• HMS Queen Elizabeth loaded with F-35Bs Sails for NATO Exercise
    HMS Queen Elizabeth loaded with F-35Bs Sails for NATO Exercise 24 September 2020
    The UK Navy’s HMS Queen Elizabeth has embarked the largest number of warplanes ever onto the deck as it prepares to take its place at the heart of a UK-led NATO Carrier Strike Group. It also represents the largest air group of fifth-generation fighters at sea anywhere in the world. Two squadrons of F-35B stealth jets - the RAF’s 617 Squadron (The Dambusters) and the US Marine Corps VMFA-211 (The Wake Island Avengers) - have landed on the 65,000-tonne carrier as it sails ...
  • Some HMS Queen Elizabeth Crew COVID Test Positive
    Some HMS Queen Elizabeth Crew COVID Test Positive 19 September 2020
      A "small amount" of personnel onboard Royal Navy aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth have been diagnosed as positive for coronavirus during a second round of testing on the ship. The entire ship's company has been retested during the past week, following positive coronavirus cases found earlier this month while in Portsmouth. The Queen Elizabeth-class carrier's departure from the city's naval base was delayed by several days following the diag...
  • UK to invest $30.5 million, investment in strategic Omani port
    UK to invest $30.5 million, investment in strategic Omani port 12 September 2020
    French News Agency Agence France Press reported that Britain on Friday announced a $30.5 million, investment to triple the size of its base in an Omani port close to the sensitive waters of the Gulf. The expansion of the "logistics hub" at Duqm will "facilitate Royal Navy deployments to the Indian Ocean" and "further support British Army training in Oman," the Ministry of Defence said. "The long-standing friendships between the UK and the Gulf states are mor...
  • HMS Queen Elizabeth Waits due to Coronavirus
    HMS Queen Elizabeth Waits due to Coronavirus 8 September 2020
    British aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth was expected to sail from Portsmouth for training however the Royal Navy has now confirmed that this is being delayed due to personnel testing positive for COVID-19. It is learned that some crew from HMS Queen Elizabeth have tested positive for COVID during routine preparation for sailing. It is understood that the vessel is expected to sail once the status of the rest of the crew has been confirmed. The vessel was due to sail f...
  • UAV Doctrine for Aircraft Carrier
    UAV Doctrine for Aircraft Carrier 17 July 2020
    Aircraft carriers are strategic platforms in terms of being able to carry and use air power anywhere in the world seas at any time. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), which are developing day by day, are gradually taking their place in the seas. The Royal Air Force (RAF) and the Royal Navy began preparations for the use of unmanned aerial vehicles on Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carriers. A senior official at the RAF recently made a statement about development at a conference. Withi...
  • HMS Queen Elizabeth to Confront China
    HMS Queen Elizabeth to Confront China 15 July 2020
    United Kingdom plans to counter China with HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier according to the Times. The 5.6 billion Dollar vessel is expected to visit the Far East, to conduct military exercises with the US and Japan during its maiden grand voyage next year. The carrier will be accompanied by two Type 45 destroyers, two Type 23 frigates and two replenishment tankers. It will also have two squadrons of F-35B Lightning II fighters on board. It is likely one of those squadrons will...
  • First Phalanx to Prince of Wales
    First Phalanx to Prince of Wales 6 July 2020
    The Royal Navy's HMS Prince of Wales (R09) aircraft carrier is equipped with the Phalanx Close-in Weapon System (CIWS). According to a post on the Navy's official Twitter account, the Queen Elizabeth-class HMS Prince of Wales will be able to carry out its close air defence mission with General Dynamics production Phalanx. The platform, which is the Navy's second aircraft carrier, plans to deploy 40 F-35B Lightning II and Merlin helicopters. The platfo...
  • Is the UK’s Carrier Strike Concept in Trouble?
    Is the UK’s Carrier Strike Concept in Trouble? 27 June 2020
    British independent public spending watchdog, “The National Audit Office”, has published a report into the ability of the MOD to successfully deliver Carrier Strike capability successfully. The report, published today examines how the Department has managed the programme since 2017 and how it is addressing the risks towards achieving the full capabilities of a carrier strike group. In other words, the report states concern about transforming process from a &lsq...
