• Russia Draws Attention to Su-35’s First Flight that Took Place 12 Years Ago
    Russia Draws Attention to Su-35’s First Flight that Took Place 12 Years Ago February 22 2020
      Russian state-owned company Rustec made a presentation about its aircraft Su-35S on its social media account.  The presentation was in Russian and stated that this aircraft has long-range air-to-air missiles, the possibility of launching missiles at supersonic speeds, super manoeuvrability and powerful electronic warfare means. The first model of a combat vehicle was assembled in 2007 at the Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aviation Plant, and already in 2011, the serial pro...
  • Pakistan Test-Launched Long Range Cruise Missile
    Pakistan Test-Launched Long Range Cruise Missile February 21 2020
    Pakistan continues to increase the strength of the army with domestic weapons systems as well as foreign procurements. In this context, Islamabad carried out a long-range missile test launch. The test launch of the cruise missile system named Ra'ad-II, which mock-up of missile exhibited for the first time in a military parade in 2017, was held last Tuesday. The system, whose range is almost doubled by its predecessor Ra'ad-I missile, can reach targets within 5...
  • US Air Force hopes major KC-46 fix by March
    US Air Force hopes major KC-46 fix by March February 21 2020
    The U.S. Air Force is hoping to get KC-46 tanker’s most critical technical problem to be fixed by the end of March. The Air Force and Boeing are going to sign off next month on a finalized design for the KC-46’s Remote Vision System(RVS) to steer the aircraft’s boom into a plane for aerial refuelling. RSV is composed of a series of cameras and sensors to detach boom from recipient aircraft. RVS is manufactured by Rockwell Collins. Under certain ...
  • Indigenous Guidance Kit Delivery to Turkey
    Indigenous Guidance Kit Delivery to Turkey February 20 2020
    Indigenous guidance kits, which are frequently using in counter-terrorism operations, continues to consolidate its position in the Turkish Armed Forces. The Turkish Armed Forces has taken delivery of indigenous guidance kits. Turkish defence acquisition agency, Presidency of Defence Industries made a statement about deliveries from official social media accounts with "The new deliveries of our Indigenous Guidance Kits have been completed. We will c...
  • Fifth MİLGEM's Systems are Determined
    Fifth MİLGEM's Systems are Determined February 19 2020
    ASELSAN and HAVELSAN will work together on the fifth ship within the scope of the MILGEM program of the Turkish Naval Forces Command. The main contractor of the platform is Defence Technologies Engineering Inc., ASELSAN and HAVELSAN have signed a contract. Under the deal, ASELSAN procures navigation, communication, sonar and radar systems, weapons, electronic warfare systems, guided missiles, torpedoes and electro-optical systems between 2021 and 2023. The first ship of Class I will...
  • Kuwait Declines Receipt of Caracal Helicopters
    Kuwait Declines Receipt of Caracal Helicopters February 18 2020
    Kuwait is due to receive 30 H225M helicopters, but it will not do so until Airbus investigates problems with the first two and reports its findings to the country's MoD. Airbus says the Kuwaitis have told it no such thing. A Kuwaiti Ministry of Defence (MoD) says that it had refused to receive two Airbus Helicopters H225M Caracal medium-lift rotorcraft on account of technical malfunctions has been denied by the manufacturer. On 12 February the Kuwaiti MoD said that it ...
  • New Corvette for Pakistan Navy
    New Corvette for Pakistan Navy February 17 2020
    Pakistan added the Yarmook class F-271 PNS Yarmook corvette to its inventory. The ship, called the PNS Yarmook (F-271) will be the first of its class, and is based on Damen’s Offshore Patrol Vessel OPV 1900 design. The ship was built in Damen’s shipyard in Galati, Romania. The Yarmook-class displaces at around 2,300 tons and were described as multirole platforms capable of performing a variety of maritime operations. They were ordered in June 2017. PNS Tabuk, the second ship of th...
