• Strategic Power to Chinese Tanks
    Strategic Power to Chinese Tanks April 9 2020
    Rapidly increasing its power on land, at sea and in the air, China continues its efforts for the combined use of forces. It is stated that the Y-20 cargo plane developed by China with domestic facilities is suitable for tank transportation. The platforms, which developed within the scope of the country's strategic transport requirement, can carry two Type 15 light tanks or one Type 99A main battle tank to the desired area. In this way, China has the capabilit...
  • Special Ops Boat to Hellenic Navy
    Special Ops Boat to Hellenic Navy April 9 2020
    Neither the economic crisis it is in nor the disease can stop the arms imports of Greece. Greece continues to be armed with imported systems. Struggling with the economic crisis on the one hand, and COVID-19 on the other, Athens received a special operations boat from the USA. Four Mark V boats acquired for the Hellenic Navy arrived in the country recently. Negotiations between the two countries began two years ago for the platforms used by the SEAL (SEa, Air, Land) u...
  • Virus Did Not Stop Delivery of Chinook
    Virus Did Not Stop Delivery of Chinook April 9 2020
    Boeing, whose many of its employees were diagnosed with COVID-19, temporarily halted production activities in Seattle and Philadelphia. Despite this, Boeing continues its deliveries. The US-based company delivered the first modernized CH-47 Chinook to the Royal Dutch Air Force (RNLAF). RNLAF, which will add a total of 20 helicopters to its inventory, will have a fleet equipped with modern technology. Ridley Park in Philadelphia, CH-47 Chinook, V-22 Osprey and MH-...
  • IDEF21 will be at TUYAP as Usual
    IDEF21 will be at TUYAP as Usual April 8 2020
    IDEF21 will be at TUYAP as Usual   The International Defence Fair IDEF21, organized by the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation (TSKGV), will take place at the TÜYAP Fuarcılık Beylikdüzü Fair grounds. You can get up-to-date information about the fair, which will be held on 25-28 May 2021, from the Event Calendar.
  • COVID-19 Support from Turkey to the Balkans
    COVID-19 Support from Turkey to the Balkans April 8 2020
    Turkey's medical supplies in the COVID-19 fight continues. Last week, the Turkish Armed Forces' A400M transport plane carried a variety of medical equipment to Italy and Spain. The A400M carries health supplies to the Balkans to combat the virus, the Ministry of National Defence said today. Equipment departing from Ankara Etimesgut  Air Base will be delivered first to Serbia, followed by Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia and Kosovo. 
  • Domestic Anti-Dron System
    Domestic Anti-Dron System April 7 2020
    The rapid increase and widespread use of mini UAVs in the battlefield, urges countries to take different measures. Turkey also maintains the necessary work in this area. Within the scope of the anti-drone system need of the Turkish Armed Forces, the delivery of "İHASAVAR" systems developed by ASELSAN continues to the armed forces. The Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB), which is government agency of the defence industry of Turkey, announced that the system deliver...
  • Domestic Guidance Kit Test
    Domestic Guidance Kit Test April 7 2020
    The Turkish defence industry is continuing its decisive steps despite the worldwide pandemic. Tübitak SAGE announced that a successful trial was carried out recently. Within the scope of the tests, the Winged Guidance Kit (Kanatlı Güdüm Kiti / KGK) developed by the institution was released from the 401th Test Squadron aircraft operating within the Turkish Air Force. "TUBITAK SAGE continues to contribute to our national defence industry with high-security measures...
  • Non Kinetic Joint Solutions Against Drones
    Non Kinetic Joint Solutions Against Drones April 7 2020
    As a cost-effective solution, the use of UAVs in the military is becoming widespread day by day. Wright-Patterson Air Force Base-based Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) stated that they developed the first high-energy laser weapon of the Air Force against UAVs. The laser will be tested with the Tactical High Power Operational Responder (THOR). The systems, which are planned to be operational overseas for 12 months, are expected to be effective in small-scale UAVs.  &ldqu...
