• National Server Computer Ready for Work
    National Server Computer Ready for Work January 24 2020
    Design, prototype production and performance tests of GÖREVSAYAR 40S, National Server Computer developed within the scope of Electronic Warfare Command, Control and Coordination System (WWCCCS) and Network Enabled Capability (NEC) were completed. It is foreseen that national server computer, which is developed to be utilised in Command Control Systems, Signal Processing Systems, Data Centres, Tactic Cloud Structures and High-Performance Storage Systems, will also be used intensely in fut...
  • Greece invites Turkey to Defence Exhibitions in Athens
    Greece invites Turkey to Defence Exhibitions in Athens January 22 2020
    After more than ten years absence, Greece returns to international defence exhibitions, by the organisation of DEFEA-Defence Exhibition Athens. The organisation got in contact with Greek Defence ministry for the official invitation of Turkey, C4Defence learned. DEFEA will take place in Athens, from 22 to 24 June 2020 at the Metropolitan Expo. It is organised by ROTA SA and the Union of Greek Manufacturers of Defence Material (SEKPY). It is under the auspices of the Ministry of Natio...
  • Brasil Released Strategic Plan
    Brasil Released Strategic Plan January 20 2020
    Brazil, which has been carrying studies for a long time to improve the defence industry infrastructure of the country, has published its strategic plan in this field. The document, which covers the plans and objectives of the country's defense and industry, especially the Brazilian Armed Forces, consists of 34 measures in 15 main actions. In these sections, acquisition of howitzer, personnel equipment, unmanned ground and air vehicles, armoured boats, transport and att...
  • Cyber Period at Navy
    Cyber Period at Navy January 18 2020
    The Cyber Security Project contract was signed between Havelsan and the Naval Forces Command. The details of the project were not included in the announcement made by the company's social media account.
  • US Air Force Considers Adding Communications Node to Tankers
    US Air Force Considers Adding Communications Node to Tankers January 7 2020
    The Air Force’s tanker fleet has logged hours transferring fuel, transporting troops and serving as flying ambulances. If the new concept of the US Air Force’s becomes real, they will help during combat.  US Air Force, Air Mobility Command leaders are exploring whether aerial refuelling aircraft could become a communications node in the Advanced Battle Management System (ABMS).  ABMS is considered as the foundational technology to connect its air, space and...
  • Spain allows Navantia to Develop F110 Frigates
    Spain allows Navantia to Develop F110 Frigates December 4 2019
    Spanish Government, the Council of Ministers has authorised the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism to sign an agreement with the entity Navantia S.A., for the development program of the F110 Frigates. The program will cost a maximum of 1,638 million euros over seven years (from 2019 to 2025). The F110 frigates project will allow Navantia to be digitised through the Shipyard 4.0 program. With the agreement, Navantia secures the sale of five F110 frigates. ...
  • "Synthetic Production in Multiple Media"
    "Synthetic Production in Multiple Media" November 19 2019
    Nowadays, when it is possible to enter it on the Internet, with the infiltration of artificial intelligence, cybersecurity is now essential for companies and governments. The cybersecurity firm Zemana set up in 2007 to protect against identity theft, financial and spyware. Three years ago, the company entered the market in Turkey. Orhan Akyürek, General Manager of the company, said that they are currently exporting products to 135 countries; At the press conference, he said they aim to s...
  • France to Construct New FDI-Class-Frigates
    France to Construct New FDI-Class-Frigates October 28 2019
    The steel-cutting ceremony of the first defence and intervention frigate (Frégate de Défense et d'Intervention /FDI) took place on the Naval Group site of Lorient. The ceremony was held in the presence of the Minister for Armed Forces, Florence Parly, the Head of the French Armament Directorate (DGA) Délégué Général pour l’Armement, Joël Barre, the Chief of Staff of the French Navy Christophe Prazuck, the Chief of the Hellenic Na...
  • International Radar and Border Security Summit Held for the Second Time
    International Radar and Border Security Summit Held for the Second Time October 2 2019
    International Radar and Border Security Summit Held for the Second Time Organized by the Independent Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (MÜSİAD) for the second time, Military Radar + Border Security Turkey Summit started today with the participation of Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu, National Defence Minister Hulusi Akar and a number of state officials. Interior Minister Soylu, drew attention to Turkey's security measures need to reduce dependence ...
  • The Netherlands to Acquire Eight or Nine Extra F-35 Fighter Jets
    The Netherlands to Acquire Eight or Nine Extra F-35 Fighter Jets July 20 2019
    The Netherlands buys new F35 fighter jets. It is probably eight or nine. They come on top of the 37 that the previous cabinet had already decided on. And with the next cabinet, the defence budget will have to rise again. We are also obliged to do so within NATO, "says Defence Minister Ank Bijleveld in an interview with Trouw . Within NATO we still dangle at the bottom in terms of spending. So we will have to take extra steps. Next year we will have a recalibration of the defenc...
