• Heron UAV Landed at International Airport
    Heron UAV Landed at International Airport 24 September 2020
    Israel’s Heron UAV landed at an international airport and integrate into the airspace alongside commercial flights by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), Heron became the first UAV to land in an international airport alongside commercial flights occupying civilian air space. The entire take-off, flight, and landing were operated from the Ein Shemer control station. The landing demonstrates UAVs capability to take off and land automatically on long-haul routes using sa...
  • Artificial Intelligence Beats Human Fighter Pilot
    Artificial Intelligence Beats Human Fighter Pilot 21 August 2020
    US Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has gone under artificial intelligence (AI) trial. The artificial intelligence algorithm, developed by Heron Systems was in a dog fight with human F-16 pilot “banger” in a simulation. Artificial intelligence has beaten 5-0 in the DARPA’s AlphaDogfight Trials on Aug. 20. The pilot who was on dog fight simulation is an operational fighter pilot with more than 2,000 hours in the F-16. Banger and AI fought in five di...
  • First Flight from Heron TP UAV to Be Delivered to Germany
    First Flight from Heron TP UAV to Be Delivered to Germany 29 July 2020
    The Heron TP UAV, which will be delivered to Germany, has completed its first flight in Israel. An agreement was reached with the German Ministry of Defence in 2018 for the platform produced by Israeli Aerospace Industries (IAI). Under the agreement, which includes maintenance and training services, German Air Force personnel are training at an IAF base with their Israeli counterparts. The drone has undergone design changes in accordance with Germany's needs....
  • German Bundeswehr renews Service Contracts for Heron 1
    German Bundeswehr renews Service Contracts for Heron 1 20 July 2020
    Airbus Defence and Space and the Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support (BAAINBw) have signed a renewed service contract agreement for Heron 1 unmanned aerial systems (UAS) in operation in Afghanistan and Mali. In Afghanistan, Heron 1 Services has been extended in March 2020, for the period June 2020 / May 2021. Comparably in Mali, Heron 1 services have also been extended for the period August 2020 /July 2021 (with an option f...
  • Israel Solution of Greece for Aegean
    Israel Solution of Greece for Aegean 8 May 2020
    Greece, which could not respond to the increasing Turkish UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) activity in the Aegean Sea and expressed this situation in its reports, found the solution in Israel. The waters in the Mediterranean and Aegean are getting warmer despite COVID-19. Athens signed a Heron UAV lease agreement with Israel, according to a statement from the Israeli Ministry of Defense's official social media account. Greece has the option to procure platforms under...
  • IAI Will Unveil the T-Heron Drone
    IAI Will Unveil the T-Heron Drone 9 June 2019
    On the occasion of the 2019 edition of the Paris Air Show, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) will unveil its new T-Heron drone.   Israel Aerospace Industries announced on June 4 that the Paris Air Show would be an opportunity to present its new military drone, the T-Heron. The latter, born in the Heron family, may be employed for the conduct of tactical missions. It will collect and transfer information to the ground forces. Capable of carrying a payload of 180 kilos,...
  • Additional 250 Million Euros For Modernization Of The Bundeswehr
    Additional 250 Million Euros For Modernization Of The Bundeswehr 3 December 2018
    The Bundestag’s Budget Committee approved on Wednesday a total funding of around 250 million euros for modernisation. This term includes all procurement projects of the Bundeswehr whose total value exceeds 25 million euros. German Armed Forces will acquire seven new fully equipped Air Utility Helicopter Search and Rescue (LUH-SAR) SAR helicopters by Airbus Helicopters by the end of 2020 to replace Bell UH-1D.  The acquisition will cost 72.4 million euros including crew tr...
  • Israel Will Keep Greek Helicopters Running
    Israel Will Keep Greek Helicopters Running 29 November 2018
    Greek-Israeli Defence and Technical Cooperation Working Group meet for 8th time in Athens on Thursday 22nd November. Greece's procurement program for Heron Block1 from Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) / Malat was on discussion table. Greece will buy up to 7 Heron Block1 and 1 + 1 ground control stations for a total amount of € 35.5 million. Representatives of the Greek and Israeli sides discussed the maintenance of the T700-GE-401C engines of the eight S70B6 anti...
