Ukraine’s major defence exhibition organised annually, was characterised by remarkable attendance at the national level. Speaking in terms of companies and institutions representing their countries, Ukraine hit the record of 379; this number corresponded to 11 for Poland, nine for the USA, seven for Turkey, five each for China and Germany, four for Pakistan, three fo...
  • 55. Issue AUSA Fair News
    55. Issue AUSA Fair News 7 November 2017
    Combat-deployable Robot Era in the USA New Communications Solution for Tough Conditions Halfway Through in Active Protection “Laser Alternative” by Oshkosh Hybrid Period for Remote-control New Step in Network-centric Combat  New Age in Autonomous Platform Trophy Era in the USA TT Electronics Sets Free from Cables 30-Day UAV by Hoverfly
  • What is Seen at Gun Sight? AUSA 2017
    What is Seen at Gun Sight? AUSA 2017 7 November 2017
    AUSA 2017 meeting organised by the Association of US Army, has just ended with the same passionate enthusiasm observed at the outset. Dominating the stage were the US Army’s comprehensive modernisation program and the Future Vertical Lift seeking to replace the veteran helicopter fleet as JSF of the future. The event also reminded once again the significance of an old adage “Strong Army, Strong Country.”   As Russia has recently engaged in redrawing the w...
  • Rheinmetall Eyes American Market
    Rheinmetall Eyes American Market 11 October 2017
    Rheinmetall is also exhibiting along with many other American armored vehicle manufacturers seeking a share of the American Army's large-scale modernization program at the AUSA, which closes its doors today. Rheinmetall, who is very interested in the market, is enthusiastic about getting a share of this big business item, although the company mostly marketed ammunition, ballistic protection systems and C4ISR intensive during the exhibition. Rheinmetall will also b...
  • The US Prepares Counter-UAV System For Combat
    The US Prepares Counter-UAV System For Combat 11 October 2017
    Leonardo DRS has been awarded a contract for Mobile Low, Slow Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Integrated Defense Systems, or MLIDS, which were developed to shoot down and disable small drones. The US Army will deploy and test the system in combat next year, a DRS official said Monday at the AUSA annual conference in Washington.  Although the number of MLIDS to be supplied was not disclosed, the relevant contract is known to worth up to $42 million.  ...
    VTOL UAV at AUSA 11 October 2017
    Martin UAV displays the 'V-Bat', a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), at AUSA 2017. V-Bat has a modular design, enabling the UAV to carry various payloads according to its designated mission. Electro-optical and infrared systems, laser designator, short-wave infrared and 4G LTE links are among the payloads V-Bat is compatible with.  38-kg UAV has a range of over 550 kilometers, an endurance of 8 hours at 45 knots and ...
  • REPKON Accepted The Invitation
    REPKON Accepted The Invitation 10 October 2017
    Companies in the United States who saw REPKON as an important solution partner came together at the AUSA event in Washington, DC, with the Turkish company. In the framework of the machinery and production methods, the parties discussed rocket body and barrel subjects, and came to an agreement to reunite as soon as possible. REPKON is one of the two companies that proudly represent Turkey in the US together with Roketsan.
  • 'Hunter WOLF' Unveiled in AUSA
    'Hunter WOLF' Unveiled in AUSA 10 October 2017
    HDT Global exhibited its 'Hunter WOLF' (Wheeled Offload Logistics Follower) robotic system for the first time in AUSA 2017 which opened doors yesterday in Washington DC. The company's Squad Multipurpose Equipment Transport (SMET) solution, HDT Hunter WOLF features a JP-8/electric hybrid powertrain enabling the vehicle’s “silent drive” and “silent watch” capability. Being able to carry up to 1,000 lbs. of cargo for more than 72 hours wit...
  • AUSA Begins With Bell's V-280 Surprise
    AUSA Begins With Bell's V-280 Surprise 9 October 2017
    The AUSA fair held in the US opens with news from Bell Helicopter's V-280 Valor tiltrotor air platform. The company that competes for the technology demonstration in the Future Vertical Lift program of the US Armed Forces ran the engine of the platform for the first time which marks the beginning of tiltrotor's ground tests. In the program, the Bell Company competes with the SB-1 Defiant platform of the Sikorsky-Boeing consortium. The V-280 Valor is moving in a structure sim...
  • Tech Upgrade by Roboteam
    Tech Upgrade by Roboteam 6 October 2016
    Roboteam unveiled a new operational capability for its Micro Tactical Ground Robot (MTGR) UGV at AUSA 2016. The new system, dubbed Top Layer, enables the vehicle to follow personnel, allows a single user to control multiple platforms and scans a room with a top-mounted LIDAR. The lightweight tactical robot weighs 0.82 kg, has a height of 10 cm, and a depth of 7 cm. The MTGR is in service wth the US Air Force, who ordered 250 systems under a $ 25 million contract announced in September 2015.
  • Two New UGVs by QinetiQ
    Two New UGVs by QinetiQ 6 October 2016
    QinetiQ North America (NA) unveiled two new unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) at AUSA 2016 in Washington, the Tison and the new DR Mini which are based on the Talon and Dragon Runner (DR) respectively. Tison, resembling Talon in appearance, has a robotic arm with 3 m horizontal reach and capable of lifting up to 50 kg. Depending on its configuration, the new UGV weighs about 270-450 kg and is capable of climbing a 46 degree staircase. The endurance of Tison is 3-4 hours with continuous moderate...
  • New Lightweight Tank by General Dynamics
    New Lightweight Tank by General Dynamics 5 October 2016
    General Dynamics (GD) Land Systems unveiled a new lightweight tank at AUSA 2016, held between 3-5 October, in Washington. The new vehicle has a 120 mm lightweight gun mounted on a GD built Abrams turret, weight of which is reduced from 22 tons to 8 tons, and a streamlined chassis. According to the company’s  director of business development, the turret offers the same capability as the Abrams SEP V2. The demonstrator’s chassis comes from the AJAX program, again built by GD. T...
  • The 80th Anniversary of the Montreux Convention Regarding the Regime of the Straits 24 July 2016
    Celebrating its 80th anniversary this year, the Montreux Convention Regarding the Regime of the Straits is a highly essential and critical document complementing the Turkish Republic’s sovereignty over the Bosphorus and the Dardanelles. The Montreux Convention, replacing the Straits Convention as part of the Treaty of Lausanne, which placed the administration of the Turkish Straits under the authority of a UN-mandated commission, is legally and politically an inseparable part ...
  • The Montreux Convention Regarding the Regime of the Straits and Kanal İstanbul 24 July 2016
    While the world is focused on the Middle East and the Sykes-Picot Treaty, the Kanal İstanbul Project, which entered into force in previous months, is prepared to bring forward a convention signed 80 years ago: Montreux. Composed of 29 articles, 4 annexes and one protocol and signed on July 20, 1936 by Turkey, Bulgaria, France, Greece, Japan, the USSR and Yugoslavia, the Montreux Convention entered force on November 9, 1936. Italy joined in 1938 while Japan withdrew from the rights c...
  • AUSA 2015: Is the U.S. Army Prepared for a Complex World Order? 11 November 2015
    Association of the United States Army’s (AUSA) annual professional development event and sectorial meeting, took place this year on October 12-14 at Washington D.C. with high participation rate. While “complex world order” was the main theme of seminars, the exhibition mainly focused on transportable systems, modernisation and development of cooperation.