• Black Hawk sales from the USA
    Black Hawk sales from the USA 8 July 2020
    The U.S. Department of State approved a total of seven UH-60M sales to the Kingdom of Jordan and Lithuania. According to the US Defence and Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA), one of these helicopters is for Jordan and the remaining six are for Lithuania. Jordan will pay $ 23 million for a single helicopter, and Lithuania will pay a total of $ 380 million for six helicopters. If Lithuania's helicopters were in the same configuration of Jordan, they would have cost $ 138 million instead of...
  • Domestic Engine for Turkey's Aircraft Arresting Systems Project
    Domestic Engine for Turkey's Aircraft Arresting Systems Project 5 June 2020
    In accordance with the needs of the Turkish Air Force Command, The Presidency of Defence Industries initiated the Aircraft Arresting System Project. Within the scope of the project, SDT Space and Defence Technologies will deliver Aircraft Arresting Systems. A procurement contract was signed between SDT and TÜMOSAN Motor and Tractor Industry for Rewind Engines to be integrated into the systems. TÜMOSAN will produce 40 engines. The project includes fixed hooks, net...
  • Coronavirus Spreads Rapidly in the U.S. Navy
    Coronavirus Spreads Rapidly in the U.S. Navy 1 April 2020
    More than 70 crews of the US Navy aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt were detected to have coronavirus. A week ago the Pentagon confirmed three sailors on the Roosevelt had tested positive and that number had risen to 25 two days later. While the rapidly spreading virus is known to affect more than 70 personnel, the commander of the US Pacific Fleet refused to announce the full number. "We are not at war. Sailors do not need to die. If we do not act now, we are failing to ...
  • FNSS Company Takes Measures for Coronavirus 19 March 2020
    Defence industry companies are starting to take measures for coronavirus. With the “Coronavirus Outbreak Emergency” team formed within the body of FNSS, it ensures that the necessary measures are carried out. The company will consider employees who are employed as pregnant, disabled individuals, have chronic diseases, have undergone critical operations and employees over 60 years of age. FNSS, which goes into the process of working certain employees from home to reduce the density...
  • Engine Shut Down in T-7A
    Engine Shut Down in T-7A 29 February 2020
    T-7A Red Hawk tests, developed to replace the T-38 Talon advanced jet training aircraft, are ongoing. The U.S. Air Force chose Boeing as the main contractor for the platform. The T-7A’s only engine, GE 404, was turned off for 48 seconds when the aircraft was flying at an altitude of 20,000 feet, Boeing said in a statement. “It’s a test of all the subsystems built for backup in the event a pilot would have to shut the engine down in an emergency and power it back up again,&rd...
  • F-35: Incredible Dutch Blunder with Their First Stealth Fighter
    F-35: Incredible Dutch Blunder with Their First Stealth Fighter 4 November 2019
    An incredible blunder was made by the Dutch to 'unveil' their first F-35 multi-role F-35 multi-role operational stealth fighter jet. The Royal Netherlands Air Force celebrated with an event the launch of its first stealth F-35 fighter aircraft, but an unexpected blunder spoiled the event, with many staying awake. In particular, the first operational F-35A Lightning II for the Royal Netherlands Air Force (RNlAF) was coated with fire-retardant foam instead of water, ...
  • Taiwan Retires 49-year-old UH-1H
    Taiwan Retires 49-year-old UH-1H 30 October 2019
    The Republic of China Army retired its UH-1H fleet today and declared the UH-60M fleet fully operational. A ceremony was held at Tai Chung Lung Hsiang base to mark the event. The UH-1H utility helicopter was in service for military training or in the relief operations of mountain rescue and natural disasters. Army Aviation Special Operations Command held a "de-settlement ceremony" on the 30th of this month due to the absence of parts and shortage of spare parts. Its air tr...
  • Turkish 65 Million $ Export to USA
    Turkish 65 Million $ Export to USA 8 October 2019
    Zenith Quest Corporation (ZQC), the official representative of MKEK in the U.S., ZNT Global, a Turkish company, and US-based Will-Burt Company, manufacturer of mobile telescopic masts and tower solutions, have signed a purchasing agreement for tethered drone systems.   Under this agreement, the tethered drone solution which has been developed in Turkey by Robonik Mekatronik Ltd. Şti., a subsidiary of ZQC/ZNT Global, will be prepared for sale in the U.S., at the Z...
