• Kale Aims to Top on Weapons Market With Indigenous Products
    Kale Aims to Top on Weapons Market With Indigenous Products 23 June 2020
    Kale Group Vice President Osman Okyay has been a guest on live stream at C4Defence's official Instagram account. Okyay made statements about the company's weapons product range. Kale, trying to be a preferred company in the Turkey and the world. Stating that the company exhibited a serious product range in IDEF 2019, Okyay stated that the main goal is to take place in a class that can be qualified as the first league such as Heckler & Koch, FN Herstal, Beretta. Expl...
  • Virus Didn't Affect FNSS
    Virus Didn't Affect FNSS 23 June 2020
    Nail Kurt, FNSS General Manager and CEO, met with the leading names of the defence media in a live stream. Kurt made statements about the COVID-19 process. Stating that the company focuses on increasing awareness, Kurt said that every issue is acted with the awareness that every problem can be solved. While underlining these steps were taken to increase communication and a committee was formed from different departments within the company, urgent and instant decisions were made abou...
  • Online Fair for Military Medical
    Online Fair for Military Medical 10 June 2020
    After the cancellation of fairs and organizations due to COVID-19, the defence sector components began to come together through technology. Aiming to bring the military medical sector together, the Military Medical Web Exhibition brought together military procurement offices on a global scale. The online fair, which starts on June 9th, provides the opportunity to participate in different meeting rooms over the internet for those who want to promote their products. The numb...
  • Republic of Korea Will Export on the Internet
    Republic of Korea Will Export on the Internet 12 May 2020
    Many defence fairs have been postponed or cancelled due to COVID-19. The Defence Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) of the Republic of Korea will implement new measures for problems with exports. As part of the temporary measures, customers will be contacted by the production of videos that can promote the defence products and services of local companies through online communication platforms. DAPA minister Wang Jung-hong said, “We are producing promotional materials su...
  • DSA Postponed to 2022
    DSA Postponed to 2022 12 May 2020
    The DSA 2020 and NATSEC Asia 2020 fair, which was held in cooperation with the Ministry of Defence of Malaysia and the Ministry of Interior, has been postponed to a later date. The new date of the fair, which was previously postponed to August 2020 due to the KOVID Pandemic, will be 28 March 31, 2022. The organisation committee stated that the decision was made following exhaustive consideration with various stakeholders including the Malaysian Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Home ...
  • "Milipol Qatar" Step of Normalization Process
    "Milipol Qatar" Step of Normalization Process 11 May 2020
    Different plans for the normalization phase are described in the COVID-19 process, which is rapidly influenced the whole world. In this context, as well as the fate of canceled or postponed fairs, the decisions to be taken for future events are also a matter of curiosity. The Middle East leg of Milipol, considered one of the most important homeland security and intelligence fairs in the world, was announced to be held in October. Fair; which will be hosted by Ministry of Interior, S...
  • Saudi Arabia Decides to Localize Drone Production
    Saudi Arabia Decides to Localize Drone Production 2 May 2020
    Saudi Arabia has reached an agreement with Intra Defence Technologies to domesticate drone production. Within this framework, approximately 50 drones will be developed in Saudi Arabia in the next five years. A total of USD 200 million is planned to be invested in the process, which will begin with the production of six platforms in 2021. Intra President Salman bin Nasser Al-Shathri said 60 per cent of the project’s operations will be handled by Saudi enterprises, and 60 per cent of its ...
  • Anti-Ship Missile Test
    Anti-Ship Missile Test 6 April 2020
    The anti-ship missile density is increasing in the Black Sea. Within the scope of one of the new projects, a test launcht was carried out recently. Ukraine, which has an important technological infrastructure in missiles, improves its capability to defend against the Russian threat. A test launch was made on 2 April as part of the Neptune missile program, which started in line with the country's coastal defence requirement. In the trial conducted at Alibey Proving Grou...