  • Poseidon Declared Operational
    Poseidon Declared Operational April 6 2020
    The P-8 Poseidon, which is developed over Boeing 737 commercial aircraft, is become more operational in the operations theatre day by day. The UK had not acquired a maritime patrol aircraft for a long time after retiring their last Nimrod MRA.Mk4. In line with the changing battlefield requirements, nine P-8A Poseidon procurement agreement were signed with the US at the beginning of 2017 for the Royal Air Force, which determined the need for a new generation long ...
  • SSB Introduced TOSUN
    SSB Introduced TOSUN April 6 2020
    The Defence Industry Presidency (Savunma Sanayii Başkanlığı / SSB) shared information and video about the Best Group production TOSUN Remote Controlled Armoured Construction Machine from its official twitter account. Tosun is designed against IOD explosive and high strength ditches and barricades. It has been made unmanned since its design. actively it is used beyond borders and boundaries over 100 vehicles in Turkey. Powertrain: Continuous 4x4 Power: 225 hp / 168 kW ...
  • Boeing Stopped Production Line in Philadelphia
    Boeing Stopped Production Line in Philadelphia April 6 2020
    Boeing has stopped production at its factories around Seattle, where more than 12 employees have been diagnosed with COVID-19 The firm also temporarily stopped operations on its production line in Philadelphia. “This action is intended to ensure the well-being of employees, their families and local communities, and will include an orderly shutdown consistent with requirements of U.S. and global defence customers,” Boeing said. “We have had positive test r...
  • Alparslan: We Will Succeed Together
    Alparslan: We Will Succeed Together April 5 2020
    Meteksan Defence General Manager Selçuk Kerem Alparslan explained that they do not consider any options such as layoffs and sending unpaid leave because of the COVID-19 outbreak. Publishing a press release, Alparslan said, “Business life and economic life are inevitably affected negatively. However, this is a time when we all have to show solidarity. While we, as a company, apply methods that will increase social distance such as leave, work from home, work in rotation,...
  • Delivery of Kargu-2 UAVs Continues
    Delivery of Kargu-2 UAVs Continues April 4 2020
    Deliveries of Kamikaze Drones, developed by STM, to the security forces continue. "The new deliveries of Kargu-2, which is one of the important elements of the fight against terrorism, were made to our security forces" Presidency of Defence Industries announced. Along with the original national embedded hardware and software, UAV, which has the autonomous precision hit with minimal collateral damage, has an improved target detection algorithm.
  • F-35 Seeks for Measure Against 5G
    F-35 Seeks for Measure Against 5G April 3 2020
    5G communication technology is counting days to take its place in daily life. The widespread use of the frequency spectrum used in the said infrastructure has created a risk for reduced radar cross-section area aircraft. According to the statement of the US National Spectrum Consortium on April 1, the USA will test the F-35 Lightning IIs on the 5G communication network. However, these trials will not be in the field of data transfer or communication. The F-35s connected to...
  • Bulgarian Jet Problem Solved
    Bulgarian Jet Problem Solved April 3 2020
    The final decision was made in the Bulgarian jet tender, which turned into a complete puzzle and many candidates shown. Bulgaria made its choice in the endless jet procurement process. Sofia signed an agreement with Lockheed Martin for the procurement of F-16V Block 70, costs 512 million USD. Within the scope of Foreign Military Sales (FMS), Sofia will receive a total of eight aircraft. All platforms that will enter Bulgarian inventory at the time when the engine selection...
  • Autonomous Solution for Coronavirus from Elektroland Defence
    Autonomous Solution for Coronavirus from Elektroland Defence April 3 2020
    Turkish defence industry companies continue to use their experience in this field for a solution in the fight against coronavirus. Offering remote-controlled robotic system solutions, Elektroland Defence has developed robots to combat the virus. Working in partnership with METU, the company developed the "Biological Control Robot". The platform, which emerged as an autonomous solution for disinfection of closed areas, can work for eight hours without interruption. The Biol...
  • High Altitude Air Defence Missile Agreement
    High Altitude Air Defence Missile Agreement April 2 2020
    The deterioration of ballistic missile and cruise missile users and the increase in the number of systems force the West to take wider measures. Raytheon, one of the leading companies of the USA, has signed a contract with the USA costs 2.1 billion USD. Under the agreement, the company will deliver SM-3 Blok IB. Within the four-year period, the US Armed Forces will receive more than 30 projectiles. Production of the Block IB model of the RIM-161 SM-3s, began in 2...