  • H135 is Preferred for Emergency Medical Services
    H135 is Preferred for Emergency Medical Services 19 September 2019
      Romanian Ministry of Interior orders three Airbus H135s for air medical services and related support. The contract includes providing services for air medical services and search and rescue (SAR) missions in the country. A four-year framework agreement for the contract was signed at the end of July 2019 that foresees the procurement of up to ten H135s, the company said in a statement Thursday. “Airbus has been an active player in Romania for almost 50 years an...
  • Bunker Buster Delivered
    Bunker Buster Delivered 16 September 2019
    Israel has completed the delivery of the first batch of a new version of Spice-2000 bunker-buster bombs to the Indian Air Force (IAF). “Israel has started the delivery of the Spice-2000 bombs to India and the first batch of these bombs was received recently,” IAF sources said. The Israeli-based Rafael company developed the bombs, which will be supplied under the emergency procurement contract, worth approximately $ 44 million. The bombs will be delivered along with Mark 84 warhead...
  • Batch Production will Start
    Batch Production will Start 9 September 2019
    Russian Helicopters and VEB.RF signed a 10-year cooperation agreement at the Eastern Economic Forum to support the production and promote Ka-62 helicopters. Russian Helicopters Holding plans to obtain the basic certificate for Ka-62 helicopter in 2020, but the batch production of the craft is scheduled to begin in 2019, the holding said. "The agreement brings us one step closer to the entry of Ka-62 to the market. The latest helicopter is in demand in many regions of our country and abro...
  • House Blocks Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia, UAE
    House Blocks Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia, UAE 20 July 2019
    The House of Representatives passed three resolutions Wednesday to block the sale of weapons to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.   U.S. President Donald Trump had invoked an emergency provision to allow him to circumvent Congress to push the $8.1 billion arms sales through- including precision-guided munitions — to Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Jordan. Lawmakers expressed outrage over Trump’s tactics.   Trump...
  • Ataka Will Enter the Inventory After a Long Time 1 July 2019
      The Indian Air Force will procure 9M120 Sturm Ataka anti-tank missiles worth about $29 million from Russia. India wants to be prepared for possible attacks after the Balakot aerial strike on February 26, 2019. According to government sources, India wants to supply the missiles in about three months. India has been trying to acquire the Russian missiles for a long time but the deal has been signed under the emergency provisions after more than a decade. The missiles ...
  • Simulators for Atak
    Simulators for Atak 25 June 2019
    The ATAK Helicopter Full Mission Simulator, which will be used to train pilots who will fly T129 Attack and Tactical Reconnaissance Helicopter, was developed by Turkish Air Defence and Software Company HAVELSAN within the scope of a project by the Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB). The Simulator has been delivered to Turkish Armed Forces Command. Because the pilot and weapon system officer is positioned tandem in the attack helicopter, the requirements of these two missions can...
  • Airbus’ First Helicopter FAL in China
    Airbus’ First Helicopter FAL in China 19 April 2019
    Airbus on Wednesday officially opened its first Final Assembly Line (FAL) in China, which will deliver its first H135 twin-engine helicopters to Chinese customers during the second half of 2019.  The Airbus Qingdao H135 FAL is a joint venture between Airbus Helicopters and United General Aviation Company. It follows a cooperation agreement between Airbus Helicopters and China in 2016 for the purchase of 100 H135s.    It is the first time of Airbus has put final...
  • Japan's F-35As had had 7 Emergency Landings Prior Crash
    Japan's F-35As had had 7 Emergency Landings Prior Crash 18 April 2019
      Japanese Ministry of Defence stated that Japanese F-35A fighters suffered seven emergency landings since entering service, before one crashed in the Pacific Ocean on April 9. Japan has 13 F-35 in its fleet. The emergency landings took place between June 2017 and January 2019 during flight tests and drills, Japanese daily Mainichi reported on Wednesday. Mainichi states that, of the 13 aircraft in service with the Japan Air Self-Defence Force, five have been...
