• Two important Steps for TF-X
    Two important Steps for TF-X 10 October 2020
    Two important stages were passed in the Turkish Fighter Jet (TF-X) program, of which Turkish Aerospace Industry (TUSAS) is the main contractor. Strategic Cooperation agreements were signed with HAVELSAN and TR Motor, which designed the software and TF-X's serial production engine. TUSAŞ also decided to cooperate with Spain-based Artificial on flight control systems. A challenging schedule awaits TF-X aircraft. The plane will make its roll-out, make the maiden flight, and prepare...
  • Pardus to Become Compatible with Foreign Products
    Pardus to Become Compatible with Foreign Products 3 September 2020
    HAVELSAN has shared information about Turkey's national software from the official Twitter account Pardus. HAVELSAN General Manager Dr. Mehmet Akif Nacar gave information about Pardus operating system at the e-Safe event. Nacar stated that Pardus continues its compatibility studies with foreign products as well as with domestic products.
  • Havelsan Introduced "ileti"
    Havelsan Introduced "ileti" 28 August 2020
    HAVELSAN company introduced its product called "ileti", developed to provide secure communication. Security white box cryptography is applied in the message, which is aimed to safely meet the communication needs of official institutions. The message provides instant messaging. With the message product, the personnel of the institutions will be able to communicate among themselves. Within this framework, they will be able to send and receive messages, make secure audio and ...
  • HAVELSAN Is On The Same List With The World Giants
    HAVELSAN Is On The Same List With The World Giants 26 August 2020
    HAVELSAN Telecom Cloud Platform has successfully passed the Network Functions Virtualization and Mobile Edge Computing Interoperability tests of the European Telecommunication Standards Institute (ETSI) in June. HAVELSAN is now on the same list with the world giants. HAVELSAN succeeded in entering the Open Source NFV Management and Orchestration MANO (OSM) ecosystem list; World giants such as Amazon, Red Hat, VMware, Whitestack and Wind River were included in this list.
  • Seven Turkish Company on the list
    Seven Turkish Company on the list 16 August 2020
    US Defence News magazine's Defence top 100 companies list is announced. Turkish defence company is on the first 50. ASELSAN entered the list from the 48th tank. ASELSAN was targeting to be in the first 50 for the last three years. Turkish Aerospace (TUSAŞ) is one step closer to the top 50, ranked 53rd on the list. On the other hand, two Turkish companies entered the list for the first time. FNSS Savunma Sistemleri A.Ş. ranked 98th, HAVELSAN ranked 99th. Companies who w...
  • Korkut Training Simulator Developed
    Korkut Training Simulator Developed 9 August 2020
    HAVELSAN has developed a simulator for Korkut Self Propelled Air Defence Gun System. Korkut Training Simulator (Korkut Eğitim Simülatörü/ Korkut-ES) was established in Konya, Air Defence Training Centre. Korkut-ES will provide cost-effective solutions and support the provision of education in a near-real threat environment. The simulator, which does not have elements and field constraints, will provide training of six different air defence and command control sys...
  • Nacar Term At HAVELSAN
    Nacar Term At HAVELSAN 23 July 2020
    HAVELSAN, Deputy General Manager of Education and Simulation Technologies. Mehmet Akif Nacar who was serving as acting General Manager is appointed as the General Manager with the decision of the Board of Directors. Nacar took over the post from Ahmet Hamdi Atalay, who led the institution for five years. As Nacar took over, "We will work together and bring HAVELSAN to better points with the support of our employees. This is a flag change, and we have great tasks." he said....
  • 5G Study Accelerates in HAVELSAN
    5G Study Accelerates in HAVELSAN 7 July 2020
    HAVELSAN, which jointly collected 5G technology carried out in Turkey as a partner with Ulak Haberleşme in March, successfully passed the interoperability tests of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI). Having completed the ETSI NFV Group Interoperability Tests, HAVELSAN has successfully passed tests in the VNF provider field with 5G Core Network modules. ETSI aims to combine telecommunications infrastructures among member states and aims to build a Eu...
