• Russia Develops Radar to Detect Hypersonic Targets
    Russia Develops Radar to Detect Hypersonic Targets 4 July 2020
    Russian State-run news agency TASS announced that a new radar to detect hypersonic targets at long ranges is on the way. The radar will be established at Nioby. Russia’s Aerospace Force Commander-in-Chief Colonel General Sergei Surovikin spoke to the Defense Ministry’s Krasnaya Zvezda Newspaper. “The radar system’s technical characteristics will surpass the capabilities of the operational Nebo-M radar by the range of detecting various types of aircraft, inclu...
  • New Address of U.S. Troops will be Former Soviet Bloc
    New Address of U.S. Troops will be Former Soviet Bloc 29 June 2020
    The new address of US troops stationed in Germany will soon be revealed. U.S. President Donald Trump announced in early June that 9,500 U.S. troops stationed in Germany would withdraw. The U.S. Department of Defence will present its plan for the troops to President Trump. Accordingly, the Pentagon is proposing to reduce the number of troops stationed in Germany to 25,000. Defence Minister Mark Esper's plan includes shifting troops to the Eastern European country. Some ...
  • Navigation Infrastructure Completed
    Navigation Infrastructure Completed 25 June 2020
    Navigation systems are vital for military platforms, especially long-range missiles. Navigation systems are one of the most necessary infrastructures today in order to reach the right target and to direct the operations properly. China had taken action in recent years to set up its own satellite system, as countries did not allow their own infrastructure to be used by other countries, or because they were vulnerable to sabotage in the event of a war. In this context, Beijing recentl...
  • OSSA: 2023 Goals are Still Achievable
    OSSA: 2023 Goals are Still Achievable 23 June 2020
    OSSA (OSTİM Defense and Aviation Cluster) Chairman Mithat Ertuğ has been a guest of live stream on C4Defence's official Instagram account. Ertuğ made statements about the future goals of OSSA. Stating that OSSA's main target is to make companies exporting capable, Mithat Ertuğ stated that different processes were passed for this and some companies were certified for this goal. Referring to the existence of two parameters, finance and demand, for the feasibility of ...
  • Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile Test
    Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile Test 16 June 2020
    Submarine-launched ballistic missiles (SLBM) can be launched from anywhere in the world, regardless of the territory of the carrier platform. This gives user states hit any point in the world capability. France, which has been conducting studies on modernizing the nuclear submarine fleet and strengthening it with new platforms, conducted ballistic missile test launch in the Atlantic on June 12. During the activity carried out off the coast of Finistère, Audiern...
  • Special Mission Aircraft Order to Israel
    Special Mission Aircraft Order to Israel 15 June 2020
    Special mission aircraft, which are considered as the intelligence eye of the armed forces in the air, constitute an important power factor in combat thanks to their reconnaissance, surveillance and command-control capabilities. Israel's leading aviation company IAI (Israel Aerospace Industries) has announced that a 350 million USD agreement has been signed with a European country for the procurement of a Special Mission Aircraft. The agreement will be executed by ELTA Syst...
  • SIG Sauer is almost bankrupted
    SIG Sauer is almost bankrupted 7 June 2020
    SIG Sauer Managing Director Tim Castagne informed the employees and the Works Council of the SIG Sauer plant in Eckernförde about economic problems and a plant closure. Around 130 employees would be affected by the closure.  “The locational disadvantages in Germany for SIG Sauer do not economically allow for manufacturing of sports and LE/military firearms in the future. The legislation is increasingly restricting the use of sports firearms.” Sig Sauer’s message re...
  • Turkish Air Force Refuelled USAF B-1s Over Black Sea
    Turkish Air Force Refuelled USAF B-1s Over Black Sea 29 May 2020
    The waters in the Black Sea have been experiencing their hottest days since the end of the Cold War. Sea and air movement of NATO affiliates is very high in the region. Two B-1B Lancer affiliated to the U.S. Air Force's 28th Bomber Wing performed a long-range Bomber Task Force mission. The platforms departing from Ellsworth Air Force Base stationed in South Dakota headed over the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea after they crossed the Atlantic Ocean. During the round trip; bombe...