  • Opponent to the MEADS
    Opponent to the MEADS June 25 2019
    A new step has been taken in Germany's IAMD (Integrated Air and Missile Defense System) project. The consortium TLVS (Taktisches Luftverteidigungssystem / Tactical Air Defense System), a joint venture of MBDA Deutschland and Lockheed Martin, presented a proposal to BAAINBw (Bundesministerium der Verteidigung und hat als Hauptaufgabe die Bundeswehr / German Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support). The program was launched to replace ...
  • Sector News Issue 71 March 16 2019
    Daewoo, Back to Roots Leonardo’s Cyber Signature on NATO The USA Said “Gustav” India Seeks Thales’ Hydras Sikorsky’s Two-in-One: HH-60W METEOR Shower beyond the Horizon Ambitious Missile by Rafael  “METE”s in the Inventory MKEK to Supply 50,000 MPT-76  Meteksan’s Kement Launches from the Ground F-16 Fitted with ASELSAN Armour F...
  • IDEX/NAVDEX and the Advancing Battlefield March 16 2019
    Organised biannually, the IDEX/NAVDEX Exhibition in February became the first meeting point of the world’s prominent defence companies in 2019. For its part, IDEX hosted over 1,300 companies as an outstanding event in the Middle East and Africa.   It should be remembered that a large part of global defence expenditures is concentrated in this region on account of security threats and active conflicts. Many countries in the region, particularly the United Arab Emirates (UA...
  • Carrier Capable Unmanned Wingman
    Carrier Capable Unmanned Wingman February 18 2019
    The United Kingdom has announced that a new study has been launched under the Tempest project. In this direction, an unmanned wingman will be developed for Tempest. The new unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), which is expected to be the loyal supporter of the platform, is planned to be the aircraft carrier capable.   The United Kingdom Ministry of Defence said the Tempest was developed to be compatible with the Queen Elizabeth class of the United Kingdom. Although the airc...
  • US Expects Chinese Stealth Surprise
    US Expects Chinese Stealth Surprise January 18 2019
    US Military Intelligence Organisation “Defence Intelligence Agency” (DIA) released “China Military Power, report. A product that examines the core capabilities of China’s military. The work provides details on China’s defence and military goals, strategy, plans, and intentions. US is expecting to face new Chinese another stealth fighter within next years. US intelligence is trying to solve Chinese official announcements and the unofficial revelatio...
  • STM Set Goals: Achieving New Technologies January 10 2019
    Savunma Teknolojileri Mühendislik ve Ticaret A.Ş. (STM) General Manager Murat İkinci came together with national and sectoral press representatives for the first time at the STM Vision 2023 Press Meeting organised on December 5. During the speech he made on that occasion, İkinci specified the main goal of STM as achieving new technologies for Turkey. Also attending the meeting was the Head of Business Development, Onur Ateş. Following Ateş’s presentation on STM’s ac...
  • Cyber Developments in the USA January 10 2019
    On the eve of the 2019, it should be underlined that the last year witnessed major developments in the United States in terms of cyber security. Ever since the Department of Defence (DoD) officially recognised cyberspace as a warfighting domain in 2004, it is not possible to talk about cyber space as a prominent item in the US security agenda especially in 2018. A major development last year was Washington’s enthusiasm to rescind Barack Obama era’s cyber strategy by favo...
  • Netherlands Approved NATO Plan
    Netherlands Approved NATO Plan December 18 2018
    The Netherlands government approved the NATO budget plan. The plan also includes additional budgets to be used by the government in the coming spring. The Netherlands has prepared a five-priority plan to increase the defence budget to 2% of its annual GDP in line with the NATO guarantee. Within the scope of this plan, it is aimed to increase the firepower of the army especially at land and sea. Plan’s first priority is F-35 Lightning II aircraft. Plan also includes strengtheni...
  • Sino-Turkish Competition at IDEAS
    Sino-Turkish Competition at IDEAS December 8 2018
    Organised in Karachi, the capital of Pakistan’s Sindh state, IDEAS Defence Exhibition witnessed a veiled competition between Turkey featuring the largest participation in scope and China, which sought benefits from time-honoured relations based on infrastructure.   Suppliers from the two countries not only competed for exhibition area or number of visitors; they also made huge efforts to develop relations. While contracts signed between China Shipbuilding Indust...
  • IDEAS 18 Fair News
    IDEAS 18 Fair News December 8 2018
    TUSAŞ’s ANKA-S Move Yonca-Onuk at Full Throttle Cyber Support by STM China’s Howitzer Hype HIT to Introduce Viper IFV Korean Ammunition to Pakistan Al Khalid I, Unveiled
  • Is Cyber Gap in F-35s?