  • Elektroland to Provide IED Vehicle to Bangladesh
    Elektroland to Provide IED Vehicle to Bangladesh February 17 2020
    Standing out with its domestic unmanned ground vehicle and IED disposal system solutions, Elektroland Defence reported a new export success. Within the scope of the needs of the Bangladesh Army, the company will deliver a bomb disposal vehicle to the country. Within the scope of delivery to be realized as a turnkey project, the company will equip platform with the necessary storage and consumable equipment, disposal equipment, lighting, air conditioning, X-ray imaging device and Kut...
  • IADWS for India
    IADWS for India February 15 2020
    The US State Department has decided to approve a possible Foreign Military Sale to India of an Integrated Air Defence Weapon System (IADWS) for an estimated cost of $1.867 billion.  The Defence Security Cooperation Agency delivered the required certification notifying Congress of this possible sale on February 7, 2020. The Government of India has requested to buy an Integrated Air Defence Weapon System (IADWS) comprised of five AN/MPQ-64Fl Sentinel radar systems; 118 AMRAAM AIM...
  • Russia Develops Small-Size Munitions for Drones
    Russia Develops Small-Size Munitions for Drones February 15 2020
    Russia’s Tactical Missiles Corporation develops small-size munitions for unmanned aerial vehicles with Kronshtadt hi-tech. " The items in the weight category of 50 kg to 100 kg will enjoy strong demand," the chief executive said at a news briefing on the results of the corporation’s performance in 2019“ corporation Chief Boris Obnosov said on Friday. The Tactical Missiles Corporation is one of Russia’s largest defence holding companies wit...
  • Second Tanker Arrived To France
    Second Tanker Arrived To France February 14 2020
    The second delivery of the tankers ordered to replace the existing aerial refueling aircraft that have reached the end of their economic life has been completed. Lockheed Martin completed the delivery of four C-130J Super Hercules ordered in 2016 by France. The company announced that the delivery process with two KC-130J Super Hercules.  The French Air Force (Armée de l'air / ALA), which accepted the first platforms in 2017 and 2018, received the KC-13...
  • New Vehicle Delivery to Indonesia
    New Vehicle Delivery to Indonesia February 12 2020
    Indonesia continues to taking delivery of new military platforms. Images of new vehicles arrived to the country were published on social media. In the images published on social media, it was determined that the Indonesian Army (TNI-AD) received new systems. In the first batch deliveries, five CAESAR 155 mm self-propelled howitzers were received. Within the scope of the new batch shipment that reached the country by the sea a few days later, four M3 amphibious rigs and an unkno...
  • Nuclear Submarine Will Be Inventory Within Two Months
    Nuclear Submarine Will Be Inventory Within Two Months February 11 2020
    The Borei-A Class Knyaz Vladimir submarine, developed under the Project 955A modernization program for the Russian Navy, has a short time to enter the inventory. Russian officials announced that the platform, which provides its energy from nuclear power, has successfully completed extensive tests. Knyaz Vladimir will be delivered to the Russian Navy in about a month and a half. It was floated out in November 2017. According to the data of Russia’s Defence Ministry, the sub Knyaz Vladimi...
  • First Modernised Leopard Tanks for Denmark
    First Modernised Leopard Tanks for Denmark February 10 2020
    Due to Increasing Russian activities in the region and requirement of compatibility with modern battlefield conditions, the Baltic countries continue to modernise their armed forces. In this context, Germany delivered the first batch of modernised Leopard 2 tanks to the end-user. The Royal Danish Army completed the acceptance process of the first batch of Leopard 2A7 tanks. Copenhagen inked an agreement with Germany for upgrading Leopard 2A5 tanks to the A7 level, which offers highe...
  • FNSS Starts Mass Production of HARİMAU MT
    FNSS Starts Mass Production of HARİMAU MT February 6 2020
    FNSS Savunma Sistemleri A.Ş. starts mass production of Medium Weight Class Tank HARİMAU MT. The tank, developed by FNSS in partnership with PT Pindad, an Indonesian State Industry organisation, had completed all the qualification tests of the Indonesian army and started to mass production. The joint production contract was signed at the IDEF in 2019, and it entered into force last December. The mass production work began at the FNSS facilities. Under the agreement, FNSS wi...
