• TITUS: New Armored Vehicle Solution to the Army
    TITUS: New Armored Vehicle Solution to the Army 27 June 2019
    Czech Ministry of Defence signed a contract for the supply of 62 wheeled TITUS 6x6 armoured vehicles. The value of the contract is €237 million and deliveries will take place in 2022-23. The contract covers 42 wheeled armoured vehicles in command post version, and 20 others in the artillery coordination of fire support (MKPP), and includes logistic support and training.  TITUS will replace obsolete equipment and will equip units from the 4th Brigade Task Force. Armoured ve...
  • Sector News Issue 65 15 September 2018
    HAVA SOJ, Put under Contract OMTAS in Mass Production $28.9m Export by Otokar Lockheed Martin Said “Done” Rosoboronexport Unveils Export Tank IMI Hits the Target Eldis’ TITUS, on the Way to Czechia  
  • T-129's show to NATO
    T-129's show to NATO 10 July 2018
    Turkish Aerospace Industries’ (TAI) T-129 Atak helicopter will take place NATO Heads of State and Government parade on 11-12 July. 20 helicopters from 13 different countries will take part at parade. Two Turkish T-129 Attack helicopters will be on the show. Belgian, Czechian, Danish, French, Italian, German, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Slovenian, US helicopters will also take place.
  • Czechia to Renew Its SAM Systems
    Czechia to Renew Its SAM Systems 5 July 2018
    The Czech Ministry of Defense decided to change the Soviet-era 2K12 Kub (NATO Code: SA-6 Gainful) SAM system. Systems deployed in the 25th Air Defense Missile Regiment stationed in the Strakonice region will be replaced by a project worth US $ 450 million. Czechia  is looking for a new system that can engage its targets at 14,000-meter range and including eight ready to fire missiles, which will take the place of the Kubs, which are at the end of service life. During the Cold W...
  • Eurasia Airshow, Opens its Doors
    Eurasia Airshow, Opens its Doors 7 April 2018
    Seeking to establish a bridge between Europe and Asia in the area of aviation, Eurasia Airshow will take place for the first time in April 25-29, 2018.  To be organised at Antalya International Airport, the Airshow has the objective to create a new market in the area of military and civilian aviation. The event also plans to make the most of the advantage provided by its geostrategic location, which requires only three hours&rs...
  • Czechia In Search of New Mortar System
    Czechia In Search of New Mortar System 15 March 2018
    The Czech Republic will begin a search for a new 120 mm mortar system. According to a statement by the Army of the Czech Republic, the tender process is expected to commence in May 2021 with a potential contract signature late in 2021. The country plans to acquire 62 mortar systems with an expected delivery period between 2023-2025. Patria 120mm NEMO turreted mortar system, AMOS 120mm Self-Propelled Mortar System and HSW Rak 120mm self-propelled mortar system are...
  • Ukraine: Marching at Double Time
    Ukraine: Marching at Double Time 7 November 2017
    International Specialised Exhibition Arms and Security 2017 organised in Ukraine was a stage for many dilemmas. Ukraine’s major defence exhibition organised annually, was characterised by remarkable attendance at the national level. Speaking in terms of companies and institutions representing their countries, Ukraine hit the record of 379; this number corresponded to 11 for Poland, nine for the USA, seven for Turkey, five each for China and Germany, four for Pakistan, three fo...
  • UAE-Czechia Coop in Armored Vehicles
    UAE-Czechia Coop in Armored Vehicles 1 June 2017
    United Arab Emirates-based NIMR Automotive has unveiled the AJBAN 440A configured to European specifications collaborating with Czech state-owned VOP CZ company at the 14th International Defence and Security Technology Fair. VOP CZ and NIMR announced their partnership in early 2017 and brought their first military vehicle collaboration to the fair. NIMR Automotive hopes to meet NATO member countries' requirements through new capabilities brought in by VOP CZ ...
  • Czechia To Re-Armor
    Czechia To Re-Armor 3 March 2017
    Czechia is to issue a public tender for 700 light 4x4 vehicles to replace Russian-made UAZ, Iveco LMV lightly armoured vehicles and British Land Rover Defender vehicles in service with Army of the Czech Republic (ACR). The Czech Ministry of Defence (MoD) announced its plans on 28 February, stating that the deliveries of new vehicles should begin in 2020.
  • "Iron Dome's Eye" in Czechia
    "Iron Dome's Eye" in Czechia 21 February 2017
    Czechia is to buy eight Israeli ELM 2084 MMR radars under a $116 million contract, announced on 20 February. Designed and manufactured by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), ELM 2084 MMR radar is a mobile, 3-D active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar system. According to IAI, the MMR is capable of detecting and tracking up to 1,000 targets and features a maximum surveillance range of over 470 km. ELM 2084 MMRs are also a part of 'Iron Dome' missile...
