• ASELSAN Continues Export Activities
    ASELSAN Continues Export Activities 12 July 2020
    ASELSAN, which is one of Turkey's leading defence companies, continues export activities. ASELSAN-produced radios, which procure communications systems to Ukraine and even establish a facility in the country for this purpose, have been examined by the country's state instute. ASELSAN PRC-9651, VRC-9661 and PRC-9661 communication systems, which underwent by detailed examination by SSSCIP (State Service of Special Communication and Information Protection of Ukraine, have ...
  • 5G Study Accelerates in HAVELSAN
    5G Study Accelerates in HAVELSAN 7 July 2020
    HAVELSAN, which jointly collected 5G technology carried out in Turkey as a partner with Ulak Haberleşme in March, successfully passed the interoperability tests of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI). Having completed the ETSI NFV Group Interoperability Tests, HAVELSAN has successfully passed tests in the VNF provider field with 5G Core Network modules. ETSI aims to combine telecommunications infrastructures among member states and aims to build a Eu...
  • China Could Deploy AR500C to Indian Border
    China Could Deploy AR500C to Indian Border 7 July 2020
    The AR500C rotary wing UAV developed by China to deploy on plateaus completed its first flight test. The Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC), has developed the AR500C with a maximum speed of 170 kilometres and a maximum take-off weight of 500 kilograms, according to the country's needs. The drone, which will be used for high-altitude reconnaissance and surveillance missions, successfully conducted its first flight test. According to local media reports, China...
  • Electronic Warfare MRAP
    Electronic Warfare MRAP 5 July 2020
    Land vehicle-based electronic warfare (EW) systems offer appropriate solutions for missions such as providing convoy security and tactical field security, signal intelligence and information gathering. The Netherlands, which has different EW equipment in its inventory, received delivery of the Bushmaster 4x4 MRAP (Mine Resistant Armor Protected) based electronic warfare system. According to the statement made by the defence ministry of the country, the first platform will enter serv...
  • Russia integrates Helicopters and Drones
    Russia integrates Helicopters and Drones 3 July 2020
    According to Russian Izvestia Daily, the latest Kamov Ka-52M ((NATO Call Hokum-B) helicopter will be able to interact with drones due to special onboard communication equipment and controls. The new integration will allow pilots to see images through drones in real-time and control drone flight in future. According to daily, upgraded Ka-52M will have direct communications with a drone, defence industry and military sources said. The technical assignment for the new system has been f...
  • New Assignment for ElectraIC Management
    New Assignment for ElectraIC Management 24 June 2020
    ElectraIC, which enables ASIC/FPGA Design and the verification of embedded systems, has been appointed in projects in the fields of consumer electronics, automotive, mobile communications, defence and aviation. Erhan Ak, who was appointed As General Manager of ElectraIC, took office as of June 22, 2020. "While we are moving step by step towards our goal of becoming a preferred company around the world, maintaining our stable growth will be one of our top priorities," said ...
  • Modernized MBRL Delivery
    Modernized MBRL Delivery 22 June 2020
    Serbia continues to study on enhancing and modernizing army capabilities. The Serbian Armed Forces continues to advance in the process of modernizing the vehicles in its inventory. With the ceremony held recently, the army received the modernized Oganj 122 mm multi-barrel rocket launcher (MBRL) system. The platform called M-77 in the armed forces stock system was developed for the Yugoslav Army in the 1970s. M-77 Oganj, which is reported to receive one and a half batteries...
  • North Korea and The Republic of Korea Relations Clash
    North Korea and The Republic of Korea Relations Clash 16 June 2020
    North Korea has confirmed that it has detonated its joint liaison office in the Kaesong region on the border with the Republic of Korea in a controlled manner.  After the Korean War, the waters are not calmed along the demilitarized ceasefire line separating the two countries. Tensions between the two countries quickly escalated after activists in the Republic of Korea ballooned and sent leaflets to the North. North Korea announced on June 9 that it would cut all cross-bor...