  • Second Phase of ASELSAN "ATOM" Completed
    Second Phase of ASELSAN "ATOM" Completed February 5 2020
    ASELSAN continues to delivery process of the indigenous products as well as R&D activities and sales. Within the scope of the delivery process of ATOM 35 mm Particle Ammunition, the second batch product was taken to the Turkish Armed Forces inventory at the Karapınar Test and Evaluation Group Command of the Ministry of National Defence. Presidency of Defence Industries (Savunma Sanayii Başkanlığı / SSB), which responsible for acquisition and r&D processes of a...
  • First Su-35 Made Maiden Flight
    First Su-35 Made Maiden Flight February 4 2020
    Russia continues its efforts to increase the efficiency of the platforms with its modernization and improvement activities. According to a statement from the Russian Ministry of Defense, the first Su-35S made its first flight in the past days. It was announced that the platform, which meets the sky within the scope of the activity carried out on January 29, was manufactured as part of the first batch of 60 aircraft packages to be delivered to the Western Military District.
  • Armed Drone Delivered to Turkey
    Armed Drone Delivered to Turkey February 3 2020
    Turkey continues studies on many different types of unmanned aerial vehicle projects and put a new one into inventory. Presidency of Defence Industries announced that the Songar armed drone system was delivered to the security forces. Instution announced the delivery with "Songar armed drone systems developed as part of our Armed Mini / Micro UAV Project were delivered to our security forces." expression from the official social media accounts. Developed to ...
  • Spain Acquires 24 PC-21 Aircraft
    Spain Acquires 24 PC-21 Aircraft February 1 2020
    Pilatus Aircraft announced that Spain had ordered 24 Pilatus PC-21 single-engine turboprop trainers to replace its obsolete Casa C-101 Aviojets used since 1980. The contract is worth €204.75 million and calls for the first six aircraft to be delivered by March. The Spanish Air Force, Ejército del Aire, is the third European air force to opt for the Swiss-produced PC-21, the Next Generation Trainer.  
  • Poland Signs $4.6B F-35 Deal
    Poland Signs $4.6B F-35 Deal February 1 2020
    Poland officially signed a Foreign Military Sales Agreement to buy 32 F-35A. worth $4.6 billion. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced the price tag. The original State Department approval allowed for a price as high as $6.5 billion. Delivery is scheduled to being in 2024. Low-rate initial production (LRIP) lot 13 F-35As are already priced below $80 million a copy (including engines) for the so-called flyaway cost. FMS deals include logistics, training and other support...
  • Loitering Munition to Turkish Armed Forces
    Loitering Munition to Turkish Armed Forces January 31 2020
    The first batch of loitering munition delivery to the Turkish Armed Forces officially completed. President of Defence Industries Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir announced the deliveries from official Twitter account with "We made the first Kamikaze Mini UAV KARGU-2 delivery to our security forces within the scope of the signed contract." words. The autonomy level of Kargu-2, which has features such as increased endurance and low noise level, is higher than its p...
  • UK’s Card for Scotland; £1.7bn a year Defence Expense
    UK’s Card for Scotland; £1.7bn a year Defence Expense January 31 2020
    The United Kingdom officially exits from the European Union with concerns about Scotland behind. Political aspirations have peculiar and unexpected results. British conservatives voted against the European Union with the fear that the Union would divide them. The result, however, brings the concern to reality. While the member of Kingdom leaves Union, Scotland wants to stay. The Kingdom self divides. Under the shadow of Britain exiting from EU, British defence journal ukde...
  • The Last Tiger of the Spanish Army
    The Last Tiger of the Spanish Army January 29 2020
    Airbus Helicopters has announced that an important milestone has been left behind for Tiger attack helicopters. The delivery phase of Spain's Tiger attack helicopter story, which started in 2003, was completed. The Spanish Army (Ejército de Tierra) received the 18th and last Tiger HAD helicopter after a long delivery phase. Last platform is announced as Tiger HAD (Helicoptero de Apoyo y Destrucción / Support and Destruction Helicopter) H2 varian...
  • Second Batch of S-400 Deliveries Completed
    Second Batch of S-400 Deliveries Completed January 28 2020
    The delivery process continues in the Chinese S-400s, whhich, experienced problems with the transportation of the first batch systems during transportation with ships. Second batch of S-400 systems reached to destination, which transported with ships. Beijing received all the necessary systems and equipment for the second S-400 regiment with delivery, including 120 launchers, generator sets and other subsystem equipment, as well as two launcher divisions, . China...
