• Turkish Black Hawk on Trials
    Turkish Black Hawk on Trials March 25 2020
    The T70 Utility Helicopter Program, which was launched for the utility helicopter requirement of the Turkish Armed Forces and the fire fighting helicopter need of the General Directorate of Forestry, continues its progress. Presidency of Defence Industries (Savunma Sanayii Başkanlığı / SSB), which is the military acquirement corporation of Turkey, shared an information from its official social media accounts about the testing activities of the platform. In the statement, &...
  • Modernised Bear on Trials After Overhaul
    Modernised Bear on Trials After Overhaul March 14 2020
    The Russian Armed Forces continues to modernize its systems. In this context, the strategic bomber power is also being renewed. Tu-95 (NATO Code: Bear), perhaps the most iconic aircraft of the Cold War, will remain in the sky for a long time. The Russian Aerospace Forces continuing to upgrade the aircraft that have been commissioned as missile carrier platform in recent years, in line with today's requirements. During the modernization works in Beriev Aircraft Pla...
  • Modernised Indonesian F-16 Made First Flight
    Modernised Indonesian F-16 Made First Flight February 20 2020
    Indonesia, which has accelerated its armament and replacing/modernisation activities in parallel with the increasing tension in the region, has left behind an important phase in the F-16 modernization process. The first Indonesian Air Force (Tentara Nasional Indonesia - Angkatan Udara / TNI-AU) F-16A Fighting Falcon, serial number TS-1610, completing its modernization activities, and made first flight. Under the Falcon STAR (Structural Augmentation Roadmap) program, the In...
  • First Su-35 Made Maiden Flight
    First Su-35 Made Maiden Flight February 4 2020
    Russia continues its efforts to increase the efficiency of the platforms with its modernization and improvement activities. According to a statement from the Russian Ministry of Defense, the first Su-35S made its first flight in the past days. It was announced that the platform, which meets the sky within the scope of the activity carried out on January 29, was manufactured as part of the first batch of 60 aircraft packages to be delivered to the Western Military District.
  • Meteor Missile to KF-X
    Meteor Missile to KF-X November 26 2019
      MBDA has been awarded a contract from Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) for the integration of the Meteor beyond visual range air-to-air missile onto the KF-X future Korean fighter aircraft the contract includes integration support to KAI, transfer of know-how and manufacture of test equipment for the KF-X integration and trials campaign. Following a joint development agreement signed in 2015, some 168 units of KF-X aircraft are to be produced, with Republic of Korea...
  • Russia and Canada Become Partners
    Russia and Canada Become Partners November 18 2019
    Russian Helicopters selected Pratt & Whitney's PW207V gas-turbine engines to power its VRT500 light helicopters at the Dubai Airshow. The PW207V from the PW200 engine family has been modernized for light helicopters; the engine has a maximum capacity of 700 HP. “Russian Helicopters have a successful experience of cooperation with Pratt & Whitney Canada and I am sure that VRT500 project shall strengthen the partnership between the companies,” noted Andrey Bogi...
  • National IP Core from ElectraIC November 1 2019
    While the products become national, the sub-components must go through the same process. The nationwide core developed by ElectraIC draws attention to a fact that should not be ignored in this process. This is a hardware core that allows different devices to communicate with each other in avionics electronic products using theMIL-STD-1553B protocol. C4Defence: What is this product? What is it doing, what is it for? Electra IC co-founder Ateş Berna:...
  • Design Process Completed
    Design Process Completed September 26 2019
    The design process of the combat aircraft developed jointly by the Republic of Korea and Indonesia has been completed. The cost of the development project, fixed at $7.3 billion was initiated in January 2016. Prototype to be built by 2021. The 4.5 generation, semi-stealth aircraft will have advanced avionics and aerial refuelling capability. In all, about 168 jets will be made. According to the Republic of Korea’s Defence Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA), the project progressed...
  • The US to Find Way with Raytheon August 13 2019
    Raytheon received security certification for new GPS modules and receivers from the Global Positioning Systems Directorate at the U.S. Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center. The new modules and receivers will give military aircraft, ships, ground vehicles and weapon systems secure and reliable access to modernized GPS. "Because GPS is under constant attack, we worked with our government partners to create new M-code modules and receivers that give the military secure and r...
