• New Training and Combat Aircraft Concept from Spain
    New Training and Combat Aircraft Concept from Spain 19 October 2020
    Airbus introduces the concept of future training and light combat aircraft. The design, dubbed the Airbus Future Jet Trainer (AFJT), was presented with the introduction of the company's Spanish team. “The AFJT is a program designed by and for Spain, which is positioned as the operational, industrial and technological development solution that would allow the country to continue with its position as a leading player in the aerospace and defence sector,” the statement ...
  • Iran Deploys Submarine, Cruise Missile in Exercises
    Iran Deploys Submarine, Cruise Missile in Exercises 14 September 2020
    The Iranian navy on Friday deployed home-grown military equipment including a submarine and a cruise missile on the second day of exercises near the strategic Strait of Hormuz. The submarine dubbed the Fateh -- Persian for "Conquerer" -- was seen in action for the first time and sailed up the Indian Ocean, the military said on its website. The near 600-tonne sub is equipped with torpedoes, mines and cruise missiles, and can stay underwater at a depth of more than 200 metres (650 fee...
  • US Nuclear capacity B-52s in Training with Ukrainian Fighter Jets
    US Nuclear capacity B-52s in Training with Ukrainian Fighter Jets 6 September 2020
    Following a recent spike in airborne confrontations between the U.S. and Russian militaries, three B-52 Stratofortress bombers joined Ukrainian fighter jets for training Friday. The bombers, from the 5th Bomb Wing, Minot Air Force Base, North Dakota, "conducted vital integration training with Ukrainian fighters inside Ukraine's airspace," European Command said in a press release. Officials said the bomber mission, part of a long-planned deployment of six B-52s to RAF F...
  • PLA's upgraded Type 052D destroyer makes training debut in the East China Sea
    PLA's upgraded Type 052D destroyer makes training debut in the East China Sea 16 July 2020
    The Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Navy recently held drills in the East China Sea making its first public appearance of the latest version of the Type 052D destroyer. The destroyer is more powerful with its anti-stealth aircraft-capable. In early July, a destroyer flotilla affiliated with the PLA Eastern Theatre Command Navy conducted training exercises at an undisclosed location in the East China Sea. The training subjects included air and missile defences, attacks on ...
  • ROK Approves New Plan for 'Mini-Aegis' Destroyers
    ROK Approves New Plan for 'Mini-Aegis' Destroyers 29 April 2020
    According to Korea Herald, Republic of Korea (ROK) on Monday approved a $546 million plan to develop a combat system to be equipped on the country's next-generation destroyers, the arms procurement agency Defence Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) said. The Defence Project Promotion Committee decided during a videoconference session held earlier in the day to sign a contract for the Korea Destroyer Next Generation project in the fourth quarter of this year with a plan to ...
  • Spain to Join on European Patrol Corvette Program
    Spain to Join on European Patrol Corvette Program 9 February 2020
    Spain may join Italian and French new 3 000 ton corvette programme along with Greece. Italy and France want to win European Union funding for the construction of a new corvette. The program dubbed the European Patrol Corvette which is part of the EU’s Permanent Structured Cooperation, or PESCO. PESCO is one pan-European defence programs recommendations to bridge capability gaps collaboratively. The new naval, joint venture between Italy’s Fincantieri and France’s N...
  • Will Japan Afford to Break the U.S. Alliance?
    Will Japan Afford to Break the U.S. Alliance? 30 January 2020
    In the 1980s and ‘90s Japan licensed aspects of Lockheed Martin’s iconic F-16 fighter design and produced the F-2, a Japanese F-16 variant with bigger wing and better electronics. Japan plans to choose a partner as early as this summer for development of its successor to the F-2 fighter jet, weighing a proposal from the U.S., its closest ally, against a British offer that would give Tokyo greater control. While the design to be developed by working with another country provides ac...
  • Hyundai to Design Next-Generation Large Transport Ship
    Hyundai to Design Next-Generation Large Transport Ship 18 October 2019
      The Korean Navy awarded Hyundai Heavy Industries a contract for the conceptual design of a large ship, dubbed LPH II, capable of operating short take-off and landing fighters.  Hyundai Heavy Industries will work on the concept design of the next-generation large transport ship. Landing Platform Helicopter-II is intended to be able to perform multi-purpose missions, so some parts like the deck, which is a unique material for vertical take-off and landi...
