• Icarus Will Fly
    Icarus Will Fly 11 August 2020
    Canadian-based company Icarus Aerospace introduced the tactical aircraft. With its network-centric capability and innovative avionics configuration, the aircraft stands out with its two crew members, offering remote command and fully autonomous flight features. The tactical aircraft, which can stay in the air for about six hours without refuelling, can be deployed with the crew, remotely controlled or as a fully autonomous system to meet a wide range of mission requirement...
  • Multi-Role Armoured Vehicle Production
    Multi-Role Armoured Vehicle Production 10 August 2020
    Canada, which has a well-trained and advanced vehicle-equipment equipped armed forces, acquires new armoured vehicles. The production phase of ACSV (Armored Combat Support Vehicle) developed within the scope of Canada's new generation multi-purpose 8x8 armoured vehicle requirements has started. The platforms, which will be produced in General Dynamics Land Systems-Canada's facilities located in London, Ontario, will be produced in configurations such as personnel/cargo ...
  • Three Companies to Compete for Canada
    Three Companies to Compete for Canada 1 August 2020
    Three companies have submitted offers after Canada announced it was planning to buy fighter jets. Lockheed Martin participated with the F-35 Lightning II, while Boeing offered the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet.  Swedish-based firm Saab offered Gripen E to Canada. Ottawa plans to buy a total of 88 jets and plans to retire its CF-18 fleet. “Our government committed to purchasing a full fleet of 88 aircraft to be able to meet our NORAD [North American Aerospace Defence Command] and...
  • Canada Welcomes First Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ship
    Canada Welcomes First Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ship 31 July 2020
    The Royal Canadian Navy will take over the first Arctic and offshore patrol ship HMCS Harry deWolf (AOPV 430). About four years after construction work began at Halifax Shipyard, the Harry deWolf class platform is scheduled to be delivered today. The HMCS Harry deWolf ship, which comes two years behind the calendar set for the project, was reportedly affected by technical glitches as well as covid-19. The Royal Canadian Navy aims to add six Arctic and offshore patrol ships...
  • Preliminary Report of CH-148 Accident Announced
    Preliminary Report of CH-148 Accident Announced 9 June 2020
    The CH-148 Cyclone helicopter belonging to the Canadian Armed Forces crashed into the Ionian Sea on April 29. The CH-148, which fell into the water near the stern side of the ship as it passed down, was determined to have returned from a routine reconnaissance mission at the time of the incident. Six personnel died as a result of the accident. HMCS Fredericton (FFH 337) the helicopter deployed to the frigate crashed at low altitude off the coast of Greece. The investigation is ...
  • New Sniper Rifle
    New Sniper Rifle 15 May 2020
    Sniper rifles are one of the most important weapons needed by every regular or irregular element with the possibility of precise shooting at long range. The Canadian Army took action to replace the C8 sniper rifles in the Army inventory. The new weapon was announced as the C20, according to a Canadian military official. The C20s designed by Colt Canada were developed in line with the needs of the Canadian Army. Weapon was selected within the scope of "Sniper...
  • Canada Cancels EX MAPLE RESOLVE Drill
    Canada Cancels EX MAPLE RESOLVE Drill 18 March 2020
    Measures taken due to coronavirus are increasing worldwide. Canada's biggest military exercise of the year, EX MAPLE RESOLVE, was cancelled as part of its efforts to keep troops healthy in case they are needed to provide assistance to the government because of the novel coronavirus. It was also stated that the travel permits of the military personnel abroad were cancelled. Around 4,000 soldiers were expected to take part in the exercise to hold in May. Last year Canadian Army so...
  • Canadian Armed Forces get New Machine Guns
    Canadian Armed Forces get New Machine Guns 26 January 2020
    The Canadian Government purchased 3,626 new C6A1 FLEX General Purpose Machine Guns (GPMG) from Colt Canada. The Department of National Defence procured As the current C6 machine guns were over 30 years ago, and it needs to replace those removed from service due to wear and tear and others that are reaching the end of their service life. This acquisition supplements the 1,148 machine guns that were acquired in 2017, which featured a durable polymer buttstock instead of the ...
