• Qatar's Corveti Begins Naval Tests
    Qatar's Corveti Begins Naval Tests 21 November 2020
    Fincantieri's Al Zubarah (F 101) corvette, built for the Qatari Navy, began naval testing. The delivery schedule of the corvette, which Qatar plans to use effectively in air defence operations, had delay due to COVID-19. The platform, which was pulled into the dry pool in November 2018, has an displacement of 3,250 tons. Al Zubarah-class corvettes, which have a drive system consisting of four diesel engines, are said to be 107 meters long and about 15 meters wide. ...
  • Romania Awaits Court Decision on Construction of New Corvettes
    Romania Awaits Court Decision on Construction of New Corvettes 29 October 2020
    Romania has restated its commitment to a 1, 2 billion Euro contract with Naval Group. Romania, which opened a new corvette construction tender last year (2019), announced it would work with France-based Naval Group.  Naval Group announced that it would build four Gowind-class corvettes under the contract and modernize existing Type 22 frigates in the Romanian Navy inventory. However, no contract was signed between the parties. Italian Fincantieri and Dutch Damen shipy...
  • U.S. Offers Frigate to Greece
    U.S. Offers Frigate to Greece 20 October 2020
    Geoffrey Pyatt, US Ambassador to Greece, said the White House would offer to sell four frigates to Greece. Pyatt noted that they proposed that the three frigates be produced jointly at the Onex Shipyards on the Greek island of Syros. Greece announced in early September that it would strengthen its armed forces. Following tensions with Turkey in the eastern Mediterranean, Greek Prime Minister Kiriakos Miçotakis announced that they would buy 18 French Rafale fighter jets, four ...
  • Qatar Wants to Install Italian Amphibibi Vehicle in LPD
    Qatar Wants to Install Italian Amphibibi Vehicle in LPD 16 October 2020
    Italian company Iveco has introduced its new vehicle Superav Land. The new 8x8 Superav Land, which lacks amphibious features, was presented to the Qatari Armed Forces, who were in Italy for a joint military exercise. In addition to Superav Land, Qatari authorities have expressed interest in ACVs as part of its naval program.  ACVs are produced in a joint operation with BAE Systems under Iveco subcontractor. They reach 22 km/h speed while in the water under f...
  • Frigate Selection Announced
    Frigate Selection Announced 1 May 2020
    After the retirement of Oliver Hazard Perry-class guided-missile frigates, which are also using in the Turkish Navy inventory, the US was looking for a new platform. In the process named FFG(X) Frigate Program, Fincantieri joined with FREMM, Austal shown its Independence LCS as candidate, Navantia partnered Bath Iron Works joined with Spanish F100 design and Bath Iron Works joined with unknown design. The program, which started with the Request for Proposals File on June 20, 2019, w...
  • Will Production Stop in the Sector Due to Virus in Defence?
    Will Production Stop in the Sector Due to Virus in Defence? 19 March 2020
    The economic balance that will emerge after the coronavirus remains uncertain. The defence industry is among the sectors that the virus can affect. Following the announcement of a pandemic, the US-based news site Defense News wrote the policies followed by the firms in the defence sector, despite the governments' warnings of "don't leave your home". BAE Systems, which produces aviation-based production, has regularly improved its business plans according to the dev...
  • Spain to Join on European Patrol Corvette Program
    Spain to Join on European Patrol Corvette Program 9 February 2020
    Spain may join Italian and French new 3 000 ton corvette programme along with Greece. Italy and France want to win European Union funding for the construction of a new corvette. The program dubbed the European Patrol Corvette which is part of the EU’s Permanent Structured Cooperation, or PESCO. PESCO is one pan-European defence programs recommendations to bridge capability gaps collaboratively. The new naval, joint venture between Italy’s Fincantieri and France’s N...
  • Qatar Submarine in the Arabian Gulf
    Qatar Submarine in the Arabian Gulf 6 February 2020
    Located on the world's third-largest natural gas and oil reserves, Qatar may operate the submarine. Doha has taken a new step that will be effective in changing the balances in the Gulf region. A new memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Italian defence giant Fincantieri covers the "supply of cutting-edge naval vessels and submarines". The Qatari submarines may be part of a much larger 5 billion Euro deal with Italy which was agreed in 2017. Currently, Iran is the only submarin...