  • ExCel Exhibition Center in the UK Transformed into Hospital for Coronavirus
    ExCel Exhibition Center in the UK Transformed into Hospital for Coronavirus 3 April 2020
    The number of people diagnosed with coronavirus in the UK continues to grow. ExCel Fair Center, where the Defence & Security Equipment International is organized, is used as a temporary hospital due to the virus. Nightingale Hospital, which is the result of the joint work of the army and the government, is the first temporary health centre to treat COVID-19 patients. There are five hundred intensive care unit beds there to start with, equipped with ventilators. Ac...
  • Virus Causes Further Cancels at Fairs
    Virus Causes Further Cancels at Fairs 23 March 2020
    Due to COVID-19, which has become an epidemic in the world, many fairs have been postponed since February. As of March, defence fairs were also affected by this development. With the belief that the epidemic will end in May, many fairs organized in the summer have not decided to postpone it. However, the epidemic began to delay these expos. Securika, the security fair held in Russia, was planned to start on April 12, and there was no postponement announcement. According to the new statement, ...
  • Eurasia is postponed due to Virus
    Eurasia is postponed due to Virus 14 March 2020
    The COVID-19 virus also affected the Eurasia Aviation Fair. All national and international trade fairs in Turkey between March 16-April 30 are postponed to a later date. Due to this situation, the Eurasia Airshow has been postponed. The organizing committee released a statement from the websites: Dear Eurasia Airshow Family; Eurasia Airshow 2020 has been postponed to 24-28 June 2020 as a result of the measures taken by our government officials after 2 cases detected with C...
  • Tunisia orders Anka-S UAVs from Turkey
    Tunisia orders Anka-S UAVs from Turkey 14 March 2020
    Tunisia has ordered Anka-S unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) from Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAŞ) according to Army recognition. This is TUSAŞ's first export order for the type. During the Tunisian International Aerospace & Defence Exhibition During (IADE 2020), which took place in Djerba the Tunisian MoD signed a $240 million contract with TUSAŞ for the supply of six ANKA-S UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) and three control centres. The deal was signed including t...
  • Pakistan Test-Launched Long Range Cruise Missile
    Pakistan Test-Launched Long Range Cruise Missile 21 February 2020
    Pakistan continues to increase the strength of the army with domestic weapons systems as well as foreign procurements. In this context, Islamabad carried out a long-range missile test launch. The test launch of the cruise missile system named Ra'ad-II, which mock-up of missile exhibited for the first time in a military parade in 2017, was held last Tuesday. The system, whose range is almost doubled by its predecessor Ra'ad-I missile, can reach targets within 5...
  • Eurasia Airshow Wants to be “The Best” in The Region 15 February 2020
    Eurasia Airshow, which was held in 2018 for the first time, will be held again. The space theme will be added to its content. Before the fair to be held in April, we talked to Capital Exhibition Board Chairman Hakan Kurt about the point, goals and projects from 2018 to today. C4Defence: You aim to beat the performance of Dubai Airshow. Performance targets can be determined in many aspects of fairs. What is the performance criterion you use when compared with Dubai?<...
  • Belarussian Flute
    Belarussian Flute 4 February 2020
    State Military-Industrial Committee of Belarus held the meeting. The new tactical CNRA (Multi Barrel Rocket Launcher) system was introduced at the event held in the capital Minsk. According to the news published in the country media, the launching tests of the system, which was unveiled during exhibition, continue. The platform consisting of SHTS (Silach) 4x4 armored tactical vehicle mounted 80 mm rocket launcher system developed over the GAZ-3308 Sadko chassis is called "...
  • ASELSAN Communication Suites for Modernised Tanks
    ASELSAN Communication Suites for Modernised Tanks 29 January 2020
    ASELSAN product communication suites, which procures digital radio equipments many countries including Turkey, began to be used in the modernized T-72 tanks. ASELSAN, which has been exporting digital communication systems to Ukraine since 2017, reaching wider use in the Ukrainian Army. Kiev Management preferred ASELSAN-produced digital communication systems as well as Ukraine-based Lybid K2 radio stations for the communication systems of modernised T-72AMT tanks, which wer...