  • ICBM Drill From Russia
    ICBM Drill From Russia 18 October 2019
    The Russian nuclear forces have terminated their annual readiness exercise, dubbed “Grom [Thunder] 2019,” which will involve 12,000 troops, 213 intercontinental-range ballistic missile launchers, up to 105 aircraft and around 20 warships, according to the Russian Ministry of Defence (MoD). Two RSM-50 [NATO reporting name: SS-N-18 Stingray] ballistic missiles were launched towards the Chizha firing range. The exercise took place from October 15 to 17 in all...
  • Russia’s "Black Hole" at Tests
    Russia’s "Black Hole" at Tests 21 August 2019
    Russian newest diesel-electric submarine Project 636.3 Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (Kilo-class submarine B-274) arrived at Baltic Sea for Trials. Built for Russia's Pacific Fleet, the submarine began sea tests.  “During the shipbuilders’ sea trials, some of the submarine Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky’s shipboard systems will be checked, including communications and hydro-acoustics,” Navy Spokesman said. Russian Deputy Defence Minister Alexei Krivor...
  • Russia Began Trials
    Russia Began Trials 5 August 2019
    Russia testing BMD-2M airborne assault vehicle with new combat module. BMD-2M air-deployable infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) has entered state trials. According to the TASS News Agency, BMD-2 combat vehicles equipped with the Bereg combat module unofficially dubbed ‘mini-Berezhok". Corporation Rostec and Russia’s Defence Ministry inked a contract on the upgrade of 540 BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles and BMD-2 airborne assault vehicles under a new state armament program for 2...
  • Rheinmetall Acquires a Vehicle Protection System Manufacturer
    Rheinmetall Acquires a Vehicle Protection System Manufacturer 27 March 2019
    The German company Rheinmetall announced the acquisition of the company for development and construction of protection and shielding systems IBD Deisenroth Engineering GmbH. The Family-ran Germany -based company is one of the leading companies in the field with long presence and participation in major development and armament programs. This includes the older Advanced Modular Armour Protection active system and the Modular Expandable Armour System composite armour system. IBD Diesen...
  • Poseidon under US Scrutiny
    Poseidon under US Scrutiny 26 March 2019
    According to CNBC, an underwater drone armed with a nuclear warhead is scheduled to join Russia's arsenal no earlier than 2027. CNBC’s claims are based on U.S. intelligence. Russia is working on a nuclear-powered system, dubbed "Poseidon," which can navigate autonomously, and travel continuously after launching from a submarine. Russian state media has previously announced that the Russian navy will place at least 30 Poseidon drones on combat duty. The ...
  • Turkey and Russia Joint Drill at Blacksea
    Turkey and Russia Joint Drill at Blacksea 8 March 2019
    The Russian Black Sea Fleet’s naval ships together with the vessels of the Turkish Naval Forces have conducted a passing exercise to improve interoperability in possible mine danger areas, Black Sea Fleet spokesman Capt. 2nd Rank Alexei Rulyov said on Friday. "During the drills, the patrol ship Vasily Bykov, the sea-going minesweeper Valentin Pikul of the Novorossiysk naval base held joint Russian-Turkish drills with the foreign corvette Burgazada and the minesweeper Akcay," t...
  • Rafael Unveils "Rocks" - A Long Range Stand-Off Air-To-Surface Missile
    Rafael Unveils "Rocks" - A Long Range Stand-Off Air-To-Surface Missile 21 February 2019
    Rafael Advanced Defence Systems has unveiled a new, advanced stand-off high-speed air-to-surface missile (ASM) at the Aero India Air Show in Bengaluru, India, this week. Dubbed simply "Rocks," the ASM can be armed with a penetration warhead or blast explosive warhead depending on whether targets are beneath the surface or above ground. The weight class of the warhead has not been disclosed. 'Rocks', the new missile is furnished with a single-stage solid rocket motor develope...