  • Short List on MANPADS Tender
    Short List on MANPADS Tender January 27 2020
    The Philippines, which has reducing its soldier number and equipments until 2014, when the radical religionist terrorist organization ISIS began to grow stronger in the region, continues its re-armament process. A short list was announced in the tender for the short-range air defence system (MANPADS / Man Portable Air Defence System), which is one of the procurement projects launched for the reconstruction and equipment of the armed forces. French MBDA and Korean LIG Nex1 ...
  • New Machine Gun is "Safe"
    New Machine Gun is "Safe" January 27 2020
    Sig Sauer left behind an important step in their work to fill the gap between machine guns using 7.62x51mm NATO and 12.7x99mm BMG ammunition. The new system, called the MG 338, completed safety certification tests and entered the US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) inventory. "This safety certification was achieved after the extraordinary performance of the entire MG 338 system with the challenges of the comprehensive functionality, durability and safety tests laid out...
  • Ukraine’s Radio Delivery Accomplished
    Ukraine’s Radio Delivery Accomplished January 24 2020
    Regarding the contract signed with Ukrainian SpetsTechnoExport company, the delivery of software-defined radios and intercommunication systems have been completed. According to information published at ASELSAN magazine, sales for the export of military communications products, the first contract with the Ukrainian SpetsTechnoExport company as signed in December 2016 and several shipments have been made until today. The delivery is accomplished
  • First USMC F-35C is Operational
    First USMC F-35C is Operational January 24 2020
    The USA left another important milestone behind the F-35C Lightning II aircraft. Five years after the delivery of first F-35C Lightning II (serial number 114), the first US Marine Corps operational unit received the F-35C Lightning II. The platform, which will be used for pilot training missions first, was assigned to VMFA 314 "Black Nights" (Marine Fighter Attack Squadron). The unit, which stopped flights with F/A-18 Hornet aircraft in June of last year, en...
  • Newest V-22 in Skies
    Newest V-22 in Skies January 24 2020
    The newest variant of the V-22 Osprey, which will replace the C-2 Greyhound carrier onboard delivery aircraft in the past years, made maiden flight. The new model, developed in partnership with Boeing and Bell Textron, was named as CMV-22B Osprey. With the activity at Bell's Amarillo Assembly Center, an important milestone has been left behind in the C-2 Greyhound replacement program. CMV-22, which will replace C-2 Greyhound aircraft will serve for transporti...
  • Wind of Change for F-35 Lightning II
    Wind of Change for F-35 Lightning II January 22 2020
    Lockheed Martin said on Tuesday that a cloud-based network would replace the computer-based logistics system in all its F-35 fighter jets by 2022 end. The Operational Data Integrated Network (ODIN) will replace the Autonomic Logistics Information System (ALIS), which was blamed for delaying aircraft maintenance, one of the very things it was meant to facilitate. The system was made to underpin the F-35 fleet’s daily operations, ranging from mission planning and flight scheduling to repa...
  • Russia Denies S-400 Joint Production
    Russia Denies S-400 Joint Production January 21 2020
    Russia has supplied more than 120 surface-to-air missiles to Turkey as per a delivery and acceptance act signed by Turkey and Russia in December, Russian news agency Tass reported on Monday. Russia has also delivered auxiliary equipment, spare parts and tools, Tass quoted the unnamed source as saying, but the contract with Turkey did not include at all any “technology transfer, even partial.” Turkish Defence Industry Presidency İsmail Demir in January told repo...
  • Power Boost for the Russian Navy
    Power Boost for the Russian Navy January 21 2020
    Russia’s Project 20385 “Gremyashchiy” armed with Kalibr and Oniks cruise missiles has completed state trials in the Barents Sea. The ship has completed its program of trials at Northern Fleet ranges. In the White Sea, the vessel delivered fire with Kalibr and Oniks cruise missiles against a coastal and a naval target. Project 20385 envisages a hangar for a Ka-27 helicopter. The corvettes displace 2,200 tonnes and their sea endurance is 15 days. They are armed with Kalibr-NK ...