  • Greece invites Turkey to Defence Exhibitions in Athens
    Greece invites Turkey to Defence Exhibitions in Athens 22 January 2020
    After more than ten years absence, Greece returns to international defence exhibitions, by the organisation of DEFEA-Defence Exhibition Athens. The organisation got in contact with Greek Defence ministry for the official invitation of Turkey, C4Defence learned. DEFEA will take place in Athens, from 22 to 24 June 2020 at the Metropolitan Expo. It is organised by ROTA SA and the Union of Greek Manufacturers of Defence Material (SEKPY). It is under the auspices of the Ministry of Natio...
  • Competition Continues in Hürjet’s Engine
    Competition Continues in Hürjet’s Engine 1 January 2020
    Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAS) continues to search engine for single-engine jet training aircraft Hürjet. It was thought that TUSAS decided on this issue. Europe's Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft is powered by the Ej200 engine manufactured by Eurojet Consortium. TUSAŞ had begun to negotiate with the consortium at Le Bourget'de Paris Aeronautical Exhibition. This development was first written by C4Defence. The F404-GE-102 engine, which is a General Electric product wa...
  • Albatross took off
    Albatross took off 29 December 2019
    ALBATROS, the high capacity Cargo UAV developed by ALTINAY Aviation, made its maiden flight.  The UAV is standing out with its modular structure and the ability to carry various useful loads at the same time. Albatross was exhibited for the first time at TEKNOFEST. The UAV can stay in the air for one hour with a payload of 75 kg.
  • TAIS Has Five Solutions to Present at Kuwait
    TAIS Has Five Solutions to Present at Kuwait 10 December 2019
    TAIS, established by the owners of four leading shipyards of Turkey, attends to Kuwait defence and aviation exhibition GDA. The company is established to offer expert and innovative solutions in naval shipbuilding for demanding customers all over the world. The group has completed a series of projects for the Turkish Ministry of Defence for Turkish Navy which has achieved a contemporary, powerful and modern force structure. Besides shipbuilding TAIS offers a total solution...
  • Milsoft Presents Link-M at GDA
    Milsoft Presents Link-M at GDA 10 December 2019
    Milsoft attends with its Link-M product to the Gulf Defence & Aerospace Exhibition (GDA) held in Kuwait. Link-M is an Indigenous Tactical Data Link System which enables tactical data exchange amongst land, naval and air platforms using existing or new HF and V/UHF Radios. It makes it possible to use the most advanced tactical data elements employed for tactical operations available today. It means Link-11 and Link-16 communication systems can be used at the same environment. It ...
  • Zigana to Pass by Kuwait
    Zigana to Pass by Kuwait 10 December 2019
    Trabzon Silah Sanayii (TİSAŞ) products are exhibited at The Gulf Defence & Aerospace Exhibition (GDA) held in Kuwait. TİSAŞ officials who opened a stand in GDA pointed out that the company has achieved many firsts in the sector with its technical infrastructure and quarter-century experience. Underlining that they have exported to more than 50 countries, TİSAŞ aims to increase its market share in the developing defence industry and to become a brand in the world with its quality. The comp...
  • Otokar exhibits ARMA and COBRA II vehicles
    Otokar exhibits ARMA and COBRA II vehicles 10 December 2019
    Otokar, participates in Gulf Defence & Aerospace (GDA) 2019, on December 10-12, 2019 in Kuwait. During the exhibition, Otokar’s ARMA 6x6 with BOZOK turret and COBRA II with KESKIN turret will be displayed at its stand. Otokar General Manager Serdar Görgüç stated that Otokar is a company on a global scale. , "Designed in Turkey and our vehicles manufactured in Turkey, we have the honour to represent the Turkish defence industry in the world successfull...
  • Iranian Defence Industry: Self Sufficient?