  • Last Typhoon on Final Delivery August 12 2019
    The last Tranche 3 Eurofighter Typhoon, built for its user, has begun testing. In this context, the platform also made the second test flight.    The countdown for the latest Eurofighter Typhoon Tranche 3 is off the production line for the Royal Air Force (RAF). Recently the integration of the last avionics of the platform has begun at BAE Systems' Warton facilities.    According to Flight Global, the RAF has more than 100 Eurofi...
  • Final Supply Completed
    Final Supply Completed June 27 2019
      The final unit of RQ-21A Blackjack, replaces the RQ-7B Shadow, was delivered by the US Navy and Marine Corps Small Tactical UAS Program Office (PMA-263) at Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Cherry Point, North Carolina. RQ-21A Blackjack increased capability will include work on command and control, communication systems, avionics, optics, laser designation, and payloads. Blackjack remains a critical intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance capability that’s relevant...
  • Modernisation for Mirage 2000 Aircraft
    Modernisation for Mirage 2000 Aircraft June 20 2019
    Mirage 2000 aircraft, one of the successful single-engine aircraft, also included in the Hellenic Air Force inventory, will be modernized. Within the scope of the works called MLU (Mid Life Upgrade / Half Life Modernization), a total of 60 aircraft are planned to be modernized. Engine and structural components will not be directly affected within the scope of the program weapons and avionics systems of platforms come to the fore. Only systems that will modernize the Mirage 2000...
  • Özgür Program with Digital Camouflage
    Özgür Program with Digital Camouflage June 3 2019
    A Turkish F-16C Block 30 of the Squadron 132 has recently appeared with a new "fractile" (digital) variant, consisting of a mix of pixels in the shades of the classic variation. “Özgür Program” means end of dependency on avionics computers. The digital version has been implemented by Turkish Aerospace (TUSAŞ) to Hurkuş training aircraft.
  • Hellenic Navy Receives First Modernized P-3 Orion Maritime Patrol Aircraft
    Hellenic Navy Receives First Modernized P-3 Orion Maritime Patrol Aircraft May 23 2019
      Greece received first modernized P-3 Orion Maritime patrol aircraft. Senior officials from the Greek Ministry of National Defence, the Hellenic Air Force, Navy and Army, Lockheed Martin and Hellenic Aerospace Industries participated in a ceremony for the delivery of the first modernized P-3b Orion. Hellenic Aerospace Industry (HAI) hosted a ceremony at HAI’s facility near Athens, Greece, for the delivery of the first P-3B maritime patrol aircraft (interim solu...
  • Time to Modernization of Portugal Inventory
    Time to Modernization of Portugal Inventory May 15 2019
    The Força Aérea Portuguesa (Portuguese Air Force, FAP) received the first of three upgraded F-16s on 9 May.  Two single-seat F-16A Block 15s and a single twin-seat F-16B Block 15 jet were supplied by the USA, FAB inventory will have all the modernization aircraft end of the 2019. The aircraft was the first of two single-seat F-16AMs, the second of which is scheduled for delivery in late July, to be followed by a twin-seat F-16BM in late 2019. They w...
  • Test Phase in Light Attack Helicopter
    Test Phase in Light Attack Helicopter April 9 2019
      Korean Aerospace Industries (KAI) announced the start of the testing process in the Light Attack Helicopter Program. During the tests; platform will undergo a process of extensive tests of power, avionics and weapons systems. On the platform where the Korean Army planned to procure 214 units, the trial process began with engine tests on the ground. Airbus Helicopters production The H155 based platform equipped with 20 mm gatling type three barreled gun. Besides, the...
  • AFSOC Receives Block 30-Upgraded Ghostrider Gunship
    AFSOC Receives Block 30-Upgraded Ghostrider Gunship March 12 2019
      The US Air Force's Special Operations Command (AFSOC) has received the first upgraded Lockheed Martin AC-130J Ghostrider gunship. In a press release, it is stated that the Block 30 Ghostrider has better software and avionics technology than the previous Block 20 version. Including a new sensor, updated crew seats with additional safety features, and new technology, routers and networks. As with the AC-130W Stinger II, the AC-130J is equipped with the P...
