• Russia Denies S-400 Joint Production
    Russia Denies S-400 Joint Production January 21 2020
    Russia has supplied more than 120 surface-to-air missiles to Turkey as per a delivery and acceptance act signed by Turkey and Russia in December, Russian news agency Tass reported on Monday. Russia has also delivered auxiliary equipment, spare parts and tools, Tass quoted the unnamed source as saying, but the contract with Turkey did not include at all any “technology transfer, even partial.” Turkish Defence Industry Presidency İsmail Demir in January told repo...
  • First Delivery for STA Project
    First Delivery for STA Project December 25 2019
    The Weapon Carrier Project (Silah Taşıyıcı Araçlar / STA), which started in 2014, has reached an important milestone. The first two vehicles delivered to Turkish Army today. Delivery ceremony of the STAs developed within the scope of the Turkish Armed Forces' requirements for an anti-tank platform was held at FNSS Gölbaşı Facilities today. Four systems; such as Pars 4x4, Kaplan, Kornet and OMTAS turret were developed within the scope of the project. A total of 2...
  • Kargu-2 Coming
    Kargu-2 Coming December 15 2019
    Professor İsmail Demir, President of Defence Industry, announced the latest developments regarding Kamikaze Mini IHAs procured from STM. Demir announced on his personal twitter account, said: “We are developing the Kamikaze Mini UAV, an important element of the fight against terrorism. According to the contract we signed with @STMDefence, it delivers 356 Kargu-2 with increased duty time, altitude and autonomy, low noise level, new targeting algorithm.”
  • 2023 Targets Revised:
    2023 Targets Revised: November 30 2019
    Defence Industry President Professor Ismail Demir announced that the defence industry export targets of $ 25 billion for 2023, previously announced, were revised to 10.2 billion. The Global Strategies Conference in Defence and Aviation Industry was held in Antalya. Speaking at the opening of the conference Defence and Aerospace Industry Exporters’ Assocıatıon (SSI) Chairman Latif Aral Aliş said they had to increase exports, the rate of export growth between 2012-2018 is 6...
  • TCG Anadolu is waiting for the end of 2020
    TCG Anadolu is waiting for the end of 2020 November 21 2019
    President of Defence Industry Dr. İsmail Demir said that they would deliver the TCG Anatolian Ship to the Navy towards the end of 2020. The multi-purpose amphibious assault ship (Landing Helicopter Dock /LHD) TCG Anadolu, is under construction in Istanbul Tuzla. Demir has paid a visit to investigate developments in TCG Anatolia. Demir, following visit, made a statement: “Our boat, known to the public as an aircraft carrier, is being carried out very regularly and whe...
  • Demir: S-400 to be operated in Turkey without Russian personnel November 17 2019
    President of the Defence Industry, Ismail Demir said that no Russian personnel would operate the S-400 missile defence systems after they enter service in Turkey. Speaking at a television interview, Demir said, "Turkish specialists are continuing their training in Russia. We have reiterated more than once that there will be no Russian personnel [to operate the S-400]," he said adding that Turkey had no plans to put aside the S-400 missile defence systems having purchased them from R...
  • Upgraded ATAK helicopter carries out maiden flight
    Upgraded ATAK helicopter carries out maiden flight November 13 2019
    Turkey's domestically developed T129 Tactical Reconnaissance and Attack Helicopter (ATAK) has been upgraded and performed its maiden flight on Wednesday at the facilities of Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAS) in Ankara. Defence Industries, President Professor İsmail Demir, announced the upgraded ATAK's first flight on his official Twitter account. "The ATAK Phase 2, equipped with a laser warning system and upgraded electronic warfare systems, successfully carried out ...
  • The Number of KORKUT Increased in Turkish Armed Forces Inventory
    The Number of KORKUT Increased in Turkish Armed Forces Inventory November 12 2019
    Turkish Armed Forces has increased the number of ASELSAN’s KORKUT Self Propelled Air Defence Gun Systems in its inventory to 13 units with the latest delivery. “We have delivered 13 KORKUT Low Altitude Air Defence Weapon System to Turkish Armed Forces with the latest deliveries. KORKUT, developed by ASELSAN with national means, has contributed to our air defence capabilities further. KORKUT has brought new capabilities to subsidiary industry.” President of Defence Industries...