  • IM-SHORAD Race
    IM-SHORAD Race 28 May 2020
    The increasing effectiveness of Russia on the borders of Eastern Europe pushes the USA to take new steps and measures. The US Army is squeezing the calendar to deploy Stryker A1 8x8 armoured combat vehicles equipped against potential Russian air threats to Europe. Receiving five of the nine IM-SHORAD (Interim Manoeuvre Short-Range Air Defense) platforms currently ordered, the US is trying to solve the problems encountered in vehicles. According to an official from the IM-SHORAD Prog...
  • EU Defence Budget Could Be Cut
    EU Defence Budget Could Be Cut 13 May 2020
    With the uncertainty created by the coronavirus in the economy, it is a question of where resources will be transferred in the budgets to be determined in the coming period. The European Union's defence fund budget of billions of euros is thought to be disrupted due to COVID-19. The European Commission is expected to present its budget proposals next week, according to EU officials and politicians. While the trillion-euro plan to offset the economic contraction is on the agenda,...
  • Third Submarine Arrived
    Third Submarine Arrived 12 May 2020
    Egypt, which strengthened its navy significantly with the platforms it procured from Europe, took delivery of the third submarine from Germany. Egypt continues its investments that will change the balances in the Mediterranean. In this context, Egyptian Navy has taken delivery of the third of the four Type 209/1400 submarines ordered from Germany. Departing from Germany, ENS S43 (867) completed its maiden voyage by reaching Ras el-Tin Base on May 5. The 1400-ton model...
  • Greece to Upgrade Coast Guard Air Platforms
    Greece to Upgrade Coast Guard Air Platforms 4 May 2020
    The Greek Marine and Island Policy Ministry have announced an international tender for the upgrade/replacement of three Reims-406 aircraft surveillance equipment and three AS365 N3 Dauphin of the six helicopters. This time the process leads to a contract, the surveillance capabilities of air forces of the Hellenic Coast Guard (LS-EL.AKT.) The budget of the program amounts to € 12,000,000  and is co-financed by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund. The terms o...
  • FNSS Wins International Occupational Safety Award
    FNSS Wins International Occupational Safety Award 21 April 2020
    FNSS was awarded the International Safety Award by the British Safety Council. The award is given to companies that care about occupational health and safety, regardless of their size or the sector in which they operate. FNSS applied for the award for the first time this year. The ceremony, scheduled for 29 May at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London, was postponed to a later date due to a ceremony pandemic, which will be a motivator for companies struggling with COVID-19.<...
  • Modernised Tanks Delivered
    Modernised Tanks Delivered 13 April 2020
    The Russian Federation, which continues its activities in order to increase the capabilities of the army and meet the requirements of the modern battlefield, receives modernized systems. The Russian Ground Forces received the first batch of modernized T-90M Proryv main battle tanks. The platforms, which were delivered to the Western Military District Command, the responsibility area of ​​which is the border of Eastern Europe, were assigned to mechanized units. The T-9...
  • New Partner to Armoured Vehicle 12 April 2020
    In Europe, armoured vehicle procurement processes continue with joint ventures as well as individual projects. A new partner has participated in the armoured vehicle project launched by Finland and Latvia jointly. In the statement made by the parties, the third partner of the program was Estonia. During the period when Patria is the main contractor, the parties will acquire the 6x6 platform to be developed jointly.
  • RCWS Export Success of ASELSAN
    RCWS Export Success of ASELSAN 10 April 2020
    Delivering thousands of remote-controlled weapons stations (RCWS) to the Turkish Armed Forces, ASELSAN added another to its export success. The company has announced its RCWS export to a NATO country from its official social media account. "#ASELSAN has signed a contract for remote control weapon systems and firing spot detection systems for the use of a NATO member country." description used in the share. In September 2019, Hungary announced that ...