    Iranian Defence Industry: Self Sufficient? 6 December 2019
    Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Major General Mohammad Hossein Baqeri said the Islamic Republic had gained full self-sufficiency in the field of defence. Speaking at the exhibition of military products, Bageri stated that Iran achieved self-sufficiency in defence of the country. Bageri said, “Today, we can declare that we have achieved full self-sufficiency in defending the country, and these achievements have given the great Iranian nation effective might and deterrence, sec...
  • Turkish Firms in Milipol
    Turkish Firms in Milipol 22 November 2019
    Turkish companies take part with their products at Milipol 2019 Homeland Security and Safety Fair held in Paris. CES from Turkey Advanced Composites and Defence, Garanti Composite, Transvaro, Öztek Textile, Ata Arms, Yakupoğlu (YDS), Turac Foreign Trade, Safe Life and Epsilon Agency for Defence and Aerospace Industry Exporters' Association Ranks SSI. Milipol Paris 2019 Exhibition ends today.  
  • Turkish Company from Germany to France: Ekin 21 November 2019
      Having joined the Milipol Exhibition held in France from Germany, Turkey-based company Ekin unveiled the new product. A single headlamp called “Ekin PATROL G2” that contains all hardware and software for a smart patrol mission. The intelligent mobile patrol system is capable of license plate recognition, face recognition, parking and speed violation detection while moving. Ekin Patrol G2, is designed in the concept of a headlamp for vehicles such as poli...
  • Radar and Border Security at Ankara 1 November 2019
    The unstable environment of the countries in the region and the problem of refugees caused by the civil war in Syria is growing day by day. This situation makes it even more critical border security of Turkey, which fighting with terrorism for decades.   The 2nd Military Radar and Border Security Summit was held on October 2-3, 2019 in Ankara, where the most current solutions on military radar and border security produced in our country were exhibited.  Domestic ...
  • Refreshing the Ukrainian Army: Arms & Security 1 November 2019
    With the separatist movements in the eastern part of the country, the Ukrainian Army started to refresh itself. The defence industry of the country, which tries to turn its face to the West after the occupation of Crimea, continues to modernisation and refurbishing of its infrastructure. Ukraine continues its investments to the defence industry. Kyiv government working to adapt its military infrastructure to the West. The 19th Arms & Security Exhibition, which includes the works...
  • 15 Exhibitions to Attend in 2020
    15 Exhibitions to Attend in 2020 30 October 2019
    Expos to be nationally attended for 2020 are announced. A total of 15 fairs will be attended in 2020. Two of these fairs are in Turkey and Germany. Remaining expos are in Qatar, Chile, Malaysia, France, United Kingdom, Azerbaijan, Republic of South Africa, the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia. The Defence Industry Presidency (SSB) will provide national participation to nine of the fairs. Defence and Aerospace Industry Exporters’ Association (SSI) will provide national participation t...
  • TUSAS Press Release 16 October 2019
    Turkish Aerospace participates in Seoul International Aerospace and Defense Exhibition first time, between 15-20 October 2019. On the occasion of the exhibition, Turkish Aerospace will display its products to the participants of defense industry over the world. Turkish Aerospace with its globally known products is expected to be focus of interest especially with ANKA Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, T129 ATAK Multirole Combat Helicopter and T625 GÖKBEY Multirole Helicopter.
  • AUSA 2019 Started
    AUSA 2019 Started 14 October 2019
    The 2019 Meeting of the Association of The United States Army (AUSA) began in Washington, D.C. The three-day event, which mostly includes land platforms, is expected to host more than 30,000 participants. “America’s Army: Ready Now, Investing in the Future” is the theme of this year’s meeting. The AUSA, featuring more than 650 exhibits spread over more than 300,000 square feet of space. The event will end on October 16
  • Kozak 2M is Different from Predecessor
    Kozak 2M is Different from Predecessor 11 October 2019
    During the 16th Arms and Security Exhibition held in Kyiv, Practica exhibited its unique solutions as well as modernization projects. Practica's Kozak 2M MRAP took part in the company booth. Unlike to its predecessor, Kozak 2M has monocoque body and has a V-type underbelly structure and independent suspension system. It is powered by a 280 HP Iveco diesel engine. The platform, which is wider than Kozak MRAP, offers more balanced driving with this feature. In addition t...