  • Eastern Mediterranean Investment yo Hellenic Navy
    Eastern Mediterranean Investment yo Hellenic Navy 11 June 2020
    Despite economic problems, Greece continues its armament programs. Greek parliament approved several projects on May 2. Thus, Athens decided to add new ones to existing processes. Greece, which makes unilateral claims in the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean and sometimes does not hesitate from dangerous convergence, continues its investments in weapon systems. At the parliamentary meeting held in Athens on 2 May, it was decided to expand the processes in question. In this c...
  • Unmanned Su-57
    Unmanned Su-57 23 May 2020
    While the use of unmanned aerial vehicles has become widespread day by day, studies are being conducted on the unmanned flying capability of existing manned platforms. Optional unmanned use of new generation manned jets is also on the agenda. According to the report of the Russian Sputink News Agency, progress has been made on the unpiloted mission capability for Su-57 (NATO Code: Felon) aircraft. The T-50 Test Laboratory conducted a series of test-trial activities for the...
  • Domestic Antenna from Satelcom and ASELSAN
    Domestic Antenna from Satelcom and ASELSAN 11 May 2020
    With Satelcom Telecommunications Information and Communication Technologies, ASELSAN started to produce a product of domestic military communication in Turkey. Another project was made to reduce dependence on exports by nationalizing "HF Broadband Dipole Antenna" subject to export license. Offering a cost-effective solution, the antenna is small and can easily adapt anywhere. The HF Broadband Dipole Antenna with 1 KW power-use capacity is available in many different config...
  • F-35 JSF Experience will be Used for TFX Project
    F-35 JSF Experience will be Used for TFX Project 23 April 2020
    AYESAS General Manager Öner Tekin, which is the one of Turkey's leading defence industry suppliers was guest of a live broadcast in C4Defence's official social media account. Tekin made important statements regarding the company's aviation operations. Company is a subcontractor in the hardware and software field of the F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) project. Being the sole supplier in some of the sub-components used on the platform,...
  • A Robotic Spacecraft Caught an Old Satellite And Extended Its Life
    A Robotic Spacecraft Caught an Old Satellite And Extended Its Life 18 April 2020
    Northrop Grumman Corporation and the company’s wholly-owned subsidiary, SpaceLogistics LLC, have completed the first docking of the Mission Extension Vehicle-1 (MEV-1) to the Intelsat 901 (IS-901) spacecraft to provide life-extension services. This historic accomplishment marks the first time two commercial satellites have docked in orbit and the first time that mission extension services will be offered to a satellite in geosynchronous orbit. Intelsat’s IS-901 satellite...
  • Chinese Sea Hawk
    Chinese Sea Hawk 6 April 2020
    In addition to the original product development, the images of China's new helicopter, which intensely carries out reverse engineering activities, have been published. In the past years, China developed the Z-20 helicopter with the reverse engineering method from the UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters it had previously acquired from the USA. The naval variant of the Z-20, which was produced in line with the need for high-performance helicopters especially in high altitude areas s...
  • New Planes for Light Attack
    New Planes for Light Attack 18 March 2020
    The US Air Force (USAF) has purchased two AT-6 Wolverine platforms for use in ongoing light attack tests. The aircraft will be built in Wichita, Kansas. USAF has purchased for $70.2 million two Textron Aviation Beechcraft AT-6 Wolverine aircraft for its continued light attack experiment. The light attack experiment has evolved and diminished in scope over several years. Originally, the USAF intended to find a cheap-to-fly ground-attack aircraft. It intended to buy dozens of light at...
  • Japan  Tighten Entry to Defence Industry
    Japan Tighten Entry to Defence Industry 17 March 2020
    Japan, which has strict laws prohibiting the manufacture of strategic weapons, sending troops to foreign countries, and military exports, came to the agenda with a new development. Significant restrictions are imposed on the Japanese industry, where 1% of foreign investors own it. In this context, Tokyo will tighten the entry of foreign investors into 12 sectors, which are considered critical for national security. In addition to areas such as power, oil, telecommunications, wa...