  • US Concentration Increasing in Europe
    US Concentration Increasing in Europe 7 April 2020
    The military intensity in the Cold War days makes itself felt again. East and West are increasing the concentration on Europe day by day. The USA is determined to increase the military intensity it has lowered in Europe after the end of the Cold War. The U.S. European Command (EUCOM), which had been requesting additional ships for a long time, requested to the deployment of two additional destroyers from Congress in early March. EUCOM Commander General Tod Wolters said in ...
  • Airbus Stopped Production in Spain
    Airbus Stopped Production in Spain 30 March 2020
    After the coronavirus, which influenced the world, Airbus started implementing new measures in Spain as of today. Spain has been particularly hard-hit among European countries. Airbus says it is to suspend the “majority of production” until 9 April, in the aftermath of new measures imposed by the Spanish government from 30 March. The measures restrict all non-essential activity across the country. Airbus says it will maintain some “essential” activities within its comm...
  • New Target of NATO
    New Target of NATO 28 March 2020
    NATO, which was established for a common defence against an attack from any external force, is currently struggling with different targets. Armies are in alarm because of COVID-19, which affects most of the world. NATO continues to support its allies, albeit for a different goal in this process. 45 tons of medical supplies acquired by the Romanian State to combat the epidemic were transported from the Republic of Korea to Bucharest under NATO's Strategic Airlift Capabi...
  • MBDA Stops Working Due To Coronavirus
    MBDA Stops Working Due To Coronavirus 25 March 2020
    MBDA, which continues its operations in five European countries including France, UK, Germany, Spain and Italy, has stopped working due to coronavirus. The company announced that it has suspended all its activities in France between 18 March and 27 March to control the spread of the virus. It was not announced whether the production and assembly line would be affected by this decision.
  • Europe’s Biggest Air Show Cancelled
    Europe’s Biggest Air Show Cancelled 22 March 2020
    Farnborough International Air Show is cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic. The biennial Farnborough International Air Show has officially been cancelled for 2020. Organizers for the air show announced the cancellation but did not provide specific date about timing.
  • Poland to Supply Javelin 10 March 2020
    The Polish Government wants to purchase 180 Javelin missiles and 79 Javelin launch units from the US. It includes approximately $ 100 million worth of acquisition, Basic Skill Training, Missile Simulation Rounds, Battery Coolant Units , tool kits, modified 2-level maintenance parts, training, U.S. Government and contractor technical assistance, transportation and other related elements of logistics support. This proposed sale will support the foreign policy and national security of the...
  • Structural Change in MGCS
    Structural Change in MGCS 25 February 2020
    Structural changes are planned to start in April in the Main Ground Combat System (MGCS) developed in partnership with Germany and France. Recently, Nexter integrated 140mm main guns into the Leclerc main battle tank. Seen as a talent acquisition project for MGCS; The European Main Battle Tank will combine the hull of a Leopard 2A7 with the lighter, two-man turret of a Leclerc. The project was launched to replace the AMX Leclerc and Leopard 2 main battle tanks currently in service w...
  • Russian Airspace Opened Its Doors
    Russian Airspace Opened Its Doors 25 February 2020
    The USA, Canada and Norway will fly in the Russian airspace for the next four days. As part of the Treaty on Open Skies, which was signed in 1992 and entered into force in 2002, Swedish production Saab 340 aircraft will take off from Kubinka. The agreement, which has 34 member states, includes unarmed observation flights in the participating countries. Observation flights are made over the territories of the United States, Canada, European countries, and Russia.
  • Australian Disappointment at $80 Billion Submarine Program
    Australian Disappointment at $80 Billion Submarine Program 15 February 2020
    Relations between the Australian Federal Government and the French company designing future submarines have hit a new low, with the Australian Defence Minister declaring she will hold the group to account on its local industry commitments. France-based Naval Group questioned the capability of local suppliers and suggested Australian businesses may not get half of the value of contracts under the $80 billion program. Naval Group Australia chief executive John Davis told The...
