• Estonia and Netherlands to procure THeMIS
    Estonia and Netherlands to procure THeMIS 4 October 2020
    Estonia and the Netherlands have signed a joint procurement agreement for seven Milrem Robotics THeMIS Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs).  Estonian Centre for Defence Investment (ECDI) will procure seven Tracked Hybrid Modular Infantry System (THeMIS) Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs), four of which will be delivered to the Netherlands and three to Estonia. Milrem will act as the systems integrator under the contract supplying the vehicles, as well as working on the integration of ...
  • Assault Rifle Delivery
    Assault Rifle Delivery 23 July 2020
    Infantry rifles, which provided an absolute superiority to the armies when they were first used, and whose main explosion was accompanied by the Industrial Revolution, continue to develop with advancing technology. Estonia, one of the smallest members of NATO, continues its defence system procurement projects. In the process, which was started in order to renew the army of the country and to meet the requirements of the modern battlefield, the first batch of 1,500 assault rifles&nbs...
  • New Dimension of the Battlefield: Unmanned Armoured Combat Vehicles
    New Dimension of the Battlefield: Unmanned Armoured Combat Vehicles 5 July 2020
    Unmanned ground vehicles, started to duty on battlefield with destroying armoured vehicles, gain different dimensions with the developing technology. Estonian-based Milrem Robotics, which is currently working on 10 different concepts, has announced its new unmanned ground vehicle. The new platform introduced as Type-X was equipped with the CPWS II (Cockerill Protected Weapon Station Gen. II) turret, which developed by John Cockerill. Type-X, the first platform developed in line...
  • THeMIS Power Demonstration
    THeMIS Power Demonstration 14 May 2020
    The use of unmanned ground vehicles (UGV), which seen in the operations theatre for anti-tank missions, is becoming widespread with different mission configurations and concepts. In this process, platforms also getting more powerful while getting smarter.  Estonian Milrem Robotics has shared a footage of THeMIS UGV from the official Twitter account with "The platoon (Estpla-32) successfully tested … towing a 22-ton Sisu APC and a 32-ton (!) VBCI infan...
  • K9 Thunder Howitzer to Buy by Estonia can be Deferred to a Future Date Due to Coronavirus
    K9 Thunder Howitzer to Buy by Estonia can be Deferred to a Future Date Due to Coronavirus 20 March 2020
    The K9 Thunder self-propelled howitzer, which Estonia wants to add to its inventory, can be postponed to a later date due to the rapid spread of the coronavirus. Estonia, which previously bought 12 howitzers from the Republic of Korea, wanted to supply six additional platforms. Estonian Defence Minister Jury Luik, who is expected to visit Seoul last month, has cancelled his trip. Many speculate that the abrupt cancellation was related to COVID-19. "I don't believe the virus situation...
  • Firearm to Estonia from the USA 4 July 2019
      The Estonian Centre for Defence Investment and US company Lewis Machine & Tool signed a contract to procurement the Estonian Defence Forces with a new standard rifle announced on its The Estonian Ministry of Defence said Estonia would initially acquire 16,000 customised automatic rifles, plus accessories. The first weapons are scheduled to arrive in Estonia at the beginning of 2020 for the EDF's Scouts Battalion. This will be followed by deliveries to the 1s...
  • Estonia Buys Spike
    Estonia Buys Spike 24 June 2019
    Estonia has signed a €40 million-worth contract with EuroSpike for the purchase of 18 Spike anti-tank missiles and ammunition, additional equipment, technical support and training. The agreement covers a 7-year and includes an option to purchase additional units. The first EuroSpikes are planned for delivery to the Estonian army in Q3 2020.
  • UK Modernization for Estonian Ships
    UK Modernization for Estonian Ships 16 May 2019
    Estonia's Sandown class mines have been modernized in the United Kingdom. Within the scope of modernization; Thales 2093 variable depth sonar, replaced with Thales 2193 hull-mounted sonar. In this way, the platforms became more compatible with the shallow waters of the Baltic. In the work carried out in Rosyth-based Babcock Facilities, the combat center was modernized and the M-Cube system integration of the Thales production system. The 4 ton capacity cranes on the sh...