  • The Star of Africa: Hans-Joachim Marseille 8 December 2018
    The great war, which initially grabbed Europe in its claws, gradually engulfed the whole world starting with Africa. This ring of fire to be called the Second World War once again pitted countries against each other, while bringing forth legendary vehicles, important doctrines and new heroes.  One of such heroes was Hans-Joachim Marseille, dubbed Der Ster von Afrika (The Star of Africa), who scored 158 air victories in his short history of service but defeated by his own aircraft. ...
  • Robotic Sniper Rifle from Syrian Engineer 14 October 2018
    Syrian Engineer Hamzah Salam, from the village of Shreihi in Suwayda, southern Syria, has built a custom automatic rifle which he has dubbed as an ‘electronic sniper.’ Sputnik wrote, the sniper uses a Kalashnikov AK-47 rifle as the weapon but it can use any small-arms weapon, from a machine gun to a sniper rifle. “The automated system monitors the situation and, if necessary, opens fire. My ‘electronic sniper’ is very convenient; it can be controlled re...
  • Tehran to Unveil New Fighter Jet and domestic S-300- Bavar 373
    Tehran to Unveil New Fighter Jet and domestic S-300- Bavar 373 19 August 2018
    Iran will unveil a new fighter jet next week, Brigadier General Amir Hatami said, cited by Fars news agency on Saturday. "We will present a plane on National Defence Industry Day, and people will see it fly, and the equipment designed for it,” Amir Hatami was quoted as saying by Fars news agency, Reuters reported. The Islamic Republic News Agency reported Friday that Iran would also unveil a domestic version of the Russian S-300 surface-to-air missile system, du...
  • Iran Unveils New Radar-Evading Anti-Ship Missile
    Iran Unveils New Radar-Evading Anti-Ship Missile 13 August 2018
    The new missile, a new modification of the Fateh-110 "Conqueror" solid-propellant surface-to-surface missile dubbed the Al-Mobeen ("The Divine Conquest"), was unveiled on Monday by Iranian Defence Minister Brig Gen. Amir Hatami. Minister Hatami attended to the presentation ceremony to congratulate the army and military designers with the completion of the work on the new missile. US media outlets reported on Friday that the US intelligence had detected ...
  • Russia's new hypersonic missile, will likely be ready for combat by 2020
    Russia's new hypersonic missile, will likely be ready for combat by 2020 16 July 2018
    Russia has successfully tested a hypersonic missile the United States is currently unable to defend against, according to sources with direct knowledge of U.S. intelligence reports US based CNBC reported. Russia has tested the weapon, dubbed "Kinzhal," meaning "dagger,” and last successful test was carried out against a target nearly 500 miles away. US is expecting the missile to be combat ready by 2020 and considers that Russia is going to install them on strategic bombe...
  • Bangladesh's 4th Corvette Launched
    Bangladesh's 4th Corvette Launched 10 April 2018
    China's Wuchang Shipbuilding has launched the fourth and final Shadhinota-class (Type C13B) Corvette for the Bangladesh Navy on 8 April. Dubbed BNS Prottasha (F114), the 90-metre long vessel was launched two months after the third ship of the class, BNS Shongram. The first two ships, BNS Shadhinota (F111) and BNS Prottoy (F112), has been commissioned into the Bangladesh Navy in March 2016. Type C13B corvettes are based on&nb...
  • 'WATTOZZ' Waits For Summer
    'WATTOZZ' Waits For Summer 6 April 2018
    Turkish Albayraklar Defence has developed a new armed unmanned underwater vehicle in the form and size of a stingray, dubbed WATTOZZ, which is controlled by cryptographic acoustic sound waves similar to that of animals such as whales and dolphins under water. Developed completely with national sources, WATTOZZ has almost the same appearance, size and movement ability with a live stingray fish; with its silicone-coated outer surface, as well as the ability to stand still on...
  • Warfare Concept of the Future
    Warfare Concept of the Future 18 March 2018
    Multipolar world and the predominant role of non-state actors in war strategy have rendered obsolete many customary state doctrines. Realities traditionally acknowledged so far have assumed new names like asymmetric threat, psychological warfare, proxy war and multidimensional war. Irregular military practices employed by strictly unequal parties in the battleground and unbalanced international policies devised out of touch with the world are both the reason and the result of this outcome.&nb...