  • Syrian War as an example of “GENOCIDE”… 15 February 2020
    History of humankind witnessed the “population meltdown” operations throughout human history due to ethnic-religious or political identity, especially after the industrial revolution. A typical example is the “Final Solution” strategy, planned and executed by Nazi leader Adolf Hitler and his staff. On January 20, 1942, SS leaders, who came together as a vibrant district of Berlin in a villa by Wansee on the lake, decided to transform the “Jewi...
  • European Fighter Project to Begin Demonstrator Phase
    European Fighter Project to Begin Demonstrator Phase 14 February 2020
    The process of the new generation jet aircraft project is progressing. Airbus made a statement about the ongoing activities. The FCAS Program, launched by France and Germany in cooperation with Airbus-Dassault Aviation, started the demonstrator phase. Within the scope of the process called Phase 1A, important technological maturation processes will take place. Within the scope of the project where MTU Aero Engines, Safran and MBDA serve as the main subcontractors, the demonstra...
  • Spain to Join on European Patrol Corvette Program
    Spain to Join on European Patrol Corvette Program 9 February 2020
    Spain may join Italian and French new 3 000 ton corvette programme along with Greece. Italy and France want to win European Union funding for the construction of a new corvette. The program dubbed the European Patrol Corvette which is part of the EU’s Permanent Structured Cooperation, or PESCO. PESCO is one pan-European defence programs recommendations to bridge capability gaps collaboratively. The new naval, joint venture between Italy’s Fincantieri and France’s N...
  • New FREMM to Egypt
    New FREMM to Egypt 4 February 2020
    FREMM (Fregata Europea Multi-Missione) platforms built in Fincantieri Shipyard for the Italian Navy became the topic of the Italian-based press organizations where the platforms can be sold to Egypt. Last year, Italy offered B1 Centauro armoured combat vehicle to Brazil and two FREMMs of under construction. The problem was the price: the ships would together cost 1.5 billion Euros. Therefore, Brazil rejected the offer. In a related context, the Italian news agency Il Sole 24 ORE Rad...
  • Spain Acquires 24 PC-21 Aircraft
    Spain Acquires 24 PC-21 Aircraft 1 February 2020
    Pilatus Aircraft announced that Spain had ordered 24 Pilatus PC-21 single-engine turboprop trainers to replace its obsolete Casa C-101 Aviojets used since 1980. The contract is worth €204.75 million and calls for the first six aircraft to be delivered by March. The Spanish Air Force, Ejército del Aire, is the third European air force to opt for the Swiss-produced PC-21, the Next Generation Trainer.  
  • UK’s Card for Scotland; £1.7bn a year Defence Expense
    UK’s Card for Scotland; £1.7bn a year Defence Expense 31 January 2020
    The United Kingdom officially exits from the European Union with concerns about Scotland behind. Political aspirations have peculiar and unexpected results. British conservatives voted against the European Union with the fear that the Union would divide them. The result, however, brings the concern to reality. While the member of Kingdom leaves Union, Scotland wants to stay. The Kingdom self divides. Under the shadow of Britain exiting from EU, British defence journal ukde...
  • New Fast Patrol Boat for Hellenic Coast Guard
    New Fast Patrol Boat for Hellenic Coast Guard 30 January 2020
    Greece made its final decision in the tender launched by the Coast Guard to improve its capabilities and advance its fast response ability. within the scope of the program funded by the European Union, the FB60'SF boat, designed by Fabio Buzzi, was selected. The boats, which Greece plans to acquire 13 + 5 pieces at a cost of 33,780 million Euros, have a composite hull structure. Bridge section of the platforms stated to have STANAG 4569 Level 2 protection. Boats w...
  • Will Japan Afford to Break the U.S. Alliance?