  • Satellite Company might be founded
    Satellite Company might be founded 28 June 2020
    President of Defence Industry Dr İsmail Demir signalled the foundation of new satellite company at the “Outbreak Process and Defence Industry” video conference he attended on June 26. Speaking on the Digital Gündem (Digital Agenda) publication, Demir mentioned the works carried out together with the informatics, telecom, satellite and cybersecurity sectors. Demir, shortly; TUSAŞ, TUBITAK and be established as a joint Turksat, Turkey gave signals of a new satellite company. Pr...
  • New Agreement Between GE Marine and Turkey
    New Agreement Between GE Marine and Turkey 26 June 2020
    General Electric (GE) contract was signed for Fleet Replenishment Ship (Denizde İkmal Muharebe Destek Gemisi/ DiMDEG) Project, which emerged in accordance with the needs of the Turkish Navy. Ge Marine, the company's naval arm, will procure two LM2500 gas turbines to DİMDEG, which will be built by Sefine Shipyard. “The LM2500 is GE’s most popular marine gas turbine and we are excited it was selected for the DIMDEG project,” said Kris Shepherd, Vice President, Ge...
  • HAVELSAN'da Görev Değişikliği
    HAVELSAN'da Görev Değişikliği 23 June 2020
    According to the information obtained by C4Defence, Havelsan General Manager Ahmet Hamdi Atalay has left his position as of today. There is no official or further information. Atalay has been working as General Manager and CEO at HAVELSAN since 2015. A message to say goodbye to colleagues who Atalay, "I was in my quest continues for nearly 5 years, Turkey to contribute to the technological independence, develop and create high value-added high-tech products and solutions; I con...
  • First 'Hybrid' Meeting in Defence and Aviation
    First 'Hybrid' Meeting in Defence and Aviation 19 June 2020
    The "Industrial Cooperation Days in Defence and Aviation" organized for the fifth time this year will be held through virtual and face-to-face meetings due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The ICDDA event organized by the OSTİM Defence and Aviation Cluster (OSSA) every two years to meet the right people in the Defence, aviation and space sectors, will open its doors in Ankara on October 13-15. The event will have a hybrid structure, as both virtual and face-to-face bilateral busi...
  • National Power for Domestic Frigate
    National Power for Domestic Frigate 11 June 2020
    After four Ada Class corvettes built for the Turkish Navy, STM started cooperation agreements for Class I frigates. It is aimed to increase the rate of domestic components in Istanbul Frigate, which is the fifth vessel of the MILGEM Project and first-class I ship. STM was commissioned as the main contractor to cover the ship's design, weapon-electronic systems and main propulsion system responsibilities. In the project, where ASELSAN and HAVELSAN are the main business partn...
  • Information sharing System for Reis Class Submairine
    Information sharing System for Reis Class Submairine 23 May 2020
    The Defence Industry Presidency shared information about the Submarine Information Distribution System (Denizaltı Bilgi Dağıtım Sistemi /DBDS) developed by HAVELSAN from its official Twitter account. The system came out of the production line and entered the test line. The DBDS will be installed on REIS Class Submarines and sixth DBDS will be used at Selman Reis Submarine. 
  • Domestic Solutions  for COVID-19 Needs
    Domestic Solutions for COVID-19 Needs 4 May 2020
    Due to COVID-19, which affected almost the whole world in a short time, many companies switched to the remote working system. Video Conferencing Products, which became one of the important needs in remote working conditions, were coming to the agenda with the security gaps detected in solutions in foreign sources. Turkey Cyber ​​Security Cluster began studies in line with the needs of nature. 12M, Bites, Gais, Havelsan, ICTerra, Karel, Liberta, May Siber, Nettsi and YD Software...