  • Boeing to set up F-18 Factory in India
    Boeing to set up F-18 Factory in India February 23 2019
    Boeing promotes its F-18 factory in India. Speaking at the Aero India show, company officials said it would build a “factory of the future” in India to produce the Super Hornet to meet New Delhi’s request. India has two separate requirements for combat aircraft: 110 for the air force and 57 for the navy. For the opportunities with New Delhi, the company would pitch the Super Hornet’s new Block III variant, which features updated avionics and sensors, and has ...
  • Griffon Modernization
    Griffon Modernization January 30 2019
    Canada has announced modernization of CH-146 Griffon helicopters. With modernization, life of the platforms will be extended and will remain in the inventory until 2031. Total of USD 68 million agreement signed with Bell Helicopter Textron Canada for a modernization of 85 platforms. Within the scope of the program, the structural components of the platforms and avionics will be improved.Canada uses the Bell 412EP helicopters under the name CH-146 Griffon. The modernization agreement...
  • Ukraine Procures Bayraktar TB2
    Ukraine Procures Bayraktar TB2 January 15 2019
    Ukrspetsexport, a subsidiary of the Ukraine-based Ukroboronprom, announced a new procurement agreement. Ukraine renewing its army with modernization, external procurement and new production. In this way, Ukraine procured UAV from Turkey. Ukraine announced the purchase of the country's Bayraktar TB2 unmanned aerial vehicle. No information was provided about the number of vehicles procured. Models to be delivered have the ability to carry weapons. Ukraine will procured ammunition ...
  • Upgraded ‘Backfire-C’ Made Maiden Flight
    Upgraded ‘Backfire-C’ Made Maiden Flight January 3 2019
    The Tu-22M3M, extensively upgraded Tupolev Tu-22M3 'Backfire-C' supersonic long-range strategic bomber, made its maiden flight.  Tu-22M3M  take off from an airbase belonging to the Gorbunov Kazan Aviation Plant (KAZ) on 28 December. Aircraft will be able to carry up to four Kinzhal hypersonic air-launched cruise missiles as well as new Russian anti-ship missiles. According to the press office of Russia's United Aircraft Corporation (UAC), the flight l...
  • Russia Continues Modernization
    Russia Continues Modernization January 2 2019
    Russia continues to modernize its air force. Within the scope of the studies, a new A-50U airborne early warning and control aircraft was delivered. In the program carried out by Beriev and Vega, the platform was equipped with more advanced avionics. In a statement from Rostec, it was reported that the aircraft gained more ability to control more friendly aircraft in addition to its increasing ability to detect and track the targets. The crew's comfort level is improved. The dat...
  • Light Armed Helicopter Unveiled
    Light Armed Helicopter Unveiled December 21 2018
    Republic of Korea based KAI introduced its new helicopter. Helicopter is developed by the Republic of Korea with local facilities was introduced as LAH (Light Armed Helicopter). The main design studies of the system is started in June 2015 and completed in 2016. The platform is developed for the use of the RoK Army, will start ground tests next month and will make its first flight in May 2019. After tests, which are planned to complete in three years, the LAH will begin to enter the...
  • NATO AWACS Modernized
    NATO AWACS Modernized December 19 2018
    Boeing delivered the last AWACS (Airborne Warning and Control System) to NATO. Equipped with new generation avionics and digital cockpit systems, E-3 Sentry aircraft arrived at Manching, Germany. With modernization, aircrafts were equipped with full-coloured screens and today's air traffic control and navigation needs have been met. A total of 14 aircraft were modernized under the program. The first aircraft was modernized and delivered in November 2016.