  • New FREMM to Egypt
    New FREMM to Egypt 4 February 2020
    FREMM (Fregata Europea Multi-Missione) platforms built in Fincantieri Shipyard for the Italian Navy became the topic of the Italian-based press organizations where the platforms can be sold to Egypt. Last year, Italy offered B1 Centauro armoured combat vehicle to Brazil and two FREMMs of under construction. The problem was the price: the ships would together cost 1.5 billion Euros. Therefore, Brazil rejected the offer. In a related context, the Italian news agency Il Sole 24 ORE Rad...
  • Last Frigate Launched
    Last Frigate Launched 30 January 2020
    Fincantieri Shipyard came to an end during the construction phase of the FREMM (Fregata Europea Multi-Missione) Program. ITS Emilio Bianchi (F 589), the last FREMM built for the Italian Navy (Marina Militare), was launched at Fincantieri's Riva Trigoso Shipyard. The ship, which is the 10th and last platform ordered by Italy, will arrive at Muggiano Shipyard located in La Spezia for refit process. Following the fitting and testing phase, which will be completed under the coo...
  • Qatar’s New Partner
    Qatar’s New Partner 27 January 2020
    The Italy-based Fincantieri company, which is making new strides to strengthen its position in the Middle East, has reached a new agreement with Qatar. Fincantieri and the Ministry of Defence of Qatar through Barzan Holding, a company wholly owned by the Qatari Ministry of Defence and responsible for empowering the military capabilities of the national armed force in the state, signed a Memorandum of Understanding, aimed at strengthening their strategic partnership through the evaluation and ...
  • Saudi Arabia to Pay $2 Billion for the LCS Frigate
    Saudi Arabia to Pay $2 Billion for the LCS Frigate 23 December 2019
    Saudi Navy will get four Multi-mission surface combatants frigate from Lockheed Martin, a derivation of the Freedom-class Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) design. The U.S. Navy announced the $1.96 billion contract on Friday. The ships will be built at Fincantieri’s Marinette Marine shipyard in Wisconsin. The contract was awarded as part of the U.S. Navy’s Foreign Military Sales program.
  • Italy’s LHD “Trieste” is Launched
    Italy’s LHD “Trieste” is Launched 27 May 2019
    The launching ceremony of Landing Helicopter Dock (LHD) “Trieste” took place at the Fincantieri shipyard in Castellammare di Stabia. This multirole and multipurpose amphibious is capable of deploying aircraft and amphibious vehicles and equipment, relying on a flight deck and a floodable basin located on the stern of the ship. The new unit will be delivered in 2022 and falls within the naval program of the maritime capability of Defence, approved by the Italian...
  • Vard Signs MOU with ASFAT
    Vard Signs MOU with ASFAT 7 May 2019
    Vard Marine Inc. announced that an MoU has been signed with Military Factory and Shipyard Management Inc. (Askeri Fabrika ve Tersane İşletme A.Ş. /ASFAT) in Turkey to promote a strategic partnership where Vard Marine provides the design of a wide range of paramilitary vessels and ASFAT coordinates construction of select projects at their approved naval shipyards in Turkey. The MoU provides an opportunity for Vard Marine to expand operations in the region and to collaborate with othe...
  • Next Gen Frigate for U.S. Navy
    Next Gen Frigate for U.S. Navy 7 March 2019
    The U.S. Navy has issued a draft request for proposals for a new guided missile frigate, being acquired through the FFG(X) competition in order to buy a total of 20 ships, and the draft solicitation outlines the construction schedule for the first 10 ships in the class. The lead ship would be delivered 72 months after a contract is awarded. The contract will include an option for an additional nine ships. A final RFP will be released later this year, with a contract award ...
  • Logistic Support Ship Order
    Logistic Support Ship Order 4 February 2019
      France has taken action for logistical support fleet which are end of their useful life. In this context, the French Directorate General of Armaments made a statement to the OCCAR (Organisation Conjointe de Coopération en matière d'Armement / Organisation for Joint Armament Co-operation). France signed an agreement to procurement of four logistics support vessels. In this...