  • Tunisia orders Anka-S UAVs from Turkey
    Tunisia orders Anka-S UAVs from Turkey 14 March 2020
    Tunisia has ordered Anka-S unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) from Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAŞ) according to Army recognition. This is TUSAŞ's first export order for the type. During the Tunisian International Aerospace & Defence Exhibition During (IADE 2020), which took place in Djerba the Tunisian MoD signed a $240 million contract with TUSAŞ for the supply of six ANKA-S UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) and three control centres. The deal was signed including t...
  • Thai Air Force Releases Wish List for The Next Decade
    Thai Air Force Releases Wish List for The Next Decade 22 February 2020
    The Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF) has set out its procurement priorities for the upcoming decade; transport aircraft, combat search-and-rescue helicopters, and light attack aircraft are on the top of the list. RTAF’s long term plans include new fighters to replace the ageing fleet. RTAF plans to replace its Lockheed Martin C-130H Hercules transport aircraft fleet. The new aircraft will require to be compatible with Thailand’s Link T data link system. This is a process that...
  • BAE’s Solar Powered UAV Makes First Flight
    BAE’s Solar Powered UAV Makes First Flight 21 February 2020
    Persistent High Altitude Solar Aircraft (PHASA-35®) has the potential to stay airborne for a year. BAE Systems’ PHASA-35, a 35m wingspan solar-electric aircraft, has completed its maiden flight. The UAV opens a new gate to a yearlong flight endurance plugging the gap between aviation and satellite technology.    Sponsored by the UK’s Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) and Australian Defence Science and Technology Group (DSTG), t...
  • USS Fitzgerald Ready for Tests
    USS Fitzgerald Ready for Tests 4 February 2020
    About three years ago, the US Navy's Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer USS Fitzgerald (DDG 62), collided with the shipping ship MV ACX Crystal, and seven people died in an accident. The platform, which has undergone maintenance and repair after the incident, will soon start sea tests. In these tests. The ship will test its navigation, damage control, mechanical and electrical systems, combat systems, as well as communications and propulsion equipment.
  • Iran to Place Satellite in Orbit
    Iran to Place Satellite in Orbit 29 January 2020
    Iran is preparing a site for launching a satellite, Iranian Minister of Information and Communications Technology Mohammad Javad Azari-Jahromi said. After the Zafar satellite is placed in orbit a timeline has been finalised to launch five more, the minister added. The United States fears long-range ballistic technology used to put satellites into orbit could also be used to launch nuclear warheads. Tehran denies the U.S. accusation Tensions have reached the highest level in decades between Ir...
  • Israel Approved Readiness Plan
    Israel Approved Readiness Plan 28 January 2020
    The Ministry of Defence Ministry announced that the five-year "Momentum Plan" developed for the Israel Defence Forces has been approved. The study is aimed to increase the Israeli Army's mobility. Within the framework of the plan called "Tenufa" in Hebrew, Israeli troops and the necessary military equipment are aimed to be transferred to the required areas quickly. The plan, developed as a result of the work of the Israeli Chief of General Staff, General...
  • Ukraine’s Radio Delivery Accomplished
    Ukraine’s Radio Delivery Accomplished 24 January 2020
    Regarding the contract signed with Ukrainian SpetsTechnoExport company, the delivery of software-defined radios and intercommunication systems have been completed. According to information published at ASELSAN magazine, sales for the export of military communications products, the first contract with the Ukrainian SpetsTechnoExport company as signed in December 2016 and several shipments have been made until today. The delivery is accomplished
  • Russo-Japanese Drills at Arabian Sea
    Russo-Japanese Drills at Arabian Sea 22 January 2020
    Russia and Japan, which frequently coma face to face due to the Kuril Islands and coastal waters problems have come up with an astonishing attempt recently. The Russian Baltic Fleet ship RFNS Yaroslav Mudry and the Russian naval tanker Yelnya and the Viktor Konetsky tugboat, and the JS Harusame (DD 102) destroyer, carried out joint exercises in the Arabian Sea. Within the scope of the trainings, activities such as communication with the flashlight communication trainings&n...