  • New Connection System to Navy
    New Connection System to Navy 9 September 2019
    Canada will acquire five ship-to-shore connector systems. The National Defence Department of Canada has released a statement on its official website to announce a contract of approximately $12 million to acquire five ship-to-shore connector systems that will support such missions. These systems will be built in Canada by Navamar Inc. These ship-to-shore connector systems, vessels such as Joint Support Ships of the Canadian Navy will have an enhanced and robust capability to transfer cargo and...
  • Eurofighter Drops Out of Canadian Fighter Jet Program 3 September 2019
    The United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence (UK MoD) and Airbus Defence and Space today informed the Government of Canada of their decision to withdraw from Canada’s Future Fighter Capability Project (FFCP).  The decision is the result of a detailed review of the Request for Proposal (RFP), following its release on 23 July 2019. The $19 billion competition has been dogged by allegations it is designed to favour Lockheed Martin’s F-35 stealth fighter. With the dec...
  • Canada to get New LAV 20 August 2019
    The Canadian Government has unveiled plans to award a sole-source contract for hundreds of light armoured vehicles to General Dynamics Land Systems-Canada. The Deal, which is worth 3 billion US Dollars for 360 LAV light armoured wheeled vehicle, was announced by the Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan on Friday. The deal aims to replace the already ageing LAV fleets. The Canadian Armed Forces use the LAV 6.0, which is the enhanced version of the LAV III. LAV 6.0’s are equipped with...
  • Halifax Class Frigates Going To Maintenance
    Halifax Class Frigates Going To Maintenance 19 August 2019
    The Government of Canada is investing more than $7.5 billion in the Royal Canadian Navy's 12 Halifax-class frigates to provide necessary ongoing maintenance until they are retired in the early 2040s. Under the scope of maintenance, The Government of Canada has awarded a $500-million contract to Irving Shipbuilding Inc. to carry out maintenance work on the Halifax-class frigates. This contract guarantees a minimum of three frigates for the shipyard, with work planned to begin in the early ...
  • Canada Seeking New Wings
    Canada Seeking New Wings 29 July 2019
    For the replacement of CF188 aircraft in service in the Royal Canadian Air Force, the Canadian government has issued a Request for Proposal (RfP) to suppliers. Suppliers have until the spring of 2020 to submit their first offers to Canada. The government, which plans the first deliveries by 2025, foresees that the selection process for the supplier company will continue until the second quarter of 2022. The platforms that are issued with RfP are; SAAB Jas39 Gripen/Sweden, Airbus Eurofighter T...
  • CF-18 Lifespan Increases
    CF-18 Lifespan Increases 28 June 2019
    Two-stage modernization will be carried out by 2032 for 76 CF-18 combat aircraft in the Royal Canadian Air Force inventory. The first phase of the development of the CF-18 platform, which has not been modernized since 2008, is scheduled to begin summer 2019. Phase 1 of the project is expected to begin in summer 2019, with upgrades completed by 2025.Phase 1 will provide upgrades to address CF-18 interoperability and regulatory deficiencies to address new and changing standards. Phase 2 will ai...
  • First Aid Support with Airborne
    First Aid Support with Airborne 21 June 2019
    The Indonesian Ministry of Defence signed a contract to supply six new Viking Canadair CL-515 and one upgraded Canadair CL-415EAF amphibious aircraft from Canadian-based Viking Air. Four of the CL-515 twin-turboprop aircraft will be delivered in "first responder" multi-mission configuration, while the remaining two will be handed over "in optimised aerial firefighter configuration", said the company in a statement. It also pointed out that, due to its flexible ar...
  • The Coast Guard Getting Stronger
    The Coast Guard Getting Stronger 31 May 2019
      The Canadian government announced new coast guard shipbuilding plan. Within the scope of this plan, which includes the construction of 18 new vessels, The Coast Guard is set to receive two new Arctic Offshore Patrol Ships (AOPS), modified for Coast Guard missions. Irving Shipbuilding is already building a fleet of six AOPS for the Royal Canadian Navy. The 5,200-ton ships are 103.6 meters long and have an open-water speed of 17 knots and a range of 6,800 nautical miles. ...