  • Second AIM-120 Investigation Concluded
    Second AIM-120 Investigation Concluded 25 February 2019
      The second investigation of the accidental AIM-120 AMRAAM launch at last August was also concluded. The second investigation reports are the same as the first.   On 7 August 2018, an AIM-120 AMRAAM air-to-air missile was launched from Spanish Air Force F/A-18 Hornet in Estonian airspace. First, the internal investigation of Spain was completed and the decision was made that the launch was a pilot error. Then the results of the research carried out by ...
  • Milrem with remote missile weapon  integration
    Milrem with remote missile weapon  integration 8 June 2018
    Estonian Milrem Robotics and French Nexter have recently teamed up to develop a UGV with a 20mm remote weapon station.  UGV will work in a convoy, to have an overview of the area and clear the way for manned platforms. The Estonian company has also integrated the ST Kinetics ADDER, Aselsan SARP and Kongsberg Protector weapon systems onto the UGV with live firings conducted with several of the systems.
  • The Largest NATO Drill To Begin Today
    The Largest NATO Drill To Begin Today 8 May 2017
    15th and so far the largest NATO military drill, "Spring Storm 2017" has begun today in Estonia. With over 6 thousand troops participating from the UK, France, Germany, Canada, Finland, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Ukraine and the US, the international exercise is scheduled to be completed by 26 May. US M1A2 Abrams tanks, UK Challenger 2 and French Leclerc will be used in the drills along with infantry combat vehicles of a...
  • USAF F-35s Are To Visit Estonia
    USAF F-35s Are To Visit Estonia 25 April 2017
    An undisclosed number of US Air Force F-35 Lighting II aircraft will arrive at Ämari air base in Estonia on Tuesday, according to Estonian media ERR. The aircraft will spend several weeks conducting training flights with aircraft from the US and allied militaries. Ämari Air Base is located in northwestern Estonia, close to Russian border.
  • Joint Tender Decision
    Joint Tender Decision 9 February 2017
    Estonia has received a decision to join Finland's joint tender proposal. Two countries will supply K9 Thunder 155 mm self-propelled howitzers (SPH) manufactured by the Korean company Hanwa Techwin in the scope of this bid. Estonia signed a memorandum of understanding with Finland on February 6th to begin negotiations on procurement. The Estonian Minister of Defence announced that the country is plannig to add at least 12 K-9 SPHs into their inventory and the first K-9 ...
  • Estonia Grants US 'Unlimited' Access to Military Bases
    Estonia Grants US 'Unlimited' Access to Military Bases 18 January 2017
    Estonia has signed a bilateral military cooperation agreement with the US, announced by the Estonian Ministry of Defence on 17 January. Singed by the Estonian Defense Minister Margus Tsahkna and US Ambassador to Estonia James Melville, the agreement is considered a major step for enhanced defence and security cooperation in the context of NATO alliance. According to the agreement, Estonia provides the US Armed Forces with unlimited access to the Amari air base, Tapa military base and the cent...
  • THeMIS Displayed Capability
    THeMIS Displayed Capability 1 December 2016
    Milrem’s Tracked Hybrid Modular Infantry System (THeMIS) unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) has demonstrated its manoeuvrability during a series of trials held between 1-7 November at Estonian Land forces’ training facility at Tapa. During the exercises, THeMIS also conducted some live-firing tests with its 50 calibre machine gun mounted on its remote weapon station (RWS). Two THeMIS vehicles participated the demonstration, the first was configured as a logistics and exfiltration platf...
  • Military Support Pledge by France
    Military Support Pledge by France 28 November 2016
    French and Estonian Defence Ministers held a meeting at the Halifax International Security Forum (HISF) on 19 November, following which Estonian Defence Ministry released a statement saying that France was to send 300 soldiers, five Leclerc main battle tanks and Infantry Fighting Vehicles to Estonia in 2017. During the meeting  Estonia and France also discussed  cyber security issues. The two ministers signed a bilateral cyber cooperation agreement in May 2016.