  • New Customer to the Oplot
    New Customer to the Oplot 10 October 2019
    Ukrainian Malyshev continues its Oplot deliveries. The company made a statement about the platforms at the Arms and Security 2019 exhibition organized by the media sponsorship of C4Defence. Negotiations are under way between Ukraine and Thailand for new phase deliveries for Oplot tanks, which have already completed all deliveries to Thailand. It is stated that the negotiations with a third country for the Oplots, which are also included in the inventory of the Ukrainian Army, c...
  • ASELSAN Opens Production Facility in Ukraine 10 October 2019
    ASELSAN continues to expand its production facilities. Since 2017, ASELSAN has been supplying software-based tactical radios to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The company opened a local production facility in Kyiv, Ukraine. Radios will now be produced locally in Ukraine. A memorandum of understanding was signed between ASELSAN and Ukrainian STE for the production of ASELSAN military radio and intercom systems in Ukraine at the Arms & Security Exhibition held in Kyiv, Ukraine between 09-12 Oc...
  • More ASELSAN for Ukraine
    More ASELSAN for Ukraine 9 October 2019
    ASELSAN has signed a new procurement agreement with Ukraine at the Arms and Security 2019 exhibition in Ukraine. Under the contract, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will take delivery additional software-defined communications system. The ceremony was held in the exhibition center. Spets Techno Export company General Manager Vladyslav Belbas and Chairman and General Manager of ASELSAN. Dr. Haluk Görgün also participated to the ceremony. In this co...
  • Range Increased
    Range Increased 9 October 2019
    The 16th Arms and Security Exhibition in Kiev continues on the second day. During the event, Ukrainian company Luchs introduced the RK-10 missile. The system, which could technically be described as a extended-range version of the Bar'er missile, was developed specifically for use with rotary wing aircraft. Bar'er missile was used as the basis of the project carried out with the company's own resources. While the amount of ammunitio's fuel was increased, th...
  • President Visited Baykar
    President Visited Baykar 9 October 2019
    President of the Ukraine Volodımır Zelenskıy visited the Baykar Defence booth during Arms and Security 2019 exhibition. During his visit, Mr. President took an information about Bayraktar TB2 UAS from Haluk Bayraktar who is General Manager of Baykar Defence.
  • Arms And Security  has Began
    Arms And Security has Began 8 October 2019
    The 16th Arms and Security Exhibition in Ukraine opened its doors. The exhibition, which started with a ceremony attended by Ukrainian Minister of Defence Andriy Zagorodnyuk, will be open until October 11th. Turkey made the national participation to the event with 17 companies and is the largest participant after Ukraine. Many countries from the company, will exhibit their products. During the event which is C4Defence is the main media sponsor, wide range of products&...
  • Alka Shield to Drones
    Alka Shield to Drones 8 October 2019
    Participating in Arms and Security 2019 with its unique products, Roketsan exhibits the Alka directed energy system in Kiev.
    Alka, which the company has developed with its own resources, has an internal detection system. Thus, the system can operate without the need for an additional detection and observation system can be effectively use against drones and can detect different sizes of UAVs. Alka, which has radio frequency based electronic attack system and signal jamming systemer sys...
  • Bayraktar is at Users's Home
    Bayraktar is at Users's Home 8 October 2019
    Arms and Security 2019 defence expo in Ukraine starts today. Defence and Aerospace Industry Exporters' Association provides National Participation to the event, which is the media sponsorship of C4Defence magazine. During the fair, many Turkish Compaies such as Aselsan, Roketsan, STM hve booth also. Baykar which is in co-operation at different projects with Ukraine, will exhibit Bayraktar UAS at Kiev. Company has achieved export success of Bayraktar UAS to Ukraine before.