• New Appointment to Military Factories
    New Appointment to Military Factories January 3 2020
    Veysel Unverdi is appointed as General Manager of Military Factories of the Ministry of National Defence according to the decision dated January 3, 2020 and published in the Official Gazette no. 30997, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan appointed Veysel Ünverdi to the General Directorate of Military Factories of the Ministry of National Defence, which was available position.
  • France to Construct New FDI-Class-Frigates
    France to Construct New FDI-Class-Frigates October 28 2019
    The steel-cutting ceremony of the first defence and intervention frigate (Frégate de Défense et d'Intervention /FDI) took place on the Naval Group site of Lorient. The ceremony was held in the presence of the Minister for Armed Forces, Florence Parly, the Head of the French Armament Directorate (DGA) Délégué Général pour l’Armement, Joël Barre, the Chief of Staff of the French Navy Christophe Prazuck, the Chief of the Hellenic Na...
  • RST at Kiev with Indigenous Solutions
    RST at Kiev with Indigenous Solutions October 7 2019
    Arms and Security 2019 defence expo in Ukraine starts tomorrow. Defence and Aerospace Industry Exporters' Association provides National Participation to the event, which is the media sponsorship of C4Defence magazine. During the fair, many Turkish Compaies such as Aselsan, Roketsan, STM hve booth also. In close cooperation with TÜBİTAK BİLGEM, RST is working on remote sensing technology named after the company. The company has developed a portable meteorological radar which...
  • The US to Find Way with Raytheon August 13 2019
    Raytheon received security certification for new GPS modules and receivers from the Global Positioning Systems Directorate at the U.S. Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center. The new modules and receivers will give military aircraft, ships, ground vehicles and weapon systems secure and reliable access to modernized GPS. "Because GPS is under constant attack, we worked with our government partners to create new M-code modules and receivers that give the military secure and r...
  • Unmanned Era on MineSweeper
    Unmanned Era on MineSweeper August 10 2019
    The unmanned surface vessel of the SLAMF/MMCM (Système de Lutte Anti-Mines du Futur / Maritime Mine Counter Measures) program carried out a demonstration of its capabilities in Brest harbour in June 2019. Testing with teams from the French Navy, French Armament General Directorate (DGA) and Thales is ongoing while qualification for the whole system is set for December this year. SLAMF results from Franco-British cooperation initiated in 2010 as part of the Lancaster House agr...
  • Israel Tested Arrow-3 in Alaska
    Israel Tested Arrow-3 in Alaska July 29 2019
      Israel’s Arrow-3 missiles were tested for high-altitude, hit-to-kill engagements at the Pacific Spaceport Complex-Alaska in Kodiak. The tests were a joint effort between the Israel Missile Defence Organization of the Directorate of Defence Research and Development and the U.S. Missile Defence Agency. The Arrow weapon system, which intercepts missiles outside of the atmosphere, is part of Israel’s layered defence system that includes Iron Dome, David&rsqu...
  • X-60A Completes Critical Design Review
    X-60A Completes Critical Design Review March 7 2019
    The X-60A, an air-dropped liquid rocket for hypersonic flight research, has completed its critical design review. The first flight is scheduled in about a year, the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) says. AFRL, Aerospace Systems Directorate, High Speed Systems Division, in partnership with Generation Orbit Launch Services, Inc., is developing the X-60A vehicle. It is an air-dropped liquid rocket specifically designed for hypersonic flight research. AFRL&r...
  • Pentagon to Install HEL on Stryker
    Pentagon to Install HEL on Stryker March 4 2019
      The Pentagon intends to develop high-energy laser weapons on the chassis of the Stryker, Infantry Carrier Vehicle. The order comes from the Directorate of Space and Missile Defence with the United States Strategic Command (STRATCOM). The Pentagon plans to study the possibilities of increasing the efficiency of its HEL (High Energy Laser) weapon by improving its control and cooling systems. The application states that a modern experimental laser facility is...