  • First Night Replenishment for Aircraft Carrier
    First Night Replenishment for Aircraft Carrier 8 June 2020
    Replenishment at sea has strategic importance not only for ships but also for the fleet's deficiencies in fuel, ammunition and equipment during the mission. In this way, the navy elements can perform their duties in a long time without returning to the port. HMS Queen Elizabeth (R08), ​​one of the two aircraft carriers of the Royal Navy, performed replenishment at sea operations for the first time in the night conditions last week. Receiving fuel and material transfer ...
  • HMS Queen Elisabeth at F-35B Trials
    HMS Queen Elisabeth at F-35B Trials 25 January 2020
    HMS Queen Elizabeth gets Closer to Becoming Operational as Carrier Leaves For Trials The Royal Navy's HMS Queen Elizabeth has left Portsmouth for her first flight trials with British F-35B fighter jets in UK waters. During the flight trials, it is expected British F-35Bs will make their first landings on Queen Elizabeth in UK waters. Six pilots, from the Navy and RAF, will carry out their aircraft carrier qualification during that time. Last year, HMS Queen Elizabeth spent a few...
  • Britain introduces Rocket Man
    Britain introduces Rocket Man 22 November 2019
    Ex-Royal Marines Reservist Richard Browning has flown off the aircraft carrier with a jet-powered suit. A video of the former reservist flying around HMS Queen Elizabeth was shared on a social media account of Gravity Industries, a British aeronautical innovation company founded by Mr Browning. HMS Queen Elizabeth is currently off the east coast of the United States as part of the Westlant 19 Carrier Strike Group deployment. Former Marine flew from aircraft carrier towards...
  • British F-35B lands on HMS Queen Elizabeth for the First Time
    British F-35B lands on HMS Queen Elizabeth for the First Time 20 October 2019
    British F-35B Lightning II jets of Number 617 Squadron a joint squadron composed of personnel from both the Royal Air Force and Royal Navy have landed on the HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier for the very first time. The United Kingdom's Ministry of Defence announced that British F-35B Lightnings landed for the first time on the new HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier, which is currently sailing off the US East Coast for the "Westlant 19" Carrier Strike Group deplo...
  • The Prince Of Wales Begins the Maiden Sea Trials
    The Prince Of Wales Begins the Maiden Sea Trials 19 September 2019
    The British Royal Navy's second aircraft carrier, the Queen Elizabeth-class Prince of Wales (R09), begins sea trials eight years first steel cut. In the official Twitter account for the platform, Prince of Wales will start sea trials today.  The UK’s newest £3.1 billion aircraft carrier is scheduled to depart Rosyth Dockyard. At 280-metres long and weighing 65,000 tonnes, she will squeeze out into the Firth of Forth for her maiden voyage and will be tested in areas includ...
  • Leakage Occurred on HMS Queen Elizabeth
    Leakage Occurred on HMS Queen Elizabeth 12 July 2019
      The HMS Queen Elizabeth, the biggest and most powerful warship in the United Kingdom, has suffered a major leak. HMS Queen Elizabeth left Portsmouth Naval Base last month to embark on five weeks of sea trials. Warship has returned to Portsmouth early after a major leak on board.  A source has told Forces News that a high-pressure salt water pipe burst, letting more than 200 tonnes of water into the ship. That caused flooding on several decks, which our source says put th...
  • BAE Systems Offers the Queen Elizabeth-Class Carrier Design To India
    BAE Systems Offers the Queen Elizabeth-Class Carrier Design To India 4 April 2019
    An executive from BAE Systems said talks with the Indian Navy has started and the design can be adapted for ski-jump or catapult launch to meet Indian requirements.  According to Australian Defence Magazine a BAE Systems representative confirmed that the company is offering its Queen Elizabeth Class (QEC) aircraft carrier design to the Indian Navy. The Indian Government has a requirement for a third, larger, carrier in the 65,000 tonne class. The ship will be built locally, in the C...