  • Eighth FREMM Completed Trials
    Eighth FREMM Completed Trials 30 November 2018
    Italy's eighth FREMM class frigate, ITS Marceglia (F597) has completed the sea tests.   The platform, which opened to sea in June, completed all sea trial activities in five months thanks to the tight coordination of the program participants. During the experiments, 13 different test phases were carried out.   Platform is the eighth FREMM class ship in Italy and the fourth FREMM built in the general-purpose configuration of the Italian Nav...
  • Corvette Decision is Soon
    Corvette Decision is Soon 23 October 2018
    Romania is close to deciding for its new multi-purpose corvette. The Bucharest administration, which received the latest offers at the beginning of October, said they are close to the conclusion of the proposals. Three participants submitted bids to the tender for the selection of ships to replace the two old Type 22 class frigates procured from the Royal Navy. Naval Group from France, Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding from the Netherlands and Fincantieri from Italy took part in the ...
  • Brazil Shortlisted Four European Companies for CCT Tender
    Brazil Shortlisted Four European Companies for CCT Tender 18 October 2018
    The Brazilian Navy’s Program Management Directorate (Diretoria de Gestão de Programas da Marinha, DGePM), has announced a “short-list” for the Class-Tamandaré Corvettes (CCT in Portuguese) program comprising the following consortium. Tamandaré Project calls for the construction of an initial batch of four corvettes to replace the ageing Niteroi- and Broadsword-class frigates. The frigates are expected to cost $700 million each, and the corvettes $380 mil...
  • Italian Ships Get Smaller
    Italian Ships Get Smaller 7 August 2018
    The Italian Navy may change the design of PPA general purpose vessels. If the change is decided, the ships will get smaller and the platforms will be gained anti-submarine warfare capabilities. Italy has ordered seven frigates with a contract worth US $ 6.3 billion. Three of these vessels are already under construction at Fincantieri Shipyard. Preparation works undergo for fourth ship. PPA's, which are about the same length as FREMM's, are three meters narrower and...
  • Fincantieri Begins Work on the First “Doha” Class Corvette for Qatar
    Fincantieri Begins Work on the First “Doha” Class Corvette for Qatar 4 August 2018
    The steel cutting ceremony of the first “Doha” class corvette ordered to Fincantieri by the Qatari Ministry of Defence within the national naval acquisition programme, took place today at the Muggiano (La Spezia) yard. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of State of Qatar for Defence Affairs, and the Italian Minister of Defence attended to the ceremony. The contract, amounting for Fincantieri to approx. 4 billion euros, envisages the supply of seven surface vessels, of wh...
  • US Navy Requests for FFG(X)
    US Navy Requests for FFG(X) 3 August 2018
    US Navy signed an agreement with five companies on development options of Guided Missile Frigate (FFG (X)). Under the agreement, the conceptual design work of the new frigate will be carried out. In the statement from the US Department of Defense it is announced that a study would be conducted on the Navy's need for a frigate that could accompany the navy's aircraft carrier groups and work in network with the fleets and capable of independent operations when necess...
  • Vikrant on the Sea at 2020
    Vikrant on the Sea at 2020 25 July 2018
    The Indian Navy made a statement about the INS Vikrant. In the statement, Vikrant will start the sea tests in 2020. Completion of the integration propulsion, power generation, deck machinery and auxillary equipments also announced. Currently, the ship's aircraft, navigation, communications, sensor and weapon integration studies are ongoing.  Directorate of Naval Design of Indian Navy designed the ship with the aid of Fincantieri and Russian Navy Design Bureau. Pla...
  • Vulcano Launched
    Vulcano Launched 5 July 2018
    The Fincantieri Shipyard launched the new logistic support ship of the Italian Navy. The ship named Vulcano (A 5335) floated at the Muggiano shipyard in La Spezia. The European defense procurement organization, OCCAR, ordered the May 2015 in the name of Italian Ministry of Defence, and the hull parts of the platform were built at different shipyards and consolidated at Muggiano. The system integration efforts of the ship will continue until December, and Vulcano will begin...