  • Beretta Invests in Qatari Market
    Beretta Invests in Qatari Market 13 March 2018
    Qatar’s Barzan Holdings and Italian firearms manufacturer Beretta established a joint venture in Qatar, dubbed BINDIG, to supply weapons for the Qatari government. The construction of a new factory in Doha for the production of guns and shotguns is also planned and where, in the future, new light weapons systems can be developed. Beretta continues to increase the number of subsidiaries through a policy of strategic investments and acquisitions aimed at expanding the range of products an...
  • Russia To Begin Construction of a Second Carrier Soon
    Russia To Begin Construction of a Second Carrier Soon 27 February 2018
    Russia is getting ready to begin the construction of a new aircraft carrier, announced on 25 February.  Dubbed Project 23000E Shtorm (Storm), the vessel will be able to carry up to 90 aircraft, will have a length of 330 metres with a width of 30 metres and will be able to reach a maximum speed of 30 knots.  Russia currently operates only one aircraft carrier, the Admiral Kuznetsov.
  • Tiny Little Men Fitting into Devices: Artificial Intelligence
    Tiny Little Men Fitting into Devices: Artificial Intelligence 11 December 2017
    Many things considered ordinary in the eyes of today’s tablet children, astonish some of us. This group of people once believed in their childhood that there were tiny little men in radios and that it was their conversation heard from outside.  Let us focus on modern times… Year, 2003; place, Iraq. The US Army invaded the country; however, the US Commanders found it increasingly hard to make decisions owing to heavy bombardment of data coming from all fronts. Faili...
  • New Member to Hermes Family
    New Member to Hermes Family 20 November 2017
    Elbit Systems has developed a small tactical-level unmanned aircraft system (UAS) dubbed Hermes 45 intended for ISR missions. According to IHS Jane's report, the UAS has a max endurance of 24 hours, a maximum takeoff weight of 65 kg, including a payload capacity of up to 15 kg, and can simultaneously operate with up to three payloads. Its payloads will include, among others, electro-optical/infrared (EO/IR) sensors, maritime radar, and electronic and signals intelligence sy...
  • China's New UAV Unveiled
    China's New UAV Unveiled 15 November 2017
    China’s Beihang Unmanned Aircraft System Technology unveiled a new strike-capable reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) on 13 November at the company's facility in Taizhou. The UAV, dubbed as TYW-1, is a 9,85-metre long and 2,5-metre high platform with a wingspan of 18 metres. The new UAV can carry a 370 kg payload, features four underwing pylons, has a ceiling of 7.5 km, an endurance of 40 hours, and can reach a top speed of 200 km/h, according ...
  • Adversary 'Gripen' by Saab
    Adversary 'Gripen' by Saab 13 September 2017
    The Swedish defence company Saab unveiled a new variant of its Gripen aircraft designed for the adversary air combat training at DSEI 2017, London, UK. Dubbed as Gripen Aggressor, the platform is based on the Gripen C-series and will be used to act as an opposing force in advanced military combat training, mimicking enemy tactics, techniques, and procedures to provide a realistic environment for the fighter pilots to train against.  The company will als...
  • USAF To Replace EW Aircraft
    USAF To Replace EW Aircraft 5 May 2017
    The US Air Force is to replace its Vietnam-era electronic warfare aircraft, EC-130H Compass Call. USAF is planning to transfer the systems on 10 Compass Call aircraft to the new airframe, dubbed the EC-X, buying an existing commercial airframe to replace the aging C-130 frames. The EC-130H program was launched in 1983 and have since served in many operations, such as Libya, Iraq, Serbia and Afghanistan. L3 Communications, the current contracto...
  • New Gen Sniper Rifle of Russia
    New Gen Sniper Rifle of Russia 13 April 2017
    Russia’s Central Research Institute for Precision Machine Building (TsNIITochMash) is developing a new generation sniper rifle, dubbed Tochnost (Accuracy), to become the main sniper weapon used by the Russian military and intelligence services. The first batch of Tochnost will be supplied to the Federal Guard Service (FGS) this year, according to the director of the institute.  The rifle has a shooting range of over 2 thousand ...