  • Atmaca Firing from Kinaliada
    Atmaca Firing from Kinaliada November 4 2019
    President of Defence Industry İsmail Demir shared the latest news about Atmaca surface-to-surface cruise missile from his twitter account. Demir said, “We have realised the first national missile fire from our national ship”. Demir’s statement is; “First national maritime cruise missile ATMACA, which was developed and produced by Roketsan, was successfully launched from TCG Kınalıada. We aim to enter the inventory of ATMACA in the second half of 2020 ”.
  • Intensive Agenda In The Sector
    Intensive Agenda In The Sector October 31 2019
    In the defence industry sector, Ankara will have an intensive agenda today. The 5th Capture The Flag (CTF) competition organised by Defence Technologies Engineering Company (STM) will start early in the morning and end at around 18 in the evening. In the race, hacker teams will compete with each other to win the grand prize. On the other hand, defence companies will come together with different sectors at the Efficiency Summit to open a stand. The Australian / Asian Rotorcraft Forum will be h...
  • The third type of Attack Helicopter from TUSAŞ: T629
    The third type of Attack Helicopter from TUSAŞ: T629 October 30 2019
    Turkish Aerospace’s General Manager and CEO, Temel Kotil, publicised that the company would develop a six-ton attack or armed helicopter – designated T629 – that will fill the gap between the five-ton T129 ATAK and the forthcoming 10-ton ATAK II Heavy Attack Helicopter. In an interview with GBP Aerospace and Defence magazine, Kotil stated, “The designs have been finalised, and we plan to carry out the first flight of this new helicopter in about a year.&rdquo...
  • 52nd Atak Delivered
    52nd Atak Delivered September 27 2019
    Turkish Aerospace Industry (TUSAŞ) delivered the 52nd T-129 Atak helicopter produced for the Turkish Land Forces Command to the Force. Defence Industry President Professor Ismail Demir announced on his personal Twitter account. Demir said, “We have delivered 52nd of our T129 Atak helicopters to the Turkish Land Forces Command. The helicopter supports our security forces in day and night in all weather conditions “.
  • Russia Re-offers S-400 to Saudi Arabia September 19 2019
    Russian President Vlademir Putin who offered S-400 Air Defence Systems to Saudi Arabia. President Putin met with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, and Iran's President Hassan Rouhani in Ankara to discuss Syria’s future. President Putin spoke at a joint news conference and he said, "In order to protect Saudi Arabia, we are ready to provide the corresponding aid to the country. Riyadh just needs to make a wise decision; like Iran’s S-300 buy & Turkey’s purch...
  • Turkey Successfully Tests SOM-B2
    Turkey Successfully Tests SOM-B2 September 6 2019
    Turkey's indigenous, bunker-busting and long-range cruise missile SOM-B2 has completed its preliminary firing test. President of Defence Industries Professor İsmail Demir announced from his personal twitter account that "The SOM-B2 missile successfully hit the target in the firing test". adding that the missile "successfully concluded" its development, ground and flight tests. SOM is developed by the Defence Research and Development Institute of the Turkish S...
  • Demir: Journey of the Engine Started July 30 2019
    TUSAŞ Motor Industry based in Eskişehir Inc. (TEI) opened  Materials Testing and the Research Laboratory with a ceremony where President of Defence Industry Prof. İsmail Demir attended. Demir said, "Turkey has begun the motor trip. We will be able successfully reach our destiny in this journey.”   The Laboratory  is NADCAP accredited. Speaking at the opening ceremony Demir said Turkey started working on the engine 20 years ago, but he said that th...
  • Human and Technological Preparedness Level For Aircraft June 3 2019
    The air force, which were established only in 1911, is an adventure that kicked off with an aircraft Vecihi Hürkuş built out of assembled aircraft parts. The Turkish Aeronautical Association which was founded in 1925 and Demirağ Aircraft Factory which was founded in 1936, Yavuz Kansu’s THK-13 flying wing project in 1947, TOMTAŞ, TAI. A very, very long process. Compared to countries that produce aircraft or make significant amounts of money from aviation and space technolo...