  • HAVELSAN Involves in TF-X
    HAVELSAN Involves in TF-X 2 May 2020
    President of Defence Industry Professor. İsmail Demir announced that cooperation agreement was signed between Turkish Aviation and Space Industry (TUSAŞ) and HAVELSAN, to carry out development and production processes for the Turkish Fighter Aircraft (TF-X). President Demir said, “With this cooperation, TUSAŞ and HAVELSAN will carry out many works such as software development, simulation, training and maintenance simulators. When the TF-X project is completed, our country...
  • Command Control System Delivered for Reis-Class Submarine
    Command Control System Delivered for Reis-Class Submarine 17 April 2020
    Work is underway for the second Reis-class submarine, Which Turkey has built as part of the New Type Submarine project. The Submarine Command and Control System, which HAVELSAN has integrated and tested, has been delivered to the Gölcük Shipyard Command to be installed under the sea. The system was subjected to factory acceptance tests for two months. The system was subjected to factory acceptance tests for two months.  A total of six platforms are planned to be built...
  • Sector News Issue 83 10 March 2020
    IAI to Manufacture Wings for T-38 Jet Trainers Damen Holds Keel-Laying Ceremony for Nigerian Navy Landing Craft Surveillance-Ready King Air 350ers Start Maritime Patrol Duties Following Delivery by Leonardo Iveco to deliver an additional 26 amphibious platforms to the U.S. Marine Corps GA-ASI Tests Air-To-Space Laser Communication System FNSS Starts Serial Production of HARIMAU Tank ASELSAN’S KALKAN-II Delivered TCG A...
  • Fifth MİLGEM's Systems are Determined
    Fifth MİLGEM's Systems are Determined 19 February 2020
    ASELSAN and HAVELSAN will work together on the fifth ship within the scope of the MILGEM program of the Turkish Naval Forces Command. The main contractor of the platform is Defence Technologies Engineering Inc., ASELSAN and HAVELSAN have signed a contract. Under the deal, ASELSAN procures navigation, communication, sonar and radar systems, weapons, electronic warfare systems, guided missiles, torpedoes and electro-optical systems between 2021 and 2023. The first ship of Class I will...
  • AV8 Simulator from HAVELSAN
    AV8 Simulator from HAVELSAN 16 February 2020
    HAVELSAN announced on social media accounts that it has completed the installation of the AV8 Armoured Ground Vehicle Simulator developed for the Malaysian Armed Forces. HAVELSAN has developed a simulator for 8 × 8 vehicles designed by FNSS and produced with its Malaysian partner DEFTECH. HAVELSAN's simulator emerged as a result of approximately three years of work in line with the demands of the customer and vehicle manufacturer. HAVELSAN produces simulators in many ...
  • Cyber Period at Navy
    Cyber Period at Navy 18 January 2020
    The Cyber Security Project contract was signed between Havelsan and the Naval Forces Command. The details of the project were not included in the announcement made by the company's social media account.
  • ADVENT Integration Starts to TCG Anadolu
    ADVENT Integration Starts to TCG Anadolu 2 January 2020
    TCG Anadolu, which has been launched in last weeks and will constitute an important power multiplier when it is started to use continues its integration activities. TCG Anadolu, which will be the largest ship of the Turkish Navy when it put in inventory, will not only be largest in size. The platform will be able to carry 1 amphibious battalion for the operation in open seas without the main base support, with the necessary combat and support vehicles, to perform...
  • Current Situation Analysis from SSB
    Current Situation Analysis from SSB 30 November 2019
    The report titled International Cooperation and Export in Defence and Aviation Industry dated October 2019 was shared at the Conference held in Antalya. The study aims to create a sectoral situation analysis in order to prepare the ground for strategy development in line with the 2023 export targets. The study was created with the information provided by 27 companies that realized 95 per cent of the sector's exports according to the data of the Defence and Aerospace In...
  • 9th Naval Systems Seminar Started
    9th Naval Systems Seminar Started 14 October 2019
    The 9th Naval Systems Seminar, which is sponsored by ASELSAN, HAVELSAN and STM, has started today. The seminar will be held at METU KKM for two days. Many names from the sector will talk about marine systems in panels organized within the scope of the seminar.