  • New Air Launched Cruise Missile Order
    New Air Launched Cruise Missile Order April 2 2020
    The USA continues its steps to improve its tactical strike capability. The United States signed an agreement with Lockheed Martin for USD 946 million to procure cruise missiles. With contract; company will produce a total of 790 JASSM-ERs, which 360 ​​within the scope of Lot 17, 40 for Foreign Military Sales (FMS) customers, and 390 within Lot 18. The air-to-surface long-range cruise missile AGM-158B JASSM-ER (Joint Air to Surface Standoff Missile Exten...
  • Modernised Tanks Arrived to Pakistan
    Modernised Tanks Arrived to Pakistan April 1 2020
    Pakistan continues to reinforce its army despite financial problems. The first batch of 282 tanks that Islamabad bought from Serbia in 2015 was delivered recently. Before being delivered to the end user, T-55 tanks were modernised. Upgrade works, which completed at Yugoimport facilities; affected engine, vision and electronics systems. Considerable improvements have also been made to the survivability of the platforms. The tanks, which the Pakistan Army plans to deploy in the W...
  • Turkey Provides Health Assistance to NATO Allies
    Turkey Provides Health Assistance to NATO Allies April 1 2020
    Turkey has sent health equipment to Italy and Spain.  Health supplies have departed from Ankara’s Etimesgut Airport prepared for Spain and Italy which have been severely affected by COVID-19 and are currently battling against the virus. Protective face masks, protective eye masks, overalls and anti-bacterial fluids were sent to Italy and Spain via A400M aircraft belonging to the Turkish Armed Forces. The health supplies were delivered to the Spanish officials.
  • KC-46 Suffers Again
    KC-46 Suffers Again April 1 2020
    KC-46 Pegasus, struggling with the problems since the project was announced, did not surprise again. The US Air Force said in a statement that the fuel leak problem, which detected in July 2019, is more critical than expected. For this reason, the problem was redefined as First Level, the most critical level. In the announcement made by the KC-46 Program Office, it was stated that all the platforms delivered will also be reviewed, the inspection at the required stages will be tighte...
  • Coronavirus Tests Are Negative in the Russian Armed Forces
    Coronavirus Tests Are Negative in the Russian Armed Forces April 1 2020
    Explaining that a total of 2,337 people were diagnosed with coronavirus throughout the country, Russia said that the armed forces did not have coronavirus disease for now. "Not a single case of this disease has been registered in the Armed Forces," Chief of the Russian General Staff’s Main Organizational and Mobilization Department Colonel-General Yevgeny Burdinsky said. It is known that more than 3,700 military personnel of Russia have passed the virus-related healt...
  • Private Contractor Expanding for CAS
    Private Contractor Expanding for CAS March 31 2020
    The share of private enterprises in the military operations market is increasing day by day. The fields of activity of private military companies that have been active in the field for many years are also expanding in the armed aircraft market. Blue Air Close Air Support, which operates in the USA and has customized its skills in the field of close air support, has announced that it will expand its inventory. The company, which currently has a large number of armed aircraft and heli...
  • USA Grants UAV to Malaysia
    USA Grants UAV to Malaysia March 30 2020
    As part of the USA's capacity building program in Southeast Asian seas, Malaysia received the first ScanEagle 2 UAVs. As part of the Maritime Security Initiative / MSI program, the U.S. will grant UAVs to Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam and Malaysia. As part of the program launched in 2016, a total of 12 platforms will be given to Malaysia. The Malaysian Armed Forces (Malaysian Armed Forces / MAF) received six Insitu ScanEagles along with support equipment. The remaining six...
  • New Target of NATO
    New Target of NATO March 28 2020
    NATO, which was established for a common defence against an attack from any external force, is currently struggling with different targets. Armies are in alarm because of COVID-19, which affects most of the world. NATO continues to support its allies, albeit for a different goal in this process. 45 tons of medical supplies acquired by the Romanian State to combat the epidemic were transported from the Republic of Korea to Bucharest under NATO's Strategic Airlift Capabi...