  • Type 26 Frigate wins Australian frigate bid
    Type 26 Frigate wins Australian frigate bid 29 June 2018
      BAE Systems’ Type 26 Frigate design wins Australian frigate bid to replace the Anzac-class from the mid-2020s. Three companies were bidding: British BAE Systems, Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri and Spanish shipbuilder Navantia. BAE’s design was picked for its anti-submarine warfare.
  • Seventh FREMM Delivered to Italian Navy
    Seventh FREMM Delivered to Italian Navy 26 April 2018
    Italian Navy has taken delivery of the seventh multi-mission frigate (FREMM), Federico Martinengo, on 24 April. The delivery ceremony took place at Fincantieri’s Muggiano shipyard in La Spezia. Orizzonte Sistemi Navali — 51% Fincantieri and 49% Leonardo — is the prime contractor for Italy in the FREMM program which covers the construction of ten vessels. The new vessel was launched in March 2017. With a length of 144 met...
  • Christening Ceremony for the New Freedom Class LCS
    Christening Ceremony for the New Freedom Class LCS 19 April 2018
    The US Navy has christened its newest Freedom-class littoral combat ship (LCS), the future USS Indianapolis (LCS 17), during a ceremony at the Fincantieri Marinette Marine shipyard on 14 April. She will undergo additional outfitting and testing at Fincantieri Marinette Marine before her anticipated delivery next year. This will be the fourth US Navy ship to bear the Indianapolis name. The vessel is also the 17th LCS to enter service with the US Navy. The LCS-class consists of the Freedom-vari...
  • DIMDEX Fair News
    DIMDEX Fair News 7 April 2018
    Large Sales by Leonardo Barzan Holdings, Established Fincantieri Day in Qatar Kongsberg’s Northern Wind Baykar’s Second Step Qatar, Pleased with ARES Qatar on Good Terms with BMC Rapid Response from Yonca-Onuk 4x4 Sales from Nurol Makina ADİK will Train
  • Cooperation Time in Qatar
    Cooperation Time in Qatar 7 April 2018
    Arms race observed in Gulf countries is now accompanied by indigenous production models. Following Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, Qatar also started pursuing the same path. As tension between Qatar and other Gulf members escalates, the former makes efforts to prevent isolation. International Maritime Defence Exhibition and Conference (DIMDEX) organised in Doha is a reflection of this purpose. Launched around a decade ago in the area of naval affairs, the Exhibition set the stage f...
  • Fincantieri Will Cooperate with Barzan Holdings
    Fincantieri Will Cooperate with Barzan Holdings 15 March 2018
    Italian Fincantieri and Qatari Ministry of Defence-owned Barzan Holdings signed a letter of intent aimed at studying possible forms of cooperation in the coastal defence surveillance sector, through the implementation of new technologies and cutting-edge program management and maintenance services within the Qatari naval programs.  The agreement was signed in Doha at DIMDEX 2018 fair by Angelo Fusco, Fincantieri Executive Vice President Naval Vessels Business Unit, an...
  • US Navy Picks Five Contenders to Compete for Guided-missile Frigate Project
    US Navy Picks Five Contenders to Compete for Guided-missile Frigate Project 20 February 2018
    The US Navy will evaluate the work of the five shipyards over the next 16 months before a final request for proposal in 2019 and a contract award in 2020, according to USNI News. Five ship designs will compete in the Navy’s bid for 20 next-generation guided-missile frigates (FFG(X)) that will follow the Littoral Combat Ship. A total of seven US, European and Australian firms are understood to have submitted initial bids. Austal USA, Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics Bath Iron ...
  • Italy to Place Third Batch Submarine Order
    Italy to Place Third Batch Submarine Order 12 February 2018
    Italy has approved initial funding for the third batch of Type 212A diesel-electric submarines. Italian Defence Minister Roberta Pinotti confirmed the funding for the purchase of two submarines on 3 February, during the launch of the eighth Carlo Bergamini-class FREMM frigate for the Italian Navy. Italian Navy has received the fourth and last submarine of the second batch from Fincantieri on 11 May 2017.   