  • HAVELSAN Became “Regional Player” 4 October 2019
    Months before we enter the new year, defence companies continue their efforts to increase their endorsement in the last quarter of 2019. We talked with Ahmet Hamdi Atalay, General Manager of HAVELSAN, the information and defence company that has turned its direction to digital transformation, about the company's plans in the last quarter, its future targets and the Turkish defence industry. HAVELSAN, which develops software-intensive systems, is in the process of transitioning t...
  • International Radar and Border Security Summit Held for the Second Time
    International Radar and Border Security Summit Held for the Second Time 2 October 2019
    International Radar and Border Security Summit Held for the Second Time Organized by the Independent Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (MÜSİAD) for the second time, Military Radar + Border Security Turkey Summit started today with the participation of Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu, National Defence Minister Hulusi Akar and a number of state officials. Interior Minister Soylu, drew attention to Turkey's security measures need to reduce dependence ...
  • The countdown has Started for TCG Kınalıada 23 September 2019
    The fourth and last Ada Class corvette TCG Kınalıada (F-514), built under the MİLGEM project will be delivered to Turkish Naval Forces on 29 September. The ship was laid down in 2016 and landed in 2017. HAVELSAN, one of the companies of the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation, announced that tests of ADVENT war management system have been successfully completed. Tests were conducted in TCG Kınalıada. TCG Kınalıada is designed to carry out mainly anti-submarine warfare and reconnaissance...
  • ADVENT Tests are Completed
    ADVENT Tests are Completed 21 September 2019
    HAVELSAN, one of the companies of the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation, announced that tests of ADVENT war management system has been successfully completed. Havelsan's official twitter account said, “ADVENT, designed and supported by the technical guidance of Turkish Naval Research Centre Command and developed by HAVELSAN engineers, network-supported, completely indigenous-national War Management System #ADVENT, has successfully completed all firing tests.” ADVENT, i...
  • Problems for F-35 in Turkey
    Problems for F-35 in Turkey 17 July 2019
      S-400 air defence systems that Turkey had purchased from Russia, arrived in Turkey. Missiles, which form the strike force of the system, are expected to arrive by navy soon. With these developments, Turkey, is progressing step by step in the supply route maps previously announced. In other side, the US, that openly opposed to Turkey to acquire these systems, and announced the roadmap as precaution. In the US’ roadmap, priority is given to F-35 aircraft. At pre...
  • Confusion on F-35
    Confusion on F-35 26 June 2019
    The US has released the F-35 roadmap, which is planned to be implemented as of July 31st. Turkey is a Level 3 Partner of F-35 Lightning II Program and Turkey's unwinding is confusing in both industry and operational areas. The United States, the main contractor of the program according to the roadmap, will follow these steps. Pilot and Maintainer Training There are currently 42 students attending F-35 training in the U.S. at Luke Air For...
  • Simulators for Atak
    Simulators for Atak 25 June 2019
    The ATAK Helicopter Full Mission Simulator, which will be used to train pilots who will fly T129 Attack and Tactical Reconnaissance Helicopter, was developed by Turkish Air Defence and Software Company HAVELSAN within the scope of a project by the Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB). The Simulator has been delivered to Turkish Armed Forces Command. Because the pilot and weapon system officer is positioned tandem in the attack helicopter, the requirements of these two missions can...
  • Fair News Issue 74 3 June 2019
    Navantia’s Expectations Are High MBDA Means Missile Leonardo, From All Directions Airbus Have Many Options Altay Move from STE Skif Will See Through DÖRTGÖZ BMC’s Strategic Cooperation for Altay Sharp Eye for Low Altitude Otokar Products Transform ASELSAN Flies High Roketsan Catches the Trend TAI Aims for Higher Altitudes New Thrills at FNSS STM ...