  • First Domestically Built Black Hawk Engine Delivered
    First Domestically Built Black Hawk Engine Delivered May 15 2019
    The process continues to progress in helicopters to be manufactured at TUSAŞ facilities under licence within scope of the T70 Utility Helicopter Program. In this context, TEI delivered the first T700-TEI-701D turboshaft engine produced under license. The delivery ceremony was held at TEI facilities based in Eskişehir. The ground laying ceremony for TR Engine, which will be the Turboshaft engine R & D center, was also held at the ceremony. President of Defense Industry Dr. Ismail...
  • THY TEKNİK for HİK Logistics
    THY TEKNİK for HİK Logistics May 1 2019
    Within the scope of the Airborne Early Warning and Control Aircraft System Logistics Support Project, the Presidency for Defence Industries (SSB) and Turkish Technic has signed a Cooperation Protocol. The ceremony was attended by the President of SSB Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir, Turkish Technic CEO Ahmet Kahraman, Air Force Command and SSB officials, and sector representatives. With this project, it is planned to provide all kinds of products and services which will be required by the Ai...
  • Significant Work Share for ASELSAN in ALTAY
    Significant Work Share for ASELSAN in ALTAY May 1 2019
    The total cost of the ASELSAN deliveries within the scope of the Serial Production Project of ALTAY Main Battle Tank was EUR 840,986,250. In the light of experience obtained from the ALTAY Project, ASELSAN became the only company capable of integrating all of its mission equipment and software for the main battle tanks on domestic and national platforms. The contract was signed at IDEF for ASELSAN to provide systems for ALTAY Tanks. The ceremony where BMC met with other subcont...
  • Sharp Eye for Low Altitude: Radar on the Way
    Sharp Eye for Low Altitude: Radar on the Way May 1 2019
    The Presidency for Defence Industries (SSB) and ASELSAN signed Low Altitude Radar (AİR) System Project. At the signing ceremony held at IDEF’19, the President of SSB Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir, ASELSAN and sector representatives attended. Within the scope of the project, it is aimed to cover low-altitude and medium/long-range areas which cannot be covered by Early Warning Radars and to replace Early Warning Radars in case they malfunction. The first system delivery will take place...
  • Kaplan Enters Serial Production
    Kaplan Enters Serial Production April 30 2019
    Medium Weight Tank Joint Serial Production Agreement for the Indonesian Army was signed at IDEF’19. FNSS and PT Pindad signed a Medium Weight Class Tank Joint Serial Production Agreement on 30 April at IDEF’19 with the participation of the President of Defence Industries Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir, FNSS CEO and General Manager Nail Kurt and Indonesian authorities. FNSS and PT Pindad reached an agreement for the Serial Production of the Kaplan MT (Harimau)...
  • ASELSAN’s Korkut in the Sea: GÖKDENİZ
    ASELSAN’s Korkut in the Sea: GÖKDENİZ April 30 2019
    The GÖKDENİZ Close Air Defence System for Marine Platforms (YHSS), which was developed as a result of the adaptation of KORKUT Self-Propelled Gun Barrelled Low-Altitude Air Defence Weapon System to marine platforms under the scope of the contract executed by the Presidency for Defence Industries, was introduced at IDEF’19 at ASELSAN’s stand with the participation of the President of Defence Industries Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir, the Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of A...
  • IDEF'19 Kicks Off
    IDEF'19 Kicks Off April 30 2019
    IDEF'19 International Defence Industry Fair has kicked off in Istanbul. The President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the Minister of National Defence Hulusi Akar and the President of Defence Industries Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir also attended the fair and gave speeches. In addition to the developments in the Turkish Defence Industry, the importance of indigenously developed technologies and systems was once again emphasised. In addition, Erdoğan stated, "An F-35 programme without Turkey is destin...
  • Additional Armour for Turkish Leopard 2A4s
    Additional Armour for Turkish Leopard 2A4s March 22 2019
    Developments in Leopard 2A4 tanks are on the agenda in order to increase the survivability of the platforms in the light of Euphrates Shield and Olive Branch operations experiences. Minister of National Defence Hulusi Akar, Chief of General Staff Gen. Yaşar Güler, Land Forces Commander General Ümit Dündar, Commander of the Navy Admiral Adnan Özbal, Defence Industry President İsmail Demir and Deputy Minister Muhsin Dere audited the 2nd Main Maintenance Factory in ...