    Is Cyber Gap in F-35s? November 15 2018
    The US Air Force (USAF) has announced that cyber gaps have been detected in external support units of F-35 Lightning II aircraft. Studies have been initiated to eliminate these gaps.   The statement made from USAF. In the statement it is told that F-35 is a software-based aircraft and any software-based system is available for hacking. Lockheed Martin reported that the platform, which is relatively safe, is protected by multi-layer security systems. However, it was re...
  • NATO’s Article 5 To Respond Russian Cyber Attack: Stoltenberg
    NATO’s Article 5 To Respond Russian Cyber Attack: Stoltenberg September 17 2018
    NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that members of the organization are ready for cyber-attacks from Russia. According to him, if this happens, then, depending on the nature of the impact, the Alliance can use the fifth article of its charter. In accordance with its charter, the North Atlantic Alliance considers an attack on one or more of its participants as an attack on all member countries of the organization. As explained Stoltenberg, it will not happen automatically, ...
  • Korea Invests to Cyber-Security
    Korea Invests to Cyber-Security August 10 2018
    The Republic of Korea's Ministry of National Defence made a new statement. In the context of the large military reforms announced in recent days, it was stated that investment would be made to increase the ability of the cyber defense. Under the new cyber defense development plan announced on August 9, it is announced that the cyber defence systems will be restructured which are currently in use. This process will be taken as an investment priority. It is aimed at increasin...
  • Fair News Issue 62
    Fair News Issue 62 June 10 2018
    Electrical Vehicle by KazTechinnovations “CADI” Meets Visitors KAE Signature in Arlan T-72A Fitted with Owl Eyes AMTE’s Armoured Medical Evacuation Vehicle
    Barys Undergoes Climate Tests
    Short-Range Igla Solution STM in Cybersecurity Training Rocket Deal between ROKETSAN and Kazakhstan OTOKAR in Maintenance Business A400M to Deliver Arlan with ASEL...
  • Chinese hackers steal 614 gigabytes of sensitive Navy program data
    Chinese hackers steal 614 gigabytes of sensitive Navy program data June 9 2018
    Chinese government hackers stole crucial data from an US contractor on a top submarine development program according to the Washington Post. Daily claims that cyberattacks sponsored by the Chinese government infiltrated U.S. Navy contractor’s computers, allowing digital thieves to access sensitive data related to secret Navy projects on a submarine anti-ship missile. The contractor whose systems were breached has yet to be disclosed, the Washington Post reports, thou...
  • NATO should adopt hybrid warfare trigger: British rapporteur
    NATO should adopt hybrid warfare trigger: British rapporteur May 31 2018
    NATO states should modify the alliance’s Article 5 collective defence provision to trigger a response in the event of so-called “hybrid warfare” attacks, a conservative British lawmaker said in a special report Sunday according to Agence France-Presse . In his special report on countering Russia’s hybrid threats, Britain’s Lord Jopling told lawmakers meeting at the NATO Parliamentary Assembly in Warsaw this weekend that the alliance should consider a ne...
  • US Support for Cyber Attacks
    US Support for Cyber Attacks May 4 2018
    The US will increase the financial assistance for Ukraine’s cybersecurity, After meeting Ukrainian President Poroshenko on 2 May, Wess Mitchell, the assistant secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs announced $5 million more in US financial assistance to help Ukraine prevent, mitigate, and respond to cyber attacks, doubling the total since last year to $10 million.   
  • Warfare Concept of the Future
    Warfare Concept of the Future March 18 2018
    Multipolar world and the predominant role of non-state actors in war strategy have rendered obsolete many customary state doctrines. Realities traditionally acknowledged so far have assumed new names like asymmetric threat, psychological warfare, proxy war and multidimensional war. Irregular military practices employed by strictly unequal parties in the battleground and unbalanced international policies devised out of touch with the world are both the reason and the result of this outcome.&nb...
  • Grand Re-organization in SSM
    Grand Re-organization in SSM March 15 2018
    A significant change in organization took place in the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries (SSM). An official notice on the changes was issued on 14 March. Thus, the functions of some departments were re-determined and new departments and group presidencies were established. There are now 18 departments instead of 20 and seven group presidencies. The titles of some presidencies have been changed as well as the Deputy Undersecretaries they were affiliated. Sev...
  • Leonardo Adopts Cyber Countermeasures for Naval Gun
    Leonardo Adopts Cyber Countermeasures for Naval Gun March 14 2018
    Leonardo announced at the 2018 Doha International Maritime Defence Exhibition & Conference in Qatar, that the Company’s OTO 76/62 Super Rapid (SR) naval gun has successfully ended an extensive vulnerability assessment campaign, ensuring that it will be resilient to cyber-attacks in the future.  As the system became increasingly more dependent on technology with continuous upgrades, the company launched a comprehensive vulnerability assessment to identify pot...