  • Strategical Cooperation for Altay
    Strategical Cooperation for Altay 1 May 2019
    A cooperation agreement was signed at IDEF’19 for national main battle tank Altay. Prominent Turkish companies joined forces for Altay under the agreement. An important milestone for the serial production of the Altay tank; BMC, ASELSAN, Roketsan, MKEK and Havelsan were commissioned as main subcontractors. ASELSAN will produce fire control system, active protection system, and other electronic subsystems; Roketsan, armour system; MKEK, main gun system and Havelsan will be resp...
  • MLU for Preveze
    MLU for Preveze 8 February 2019
    Turkish Savunma Teknolojileri Mühendislik (STM) is to lead the programme for the Mid-Life Upgrade (MLU) of the Turkish Naval Forces Command’s four Type 209/1400 Preveze-class submarines. Under the terms of the contract, signed with Turkey’s Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB), STM will take on the role of lead partner in partnership with Havelsan, Aselsan and Asfat. The four Preveze-class boats were delivered between 1994 and 1999. STM says the four su...
  • Sector News Issue 70 7 February 2019
    Mistral Blows by the Sea Rio’s Airspace Entrusted to SAAB Spain Relieved with Resources Printed Parts for Nuclear Ship HAVELSAN Features 8x8 Simulator İŞBİR’s First Step to Investment BMC Launches “Next 50 Years” Flag Race at Meteksan Sefine’s Business Partnership Model for DİMDEG Internal Appointment at STM 43rd ATAK in the Inventory ASELSAN Back to its ...
  • ADEX Fair News 7 October 2018
    Azeri “Tufan” at ADEX Elbit Systems Unveils ATMOS M-46 Howitzer ROKETSAN’s Broad Participation Silent Export Door by İşbir ASELSAN; Two States, One Weapon HAVELSAN Offers Technology Guarantee Solutions are Abound in STM
  • US Businessmen to Focus on Turkey
    US Businessmen to Focus on Turkey 3 October 2018
    The American-Turkish Council, which brings Turkish businessmen together with American industrialists and state authorities with the summits held in Washington DC, and will organize its 37th between 22-24 October, will lead US businessmen to Turkey in order to bring together with representatives of Turkish aviation and defense industry. The mission, called Aerospace & Defense Trade Mission will be held between 3-7 December 2018 with the contributions of the US Department of Commerce. In th...
  • Turkey Will Be The Largest Participant of KADEX 2018
    Turkey Will Be The Largest Participant of KADEX 2018 18 May 2018
    The largest participation to the KADEX - International Arms Systems and Military Equipment Fair, which will be held in Kazakhstan's capital city Astana, will be the Turkish defence industry with 22 institutions and organizations exhibiting. The KADEX (International Arms and Military Equipment Fair), which will be held this year with the support of the Republic of Kazakhstan's Ministry of Defence and Aerospace Industry and the Ministry of Defence, will take place in Kaza...
  • Barbaros Under Modernization
    Barbaros Under Modernization 3 April 2018
    ASELSAN has made an announcement on the Public Disclosure Platform. According to the statement, a contract was signed between the partnership of ASELSAN and HAVELSAN and the Undersecretariat for Defence Industries (SSM) regarding the half-life modernization of Barbaros Class Frigates. ASELSAN's share of the contract signed on April 3 was announced as 175 million 783 thousand Euros and 457 million 491 thousand TL. Deliveries under the contract will take place until 2025.
  • Defence Export Awards Find Its Owners
    Defence Export Awards Find Its Owners 3 April 2018
    The Defence and Aerospace Industry Exporters' Association (SSI) 2017 Successful Exporters Award Ceremony and the Ordinary General Assembly Meeting were held in Ankara today. SSI Chairman Latif Aral Aliş made the opening speech of the ceremony attended by the Deputy Undersecretary for Defence Industries Serdar Demirel, Head of Industrialization Department Bilal Aktas, Head of Export Development Group Asuman Vangölü, and SSI member firms.&nb...