  • Australian F/A-18s delivered to  Canada
    Australian F/A-18s delivered to Canada 18 February 2019
    The first two Royal Australian Air Force F/A-18 AB Hornet aircraft to be sold to the Royal Canadian Air Force have been delivered to Canadian Forces Base Cold Lake in Alberta, Canada, following their participation in Exercise Red Flag 2019. Under a deal between the Australian and Canadian Governments, the two Hornets are the first of up to 25 aircraft that will be sold to Canada along with spares and support equipment.  
  • Dassault Shock to Canada
    Dassault Shock to Canada 9 November 2018
    An unexpected news came from Canada's ongoing fighter jet tender. Dassault who joined the competition with Rafale fighter jet, announced its withdrawal from the competition. Canada plans to procure a total of 88 fighter in the ongoing tender. The tender, which is expected to cost US $ 12.2 billion, has not yet come up with an official announcement. However, the reasons for the decision talks in the back stages are that interoperability and intelligence sharing requirements canno...
  • Second Hand Hornet to Canada
    Second Hand Hornet to Canada 28 September 2018
    The US has approved the potential sale of the second-hand F/A-18 Hornet to Canada. After this, Canada announced that negotiations started for 25 jets with Australia. In the statement, if the negotiations and the approval process move as planned the first aircraft in 2019 was delivered to Canada. According to a report in the Australian Press, Canada will receive 18 jets, and seven jets can be supplied for use in tests and spare parts. The total amount for procurement is expected to reach US $ ...
  • Canada retiring the CH-124 Sea King Helicopter
    Canada retiring the CH-124 Sea King Helicopter 22 September 2018
    The Royal Canadian Air Force is retiring the CH-124 Sea King on Dec. 1. The service has planned a series of events to mark the occasion.  This versatile ship-borne maritime helicopter has been in operation serving Canada since 1963 In honour of this historic finale, the Royal Canadian Air Force is inviting current and former military members, their families, and government dignitaries to join them in Victoria, BC, for a two-day retirement event. Canadian Air Force is ...
  • Vulcano Launched
    Vulcano Launched 5 July 2018
    The Fincantieri Shipyard launched the new logistic support ship of the Italian Navy. The ship named Vulcano (A 5335) floated at the Muggiano shipyard in La Spezia. The European defense procurement organization, OCCAR, ordered the May 2015 in the name of Italian Ministry of Defence, and the hull parts of the platform were built at different shipyards and consolidated at Muggiano. The system integration efforts of the ship will continue until December, and Vulcano will begin...
  • Canada Indecisive in Search and Rescue
    Canada Indecisive in Search and Rescue 22 May 2018
    Sikorsky plans to offer Canada its S-92 civilian helicopter for the Royal Canadian Air Force’s search and rescue operations. The service operates a fleet of 14 Leonardo Cormorants, a variant of the EH-101, for search and rescue and is now working on a project to modernize its search and rescue fleet. Canada is yet to decide whether to buy new aircraft or upgrade the Cormorants. Sikorsky's offer would focus on providing a solution that is more affor...
  • DAGOR A1 Unveiled
    DAGOR A1 Unveiled 23 March 2018
    Polaris Government and Defense introduced the new version of its DAGOR light tactical vehicle on 21 March which offers improved performance, better mobility and enhanced operator functionality. The company’s senior director, Mark McCormick said DAGOR A1 is an answer to operators that are asking for more payload and mobility, with an increase of more than 20 percent in total carrying capacity.  DAGOR A1 can carry up to nine personnel and ...
  • Boeing Will Participate in Canadian Bid
    Boeing Will Participate in Canadian Bid 26 February 2018
    Boeing is approved to participate in Canada’s F-18 fleet replacement bid. The company, who fell into a trade dispute with Bombardier last year, is one of five manufacturers invited to submit proposals in 2019 for an order of 88 advanced fighter jets, which are to be delivered in 2025, according to a Canadian government statement. a senior Canadian official said on Thursday that Boeing stands an equal chance with other bidders even though it is locked in a trade dispute with Ottawa. ...
