• Hürkuş-B to be Delivered to Air Force in November
    Hürkuş-B to be Delivered to Air Force in November September 24 2018
    Turkish Aerospace Industries’ (TUSAS), Hürkuş-B is set to enter the Turkish Air Force inventory in the coming days as the planned delivery will take place in November. According to Sabah Daily, once the first aircraft is delivered in November, it will be tested by Air Force pilots and subjected to various assessments. In this period, which is expected to last three months, improvements related to the aircraft will be finalized in cooperation with the Air Force and TUSAS. ...
  • Air Force's First Turkish Hürkuş Counting Day
    Air Force's First Turkish Hürkuş Counting Day July 31 2018
    Turkish Aerospace Industries’ (TUSAS) design Hürkuş-B aircraft is counting days to be delivered to the Turkish Air Force. TUSAS production aircraft got its new Turkish Air Force colours before delivery. TUSAS shared first video of this Hürkuş at its official YouTube channel. New colours resemble the first red-white colour which was used on experimental flights. This aircraft’s painting however does not include the old TAI logo, "experimental aircraft" expressio...
  • First Hürkuş Aircrafts Ready
    First Hürkuş Aircrafts Ready June 19 2018
    The first Hürkuş aircrafts to be delivered to the Turkish Air Force unveiled. Following the session organized by TAI facilities and attended by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, TAI's manufacturing lines were visited along with the participants. Hürkuş B trainers to be delivered to the Turkish Air Force on the production line showed. The first four of the 15 aircrafts to be delivered at the first pack, the scorpion insignia of the 122nd fleet, where they will s...
  • Maiden Flight from Hürkuş-B
    Maiden Flight from Hürkuş-B January 29 2018
    Turkish Aerospace Industries's Hurkus-B made its maiden flight today. Hurkus-B will be used for pilot training. ASELSAN's glass cockpit was on board. Hurkus-A developped for civilian flight escorted aiplane. 
  • Hürkuş Painted Red&White
    Hürkuş Painted Red&White November 13 2017
    The first prototype of Hürkuş aircraft, designed and produced by Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI), was displayed with its new colours at the Dubai AirShow. This prototype of Hürkuş was painted in red and white colours. Turkish Air Force Command decided the colour of the platform, according to the information obtained. TAI is producing B version of Hürkuş to be used in training for the service. There is no visible difference between Hürkuş and B versions; the only di...
  • Paris Show by Hürkuş
    Paris Show by Hürkuş June 19 2017
    Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) brought its HÜRKUŞ A and HÜRKUŞ C aircraft to the Paris Air Show, which is being held between 19-25 June at Le Bourget. Designed and manufactured indigenously, TAI's new generation primary trainer HÜRKUŞ A carried out its first demonstration flight in Paris.  The aircraft's light attack variant, HÜRKUŞ C is being exhibited at the static area.
  • Hürkuş, On Its Way To Paris
    Hürkuş, On Its Way To Paris June 10 2017
    Hürkuş aircraft, designed and developed indigenously by Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI), takes the second step towards Paris Airshow today. TAI informs the flight route of Hürkuş up in the European skies step by step. Today's message said, "Hürkuş's route today is from Serbia to Germany. We wish a safe flight." and shared video and images by pilots.
  • Hürkuş On The Way To Paris
    Hürkuş On The Way To Paris June 8 2017
    Designed and developed indigenously by Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI), Hürkuş aircraft has taken-off today from Ankara to participate Paris Air Show. Before leaving the Turkish airspace, two aircraft refuelled in Çorlu and will take their place in the fair to be held between 19-23 June. The red and white painted aircraft which has made the first flight will be in the fair with Turkish Land Forces' camouflage colors and the other platform to participate the fair h...
  • Hürkuş On The Double
    Hürkuş On The Double June 8 2017
    Turkish Ministry of Defence Fikri Işık revealed information on Hürkuş through the website of the Ministry. Işık said, "Our fight against terrorism will resolutely continue. We have the Hürkuş armed, an aircraft developed by Turkish engineers. The tests are now completed and armed Hürkuş will be the nightmare of the terrorists. We will continue to support our armed forces with our indigenous and national studies in defence industry." According to the information C4Defe...