  • Logistic Support Ship Order
    Logistic Support Ship Order February 4 2019
      France has taken action for logistical support fleet which are end of their useful life. In this context, the French Directorate General of Armaments made a statement to the OCCAR (Organisation Conjointe de Coopération en matière d'Armement / Organisation for Joint Armament Co-operation). France signed an agreement to procurement of four logistics support vessels. In this...
  • The DGA Orders MICA NG Air-to-Air Missiles
    The DGA Orders MICA NG Air-to-Air Missiles November 12 2018
    The Directorate General of Armaments (DGA) on November 6 awarded MBDA a contract for the acquisition of 567 MICA NG missiles and the pyrotechnic modernization of 300 MICA* already in service. DGA pland to equip the Rafale with MICA NG by replacing the MICA air-to-air missiles in service since the early 2000s. The missile is developed in two versions - infrared (IR) and electromagnetic (EM). The MICA NG will be carried byall Rafale. Th...
  • French DGA Qualifies the Rafale F3-R
    French DGA Qualifies the Rafale F3-R November 11 2018
    French instution responsable from armement the Directorate General of Armament (DGA) approved the Rafale's new F3-R standard. France has already launched an upgrade program for F3-R for all 144 Rafale aircraft currently in service. The first ten Rafale F3-R aircraft, will be used by the Air Force and the French Navy to work on their operational implementation.  The F3R standard is an evolution of the Rafale F3 standard.  New standard ables aircraft ...
  • S-70i to Turkish Gendarmerie
    S-70i to Turkish Gendarmerie October 30 2018
    The first S-70i Black Hawk helicopter produced at the PZL-Mielec plant for the Gendarmerie General Command was displayed. In the news published by Scramble Magazine, the image of the J-3943 tail number seen on the platform. Helicopter is painted with white, red and dark blue colour of the gendarmerie. The newest and advanced model of the UH-60 Black Hawk platforms, the S-70i helicopters, are equipped with modern avionics such as a fully integrated digital cockpit. Powered by two T70...
  • Brazil Shortlisted Four European Companies for CCT Tender
    Brazil Shortlisted Four European Companies for CCT Tender October 18 2018
    The Brazilian Navy’s Program Management Directorate (Diretoria de Gestão de Programas da Marinha, DGePM), has announced a “short-list” for the Class-Tamandaré Corvettes (CCT in Portuguese) program comprising the following consortium. Tamandaré Project calls for the construction of an initial batch of four corvettes to replace the ageing Niteroi- and Broadsword-class frigates. The frigates are expected to cost $700 million each, and the corvettes $380 mil...
  • France To Receive Airbus A330 MRTT Tankers Earlier
    France To Receive Airbus A330 MRTT Tankers Earlier September 22 2018
    France has decided to bring forward the delivery of its 12 Airbus A330 MRTT tankers, so all will be in service by 2023 and not 2025, as previously planned. It also said it will order three more. French Defence Minister Florence Parly decided to accelerate the delivery of MRTT Phénix tanker-transport aircraft: by 2023, the French Air Force will have 12.     At the conclusion of a meeting of the Ministerial Investment Committee, the Directorate General of Ar...
  • Indigenious Encrypted Radio for Security General Directorate
    Indigenious Encrypted Radio for Security General Directorate August 8 2018
    Presidency of Defence Industry signed a radio procurement agreement with Aselsan. Ankara and Istanbul Provincial Security Directorates will have a digital radio communication infrastructure with the encrypted digital radio communication system procurement agreement for the requirement of Security General Directorate units. The DMR radio system, which will be procured from Aselsan is delivered to Provincial Security Directorates 15 for the first phase and 7 for th...
  • Vikrant on the Sea at 2020
    Vikrant on the Sea at 2020 July 25 2018
    The Indian Navy made a statement about the INS Vikrant. In the statement, Vikrant will start the sea tests in 2020. Completion of the integration propulsion, power generation, deck machinery and auxillary equipments also announced. Currently, the ship's aircraft, navigation, communications, sensor and weapon integration studies are ongoing.  Directorate of Naval Design of Indian Navy designed the ship with the aid of Fincantieri and Russian Navy Design Bureau. Pla...