  • Canadian Navy Stepped Up Gear on Modernization
    Canadian Navy Stepped Up Gear on Modernization 22 February 2018
    Raytheon will overhaul the Royal Canadian Navy's Phalanx Close-In Weapon Systems, the company announced on 20 February.  Under the $300 million contract by Public Services and Procurement Canada, RCL, working with Raytheon Intelligence, Information and Services, will provide maintenance, fleet technical support, repair and overhaul services on the Phalanx mounts which will ensure the systems are ready to address current and emerging threats.  ...
  • Canada Decided to Rejoin NATO's AWACS Program
    Canada Decided to Rejoin NATO's AWACS Program 15 February 2018
    Canada, one of the 12 original nations that funded the NATO’s Airborne Warning and Control Systems (AWACS) but withdrew support officially in 2014, has decided to rejoin the program.  “NATO is a cornerstone of Canada’s international security policy and is one of our most important multilateral relationships. In that spirit, Canada has decided to rejoin NATO’s Airborne Warning and Control System,” Canadian Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan announc...
  • Philippines Cancelled Helicopter Order
    Philippines Cancelled Helicopter Order 12 February 2018
    Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte on Friday ordered the cancellation of a $233-million agreement to purchase 16 Bell 412EPI helicopters with Canada.  The Philippines and Canada formally signed the helicopter deal on 6 February. However, the Canadian government had raised concerns over Philippine's acquisition on the ground of possible human rights violations. In response, Duterte ordered the cancellation of the agreement and said they will look for another...
  • CIWS Upgrade to Canada
    CIWS Upgrade to Canada 30 January 2018
    Raytheon Canada has been awarded a contract to upgrade and support 21 of the Royal Canadian Navy’s (RCN’s) close-in weapon systems (CIWS), announced on 26 January. $567-million contract will cover the Raytheon Phalanx Block 1B CIWS aboard RCN’s Halifax-class frigates and is valid until 2037.
  • First At-sea Refueling by MV Asterix
    First At-sea Refueling by MV Asterix 24 January 2018
    Canada’s newest support tanker, MV Asterix, has successfully conducted its first at-sea fuel transfer to a Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) ship.  MV Asterix (formerly MS Amorito, MS Neermoor and MS Cynthia) is a commercial container ship, leased by Federal Fleet Services for five years with a five-year option afterwards, as part of Project Resolve, that is being converted into a supply ship for the Royal Canadian Navy. The Project Resolve vessel made its first transfer of fuel ...
  • Canadian Hand to the Mexican C-130s
    Canadian Hand to the Mexican C-130s 13 January 2018
    Canada will modernize avionics of Mexican Air Force's existing C-130 fleet. Cascade Aerospace Inc. (Cascade), will make integration of the Rockwell Collins production avionics. Within the modernization, advanced avionics will be installed on the aircraft. Rockwell Collins production Flight2 TM digital avionics süit will be applied to aircrafts. The agreement also includes  operational and technical support to the Mexican Air Force and personnel training.
  • Asterix Passed All Trials
    Asterix Passed All Trials 28 December 2017
    Canada's Resolve-class naval support ship Asterix has completed all trials, taking a step closer to its official commissioning scheduled in February 2018. Asterix has left Québec City on 23 December and is en route to Canadian Forces Base Halifax where she will enter Royal Canadian Navy service. Asterix is the first new naval support ship to enter service with the Royal Canadian Navy in over 50 years, Davie Shipbuilding said in the announcement. T...
  • Canada rejects Fincantieri-Naval Group warships offer
    Canada rejects Fincantieri-Naval Group warships offer 10 December 2017
    Canada has rejected an offer from a consortium of French and Italian shipbuilders to build 15 warships to renew its naval fleet, the group said Thursday. Naval Group and Fincatieri proposed building the new ships based on their Fremm frigate design, which is already in use by both the French and Italian navies. Their bid was reportedly half the Can$60 billion (US$47 billion) Ottawa budgeted for the construction of the warships. In a joint statement, Naval Group a...