  • Hava Soj’s Aircraft Arrived
    Hava Soj’s Aircraft Arrived March 15 2019
    Two Bombardier Global 6000 type aircraft, into which systems to be developed within the scope of the Remote Electronic Support/Electronic Attack Ability in Air Platform (HAVA SOJ) Project will be integrated, have been brought to Turkey, according to a statement by the Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB) Friday. The project has been initiated by the SSB to develop electronic warfare special mission aircraft. Defence Industries Presidency (SSB) Chairman Professor İsmail D...
  • Wind Tunnel Suprise for TF-X
    Wind Tunnel Suprise for TF-X February 20 2019
    Defence Industry President Prof. Ismail Demir made a statement from his twitter account about Turkish Fighter Aircraft TF-X. Demir said, "Certain systems of TF-X aircraft are currently going through wind tunnel testing. The aircraft is to roll-out in 2023." 
  • ASELSAN Protection for TF-X
    ASELSAN Protection for TF-X February 7 2019
    President of Defence Industry Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir made a statement from his personal twitter account regarding the electronic warfare unit which was put into use in f-16 warplanes. Referring to the work of ASELSAN, Dr. Demir said, “Our F-16s are safe with the integration of SPEWS-II Electronic Warfare (EH) Self-Protection System developed by ASELSAN. We will transfer our know-how from this and other projects to our TF-X.”
  • New Horizons in Turkish Defence Industry January 10 2019
    Acting as a bridge for the development of critical technologies and supply of requirements of military and police forces as users, the SSB must set a goal to develop at the maximum level national, indigenous and advanced technologies. Organised for the first time in December, the Turkish Defence Industry Summit was a pioneering event to bring together our statesmen, valuable industrialists, thinkers and scientists to discuss a roadmap for strategy. During the Summit, the President o...
  • "New Player in Counterterrorism: Artificial Intelligence" Panel Started
    "New Player in Counterterrorism: Artificial Intelligence" Panel Started December 25 2018
    New Player in Counterterrorism: Artificial Intelligence, organized by the STM Thinktech, began today at Sheraton Ankara. The event started with the opening speech of STM General Manager Murat İkinci and continued with the panel of Journalist Hakan Çelik. As a panelist; President of Defense Industry Dr. İsmail Demir, Chief of the General Staff General Plan Principles, Major General Reha Ufuk Er, President of the Digital Transformation Office of the President. Ali Taha Koç, Presid...
  • Philippines and Turkey Inked MoU
    Philippines and Turkey Inked MoU December 18 2018
    Turkey, signed a memorandum of understanding with the Philippines. Agreement between the Philippines and Turkey is on the defence industry cooperation.       With the agreement signed to increase cooperation between the two countries, the two countries will cooperate in defence. In addition to many projects, the procurement of weapons, ammunition and pistols is expected to continue. Besides, many projects such as T129 Atak helicopters, un...
  • Ukraine and Turkey Expand Cooperation On Maritime Platforms
    Ukraine and Turkey Expand Cooperation On Maritime Platforms November 24 2018
    Ukraine and Turkey have extended bilateral cooperation in the defence industry complex and are considering the prospects for cooperation in setting up joint ventures in the field of construction of land-based, aviation and Maritime platforms. This was reported by the press service of the National Security and Defence Council  (NSDC) of Ukraine. Ukrainian First Deputy Secretary of the NSDC Oleg Hladkovskiy met with President of the Defence Industry of Turkey Professor ...
  • STM Exports “Moavin” to Pakistan November 6 2018
    Savunma Teknolojileri Mühendislik ve Ticaret (STM) had launched three naval projects with Pakistan. Two of these projects were related with ship export while the third involved submarine modernisation. In October, STM delivered to the Pakistan Naval Forces the first of these projects, namely the indigenously-designed Offshore Supply Ship. Naming the ship as “PNS MOAWIN”, the Pakistan Naval Forces organised a delivery ceremony at the Karachi Shipyard attended by the ...