  • Estonia To Strengthen Its Armed Forces
    Estonia To Strengthen Its Armed Forces February 16 2018
    Estonia revealed a four-year National Defence Action Plan for the period of 2019-2022 ensures that funds for national defence are being used to develop battle-ready units in high readiness. The Defence Action Plan ensures financing for the replacement of small arms, continuation of large-scale ammunition procurements, completion of the IFV CV90 programme and the acquisition of 6 K9 Thunder self-propelled artillery units, ensuring the mobility of air surveillance radar...
  • General Atomics To Collaborate With Boeing on MQ-25
    General Atomics To Collaborate With Boeing on MQ-25 February 14 2018
    General Atomics Aeronautical Systems (GA-ASI) will collaborate with Boeing on US Navy's MQ-25 Stingray Unmanned Carrier Aviation Air System (UCAAS) competition along with BAE Systems, United Technologies Corp, Pratt & Whitney, L3 Technologies, Rockwell Collins and GKN Aerospace’s Fokker. Pratt & Whitney will be providing the PW815 engine, while UTC provides landing gear for the UAS. GA-ASI’s platform will use L3 Technologies communication systems, B...
  • Unmanned Submarine Project by EU
    Unmanned Submarine Project by EU December 12 2017
    The first move came from the European Union Defence initiative Permanent Structured Cooperation on Defence (PESCO). 25 PESCO member countries will establish unmanned submarine and rapid response teams for cyber attacks. PESCO announced this project yesterday, in which the EU members Denmark, Malta and the UK will not take part. Countries will allocate €1,5 billion per year for the European Defence Fund (EDF). Under the program, 17 unmanned submarines will be produced ...
  • Raytheon's UAE Investment: 'Raytheon Emirates'
    Raytheon's UAE Investment: 'Raytheon Emirates' December 7 2017
     Raytheon announced that it has formed a new, wholly-owned subsidiary, Raytheon Emirates, incorporated and headquartered in Abu Dhabi. The company said, "The creation of Raytheon Emirates supports the Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030 by forming an aerospace and defense business that fosters cyber-secure digital transformation, contributes to the nation’s economic diversification, and employs a highly-skilled, highly-productive Emirati workforce," in its press rele...
  • Cyber Warfare Put Under The Scope
    Cyber Warfare Put Under The Scope November 27 2017
    Speaking at the International Cyber Warfare and Security Conference held at the Sheraton Hotel with the main theme of "Development and Clustering of the Cyber Security Ecosystem", Deputy Undersecretary for Defence Industries Mustafa Şeker announced that they wanted to create an export-oriented cluster focused on technology and innovation. Şeker said, "The widespread use of cyberspace has led to different wars in place of classical wars, and in classical war our work w...
  • Construction Support to F-15s
    Construction Support to F-15s November 2 2017
    The State Department has made a determination approving a possible Foreign Military Sale to Qatar for support of its F-15QA multi-role fighter aircraft program for an estimated cost of $1.1 billion. The Defence Security Cooperation Agency delivered the required certification notifying Congress of this possible sale today. The Government of Qatar has requested support of its F-15QA multi-role fighter aircraft program to include design and construction services, new parking/loadi...
  • First EU Cyber Defence Exercise
    First EU Cyber Defence Exercise September 11 2017
    Estonia organised a first-of-a-kind cyber defence exercise in cooperation with the European Defence Agency on 7 September. EU CYBRID 2017 aims to raise awareness of cyber security incident coordination at political level and of the potential effects of offensive cyber-campaigns. Participated by EU Defence Ministers, the strategic exercise focused on crisis response to a major offensive cyber campaign against EU military structures in a hybrid warfare context. 
  • Separating Fact from Fiction about North Korea
    Separating Fact from Fiction about North Korea August 29 2017
    Despite the long-held conviction, North Korea is far from being a poor, communist state, which would definitely starve without Chinese support. On account of mainstream media’s exclusive focus on North Korea’s nuclear programs, many facts about this country remain in the shadows.  In the case of North Korea (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea/ DPRK), the first thing that often comes to mind is a communist state bound by sanctions, whose people would surely ...
  • HAVELSAN at Qatar August 9 2017
    HAVELSAN (Hava Elektronik Sanayii-Aviation Electronics Industry) will open an office in Qatar. According to the Anadolu news agency, HAVELSAN is in talks with the Qatari authorities on many issues. Technical training and marine systems, in particular, cyber security, information technology, command and control systems and simulation technology is aimed at the business alliance.
  • Response to the Cyber Attack July 30 2017
    Estonia will host Cyber Training Exercise at Talinn European Defence Ministers meeting in September 7, 2017.  EU CYBRID 2017 exercise will be focused on situational awareness, crisis response mechanisms, and strategic communication. Estonia hosts NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence of Exellence. These type of exercises are planned to be perform more frequently in next years.