  • Boeing's Offer Scratched Out
    Boeing's Offer Scratched Out 6 December 2017
    Canada canceled its plans to buy 18 Boeing Super Hornet fighters and intends to acquire a used fleet of older Australia F-18 jets, according to sources familiar with the matter.  The decision is in response to Boeing-Bombardier Inc. dispute. Boeing previously accused Canadian aircraft manufacturer Bombardier of dumping airliners on the domestic American market. The sources said Australian military officials had been in Ottawa late last month for talks. ...
  • Joint Proposal In Response to Canada's Pursuit
    Joint Proposal In Response to Canada's Pursuit 5 December 2017
    French and Italian shipbuilders Naval Group and Fincantieri submitted a joint proposal for the Royal Canadian Navy's requirement to acquire an existing and proven NATO warship design, Fincantieri announced on 1 December.  The companies are offering a solution based on the FREMM frigate design, modified to meet Canada's needs and requirements. Should the offer be accepted, the future frigates would be built in Canada at Irving Shipbuilding soon. Naval...
  • Lockheed Joined The Team
    Lockheed Joined The Team 30 November 2017
    Two days prior to the procurement closure date, Lockheed Martin Canada has confirmed delivery of the proposal for the Canadian Surface Combatant (CSC) program. BAE Systems, CAE, Lockheed Martin Canada, L3 Technologies, MDA and Ultra Electronics are partnering as Canada's Combat Ship Team for the Royal Canadian Navy's future fleet of surface combatants. Canada's Combat Ship Team is offering the Type 26 Global Combat Ship (GCS) with Canadian-developed combat mana...
  • Fifth-gen Requirement by Canada
    Fifth-gen Requirement by Canada 13 November 2017
    The Royal Canadian Air Force is planning to issue a new request for proposals for its fifth-generation fighter competition by 2019. Canada wants to replace the ageing CF-18 fleet and a winner is expected to be chosen in 2021, according to RCAF commander Lt. Gen. Michael Hood.   
  • New Order For Target USV
    New Order For Target USV 15 September 2017
    QinetiQ Target Systems has received an order from the Canadian Department of National Defence for more than 40 Hammerhead unmanned surface vehicle (USV) targets.  5-meter Hammerhead was designed to replicate the fast inshore attack craft (FIAC) threats. powered by a 135hp 3-litre MerCruiser engine, the vessel can reach a top speed of 35kt in Sea State 3 and has an endurance e of 5 hours at 30kt. It can be fitted with visual, laser and radar signature enhancements...
  • "Dynamic Monarch-17" Begins
    "Dynamic Monarch-17" Begins 8 September 2017
    Dynamic Monarch-17 military exercise hosted by Turkey has started today with the participation of US, French, UK, Spanish, Italian, Canadian, Norwegian and Polish Naval Forces. Turkish Land, Naval, Air Forces and Coast Guard Commands will be participating the exercise which will continue until 22 September in Aksaz-Marmaris/MUĞLA region. Dynamic Monarch-17 intends to save the submarine personnel who have lost the ability to surface, by performing a multinational ...
  • Canada Evaluates Alternatives
    Canada Evaluates Alternatives 7 September 2017
    Canada is evaluating the option of buying second-hand F/A-18s from Australia. "Australia has flown a very similar F-18 to ours, it is one of the reasons why we have sent a team down to take a look at various options," Canadian Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan told reporters on 6 September. "Our engineers will take a look at all the specs to make sure the airframe is worthy enough, making sure we look at the systems that are also employed. They will provide an assessment...
  • New Machine Guns for Canada
    New Machine Guns for Canada 28 July 2017
    Canada plans an acquisition of one thousand 148 new 7.62 mm C6A1 FLEX General Purpose Machine Guns (GPMGs) from Colt, according to the country's Minister of National Defence. In his statement on 26 July, the minister revealed the contract value as $25,7 million,  including related spares and accessories. The deliveries are scheduled to begin in September 2018 and be completed in June 2019. Canadian Army currently has C6 GPMGs in its service.