  • Carrier Capable Unmanned Wingman
    Carrier Capable Unmanned Wingman 18 February 2019
    The United Kingdom has announced that a new study has been launched under the Tempest project. In this direction, an unmanned wingman will be developed for Tempest. The new unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), which is expected to be the loyal supporter of the platform, is planned to be the aircraft carrier capable.   The United Kingdom Ministry of Defence said the Tempest was developed to be compatible with the Queen Elizabeth class of the United Kingdom. Although the airc...
  • Queen has Completed F-35B Tests
    Queen has Completed F-35B Tests 28 November 2018
    Royal Navy announced the completion of the F-35B Lightning II trials on-board HMS Queen Elizabeth (R 08). With the completion of the trials, an important milestone was left behind for the B model F-35 aircraft and the Royal Navy. In the development testing-2 (DT-2) phase, pilots, ship-based maintenance personnel and ground support personnel gained significant experience about the fifth-generation aircraft operation. 85 sorties were conducted during the tests. In this process, aircra...
  • Second Phase in F-35B Tests
    Second Phase in F-35B Tests 6 November 2018
    HMS Queen Elizabeth (R 08) began the second testing phase with F-35B Lightning II aircraft. In the second phase, more challenging conditions will be experienced. At this stage, aircrafts will be able to experience landing and take-off in harder wind conditions. In addition, ship and aircraft handling and weapons loading tests will be performed with ship facilities. Aircrafts and crew will perform external storage tests, minimum performance short take-off and SRVL (Shipborne Rolling ...
  • Tube Problems at British F-35 Lightning IIs 17 October 2018
    The United Kingdom has announced that a number of problems have been detected on F-35B Lightning II aircraft. The F-35 Joint Program Office conducted a detailed inspection of the Royal Air Force F-35B Lightning II aircraft. As a result of this inspection, it was determined that five F-35B Lightning II required a replacement of the fuel tube. Aircrafts which have problem are grounded.   There are currently 16 F-35B Lightning II inventory of Royal Air Force. Some of the...
  • UK Invents New Landing Technique for F-35B 17 October 2018
    The UK has for the first time tested an experimental Shipborne Rolling Vertical Landing (SRVL) technique at sea using a Lockheed Martin F-35B Lightning. BAE Systems test pilot Peter Wilson performed the manoeuvre while recovering to the Royal Navy aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth in mid-October, the UK Ministry of Defence confirms. The manoeuvre allows aircraft to use both the vertical thrust from the jet engine and lift from the wings, thus maximising the payload an a...
  • Queen of Night
    Queen of Night 4 October 2018
    The Royal Navy's F-35B Lightning II aircrafts have begun the night take-off and landing tests on board Royal Navy’s aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth (R 08). This is an important milestone for the Royal Navy. After the retirement of the HMS Illustrious (R 06), there was no platform capable of carrying a jet aircraft of Royal Navy. The night tests were started primarily in dim lighting conditions so that the pilots could get used to it. Then, next training phase which ar...
  • F-35B Jets Have Landed On Aircraft Carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth 30 September 2018
    On the 25th of September Royal Navy Commander Nathan Gray landed an F-35B on HMS Queen Elizabeth. He was followed by Squadron Leader Andy Edgell, RAF, both of whom are test pilots, operating with the Integrated Test Force (ITF) based at Naval Air Station Patuxent River, Maryland. Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson said: “The largest warship in British history is joining forces with the most advanced fighter jets on the planet. This marks a rebirth of ou...
  • HMS Queen Elizabeth Sets Off For F-35B Fighter Jet Trials
    HMS Queen Elizabeth Sets Off For F-35B Fighter Jet Trials 20 August 2018
    Aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth departed her home port of Portsmouth on Aug. 18, bound for the USA where she will take on board F-35B STOVL jet fighters for the very first time. The Royal Navy’s aircraft carrier will begin trials with her first F-35 jets. The aircraft that will be landing on the supercarrier will belong to the Joint Operational Test team. The team’s mission is to build confidence in the aircraft towards helping clear the F-35 to make the legall...