  • HÜRKUŞ To Show Off In Paris
    HÜRKUŞ To Show Off In Paris June 6 2017
    Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) is to participate in 52th International Paris Air Show, which is going to be held between 19-25 June in Le Bourget, Paris. TAI will exhibit T625 Utility helicopter, T129 ATAK attack and tactical reconnaisance helicopter, ANKA Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Weapon System Integration and HÜRKUŞ-C Light Attack helicopter. The new generation primary training aircraft HÜRKUŞ will carry out demonstration flight during the fair.
  • HÜRKUŞ-C To Begin Serial Production
    HÜRKUŞ-C To Begin Serial Production May 12 2017
    Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) signed an agreement on the 3rd day of IDEF 2017 concerning  Armed HÜRKUŞ Development and Serial Production Project. The signing ceremony was held at TUSAŞ stand with participation of Turkish Undersecretary for Defence Industry, Prof.Dr. İsmail Demir.  HÜRKUŞ-C Project will see hardware and software activities to be designed and developed indigenously and integrated into the aircraft in accordance with the req...
  • L-UMTAS Launch by Hürkuş
    L-UMTAS Launch by Hürkuş April 8 2017
    Turkish Aerospace Industry's Hürkuş aircraft launched the laser-guided anti-tank missile UMTAS yesterday in Konya. The Ministry of National Defence and TAI released two of the most critical images of the moment from their official twitter account.
  • Strike Capability to Hürkuş
    Strike Capability to Hürkuş April 7 2017
    Turkish Aerospace Industries' (TAI's) 'Hürkuş' gained strike capability. Hürkuş launched the laser-guided anti-tank missile L-UMTAS at the Ministry of National Defence Shooting Test and Evaluation Group Command in Konya-Karapınar. The Minister of National Defence Fikri Işık, Turkish Land Forces Commander Gen. Salih Zeki Colak, Undersecretary of Defence Industry Prof. Dr. Ismail Demir and some foreign attaches along with senior military and civilli...
  • First Images of "Hürkuş-B" Revealed
    First Images of "Hürkuş-B" Revealed December 27 2016
    Developed under a March, 2006 contract between Turkish Undersecreteriat for Defence Industry (SSM) and Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI), indigenious basic training aircraft "Hürkuş-B" will be delivered within 2018, according to an SSM announcement made this morning on SSM's official twitter account. Initially, 15 aircraft will be produced In the scope of the project,
  • Hürkuş’s Indigeneity and TAI’s Competence Sanctioned by EASA October 23 2016
    TAI’s (Turkish Aerospace Industries) Hürkuş A basic trainer aircraft has been granted air worthiness type certification in July 2016 by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). Hürkuş Project’s birth is full of surprises, while rumours about the aircraft are equally mind-boggling. Therefore, we listened to the story of Hürkuş from first hand sources. As we did, we realised that there were many other “indigenous” stories yet unheard. What doe...
  • Unmanned "Hürkuş" On The Way
    Unmanned "Hürkuş" On The Way October 19 2016
    "Hürkuş" training aircraft, developed and manufactured by the Turkish Aerospace Industries, Inc., is to have a new unmanned variant, according to the information C4Defence attained. The objective of this program is to utilize a thousand and 500 kg-high payload capability of the newly developed aircraft. Hürkuş has been certified by Directorate General of civil Aviation in July 2016 and the certification has been approved by European Aviation Safety Agency (E...
  • Hürkuş-B overcomes another milestone May 24 2016
    Turkish Primary and Basic Trainer Aircraft Program (Hürkuş-B) has passed to a new phase as Critical Design Review ( CDR) has been accomplished successfully.  Representatives from  Turkish Air Forces, Undersecretariat for Defence Industries and Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) have completed the CDR. As CDR demonstrates that the maturity of the design is appropriate to support proceeding with full-scale fabrication, assembly, integration, and test,  Hürkuş-B may move...
  • Hurkus succeded at the most critical test January 22 2016
    Hurkus passed its spin tests on last week. The tests were conducted at high altitude to see aircraft's flying character under high angle of attack conditions where it looses flying stability. The pilot is expected to save his life and aircraft under such conditions as aircraft looses altitude and spins around it self.  Hürkuş performed perfectly.