  • Serbia Continues Arming
    Serbia Continues Arming January 20 2020
    Serbia, which has improved its air power in cooperation with Russia, has taken new action for air defence systems. Belgrade announced the new acquisition agreement in this context. Serbia, which examined the Pantsir air defense systems during the Slavic Shield-2019 Air Defence Exercise, which was held in Serbia jointly with Russia last October, announced the procurement of the mentioned system from Russia. During the exercise, Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić f...
  • The ALACA Period at Sea
    The ALACA Period at Sea January 18 2020
    Meteksan Defence Company announced on the social media account that the Radar Cross-Sectional Measurement system, which is designed and developed for the Naval Forces Command, was delivered to the force. ALACA 35 GHz Radar Cross Section Measurement System was developed to increase the survivability of the platforms in inventory. The contract for the design, development and production of "Millimetre Wave Radar Cross-Sectional Measurement System" with entirely local faciliti...
  • China tested a new heavy-duty drone with three engines
    China tested a new heavy-duty drone with three engines January 18 2020
    According to Chinese media, on January 16, 2020, a heavy three-engine unmanned aerial vehicle developed by the Chinese company Tengoen Technology made its maiden flight at one of the airfields in southwest China. The Chinese company Tengoen Technology (also known as Tengdun) was founded in 2016. The new unmanned aerial vehicle is a three-engine UAV built on a two-fuselage scheme. Its wingspan is 20 m, length - 10, height - 3.3 m. The maximum take-off weight reaches 3200 kg, with a payloa...
  • The second Squadron of F-35I Adir for Israeli Air Force
    The second Squadron of F-35I Adir for Israeli Air Force January 17 2020
    The 116th "Lions of the South" squadron will join the 140th "Golden Eagle" unit to become the Israeli Air Force’s (IAF) second official group of F-35I Adir stealth fighter jets. With the arrival of the first two F-35I aircraft for the 116th Fleet to Nevatim base in November 2019, the total number of F-35s in Israel reached 20. The government has currently received 20 of the 50 F-35I variants from Lockheed Martin required to bring both squadrons to capacity....
  • Replecement Time to Beretta 92 of France
    Replecement Time to Beretta 92 of France January 16 2020
    France continues the replacing process of firearms with pistols. In 2017, the Paris government began replacing FAMAS with HK416F infantry rifles and now, launched a procurement process for the armed force's pistols. Beretta 92FS pistols, which have been in service with the name PAMAS G1 for about 30 years, will be replaced by Glock 17 Gen 5s. The French Army will procure 74,559 Glock 17 in the first phase. The total cost of weapons which expected to be delive...
  • Mi-35s Arrived Uzbekistan
    Mi-35s Arrived Uzbekistan January 16 2020
    Russia continues to deliveries in parallel with arms sales. Two Mi-35 helicopters were delivered to the end user. Mi-35M (NATO Code: Hind-E) helicopters continue to arrive new users. In this context, the Armed Forces of Uzbekistan received four platforms ordered from Russia. The delivery news was recently aired on a local television station. According to the sales announcement announced in March 2018, Uzbekistan will receive a total of 12 Mi-35M deliveries.
  • Leonardo to Provide Training Helicopter
    Leonardo to Provide Training Helicopter January 14 2020
    Following the announcement of the platform to replace the UH-1s in the Air Force inventory, the USA made its final decision in the process of AHTS (Advanced Helicopter Training System). The winner was Leonardo in the scope of the AHTS Program, which was launched for the replace the TH-57B / C Sea Ranger helicopters in the Navy inventory. Within the scope of deliveries planned to start in 2022, a total of 32 TH-73As will enter the American Navy inventory. The platforms, the...
  • New Trucks for Bundeswehr
    New Trucks for Bundeswehr January 14 2020
    The German Army has recently announced a new procurement agreement, which has received budget approvals for new procurement and modernization programs. With the 382 million Euro agreement, the logistics infrastructure of the German Land Forces will be reinforced. With the agreement signed in the last days of 2019, new trucks will be entered in the inventory of the German Army (Bundeswehr). 1000 logistics trucks will be purchased in the scope of framework contract which sig...