  • Leonardo To Lead The EU Project
    Leonardo To Lead The EU Project 16 January 2018
    Leonardo has been selected to lead the team that is to work under the first research project funded by the European Union, the OCEAN2020. OCEAN2020 will boost technological research in the naval domain also by the integration of unmanned platforms in surveillance and interdiction missions. The EU fund, launched in 2016 to build the union’s military capabilities, foresees a pooled €5 billion procurement budget.   The OCEAN2020 team comprises of 42 partners from 1...
  • First Delivery in 2018
    First Delivery in 2018 13 December 2017
    Italian shipbuilder Cantiere Navale Vittoria is building four new LC23-class mechanized landing craft (LCMs) for the Italian Navy. The vessels will are being built under a contract awarded by Fincantieri in the first quarter of 2017. The first craft is planned to be delivered in the second half of 2018, with all four units to be completed by 2021. 23,8 metre-long vessel can transport a maximum load of 65 tonnes at a top speed of 13.5 knots. It has a 200 nautical mile range at 1...
  • Canada rejects Fincantieri-Naval Group warships offer
    Canada rejects Fincantieri-Naval Group warships offer 10 December 2017
    Canada has rejected an offer from a consortium of French and Italian shipbuilders to build 15 warships to renew its naval fleet, the group said Thursday. Naval Group and Fincatieri proposed building the new ships based on their Fremm frigate design, which is already in use by both the French and Italian navies. Their bid was reportedly half the Can$60 billion (US$47 billion) Ottawa budgeted for the construction of the warships. In a joint statement, Naval Group a...
  • Joint Proposal In Response to Canada's Pursuit
    Joint Proposal In Response to Canada's Pursuit 5 December 2017
    French and Italian shipbuilders Naval Group and Fincantieri submitted a joint proposal for the Royal Canadian Navy's requirement to acquire an existing and proven NATO warship design, Fincantieri announced on 1 December.  The companies are offering a solution based on the FREMM frigate design, modified to meet Canada's needs and requirements. Should the offer be accepted, the future frigates would be built in Canada at Irving Shipbuilding soon. Naval...
  • Deliveries to Bangladesh Completed
    Deliveries to Bangladesh Completed 16 October 2017
    Fincantieri has delivered the last two of four Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPV) to the Bangladesh Coast Guard (BCG) on 12 October. The company has converted and upgraded four former Italian Navy corvettes into offshore patrol vessels for Bangladesh and delivered the first two in August 2016. The two OPVs had been retired from the national fleet in March 2016, then upgraded and converted at Fincantieri’s dock in Genova with an extension...
  • Renewal Plan Full Blast
    Renewal Plan Full Blast 13 July 2017
    Fincantieri held a steel cutting ceremony of the multipurpose amphibious unit (LHD or Landing Helicopter Dock) on order for Italian Navy on 12 July. Being built under the renewal plan of the Italian Navy vessels that started in May 2015, the new platform will be delivered in 2022.  The unit will be approximately 200 meters long with a maximum speed of 25 knots. It will be equipped with a combined diesel and gas turbine plant (CODOG) and will be able to accommodat...
  • 51st Issue Sector News
    51st Issue Sector News 1 June 2017
    Raytheon Confident in Korea Fincantieri Anchors in France Seoul Relies on Rolls-Royce Heron Outstretches to the Sea Laser Move by ASELSAN Investment; Sought and Found
  • Fincantieri Completes Delivery to Italy
    Fincantieri Completes Delivery to Italy 16 May 2017
    Italian Navy has received the fourth and last of Type 212A-class diesel-electric submarines from Fincantieri on 11 May. Romeo Romei (S 529) features some enhancements over the platforms of the class. The submarine received Atlas Elektronik's electro-acoustic suite update, Cassidian's OMS100 search periscope, Hensoldt's SERO 400 attack periscopes, Kongsberg's MSI-90U Mk 2 weapon-control system and the WASS Black Shark Advanced (NSP/BSA) heavyw...