  • US Air Force Considers Adding Communications Node to Tankers
    US Air Force Considers Adding Communications Node to Tankers 7 January 2020
    The Air Force’s tanker fleet has logged hours transferring fuel, transporting troops and serving as flying ambulances. If the new concept of the US Air Force’s becomes real, they will help during combat.  US Air Force, Air Mobility Command leaders are exploring whether aerial refuelling aircraft could become a communications node in the Advanced Battle Management System (ABMS).  ABMS is considered as the foundational technology to connect its air, space and...
  • Spain allows Navantia to Develop F110 Frigates
    Spain allows Navantia to Develop F110 Frigates 4 December 2019
    Spanish Government, the Council of Ministers has authorised the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism to sign an agreement with the entity Navantia S.A., for the development program of the F110 Frigates. The program will cost a maximum of 1,638 million euros over seven years (from 2019 to 2025). The F110 frigates project will allow Navantia to be digitised through the Shipyard 4.0 program. With the agreement, Navantia secures the sale of five F110 frigates. ...
  • NATO Upgrades AWACS for $1bn
    NATO Upgrades AWACS for $1bn 28 November 2019
    NATO plans to award Boeing a $1 billion contract to upgrade the alliance’s fleet of E-3A airborne warning and control system (AWACS) aircraft. The contract is part of upgrading NATO’s surveillance capabilities. The Boeing E-3A contract is intended to make the AWACs useful to NATO until the aircraft retire around 2035. The aircraft’s upgrades include new communications and networking capabilities, such as enhancements to the aircraft’s data link and voice comm...
  • AeroVironment Unveils Puma LE
    AeroVironment Unveils Puma LE 16 October 2019
    US Company AeroVironment unveiled its new Puma LE unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) at the Association of the United States Army (AUSA) conference. Wahid Nawabi, company president and CEO, said The Puma LE prototype, has already flown multiple times. The aircraft weighs 10.2 kg and can be launched by hand or bungee. It is capable of performing two 5.5 hour missions enabled by a five-minute battery swap at the end of the first mission. The drone has 2.5 kg of total payload capa...
  • More ASELSAN for Ukraine
    More ASELSAN for Ukraine 9 October 2019
    ASELSAN has signed a new procurement agreement with Ukraine at the Arms and Security 2019 exhibition in Ukraine. Under the contract, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will take delivery additional software-defined communications system. The ceremony was held in the exhibition center. Spets Techno Export company General Manager Vladyslav Belbas and Chairman and General Manager of ASELSAN. Dr. Haluk Görgün also participated to the ceremony. In this co...
  • New Era in the Pacific Fleet
    New Era in the Pacific Fleet 7 October 2019
    Project 20385 lead corvette armed with Kalibr cruise missiles and will be commissioned into service with the Russian navy by the end of 2019. The Gremyashchiy class Russian designation Project 20385, is an advanced development of the Steregushchiy-class corvettes of the Russian Navy. The warship has completed 70% of sea trials. The shipbuilders tested the boat's main propulsion unit in various speed modes, navigation and communications systems, performance, manoeuvrability, habitability, ...
  • F-35 is Visible on Radar
    F-35 is Visible on Radar 1 October 2019
    German radar-maker Hensoldt claims to have tracked two F-35s for 150 kilometres following the 2018 Berlin Air Show in Germany in late April of that year. The company claims its passive radar system, named TwInvis, to track the aircraft. Passive radar equipment computes an aerial picture by reading how civilian communications signals bounce off airborne objects.  Because there are no emitters, passive radar is covert, meaning pilots entering a monitored area are unaware they are...
  • F-35 Procure Request Approved
    F-35 Procure Request Approved 12 September 2019
    The US State Department approved Poland's request to procure the F-35 jet. The Polish Government, which wants to purchase 32 F-35s for about six and a half billion US Dollars, also requested the supply of 33 Pratt & Whitney F-135 engines. USA, after Turkey to suspend the F-35 program, was looking for a new buyer to sell platforms. Agreement with Poland emerged after this request. Poland also wants to purchase electronic warfare systems; command, control, communicat...