    Will Japan Afford to Break the U.S. Alliance? 30 January 2020
    In the 1980s and ‘90s Japan licensed aspects of Lockheed Martin’s iconic F-16 fighter design and produced the F-2, a Japanese F-16 variant with bigger wing and better electronics. Japan plans to choose a partner as early as this summer for development of its successor to the F-2 fighter jet, weighing a proposal from the U.S., its closest ally, against a British offer that would give Tokyo greater control. While the design to be developed by working with another country provides ac...
  • Last Frigate Launched
    Last Frigate Launched 30 January 2020
    Fincantieri Shipyard came to an end during the construction phase of the FREMM (Fregata Europea Multi-Missione) Program. ITS Emilio Bianchi (F 589), the last FREMM built for the Italian Navy (Marina Militare), was launched at Fincantieri's Riva Trigoso Shipyard. The ship, which is the 10th and last platform ordered by Italy, will arrive at Muggiano Shipyard located in La Spezia for refit process. Following the fitting and testing phase, which will be completed under the coo...
  • Brexit Aftermath NATO: Status of Scotland
    Brexit Aftermath NATO: Status of Scotland 2 January 2020
    Even though the Brexit referendum was about the European Union, the negative result has new scenarios on the agenda. The poll in the United Kingdom shows that England wants to leave the Union while other member Scotland wants to stay. Scotland may pursue an independent path to remain in Union but it has to declare independence. In that case, Scotland will not be a member of NATO either. NATO secretary-general Jens Stoltenberg has confirmed that an independent Scotland would have to ...
  • Competition Continues in Hürjet’s Engine
    Competition Continues in Hürjet’s Engine 1 January 2020
    Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAS) continues to search engine for single-engine jet training aircraft Hürjet. It was thought that TUSAS decided on this issue. Europe's Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft is powered by the Ej200 engine manufactured by Eurojet Consortium. TUSAŞ had begun to negotiate with the consortium at Le Bourget'de Paris Aeronautical Exhibition. This development was first written by C4Defence. The F404-GE-102 engine, which is a General Electric product wa...
  • Avengers are Back
    Avengers are Back 30 December 2019
    The United States of America continues to take precautions against increasing air threats in Europe. In this case, distribution of reactivated short range air defence systems continue. After considering the threat level, US decided to store AN/TWQ-1 Avenger short range air defence system (SHORAD). Last year, the US Army decided to reactivate and deploy Avengers to the combat units espacially based in Europe. Within this context, reactivating process of the Avengers which are stored ...
  • FCAS: An Agreement On The Engines
    FCAS: An Agreement On The Engines 3 December 2019
    France and Germany have reached an agreement on the industrial organisation of engines at the Future Combat Air System (FCAS) programme. Safran will be the main contractor and MTU subcontractor. Subsequently, the industrialists will create a joint venture at parity to carry the contracts and the certification of the engine. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Airbus Defence and Space  Dirk Hoke spoke to French Daily La Tribune at Dubai Air Show. Hoke stated that the challenges of ...
  • Airbus Calls Merging Tempest and FCAS
    Airbus Calls Merging Tempest and FCAS 26 November 2019
    The new chief executive of Airbus Guillaume Faury has called for a single European fighter jet programme and warned that the continent needs to bolster its defence industry. Faury spoke to British “The Times” Sunday edition, Sunday Times. Faury, previously boss of Airbus’s commercial aircraft and helicopter divisions, said it would make sense to combine Europe’s two next-generation combat aircraft programmes — Tempest, which involves the UK, I...
  • Chinese Aircraft Carrier Passed Taiwan Strait
    Chinese Aircraft Carrier Passed Taiwan Strait 22 November 2019
    China is working to increase its fleet capability for open seas. On the other hand, Chinese government continues its military and political steps. Beijing administration, which often experiences tensions with neighboring countries due to continental shelf, undisputed islands, is far from relieving tensions with Taiwan. People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) ships, visited many African, Baltic and European countries including Turkey in recent years. Thus, PLAN s...