  • Crashed F-35A Had 2 Emergency Landings
    Crashed F-35A Had 2 Emergency Landings 14 April 2019
    Japan's Defence Ministry stated that F-35A fighter jet that crashed into the sea off northern Japan on Tuesday had made two emergency landings in the last two years. Speaking at a Lower House committee meeting on Thursday, State Minister of Defence Kenji Harada said aircraft had two emergency landings. The Air Self-Defence Force began deploying F35A jets at its Misawa base in Aomori Prefecture, northern Japan, in January last year.
  • H135 Order from Brazil
    H135 Order from Brazil 22 February 2019
    Brazil has ordered the H135 helicopter. The helicopters that will be procured for the use of navy will serve in the 1st Utility Helicopter Fleet. Three units were ordered from the platforms that were reported to be involved in special forces, cargo, naval inspection, search and rescue and liaison operations. The company announced that the two platforms will be equipped with medical kits. In addition, all helicopters will have a winch, cargo hook, emergency floatation system and weather radar....
  • Russian Warships Opened Fire On Ukrainian Warships
    Russian Warships Opened Fire On Ukrainian Warships 26 November 2018
    The Ukrainian Navy has confirmed that Russian warships have opened fire on Ukrainian vessels. Reports state that Russian fire damaged small armoured artillery boats and injured sailors. Ukraine’s National Security and Defence Council has proposed declaring martial law, council secretary Oleksandr Turchynov is quoted as saying by Ukrainian media. Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko convened a military cabinet for an emergency meeting, his spokesman Svyatoslav Tsegolko wrote on Twi...
  • KC-390 Tests on Progress
    KC-390 Tests on Progress 22 November 2018
    Embraer made a new statement about the tests of the KC-390 transport aircraft. Aircraft is completed a new test phase. In the trials carried out at the Air Base stationed in Brasilia, unloading and emergency evacuation scenarios were tested through the evacuation hatches of the aircraft and the front and rear doors. According to the company, the tests were conducted to provide final operational capability for the Brazilian Air Force. In a statement made by company it is reported tha...
  • 138 F-35 for UK
    138 F-35 for UK 17 November 2018
      UK will get minimum 48 F-35B to generate two front-line squadrons of F-35B Lightning’s by 2023.   British Ministry of Defence revealed its F-35B acquisition plans. Ministry answered Lord West of Spithead’s question about the minimum buy of F-35B aircraft to ensure the ability to deploy two carriers with the planned 35 jets on each carrier in a national emergency.   Lord’s question referred F-35Bs as “Se...
  • Aselsan will Mentioned in the Medical Sector
    Aselsan will Mentioned in the Medical Sector 18 October 2018
    Aselsan has stepped up its efforts to increase its power in the medical device industry. Aselsan would use its engineering knowledge in defence industry to produce medical devices and works to increase its existing knowledge. In line with these studies, the company signed a cooperation agreement with Biosys Biomedical for intensive care breathing apparatus. The artificial ventilator market has a volume of US $ 4 billion worldwide. Emergency services and intensive care unit ventilato...
  • France Accuses Russia Of Spying on Military From Space
    France Accuses Russia Of Spying on Military From Space 9 September 2018
    A Russian satellite tried last year to spy on a Franco-Italian satellite Athena Fidus to follow secured military communications, denounced Friday, September 7 the French minister of armies Florence Parly in a speech dedicated to space.  "this big-eared satellite is called Louch-Olymp, it's a well-known Russian satellite but a bit ... Indiscreet," she continued. She said it approached the French-Italian satellite launched in 2014 and used for secure military commun...
  • What is the Difference between SSB and SSM? 16 August 2018
    With the adoption of the presidential system of government in Turkey, the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries (SSM) changed into Presidency for Defense Industries. Following this development, an oft-repeated question has been whether the change involved not only the name but also the substance. Although the natural inclination of the public was to look for systemic change behind the new facade, in fact, the first stage of this transformation took place back in 2017. On December ...