  • A400M passes Rafale refueling tests
    A400M passes Rafale refueling tests June 10 2018
    The Airbus A400M airlifter has successfully completed in-flight refueling trials with the Rafale fighter using underwing pods. Directorate General of Armament (DGA)  expects to issue clearance “very shortly,” allowing the French Air Force to work up on this new capability.  A400M refuels by two alternatives; refueling pod attached under the wing (for fighters) or by a fuselage-mounted HDU (Hose Drum Unit) refueling unit for transport aircraft and fighters. An f...
  • Panther Modernization is Close
    Panther Modernization is Close June 8 2018
    The 155-millimeter Panther howitzer, developed by MKEK, became completely different with the touches of ASELSAN and the General Directorate of Military Factories. The process, starting with the modernization of the howitzer with MKEK in 2010 and continuing with the integration on the truck in 2016, was completed with testing of qualification tests. The Panter, one of the most successful weapons of the Turkish artillery, was integrated into the truck and had lower initial cost of pro...
  • 1000th Sarp Sight Delivered
    1000th Sarp Sight Delivered June 8 2018
    The 1000th delivery of the ATS70 electro-optic system, which was mass-produced from 2016 and used in Sarp remote-controlled weapons systems, was completed 100th delivery in the past days. The ATS70, which is an integrated electro-optic system that includes thermal and daytime vision cameras and laser rangefinder systems with continuous magnification, is working on the Sarp systems within the General Directorate of Security, General Command of Gendarmerie and Land Forces Command.
  • Engines for Two Black Hawks To Be Delivered This Year
    Engines for Two Black Hawks To Be Delivered This Year March 26 2018
    TAI Engine Industries (TEI) General Manager Faruk Aksit announced that they will deliver the first four T700-GE-701D engines, which will be produced under the GE license for the Turkish General Purpose Helicopter Project, to Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) within this year. Akşit stated that 60 percent of the T700-GE-701D engine to be used on the 109 T70 General Purpose Helicopters will be indigenous. The helicopters will be developed based on the S70i Helicopter of Lockheed Mart...
  • Guide For The Aviation Industry by SHGM
    Guide For The Aviation Industry by SHGM March 24 2018
    Turkey's General Directorate of Civil Aviation (SHGM) took a new step in creating a systematic discipline on the design of the aircraft and related parts and devices. SHGM prepared "Guidance Document for Part and Equipment Certification in Aeronautics" on this frame. The document will guide organizations interested in designing and manufacturing parts/devices for use in aircraft, as well as organizations seeking to provide services as subcontractors to approved design and/or man...
  • France to Buy 2000 Armored Vehicles
    France to Buy 2000 Armored Vehicles February 14 2018
    France will acquire a fleet of more than 2,000 multi-role light armoured vehicle (Véhicules Blindés Multi-Rôles/VBMR Light) by 2030. Minister of the Armed Forces Florence Parly announced a contract award to Nexter in co-cooperation with Texelis, during her visit to the company’s industrial facility in Roanne (Loire) on 12 February. This contract, awarded by the Directorate General of Armament (DGA) includes the development, production and support of th...
  • Alp Aviation, On its Way to Indigenous Programs
    Alp Aviation, On its Way to Indigenous Programs February 9 2018
    An important centre featuring the technology and capabilities Turkey has acquired in air platforms, is located in Eskişehir. In this regard, Alp Aviation not only contributes to Turkey with investments in aviation but also serves as an export gate. We discussed with Mustafa Kemal Erçelik, Alp Aviation Member of Board of Directors, about the company’s activities and strategy.   C4Defence: Alp Aviation has shared with the public a major inv...
  • VAB Found Its Light Successor: VBMR Léger
    VAB Found Its Light Successor: VBMR Léger January 15 2018
    It is a major event that occurred recently in France when Nexter, part of the French-German KNDS company, has won the Light VBMR (VBMR Léger) contract for the Armée de Terre (French Army).  The contract, worth more than one billion Euros, includes the procurement of around 1500 vehicles, the ILS, and the development and qualification of a dozen of versions. Renault Trucks Defense was the favourite, since Light VBMR is in the core business of the Volvo subsidiary. ...