  • Airbus Signs Contract for Heron TP
    Airbus Signs Contract for Heron TP 26 September 2018
    Airbus signed an agreement with Germany for Heron TP unmanned aerial vehicles. Under the agreement, Airbus will provide Heron TP and the necessary operational services for the German Army. Following the two-year preparation period, operational support services will be provided in the seven-year operational phase. Germany will receive five UAVs and four ground stations. The platforms will have encrypted datalink to be supplied by Germany with SATCOM, electrooptic and IR sensors. It will also h...
  • Airbus Signs Contract for HERON TP Drones with the German Armed Forces
    Airbus Signs Contract for HERON TP Drones with the German Armed Forces 14 June 2018
    Germany has signed a leasing agreement for the Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) Heron TP medium-altitude long-endurance (MALE) unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that had been delayed by an industry protest. The contract includes both the provision of Heron TP UAS as well as all operational services required for the system. In accordance with German budget law, the contract will become effective upon publication of the federal budget. Heron 1 drones, which are currently deploy...
  • Germany may acquire Israel’s armed Heron TP
    Germany may acquire Israel’s armed Heron TP 4 June 2018
      German army (Bundeswehr) could acquire soon medium-altitude, long-endurance (MALE) armed  unmanned air vehicle (UAV) Heron TP (nicknamed Eitan MALE). Heron TP is able to carry air-to-surface missiles. This is the first time that Bundeswehr requests the use of drones that that can be weaponized. Bundeswehr has requested around €900 million to lease five Heron TP UAVs from Israel over the next nine years. Germany plans  to use that type of drones i...
  • Israel to Significantly Increase UAV Numbers
    Israel to Significantly Increase UAV Numbers 15 February 2018
    Israel Air Force plans to boost its unmanned capabilities by significantly increasing the number of unmanned aerial vehicles in its inventory as well as the manpower in RPAV (remotely piloted aerial vehicle) Division. The service published a release regarding a series of changes which includes the establishment of new UAV squadrons over the next seven years. In the release, IAF highlighted the fact that every other day, significant missions previously performed by manned p...
  • Greece To Lease Heron UAVs
    Greece To Lease Heron UAVs 8 February 2018
    Greece will lease seven Heron medium-altitude, long-endurance (MALE) unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) under a €35,5 million contract.  According to Greek media reports, under the three-year contract between the Greek Ministry of Defence and Israel, €16,5 million will be paid in the first year and €9,5 million in each of the subsequent two years of the lease. The agreement also covers training services.  
  • One Year Anniversary in Mali
    One Year Anniversary in Mali 7 December 2017
    The Heron 1 UAV system, which is stationed at the Gao air base for the German Armed Forces, completed one year of flight operations in Mali, logging its 3,000th flight hour in November 2017.  The system’s maiden flight took place in Mali on 1 November 2016 after the contract was signed in June 2016. Three Heron 1 aircraft are stationed at the air base in Gao, located in northeastern Mali. Manufactured by the Israeli company IAI, Heron 1 is an unarmed medium alti...
  • 51st Issue Sector News
    51st Issue Sector News 1 June 2017
    Raytheon Confident in Korea Fincantieri Anchors in France Seoul Relies on Rolls-Royce Heron Outstretches to the Sea Laser Move by ASELSAN Investment; Sought and Found
  • New Delhi Is To Decide Its Armed Drone
    New Delhi Is To Decide Its Armed Drone 27 March 2017
    As New Delhi has been interested in acquiring armed medium-high altitude, long-endurance UAVs for some time now, Israel has reportedly came up with an offer. The country has offered to sell India its armed unmanned aerial vehicles Eitan or Heron TP and although New Delhi has not yet reached a decision, its looking for ways to bring the armed UAVs through “Make in India” initiative. General Atomics-developed Guardian UAV is also on the table, although an of...
  • Israeli UAV Begins Duty
    Israeli UAV Begins Duty 16 March 2017
    Singapore has declared full operational capability (FOC) on its fleet of Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) Heron 1 medium-altitude long-endurance unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) on 15 March during a ceremony held at the Republic of Singapore Air Force's (RSAF's) UAV Command in Murai Camp. Heron 1s have been progressively replacing the service's Searcher UAVs.  Having an operational range of over 200 km and an endurance of 24 hours, Hero...