  • Brazil commissions former HMS Ocean helicopter carrier
    Brazil commissions former HMS Ocean helicopter carrier 1 July 2018
    The Brazilian Navy commissioned the multi- purpose helicopter carrier PHM Atlantico, former HMS Ocean, in the United Kingdom. The ship is now on her way to reach its homeport, Arsenal do Rio de Janeiro, on 25 August. The ship, formerly the UK Royal Navy's HMS Ocean, was purchased by the Brazilian Navy through a USD 98.76 million deal on 19 February. HMS Ocean was decommissioned on 27 March at HM Naval Base Devonport in Plymouth. HMS Ocean will be replaced by the Queen ...
  • UK’s new carrier has its supporter ready
    UK’s new carrier has its supporter ready 24 June 2018
    UK’s new carrier has its supporter ready   Britain's flagship of tomorrow can now strike out across the Seven Seas after refuelling ‘on the go’ for the first time.  After a dry run earlier in the year, HMS Queen Elizabeth successfully took from RFA Tidespring  in the North Atlantic. The tanker is built to support the new aircraft carrier on her global operations.  In fairly choppy conditions, the 65,00...
  • Commando Merlin Mk4 In Service
    Commando Merlin Mk4 In Service 27 May 2018
    The Royal Navy put into service the first Commando Merlin Mk4 helicopter. With the statement made by United Kingdom Defense Minister Guto Bebb, the entry of the helicopter into the Royal Navy service has become official. The Commando Merlin Mk4 has been specially developed for Royal Marine's airborne operations of Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carriers. The helicopter called Commando Merlin Mk4 is faster than its predecessor. Platform has foldable rotor and ...
  • Rotary-wing Platform Tests Completed
    Rotary-wing Platform Tests Completed 1 March 2018
    HMS Queen Elizabeth has arrived back in Portsmouth following successful first of class rotary wing trials in the Atlantic.  The trials were conducted with two Merlin Mk2 and two Chinook Mk 5 test platforms. A thousand deck landings have been carried out in a range of sea and weather conditions and both airframe types have flown an average of ten hours a day. The data will be processed over the coming months and will eventually provide the Ship Helicopter Operatin...
  • Rotary-wing Platform Tests Began
    Rotary-wing Platform Tests Began 6 February 2018
    The UK Royal Navy’s recently commissioned aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth sailed from its homeport in Portsmouth Naval Base on 2 February to begin rotary-wing trials at sea.  The trials will be carried out with two Boeing Chinook transport helicopters and two AgustaWestland Merlin HMA2 maritime helicopters, all of which were fitted with specialised instrumentation. These trials will involve operating different types of helicopters f...
  • Carrier Rotary Wing Trials Set To Begin
    Carrier Rotary Wing Trials Set To Begin 19 January 2018
    The British Royal Navy’s newly commissioned aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth has commenced preparations for its rotary wing trials at sea. An anti-submarine Merlin helicopter has been training on-board the carrier at Portsmouth Naval Base as part of the preparatory tests.  The helicopter has been used to verify the flight deck and hangar facilities by connecting up to the vessel’s onboard electrical supply cables and refuelling hoses as well as th...
  • Prince of Wales  is ahead of schedule
    Prince of Wales is ahead of schedule 23 December 2017
    The UK Royal Navy’s second aircraft carrier Prince of Wales was officially launched on 21 December. Queen Elizabeth-class carrier  was originally planned to launch in 2018. Future HMS Prince of Wales was floated out ahead of schedule during a ceremony held at BAE Systems’ Rosyth facility in Scotland. Sea trials are expected to start in 2019. 
  • Aircraft Carrier is Leaking
    Aircraft Carrier is Leaking 19 December 2017
    The new flagship of the UK Navy, HMS Queen Elizabeth, is leaking. UK tabloid The Sun claimed that warship is letting in 200 litres of water every hour due to a faulty seal around one of its propeller shafts. Launched in June, the £3 billion ship will undergo repair work due to a design fault in the propeller shaft. The UK Secretary of Defence announced that the Aircraft Carrier Alliance of   BAE Systems will pay for the repairs. Company officials said the work w...