  • US Air Force may replace three types of aircraft with a single platform
    US Air Force may replace three types of aircraft with a single platform 2 August 2018
    The U.S. Air Force is looking to replace three aircraft — the E-4B command post, the C-32A executive airlifter and the Navy’s E-6B command post — under the purview of a single program known as NEAT, Defence News wrote. Air Force Materiel Command posted the request for information (RfI) Tuesday for National Airborne Operations Centre (NAOC), Executive Airlift, Airborne Command Post (ABNCP), Take Charge and Move Out (TACAMO). According to the RFI, the Pentagon is conducting an...
  • All US B-1B Bombers Grounded After ejection seat failure
    All US B-1B Bombers Grounded After ejection seat failure 10 June 2018
        The US Air Force’s Global Strike Command (AFGSC), tasked with overseeing every bomber fleet in the Air Force, ordered a stand-down for all its B-1B Lancers Thursday amid safety concerns with a component of their ejection seats. The safety issue came mid-flight after a B-1B nicknamed "Bone" took off from Dyess Air Force Base in Texas. Airplane made an emergency landing. "During the safety investigation process following an emerge...
  • T129 Atak Made an Emergency Landing
    T129 Atak Made an Emergency Landing 8 June 2018
    T129 Atak helicopter made an emergency landing. T129 helicopter departed from the 3rd Main Jet Base Command, based in Konya, experienced a technical failure while on Aksaray. Following the technical failure, pilots had to make an emergency landing at the Çetehasan Plateau in the Eskil district of Aksaray. According to the information obtained by C4Defence, there is no serious problem on the helicopter. Among the information that the technical crew assigned to the relevant uni...
  • EA-18G  crew suffered from frostbite after ECS failed in flight
    EA-18G  crew suffered from frostbite after ECS failed in flight 25 February 2018
    The two-seater EA-18G experienced an unexpected failure during its cruising at 25,000 feet Jan. 29, on a flight from Washington State’s Naval Air Station Whidbey Island to Naval Weapons Station China Lake.  Aircraft’s Environmental Control System (ECS) failed, the temperature inside the cockpit dropped to -30 degrees and a layer of ice engulfed the canopy and instrument panels. The two pilots were forced to use the emergency oxygen supply, which was completely depleted by the...
  • Unmanned Submarine Project by EU
    Unmanned Submarine Project by EU 12 December 2017
    The first move came from the European Union Defence initiative Permanent Structured Cooperation on Defence (PESCO). 25 PESCO member countries will establish unmanned submarine and rapid response teams for cyber attacks. PESCO announced this project yesterday, in which the EU members Denmark, Malta and the UK will not take part. Countries will allocate €1,5 billion per year for the European Defence Fund (EDF). Under the program, 17 unmanned submarines will be produced ...
  • Yun-9, Ready For Combat
    Yun-9, Ready For Combat 5 December 2017
    China's domestic-made medium-sized military transport aircraft Yun-9 has completed exercises held in the South China Sea that proved the platform is ready for combat. Chinese People's Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) announced on Saturday that it was the first long-range maritime exercise of the aircraft during which Yun-9 completed its air-drop missions without assistance from ground control and the crew prepared procedures to cope with any emergency.  ...
  • DESAN-Berkin Agreement on Fast Intervention Boat
    DESAN-Berkin Agreement on Fast Intervention Boat 30 November 2017
    On November 29, 2017, a contract was signed between Berkin Engineering and the main contractor DESAN Shipyard for electronic systems supply and integration on two Emergency Intervention and Diving Training Boats (AMDEB) to be built on behalf of the Turkish Undersecretariat for Defence Industries. The boats will be used for the first intervention of the Naval Command in the event of an accident at sea and for the practical training of the divers. When necessary, the vessel can also be used for...
  • Ka-62 Unveiled For The First Time
    Ka-62 Unveiled For The First Time 6 September 2017
    Russian Helicopters Holding will exhibit its brand new utility helicopter Ka-62 for the first time at the third Eastern Economic Forum to be held in Vladivostok on September 6-7.   Ka-62 helicopter is designed for the passenger carriage, off-shore works, emergency medical services, search and rescue, conveyance of cargo inside the cabin and as suspended load, patrolling and environmental monitoring. The company emphasizes the high operating ceili...