  • Export Variant for Israeli UAV
    Export Variant for Israeli UAV 13 February 2017
    Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) will display the export version of MALE-class (medium-altitude, long-endurance) unmanned air vehicle (UAV) Heron TP for the first time at Aero India exhibition, which is to be held 14-18 February in Bengaluru. Heron TP-XP has been designed to comply with the restrictions imposed by the international Missile Technology Control Regime 2 (MTCR 2) agreement. In this scope, the export version has a reduced payload capacity of 450 kg, about 550 kg lo...
  • New Member to Heron Family
    New Member to Heron Family 10 February 2017
    Israeli Aerospace Industries (IAI) is preparing to introduce the latest version Medium-Altitude Long-Endurance (MALE) unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)of Heron TP-XP . The UAV, which will be introduced for the first time at the Aero India 2017 fair in Bangalore next week, could be operated at high altitude with enhanced payload capability. Heron TPs, which be capable of operating in adverse weather conditions, are produced according to STANAG 4671 NATO standards.
  • Two Contracts to Israeli Company
    Two Contracts to Israeli Company 24 November 2016
    India awarded two contracts to Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) for the acquisition of two Phalcon/IL-76 Airborne Early Warning and Control Systems (AWACS) and 10 Heron TP Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), on 16 November in New Delhi. The contracts worth a total of $1,4 billion. The deliveries of ordered AWACS and UAVs are expected to be completed within 2-3 years.  Currently, India operates around 60 Heron TP UAVs and plans to purchase 200 more which are to be configured to carry...
  • Successful First Mission in Mali for the German Armed Forces Heron 1 MALE
    Successful First Mission in Mali for the German Armed Forces Heron 1 MALE 5 November 2016
    The German Bundeswehr Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) unmanned aerial system (UAS) Heron 1 flew its first operational mission in Mali on 1 November from Gao airport. The 5 hour 40 minute flight was fully successful and occurred only about three months following the initial contract signature. The Herons are to remain in Mali until February 2018. The first flight is an important step to obtain the declaration of full operational capability (FOC). To achieve FOC, three aircraft ...
  • Heron UAV Flies Over Israeli maritime
    Heron UAV Flies Over Israeli maritime 27 October 2016
    Israeli Air Force (IAF) began using Israel Aerospace Industries’ Heron 1 unmanned air vehicle (UAV) for naval operations. The announcement came on 25 October, stating that maritime survelliance was of high importance to Israel, as hostile forces mostly enter the country by sea. The UAV was launched from 1124N Seascan, a IAI maritime survelliance aircraft. Heron has improved maritime radar systems and optical sensors designed for this specific mission.
  • India - Israel Began Negotiations
    India - Israel Began Negotiations 19 October 2016
    India, having joined the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR) in June, is one step closer to its Heron TP unmanned air vehicle acquisition. The Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR) is a voluntary partnership among 35 countries to prevent the proliferation of missile and unmanned aerial vehicle technology capable of carrying above 500 kg payload for more than 300 km. Indian Air Force’s plan to purchase Israel Aerospace Industries’ Heron TP had been suspended for a while, ho...
  • IAI and Honeywell co-develop UAS ‘Sense and Avoid’ System
    IAI and Honeywell co-develop UAS ‘Sense and Avoid’ System 19 July 2016
    Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and avionics manufacturer Honeywell will jointly develop a “sense-and-avoid” capability for IAI’s Heron series of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). The project is funded by the Israel-U.S. Binational Industrial Research and Development (Bird) Foundation. Honeywell will provide a single line replaceable unit for the project, integrating software, hardware and fusion capability for different sensors. IAI will contribute a ground contr...
  • Germany leases Heron TP 16 January 2016
    Germany has decided to rent Israel’s most recent UAV, build by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) Heron TP unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) as an interim solution for the Bundeswehr's medium altitude, long endurance (MALE) UAV requirements. The decision was announced to the German parliament (Bundestag) on 12 January. The new UAV will enter service in 2018. Germany will fly with IAI Heron 1 UAVs until Heron TP enters into service. Heron 1 served to the Bundeswehr in Afghanistan.