  • Poland Wants to Expand its Fleet
    Poland Wants to Expand its Fleet 11 September 2019
      Warsaw intends to expand its fleet of combat-proven C-130 transport aircraft to 10 within five years. Polish Defence Minister Mariusz Blaszczak announced that his ministry “sent two letters of request today” to the United States regarding Poland’s plan to acquire C-130H Hercules transport aircraft and a batch of Javelin anti-tank missile systems. Under the request, Poland plans to buy five more C-130H in addition to its existing fleet of five Hercules aircra...
  • Decision to Continue Production
    Decision to Continue Production 5 September 2019
    Russia has begun the design of the A-42 aircraft to replace the Beriev Be-12 Chayka (NATO Code: Mail) maritime patrol aircraft. Its design was suspended in 1993. Now the aircraft will be modernized and accepted into service. Defence Ministry sources told the decision in principle to resume A-42 production had been made. The ministry is drafting tactical and technical requirements to the upgraded project. The main one is to create a universal antisubmarine and rescue aircraft. So far...
  • Russia’s "Black Hole" at Tests
    Russia’s "Black Hole" at Tests 21 August 2019
    Russian newest diesel-electric submarine Project 636.3 Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (Kilo-class submarine B-274) arrived at Baltic Sea for Trials. Built for Russia's Pacific Fleet, the submarine began sea tests.  “During the shipbuilders’ sea trials, some of the submarine Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky’s shipboard systems will be checked, including communications and hydro-acoustics,” Navy Spokesman said. Russian Deputy Defence Minister Alexei Krivor...
  • Ukraine and Turkey Co-Produce Akıncı UAV
    Ukraine and Turkey Co-Produce Akıncı UAV 20 August 2019
    Ukrainian State Concern UkrOboronProm made a written statement from its internet page. The declaration was only available in Ukrainian. Unofficial translation of declaration states that the new-generation Akıncı (unmanned aerial cavalry) unmanned aerial vehicle will become one of the first projects of a joint venture created by Ukrspetseksport, a member of UkrOboronProm, and the Turkish company Baykar Defence. "The next generation Akıncı Impact UAV is designed to meet the requi...
  • Desert Warrior’s New Name
    Desert Warrior’s New Name 28 July 2019
     US Army decided a new name for it’s M1A2 main battle tanks. The participation of tank units to “Operation Iraqi Freedom” brought many lessons concerning what was to be done to improve the M1A2. Platform gets a new machine gun for the tank commander, improved fire control,  with the crew being able to set the distance it wants a shell to explode, better infrared sights, and a new power unit that allows the tank to power communications and sensors without running it...
  • Raiders About to Fly 27 July 2019
    The new B-21 Raider stealth bomber is making good progress, USAF Vice Chief of Staff Gen. Stephen Wilson said. Speaking on deterrence and the need to modernize the nuclear command, control, and communications network, Wilson said he was at Northrop Grumman’s facilities in the last few weeks, “looking at the B-21,” and said the company is “moving out on that pretty fast’’. US Air Force is analysing the long-range strike capability of the platform, but they s...
  • New Contract with US Navy
    New Contract with US Navy 24 July 2019
      Huntington Ingalls Industries Awarded US Navy Contract to Install and Support C4ISR Systems. The contract included to provide installation services for all afloat command, control, communications, computer, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (C4ISR) and supporting systems to Naval Information Warfare Systems Command. The contract has a base period of five years and a potential value of $2.45 billion.
  • Modernization of the Polish Army
    Modernization of the Polish Army 24 July 2019
    T-72 main battle tanks in the Polish Army's inventory will undergo modernization and refit. “We modernize and modify this equipment, which is available in the Polish Army. Thanks to this upgrade, the tanks will be equipped with modern sights, navigation and observation devices as well as modern digital communications. Deep repairs of these tanks will also be carried out,” said the head of the Defence Ministry, Mariusz Błaszczak. Modernization is scheduled between 2019-2025.