  • Christening Ceremony for Patrol Vessel
    Christening Ceremony for Patrol Vessel 14 July 2017
    The Colombian Navy (ARC) held a christening ceremony on 8 July for its offshore patrol vessel (OPV) built by state company Science and Technology Corporation for Naval, Maritime and Riverine Industry Development (COTECMAR). The 80,6-meter long platform was named ARC Victoria and features a hangar for a Sikorsky S-70B Seahawk helicopter.  COTECMAR designed the OPV for search and rescue missions, firefighting, emergency repairs, support and training....
  • One and Only
    One and Only 5 June 2017
    Alaska Air National Guard accepted the first HC-130J Combat King II, becoming the first US Air Guard unit to receive the aircraft, Lockheed Martin announced. Planning to take delivery of a total four aircraft, the Alaska Guard will replace its FHC-130Ps with HC-130J. The new aircraft will act as aerial refuelers for the Sikorsky HH-60 Pave Hawk search and rescue helicopter. HC-130J is the only dedicated fixed-wing personnel recovery platform in the Air Force inve...
    HAVELSAN Brings ATAKSIM to IDEF'17 1 May 2017
    HAVELSAN is to bring its ATAK Helicopter Simulator (ATAKSİM), developed to meet the requirements of Turkish Armed Forces, to IDEF 2017. ATAKSİM will be used for T-129 ATAK Helicopter orientation, refresher, emergency, combat readiness, follow-up and maintenance trainings of pilots and technicians.  ATAKSIM Project was initiated in 2014 and is scheduled to be delivered to the Turkish Armed Forces in 2017.
  • USAF Sniffs The Air
    USAF Sniffs The Air 25 April 2017
    According to the Republic of Korea's Yonhap news agency, the US Air Force WC-135 nuclear sniffer was flown to the Korean Peninsula on 20 April for an “emergency sortie” amid the possibility of North Korea's sixth nuclear test.  Derived from the Boeing C-135, WC-135 Constant Phoenix is a special-purpose aircraft to collect samples from the atmosphere in order to detect and identify a nuclear explosion. 
  • The Biggest Defence Showcase of the Middle East: IDEX 2017
    The Biggest Defence Showcase of the Middle East: IDEX 2017 16 March 2017
    A geography in which conflicts never cease, the Middle East comes to the front with ever-expanding defence expenditures and volatile balance of power. IDEX 2017, being the biggest defence fair organised in this region, was significant for demonstrating not only potential market opportunities but also the broadened scope of demands by regional countries. With the decline in oil revenues, these actors have diverted their relatively limited resources to emergency requirements and rapid-solution ...
  • ULAK Will Be Sending News Soon
    ULAK Will Be Sending News Soon 5 February 2017
    Turkish Ministry of National Defense announced on the official twitter account last night that Turkey's first indigenious base station, developed under the leadership of ASELSAN, will begin service by the end of March. The 4.5G macro base station developed as a part of ULAK Project was designed for use in commercial mobile communication networks, public safety networks, emergency communication networks and military communication systems.
  • Cold War Statistics In The Air
    Cold War Statistics In The Air 27 January 2017
    According to the statement of Japanese Defence Ministry made on 20 January, the violations of Japan's airspace has been increasing as days pass. A total of 883 airspace violations were reported between April and December 2016, and the ministry emphasized that violations increased about 50% compared to the same period in 2015. Four-thirds of the violations were reported to originate from Chinese aircraft, while the Russian aircraft caused emergency departures 231 times. Among the informati...
  • Korean Weapons 'Accidentally' Dropped Into Sea
    Korean Weapons 'Accidentally' Dropped Into Sea 2 January 2017
    A Republic of Korea Navy four-engine maritime patrol aircraft P-3CK welcomed the new year with an unlucky incident. During a routine mission on Sunday, P-3C Orion ‘accidentally’ dropped three Harpoon missiles, one torpedo and depth charges into the sea. Making a statement regarding the incident, an army official told that the crew mistakenly pulled the emergency weapons release switch at around 6:10 on 1st January, however, there had been no damage as the weapons were not armed.