  • Upgraded C-27J Makes First Flight
    Upgraded C-27J Makes First Flight December 13 2018
    Leonardo's aircraft division has performed the first flight of its C-27J transport in a new baseline configuration. The sortie took place on 3 December from the manufacturer's plant in Turin, northern Italy. Featuring a number of avionics and cockpit upgrades, the new configuration is designed to make the aircraft compliant with next-generation air traffic management requirements and reduce military obsolescence issues.  The upgrades will also be available as a retrofit...
  • IAF Supplements F-35 With Upgraded F-15 IA
    IAF Supplements F-35 With Upgraded F-15 IA November 22 2018
    In addition to continuing purchasing F-35 multirole stealth fighters, IAF decides to upgrade its dependable F-15 fleet with improved model with advanced avionics. The purchase has already been approved by the government, and the first of the aircraft is expected to arrive in Israel as soon as 2023. The F-15 IA performance, considered to be superior to the older F-15 aircraft that is in inventory. The new F-15 can fly longer distances, has higher survivability, mo...
  • S-70i to Turkish Gendarmerie
    S-70i to Turkish Gendarmerie October 30 2018
    The first S-70i Black Hawk helicopter produced at the PZL-Mielec plant for the Gendarmerie General Command was displayed. In the news published by Scramble Magazine, the image of the J-3943 tail number seen on the platform. Helicopter is painted with white, red and dark blue colour of the gendarmerie. The newest and advanced model of the UH-60 Black Hawk platforms, the S-70i helicopters, are equipped with modern avionics such as a fully integrated digital cockpit. Powered by two T70...
  • Leonardo: NH90 Qatar Contract Now Effective: Order Booked, Advance Payment Received
    Leonardo: NH90 Qatar Contract Now Effective: Order Booked, Advance Payment Received August 22 2018
    Leonardo announces that it has made effective the contract, signed on March 14, 2018, for the supply of 28 NH90 medium twin-engine multirole military helicopters to the Ministry of Defence of Qatar and has therefore booked the order in its backlog and received the advance payment relating to the contract. The order covers 16 TTHs tactical transports and 12 NFHs naval helicopters. Leonardo acts as overall prime contractor with responsibility for the management of the entire programme...
  • Russia To Starts Tu-22M3M Bomber Flight Trials
    Russia To Starts Tu-22M3M Bomber Flight Trials August 19 2018
    Russia is close to commencing ground and flight trials with its first modernised Tupolev Tu-22M3M bomber. Extensive modifications made to the variable-geometry type include the installation of new navigation and communication equipment, targeting systems, engine controls. United Aircraft (UAC) says that 80% of the Tu-22M3M's avionics equipment has been replaced, with the updates also enhancing commonality with Russia's remanufactured and re-engined Tu-160M bomber; the first ...
  • 20 Years Modernisation: C-5M Super Galaxy
    20 Years Modernisation: C-5M Super Galaxy August 8 2018
    Lockheed Martin completed the process of upgrading the C-5A / B / C Galaxy strategic transport aircraft to the C-5M Super Galaxy standard. The last modernized C-5M Galaxy also completed the US Air Force / USAF's Reliability Enhancement and Re-engining Program (RERP). The C-5M program, which started in 1998 and lasted for 20 years, has progressed in two phases. Within the first phase of the Avionics Modernization Program (AMP), the C-5s were fitted wit the more modern versions of...
  • Chinese Aircraft Aims Taiwan
    Chinese Aircraft Aims Taiwan August 7 2018
    China, conducted a combat readiness training with J-16 aircraft. Different battle scenarios were implemented in the training along with the Su-30, J-10 and J-11B aircrafts. With this training, the J-16 arcraft have gone a step further to complete the combat readiness training. The J-16, one of China's most recently developed aircraft, was developed on J-11. The plane was introduced for the first time around 2012-2013, but officially seen during mili...
  • SNC Submits Final Bid To Replace USAF UH-1N Huey Fleet
    SNC Submits Final Bid To Replace USAF UH-1N Huey Fleet July 25 2018
    Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) has submitted its Sierra Force helicopter in its final bid and proposal to replace the U.S. Air Force’s (USAF) UH-1N Huey fleet. SNC will purchase divested UH-60A helicopters from the US Army. Then, it will convert the aircraft’s exterior and interior, upgrade it to an UH-60L model. This allows for a modern, cost-effective helicopter, the company said in a statement Monday. The A model has a lower price-per-unit to purchase, but once the c...