  • Joint Drill by Commonwealth Nations
    Joint Drill by Commonwealth Nations 15 February 2017
    Canada, Australia and New Zealand conducted a three-day joint naval drill, dubbed Nga Tahi, off the east coast of New Zealand. The anti-submarine warfare exercise was aimed to strengthen military ties and refine common operating procedures among participating countries. Royal Australian Navy submarine HMAS Dechaineux, Royal New Zealand Navy's Anzac frigates HMNZ Te Kaha and HMNZ Te Mana, and the Royal Canadian Navy's Halifax-class...
  • 'Serious Game' by HAVELSAN
    'Serious Game' by HAVELSAN 25 January 2017
    HAVELSAN, a Turkish Armed Forces Foundation company, commenced an Open Innovation Contest on 18 January, 2017, dubbed CIDDI OYUN (Serious Game). With this competition, which is open for both domestic and international participation, HAVELSAN is in pursuit of innovative solutions that would allow game technology to be used in simulation environment. Organized for the first time by HAVELSAN Open Innovation Platform, the application deadline for this competition is 14 April, 2017. ...
  • Russia's New Underwater Project: "Predator"
    Russia's New Underwater Project: "Predator" 17 January 2017
    Russia is working on a new high-speed torpedo dubbed ‘Khishchnik’ (“Predator”) which is to replace Shkval underwater anti-ship missile currently in service. The details regarding this new project has been meticulously kept confidential, however Elektropribor Design Bureau is reportedly in the last stages of development. Shkval entered service in 1977 and has a speed of no more than 140 kilometers per hour thanks to its solid fuel engine. 
  • Border Security Drill by India
    Border Security Drill by India 16 January 2017
    The Indian Border Security Force (BSF) commenced a two-week military exercise on Sunday, along its international border with Pakistan. Dubbed 'Sard Hawa', the exercise will continue until 28 January. 
  • Long-delayed Delivery Is Due April
    Long-delayed Delivery Is Due April 13 January 2017
    The US Navy is scheduled to receive its new aircraft carrier dubbed USS Gerald R. Ford in April, announced on 12 January. The delivery of the vessel, construction of which began in 2009, has been long-delayed due to mechanical problems. The aircraft carrier then launched in 9 November, 2013. Sea trials will be conducted by the shipbuilder in March.
  • New Member to PLAN's North Sea Fleet
    New Member to PLAN's North Sea Fleet 12 January 2017
    China’s People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) commissioned another Dongdiao class intelligence-gathering ship on 10 January during a ceremony in Qingdao. Dubbed Kaiyangxing, the vessel was built at Shanghai’s Hudong-Zhonghua Shipyard. The vessel will be deployed in PLAN’s North Sea Fleet. The first Dongdiao class was first commissioned in 1999 and six vessels of this class are currently in service with PLAN.
  • Israeli UAV to Baku
    Israeli UAV to Baku 11 January 2017
    Azerbaijan started manufacturing a locally made version of Israeli Aeronautics Defense Systems’ Orbiter 1K armed unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) under licence. Dubbed Zarba, the UAV is manufactured by Azad Systems facility, which was established in 2011 with assistance from Aeronautics. The UAV has an endurance of 2-3 hours.
  • TAI's New Aircraft
    TAI's New Aircraft 7 January 2017
    As The US Air Force (USAF) releases technical documentations regarding its new generation training aircraft, the competitors of the programme became apparent. Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) partnered with US based Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC), establishing a joint venture dubbed Freedom Aircraft Ventures LLC, to manufacture training aircraft. C4Defence managed to attain the first drawings of the aircraft to compete in USAF’s T-X Programme. USAF commenced a training aircraft compe...
  • China's New Minesweeper Commissioned
    China's New Minesweeper Commissioned 4 January 2017
    China's People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) commissioned a Type 082II class (NATO designation: Wozang-class) minesweeper to its North Sea Fleet on 30 December. Dubbed Donggang, the vessel has an overall length of 55 meters and a displacement of 575 tonnes. Donggang is the fifth of the class to enter service of PLAN.