  • STM Delivers One Of İts Largest Single-İtem Export Projects: Fleet Tanker To Pakistan Navy
    STM Delivers One Of İts Largest Single-İtem Export Projects: Fleet Tanker To Pakistan Navy October 16 2018
    The Pakistan Navy Fleet Tanker (PNFT), one of the biggest single-item export projects of the Turkish defence industry, was delivered to the Pakistan Navy at a commissioning ceremony held in Karachi.   Pakistani President Arif Alvi, Defence Industries President Professor İsmail Demir, Defence Technologies Engineering and Trade Inc. (STM) Chairman İhsan Kaya, STM General Manager Murat İkinci, STM Karachi Director Halil Baş and the military authorities of the two countri...
  • ASELSAN’s CATS System Enters Turkish İnventory On Anka-S UAV
    ASELSAN’s CATS System Enters Turkish İnventory On Anka-S UAV September 27 2018
    ASELSAN’s Common Aperture Targeting System (CATS) E/O system has entered the inventory of the Turkish Air Force (TAF), Ismail Demir, President of the Turkish Defence Industries Presidency (SSB), announced on his personal Twitter account on 25 September. The CATS electro-optical/infrared (EO/IR) reconnaissance, surveillance, and targeting system will be carried by the TAF's satellite-controlled Anka-S unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and is expected to gradually replace the US-made FLIR...
  • Maiden Flight From T625
    Maiden Flight From T625 September 6 2018
     Turkish Aerospace Industries indigenous helicopter T625 made its maiden flight this morning in Ankara, at company’s Kazan facilities. President of Defence Industries Prof. Ismail Demir announced the flight from his personal twitter account.
  • T625 Runs Its Engine
    T625 Runs Its Engine September 3 2018
    Turkish Aerospace Industries indigenous helicopter project T625 runs its engines for the first time. Company announced the test from its official twitter account and soon after President of Defence Industry Presidency, Professor Ismail Demir announced it from its personal twitter account. President Demir congratulated the team for their success and published the video of first run. Helicopter is scheduled to realize its maiden flight by September 6th, so far there is no announcement about it....
  • Electromagnetic Gun Agreement
    Electromagnetic Gun Agreement May 25 2018
    Undersecretariat of Defense Industry (SSM) announced a new development with a press release today. SSM and Anadolu Yönlendirmiş Enerji Teknolojileri A.Ş. signed the "Electromagnetic Gun System Field Prototype Procurement Project Contract" signed by the Undersecretariat of Defense Industry. Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir, OSTİM Chairman Orhan Aydın, OSTİM Savunma ve Havacılık Kümelenmesi (OSSA) officials and sector representatives attended. Undersecretary D...
  • ROBOIK 2018 Begins
    ROBOIK 2018 Begins May 24 2018
    Turkish Undersecretariat for Defence Industries (SSM) will hold three different competitions in two areas this year under the "ROBOİK" roof, which promotes the design of unmanned and autonomous systems which increasingly gain importance in defence industry. The launch meeting of the competitions was held on May 22 in Ankara with the participation of Undersecretary for Defence Industries Dr. İsmail Demir and of institutions and organizations support...
  • Altay Contract Is Close
    Altay Contract Is Close May 18 2018
    Turkish Undersecretary for Defence Industries, Prof. Ismail Demir, said as the negotiations continue with BMC, they were close to signing a contract regarding the serial production of Altay tank project during his speech at the Turkish Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges Defence Industry and Sector Council. Demir said that more than a thousand Kirpi as well as more than 300 Cobra and Ejder Yalcin entered the inventory while the ongoing projects of the guiding ki...
  • Fire Suppression Systems Become National with Alp
    Fire Suppression Systems Become National with Alp April 26 2018
    Alp Aviation has signed an agreement with UTC Aerospace Systems / KIDDE Aerospace & Defense which is a subsidiary of United Technologies Corporation. With the agreement, fire detection and suppression systems used in military land vehicles, military aircraft, military shelters and positions, as well as civilian air and marine vehicles, will be get national. The agreement was signed with the participation of the Defense Industry Undersecretary Prof. Dr. Ismail Demir at the Eurasia Airshow ...