  • S-500 System Close to Completing the Final Phase
    S-500 System Close to Completing the Final Phase March 27 2020
    Russia's new generation missile system S-500 has reached the final stage of testing. Vladimir Dolbenkov, CEO of the Design Bureau of Special Machine-Building, announced that important parts of the missile system are about to finish the testing phase. "They have developed and are completing the trials of units for the surface-to-air missile system: the launcher, the elements of the multi-functional locator and the missile defence locator, the equipped chassis for the combat control po...
  • UK Responded to Russia's Increasing Activities at Sea
    UK Responded to Russia's Increasing Activities at Sea March 26 2020
    While the UK is struggling with coronavirus, it is observing Russia, which is increasing its activity in the seas. The Royal Navy increased its operability against the growing effectiveness of Russia in the English Channel and the North Sea. Type 23 frigates HMS Kent, HMS Sutherland, HMS Argyll and HMS Richmond joined Offshore Patrol Vessels HMS Tyne and HMS Mersey along with RFA Tideforce, RFA Tidespring and HMS Echo for the large-scale operation with support from NATO allies. The ...
  • Do Marines Abandon Tanks?
    Do Marines Abandon Tanks? March 26 2020
    The developing technology brings transformation in war doctrine. Advances in guidance and fire control systems increase fire precision while reducing unwanted side effects. The US Marine Corps also signalled that warfare doctrines could be changed by taking advantage in parallel to requirements of modern battlefield. In a statement made on March 23 from the Corps; It was underlined that the change will continue in line with the needs of the age without getting ti...
  • Taiwan and Japan Intercept Chinese KJ-500 Aircraft
    Taiwan and Japan Intercept Chinese KJ-500 Aircraft March 26 2020
    Taiwan and Japan intercepted China's KJ-500 airborne early warning aircraft. The Japan Defence Ministry announced that the Air Self Defence Force (JASDF) was carrying out operations to intercept one Shaanxi KJ-500 aircraft on the East China Sea. On the map, it was shared that the KJ-500 was intercepted in the north of the Ishigaki Islands of Japan and in the west of Okinawa, where JASDF came. The JASDF has two regiments of Mitsubishi F-15J/DJ Eagle interceptors based at Naha in ...
  • Turkish Black Hawk on Trials
    Turkish Black Hawk on Trials March 25 2020
    The T70 Utility Helicopter Program, which was launched for the utility helicopter requirement of the Turkish Armed Forces and the fire fighting helicopter need of the General Directorate of Forestry, continues its progress. Presidency of Defence Industries (Savunma Sanayii Başkanlığı / SSB), which is the military acquirement corporation of Turkey, shared an information from its official social media accounts about the testing activities of the platform. In the statement, &...
  • Low Cost Turbojet on Tests
    Low Cost Turbojet on Tests March 25 2020
    The loitering munitions, systems that enter our literature as kamikaze ammunition, especially increase their effectiveness in high numbers. When the products in question are shown as the concept of the future, when used in high numbers, destruction becomes inevitable for hostile elements. This brings along the need for cost-effective components. The US Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) began testing the Gray Wolf missile and turbojet engine, developed as loitering munition. ...
  • Indigenous Armoured Anti-Tank Vehicle: Kaplan 10 Anti-Tank
    Indigenous Armoured Anti-Tank Vehicle: Kaplan 10 Anti-Tank March 24 2020
    The Weapon Carrier Vehicles Project was launched as part of the Turkish Armed Forces' need for armoured anti-tank vehicles. In this context, an agreement was signed with the Presidency of Defence Industries (Undersecretariat for Defense Industry of the time) on 27 June 2016. In the project process, it was aimed to integrate anti-tank missiles in the Turkish Army Command (Kara Kuvvetleri Komutanlığı / KKK) inventory and also developed domestically. Following the agreement, t...