  • HMS Queen Elizabeth Commissioned
    HMS Queen Elizabeth Commissioned 9 December 2017
    The UK's largest and newest aircraft carrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth, entered service with a ceremony held yesterday. Aboard the Royal Navy's new aircraft carrier, several air platforms, primarily the F-35B fighter planes, will be deployed. In this frame, the team of the HMS Ocean LHD, which will leave the inventory in December 2018, has also changed its place of duty. The HMS Ocean team will serve on HMS Queen Elizabeth. The ceremony was held at the port of Portsmouth and Quee...
  • Official Move for HMS Ocean Purchase
    Official Move for HMS Ocean Purchase 6 December 2017
    Brazillian Government has authorized the Navy on 1 December to begin efforts to purchase the UK Royal Navy’s HMS Ocean landing platform helicopter (LPH). The vessel will be retired in 2018 and aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth will replace her.   HMS Ocean can carry 18 helicopters on board and 40 land vehicles and 830 soldiers.
  • Moore: Sales of Ocean to Turkey is Coop in Defence
    Moore: Sales of Ocean to Turkey is Coop in Defence 21 November 2017
    British Ambassador to Turkey Richard Moore gave information about the HMS Ocean Helicopter Landing Dock (LHD) talks between Turkey and the United Kingdom. Ambassador Moore, who attended at the meeting of the Diplomatic Correspondents' Association as a speaker, told C4Defence, "There is probably a limit what I can say about that because it is a commercial subject and there are sensitivities about it. HMS Ocean anchored at Aksaz Naval Base in the days we passed. This ship wil...
  • Queen Elizabeth Joins the Navy
    Queen Elizabeth Joins the Navy 18 November 2017
    The UK Royal Navy has come to the end of the Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carrier's trials. The vessel is planned to join the fleet on 7 December. After joining the navy, the name of the vessel will be registered as HMS Queen Elizabeth. The ship is undergoing the second phase of testing. Leaving Portsmouth Harbor on 30 October, the communications, radar and other sensors of the carrier are being examined in terms of performance.
  • Turkey Interested In HMS Ocean
    Turkey Interested In HMS Ocean 15 November 2017
    The United Kingdom Defence Secretary Tobias Ellwood noted that Turkey is interested in the Landing Helicopter Dock (LHD) HMS Ocean L12. Former secretary Jones asked the Ministry, "What kind of declaration has been made by the Turkish government if an improvement has not been made with Brazil in the procurement of the HMS Ocean Landing Helicopter Dock?", and Ellwood replied as "Turkey informed us that they were interested in the HMS Ocean." <...
  • UK's Carrier Undergoing Last Phase of Sea Trials
    UK's Carrier Undergoing Last Phase of Sea Trials 1 November 2017
    HMS Queen Elizabeth has sailed from her home port, Portsmouth Naval Base, to undergo another phase of sea trials. The vessel is expected to be at sea for the next month and will be delivered to the Royal Navy by the end of the year. 
  • F-35 Ready For Royal Navy
    F-35 Ready For Royal Navy 21 October 2017
    The UK cleared the F-35s to take-off aboard HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier following successful ski-ramp trials. As the trials come to an end, the five British pilots are now getting ready to go back home. Two more aircraft are set to be delivered by the end of the year. 
  • UK's F-35s Ready To Take-off From Carrier
    UK's F-35s Ready To Take-off From Carrier 19 October 2017
    UK Ministry of Defence announced on 17 October that F-35 fighter jet is now cleared for take-off from HMS Queen Elizabeth following successful ski-ramp trials. The UK currently has 12 F-35 jets out in the United States where they are being tested ahead of flight trials from the Royal Navy’s aircraft carrier. Two more aircraft are set to be delivered by the end of the year.  The flight trials from the deck of  HMS Queen Elizabeth will begin next year.
  • Schedule Ready for HMS Queen Elizabeth
    Schedule Ready for HMS Queen Elizabeth 21 August 2017
    The UK’s aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth will begin carrying out the first onboard flight trials of Lockheed Martin F-35B Lightning II next year. The trials will take eight weeks and will involve day and night flying.

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