  • Czech Nominee for Light Attack
    Czech Nominee for Light Attack July 17 2018
    Aero Vodochody announced that the new variant of L-159 jet trainer is developing. The platform, called F/A-259 Striker, is being developed for the USAF for OA-X light attack aircraft. In June, the company signed a cooperation agreement with IAI (Israel Aerospace Industries) for the development of an advanced variant of the L-159, the new platform will be ready for delivery in 2020. This platform will be equipped with a fourth generation avionics suite. Company also noted that t...
  • Commando Merlin Mk4 In Service
    Commando Merlin Mk4 In Service May 27 2018
    The Royal Navy put into service the first Commando Merlin Mk4 helicopter. With the statement made by United Kingdom Defense Minister Guto Bebb, the entry of the helicopter into the Royal Navy service has become official. The Commando Merlin Mk4 has been specially developed for Royal Marine's airborne operations of Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carriers. The helicopter called Commando Merlin Mk4 is faster than its predecessor. Platform has foldable rotor and ...
  • Tu-22M3M To Make Its Maiden Flight in August
    Tu-22M3M To Make Its Maiden Flight in August May 15 2018
    Russia is to begin test flights of its new supersonic bomber in August. The upgraded supersonic long-range bomber Tu-22M3M will make its first flight in August, the CEO of the Tupolev design bureau, Alexander Konyukhov revealed. The new aircraft will be equipped with new weapons such as Kh-32 long-range cruise missile, modern digital avionics and a new information management system. According to the existing plan, the first Tu-22M3M with the most advanced Kh-32 long-r...
  • Super Hornet SLM Process Begins
    Super Hornet SLM Process Begins May 8 2018
    Boeing has launched F/A-18E/F Super Hornet Service-Life Modification (SLM) process with the first US Navy aircraft arrived at the company’s St Louis production facility. The SLM contract includes aircraft inspections and physical verification of fleet usage, warranty and non-warranty modifications, repairs incident to modification, recurring and non-recurring engineering efforts, logistics, project management, parts, kits and associated mater...
  • KC-46 Completed FFA Certification Tests
    KC-46 Completed FFA Certification Tests April 27 2018
    Boeing's KC-46 aerial refueling aircraft completed all required Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) flight tests following a successful refueling/communications flight with a C-17 Globemaster III.  The STC is one of two required FAA airworthiness certifications. Boeing previously received its Amended Type Certificate from the FAA for its core 767-2C configuration in December 2017. As part of STC testing, the combined Boeing/Air Force team had to validate...
  • Aero Vodochody, IAI To Collaborate on 'L-159'
    Aero Vodochody, IAI To Collaborate on 'L-159' April 26 2018
    Czech Aero Vodochody and Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) will collaborate on the Aero L-159 light combat and trainer aircraft and Aero L-39NG training system, the companies announced on 24 April at ILA Berlin. Under the agreement, IAI's avionics will be integrated onto the L-159. The companies are also to collaborate on the virtual training system that comes with the overall L-39NG pilot training system. L-159 is already equipped with an IAI Elta radar. 
  • J-10C Entered Combat Duty
    J-10C Entered Combat Duty April 18 2018
    China's People's Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force announced on Monday that the new multi-role fighter jet Chengdu J-10C has begun combat duty. The domestically-developed fighter aircraft features advanced avionics system and various airborne weapons.
  • Engines for Two Black Hawks To Be Delivered This Year
    Engines for Two Black Hawks To Be Delivered This Year March 26 2018
    TAI Engine Industries (TEI) General Manager Faruk Aksit announced that they will deliver the first four T700-GE-701D engines, which will be produced under the GE license for the Turkish General Purpose Helicopter Project, to Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) within this year. Akşit stated that 60 percent of the T700-GE-701D engine to be used on the 109 T70 General Purpose Helicopters will be indigenous. The helicopters will be developed based on the S70i Helicopter of Lockheed Mart...