  • Pandur II Overcame Obstacles
    Pandur II Overcame Obstacles 1 February 2017
    Czechia is to purchase 20 8x8 armored vehicles from Tatra Defence Industrial Ltd. under a $82 million contract signed on 30 January. Upon delivery of specialised configurations of the Steyr Pandur II 8x8 armoured vehicles, the Army of the Czech Republic (ACR) will increase the number of vehicles in its Pandur fleet of 107, in various configurations. According to the agreement, six Pandur vehicles will be configured as command-and-control platforms while the remaining 14 ve...
  • National Participation to Czechia
    National Participation to Czechia 19 January 2017
    Turkey is planning to realize national participation in international Defence and Security Technologies (IDET) exhibition which is to be held in Czechia, more commonly known as the Czech Republic. According to the information o...
  • Israeli-made Radar Acquisition by Czechia
    Israeli-made Radar Acquisition by Czechia 20 December 2016
    Czechia will purchase eight multi-mission radars (MMRs) from Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) at a cost of approximately $110 million. The systems are scheduled to be delivered between 2019-2021. The ELM 2084 MMR systems can locate and identify up to 1,100 aerial targets simultaneously within a 250 km radius. The radars are used in the Israeli 'Iron Dome' air defense system.
  • First Sweden, Now Czechia
    First Sweden, Now Czechia 30 November 2016
    Sweden is to upgrade Czechia’s Gripens to version 20 by 2018. Work will be conducted by the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV). The project manager for the Gripen Czech Republic informed the pilots and technicians in advance to allow them contribute the process with their comments. The new version brings major changes in hardware and software.  FMV also modernized Swedish Air Force's Gripens this year.
  • Czechia Renewed Rifles
    Czechia Renewed Rifles 23 November 2016
    Czechia received the first batch of $16,6 million-order for Ceska Zbrojovka (CZ) Bren 2 assault rifles in early November. The relevant contract were signed in May, covering 2 thousand 600 rifles for the Czech forces. The contract also covers 800 40mm CZ 805 G1 under-barrel grenade launchers, day/night optical sights, tactical knives, transport packaging, tool kits, and spare parts.
  • The US Radar Stirred Up Trouble in Czehia
    The US Radar Stirred Up Trouble in Czehia 15 November 2016
    Having a cabinet commitee reshuffle on the agenda, Czech opposing and ruling parties presented difference of opinion regarding missile defence radar deployment. The deployment suggestion, brought forward by George W. Bush in order to provide the US and Europe air defence, revived upon Donald Trump’s election for the presidency. A similar system had been deployed in Romania, which Obama administration kept in the background for Czechia. On the other hand, Russia claims that such deployme...
  • Czechian Air Defence Systems attract 5 Bidders
    Czechian Air Defence Systems attract 5 Bidders 7 November 2016
    Czechian Defence Ministry’s mid-range air defence systems bid attracted five companies’ interest. These are Lockheed Martin, MBDA, Kongsberg, Rafael and Diehl, according to Vladimir Lukovsky, a spokesperson for the Czechian Defence ministry. The offer should cover the delivery of complete air defence systems, missiles, logistics support, and also technical support in the entire product life cycle. Under the plan, the new missiles are to replace existing Soviet-built 2K 1...
  • ABD and Czechia Observe Russia
    ABD and Czechia Observe Russia 7 November 2016
    The US and Czechia are to conduct an observational flight over Russia between 7-11 November under the Treaty on Open Skies. Assigned for this mission as a US OC-135B Observation Aircraft which will take-off from Khabarovsk Airport. Several Russian specialists will be on board of the plane during the flight to monitor compliance with the agreed parameters of the treaty.
  • The New Czechia Air Force Commander Confirmed Interest in the L-39NG Jet Aircraft
    The New Czechia Air Force Commander Confirmed Interest in the L-39NG Jet Aircraft 6 November 2016
    Major General Jaromír Šebesta, visited Aero Vodochody for a first time since he was appointed as the Air Force Commander. The new commander of the Air Force of the Czechia, agreed that the first customer to use L-39NG aircraft should be the Czechia through the Flight Training Centre in Pardubice. The L-39NG aircraft is trainer designed as a unified, comprehensive training system for modern air forces. The L-39NG is based on the aerodynamic concept of ...
  • Soviet Missiles Lost Favor
    Soviet Missiles Lost Favor 26 October 2016
    The Czech Ministry of Defence plans to replace SA-6 'Gainful' mobile surface-to-air missile (SAM) systems as they near to the end of their expected lives. Reportedly, potential suppliers for a replacement are the US company Raytheon, UK’s MBDA and Israel Aerospace Industries. Czechia is also in pursuit of a 3D Mobile Air Defence Radar to support its future missile system. SA-6 is a Soviet air defence system and has been in service of the Czech Army for over 40 years.  ...
  • L-39NG Completed First Phase
    L-39NG Completed First Phase 20 September 2016
    Aero Vodochody's Aero L-39NG’s completed its first phase of development, which contains an installation of the new Williams FJ44-4M turbofan engine and the L-39NG avionics. Based on  Aero L-39 Albatros, the aircraft made its maiden flight on 14 September 2015. The first customer for L-39NG upgrade LOM Praha, a state-owned enterprise, will use the L-39NG at its Flight Training Center at Pardubice Airport in the Czechia.