  • ASELSAN Set Hands On Concrete
    ASELSAN Set Hands On Concrete January 5 2018
    Under the cooperation protocol signed yesterday between the Turkish Undersecretariat of Defence Industries and the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning General Directorate of Construction, a chipped system 'e-concrete' application will be commenced. The project is aimed at bringing the error, loss of material and pilferage rates in concrete to the nearest zero or zero, and ASELSAN will produce the chips within one year from the launch of the system. With the ...
  • Russia Sent Invitations Over 80 Countries
    Russia Sent Invitations Over 80 Countries December 29 2017
    Russian Defense Ministry invited over 80 countries, including NATO members, to take part in the 2018 International Army Games. The list of participants will become definite by May or June, according to the spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry’s Main Directorate for International Military Cooperation. Aimed to strengthen international military cooperation, Russia will hold the drill from July 28 to August 11, 2018 in six countries. In 2017, the games were held in five cou...
  • IAF Integrates Decommissioned F-15s
    IAF Integrates Decommissioned F-15s December 27 2017
    Israel Air Force (IAF) integrates nine US decommissioned F-15 fighters into force. According to IAF Magazine the IAF set out on a project to convert the aircraft to Israeli "Baz" (F-15) models. The first aircraft will become operational in early 2018 In 2016, the United States Air National Guard(USANG)  delivered nine D6-model F-15 aircraft to the Israeli Air Force. The aircraft were decommissioned by the USANG as a part of a natural decommission process and were supp...
  • Tur-k Export From Ukraine to Bangladesh
    Tur-k Export From Ukraine to Bangladesh July 25 2017
    The Bangladesh Armed Forces and General Directorate of Police have awarded two separate armored personnel carrier contracts to Turkish "Delta Defense Defense Sanayii A.Ş.". The company represents the appropriate version of the 6TD tank engine, which is being procured from Ukraine for the Altay main battle tank. This time, the company has adapted the DOZER B vehicles produced in Ukraine to the Bangladesh tender specifications and designated the new version as TUR-K. Accordi...
  • Seven Contracts in One Go
    Seven Contracts in One Go May 11 2017
    ASELSAN has signed 7 different agreements on the second day of IDEF 2017 International Defence Industry Fair. Within the scope of the Memorandum of Understanding signed with ANTONOV company, ASELSAN will work together with the company to produce avionics systems and special mission equipments for AN-148 family. TUBITAK BILGEM and ASELSAN signed two different contracts covering development of three algorithms for ASELSAN's radar systems, and the use of National Rea...
  • Cobra II Delivered to Turkish Security Forces
    Cobra II Delivered to Turkish Security Forces March 30 2017
    Turhish Ministry of National Defence announced today on twitter that 20 Cobra IIs have been handed over to the General Directorate of Security. The Cobra II was developed based on the existing Cobra vehicles and will be used in counter-terrorism operations with its high mobility and 9 personnel carrying capacity.
  • 5kW Laser Demonstration by the US
    5kW Laser Demonstration by the US March 24 2017
    The US Army demonstrated its 5kW Mobile Expeditionary High Energy Laser 2.0's (MEHEL 2.0's) capabilities during the Counter-Unmanned Aerial System (C-UAS) Hard Kill Challenge. Organized by Joint Improvised-Threat Defeat Organization (JIDO), the challenge is aimed to provide JIDO, United States Central Command (USCENTCOM), Program Directorate Counter-Rocket Artillery Mortar Missiles (PD C-RAM), DoD agencies, and U.S. Government agencies and coalition partners an opportunity t...
  • Bangladesh In Pursuit of Multirole Aircraft
    Bangladesh In Pursuit of Multirole Aircraft March 3 2017
    Bangladesh is to purchase 8 multi-role fighter aircraft. Bangladesh’s Directorate General of Defence Purchases (DGDP) has published the tender for twin-engine multirole aircraft on 28 February. According to specifications, the country is looking for green aircraft. 