  • KC-46 and P-8 Delivery on Hold Due to COVID-19
    KC-46 and P-8 Delivery on Hold Due to COVID-19 March 24 2020
    Pegasus and Poseidon production stops as Boeing Temporarily Shuts Down Facilities Production of the Air Force’s KC-46 refuelling tanker(Pegasus)  and the Navy’s P-8 maritime surveillance and anti-submarine warfare plane (Poseidon) will stop as Boeing shuts down all facilities due to coronavirus pandemic. “Boeing plans to begin reducing production activity today and projects the suspension of such operations to begin on Wednesday, March 25, at sites a...
  • Additional Jet Trainer
    Additional Jet Trainer March 23 2020
    The advanced jet trainers approaching the end of their economic life. So they will leave their places to new ones. The US Air Force also chose the T-7A Red Hawks in the past months to replace the T-38 Talons in its inventory. For the transition to new platforms, the USA launched the Reforge Proof of Concept (RFX) process to provide advanced training in specific areas with modern training aircraft. In this process, a limited amount of aircraft procurement is planned.
  • ASELSAN Seeks a Solution for Coronavirus
    ASELSAN Seeks a Solution for Coronavirus March 22 2020
    ASELSAN, which develops products and solutions needed by both the Turkish Armed Forces and abroad with its eight thousand 100 employees, is working for Coronavirus, which has taken the world under its influence. As part of the fight against the virus, an R&D study has been initiated on the diagnosis of Covid-19 virus with the sensitive optical biosensor method in the ASELSAN Research Centre Biodefense section. The research centre had previously been involved in the detection of the Hepati...
  • French MRTT First Use Against Coronavirus
    French MRTT First Use Against Coronavirus March 22 2020
    The French Air Force flew for the first time an Airbus A330 MRTT Phoenix for medical evacuations (Evasan) of patients infected with Covid-19. An Airbus A330 Phoenix from the Air Force equipped with MORPHEE modules (Module de Réanimation pour Patients à Hautes Elongation d’Evacuation/ Resuscitation Module for Patients with High Evacuation Elongation) transported six patients infected with coronavirus between Basel-Mulhouse and the south from France. &nbs...
  • India Orders 16,479 IWI Negev 7.62x51mm Light Machine Guns
    India Orders 16,479 IWI Negev 7.62x51mm Light Machine Guns March 21 2020
    India has signed an agreement worth US$118 million for the purchase of 16,479 Negev 7.62x51mm light machine guns from Israeli arms manufacturer Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) according to Asia pacific defence journal. The decision to acquire more than 16,000 LMGs was decided in 2018, as the Indian government tries to reduce the requirement gap after several failures to acquire the needed small arms for the Indian Army’s 382 infantry battalions. The Indian Army is no ...
  • Ares to Build 122 Patrol Boats for Turkish Coast Guard
    Ares to Build 122 Patrol Boats for Turkish Coast Guard March 21 2020
    Ares Shipyard is providing 122 fast patrol boats (FPB) to the Turkish Coast Guard as part of a programme according to shepherd media. The program is nearing the end of design validation, with planned production expected in second quarter of 2020. The Ares 35 FPB is a new design with a maximum speed of 35kt and a range of 160 nautical miles. It will be manufactured using carbon-reinforced advanced composites with two inboard diesel engines and water jets. Utku Alanc, CEO of...
  • Pentagon’s Hypersonic Glide Body Flight Test Deemed Success
    Pentagon’s Hypersonic Glide Body Flight Test Deemed Success March 21 2020
    The U.S. Defence Department tested a hypersonic glide body in a flight experiment conducted from the Pacific Missile Range Facility in Kauai, Hawaii, on March 19, 2020. The Navy and Army jointly executed the launch. The test was deemed a success. The Common-Hypersonic Glide Body, or C-HGB, launched and flew at hypersonic speed to “a designated impact point,” according to a statement issued March 20 by the Department of Defence. The test was a joint effort betwe...
  • Technology's Share Increases in US Defence Budget
    Technology's Share Increases in US Defence Budget March 20 2020
    The technological superiority of the US armed forces is faced with the rapid development of potential adversaries. To get ahead in the race, the US Department of Defence is expected to spend approximately $ 481 billion between 2018 and 2024 for technological advances. Frost & Sullivan, which has been conducting market research for investors and corporate firms by examining the sector, has made a study in the defence policy of the USA that touches on technology instead. According...