  • Mig-29 on Facebook
    Mig-29 on Facebook February 26 2017
    A US company “Redfish Trading Company” sales Russian fighter planes on Facebook. Company offers planes to customers that are approved by State deportment. On Facebook page company profile reads, “We have available for immediate export: Mig 29 - 7 aircraft, SU 27 - 5 aircraft, SU 25 - single aircraft, SU 17 - 22 aircraft. Please contact Emil at or Jesse at ...
  • Fourth B2M Vessel to French Navy
    Fourth B2M Vessel to French Navy January 23 2017
    Kership, a joint subsidiary of Piriou and DCNS, has been awarded a contract by the Directorate General of Armaments (DGA) on 18 January for the construction of the fourth Batiment Multi-Missions (B2M) vessel. French government ordered the first three vessels in 30 December, 2013, first of which was delivered in March 2016 and the second in September, 2016. The third vessel is scheduled to be handed over in the first months of 2017. B2M vessels are intended to carry out sovereignty, law enforc...
  • New 'Cyber Team' to US Army December 5 2016
    The US Army commenced the work on establishment of a new electronic warfare/cyber unit 1 December at the Association of Old Crows conference. According to Pentagon’s cyber directorate the new ‘Cyber Team’ will start operations as early as 2017. The new unit will receive radio and radar jamming technology around 2020, but the US Army will supply off-the-shelf equipment for training purposes. 
  • Spain to 'evolute' Mistral air defence assets
    Spain to 'evolute' Mistral air defence assets November 19 2016
    The Spanish Ministry of Defence (MoD) has ordered a study for the 'evolution of Mistral 1 to Mistral 3' for its future very short-range air defence requirements. Spanish Armed Forces currently operate Mistral 1 and Mistral 2 SAM systems.A sole source, $589 million contract was awarded to MBDA Spain on 8 August 2016 and released to public recently, under which MoD's Directorate for Armament and Materiel Defence commissioned the study. Under the programme, S...
  • Hürkuş’s Indigeneity and TAI’s Competence Sanctioned by EASA October 23 2016
    TAI’s (Turkish Aerospace Industries) Hürkuş A basic trainer aircraft has been granted air worthiness type certification in July 2016 by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). Hürkuş Project’s birth is full of surprises, while rumours about the aircraft are equally mind-boggling. Therefore, we listened to the story of Hürkuş from first hand sources. As we did, we realised that there were many other “indigenous” stories yet unheard. What doe...
  • Unmanned "Hürkuş" On The Way
    Unmanned "Hürkuş" On The Way October 19 2016
    "Hürkuş" training aircraft, developed and manufactured by the Turkish Aerospace Industries, Inc., is to have a new unmanned variant, according to the information C4Defence attained. The objective of this program is to utilize a thousand and 500 kg-high payload capability of the newly developed aircraft. Hürkuş has been certified by Directorate General of civil Aviation in July 2016 and the certification has been approved by European Aviation Safety Agency (E...
  • Hurkus trainer receives type certification
    Hurkus trainer receives type certification July 12 2016
    Turkish Aerospace Industries' (TAI's) Hurkus trainer aircraft has received air worthiness type certification from EASA and DGCA, the company announced at the 2016 Farnborough International Airshow.  The Hurkus-A trainer aircraft was awarded a CS-23 Validation Type Certificate by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and an Aircraft Type Certificate by the Turkish Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). Both bodies refer to the Hurkus as the TT32. Hu...
  • France orders interim solution for electronic intelligence June 27 2016
    French defence procurement agency the Directorate General of Armaments (DGA) awarded Sabena Technics and Thales a contract for the supply of two light aircraft equipped for surveillance and reconnaissance missions. According to contract, Beechcraft King Air 350 airframe will be equipped with various payloads intended to gather signals intelligence (SIGINT) and original intelligence imagery (IMINT) as well as ground stations for mission preparation and the collection and processing of informat...