• Australia buying K9 Thunder
    Australia buying K9 Thunder 9 September 2020
    On 3 September the Australian Department of Defence announced that Hanwha Defence Australia (HDA) under its Protected Mobile Fires Project will provide 30 K9 Thunder self-propelled howitzers and 15 K10 armoured ammunition resupply vehicles.   With this Government announcement, work will commence immediately to implement a plan for the building of facilities and skilling of the local Geelong based workforce. For the Land 8116 program, Hanwha has developed the...
  • Hypersonic Bullet Shoots Down a Mock Cruise Missile
    Hypersonic Bullet Shoots Down a Mock Cruise Missile 6 September 2020
      According to US based Breaking Defence the US Air Force recently used the hypervelocity projectile (HVP) — a low-drag, guided projectile capable of reaching speeds up to Mach 5 — to down a BQM-167 target drone over the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico. The BQM-167 drone "served as surrogates for Russian cruise missiles" during the test. The HVP was fired from an Army M109 Paladin-based 155mm howitzer and a Navy deck gun during ...
  • Studies Started for Unmanned Tank and Howitzer
    Studies Started for Unmanned Tank and Howitzer 15 August 2020
    Advances in electronics and software reduce the requirement for crews in existing military vehicles. The Republic of Korea, which has a strong army and defence infrastructure due to the northern threat, is starting a study for the unmanned use of K1 main battle tanks and K9 self-propelled howitzers. The final product is planned to be delivered in November 2024, within the scope of the process where the first steps will be taken in next December. In addition to the rem...
  • Giant exposition at Army-2020 forum
    Giant exposition at Army-2020 forum 29 July 2020
    Over 1,500 companies will put on display more than 28,000 pieces of weaponry and military hardware during the Army-2020 forum. The forum will be held in Russia next month. According to Col. Oleg Kulakovsky, the head of the exhibitions department at the Russian Defence Ministry, the ministry will showcase more than 370 pieces of serially produced weaponry, military and special equipment during Army-2020. "Overall, we expect more than 1,500 companies to participate in t...
  • New Artillery Shell for New Howitzer
    New Artillery Shell for New Howitzer 24 July 2020
    The development of the elements that will infiltrate behind the front and hunt the field artillery and the increase in air support costs encourage countries to develop longer-range artillery systems. The U.S. made a $ 33 million deal with BAE Systems for the new long-range artillery system. In this context, the company will manufacture LR-PGK (Long Range Precision Guidance Kit) for 155 mm artillery rounds. The system, which is stated to be critical for the Army's long-range arti...
  • Russian Truck Mounted Howitzer
    Russian Truck Mounted Howitzer 20 July 2020
    Russia, which gives importance to the artillery and calls them as the "god of the battlefield" continues to studies on the new generation indirect fire systems. Burevestnik Central Research Institute, a subsidiary of Russia-based Uralvagonzavod, introduced a truck-mounted howitzer system called Malva. The platform, which has a 152 mm main gun, based on the BAZ-6010-027 8x8 truck chassis. According to the GRAU system, 2S43 code given to the self-propelled howitzer...
  • Germany Halted Korean Howitzer Export
    Germany Halted Korean Howitzer Export 10 July 2020
    Germany stopped one of the export activities of the Republic of Korea, which has a strong defence industry infrastructure. According to the statement of the Republic of Korea, K9 Thunder self-propelled howitzer export was caught in one of Germany's defence embargoes. The country's current procurement negotiations with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have been hampered by Berlin's restriction on defence systems in Abu Dhabi. Within the scope of the agreement between H...
  • Additional Self Propelled Howitzer Delivery
    Additional Self Propelled Howitzer Delivery 14 June 2020
    Self-propelled howitzer is one of the important force multipliers of the battlefield, thanks to its ability to carry firepower to front lines under armour protection. Countries that want to have a good mechanized power continue their investments in these systems. The 2'nd Battalion of 82'nd Field Artillery Regiment affiliated to the US Army received additional M109A7 Paladin self-propelled howitzer. Within the framework of the increasing combat capability and firepower ...
  • Loan for Air Defence System
    Loan for Air Defence System 28 May 2020
    The arms race continues at full speed in North Africa, as in many parts of the world. Morocco continues its steps to consolidate the armed forces and modernize its capabilities. In this context, Rabat government, which is estimated to acquire VL MICA air defence system from France, has signed a loan agreement with BNP Paribas of France worths to 192.1 million Euros. The procurement is expected to be part of the comprehensive agreement signed with a 400 million Euro budget....
  • Armament Race Escalates
    Armament Race Escalates 13 May 2020
    Japan continues to studies for replacing the systems in its inventory and to have a stronger army structure. Tokyo will acquire 12 additional Type 10 main battle tanks to replace the Type 74s that are at the end of their economic life. The procurement list announced with the new budget plan, which is published, also includes a Type 19 155 mm truck-mounted howitzers. The Ministry of Defence plans to acquire seven Type 19 in 2020 with 44 million USD budget.
  • Tank Transport Export to NATO Country
    Tank Transport Export to NATO Country 7 May 2020
    Turkish defence industry continues its export success despite COVID-19 conditions. BMC, one of the domestic armoured land vehicle manufacturers, exported 8x8 Tank Transport Vehicles to a NATO country. According to the news of Anadolu Agency, North Macedonia, which was accepted in the alliance in the past months, became the first foreign customer of the vehicle. The combat weight of the platform, which is capable of serving main battle tanks, especially Altay, is 120 t...
  • Truck Mounted Howitzer Market Increases
    Truck Mounted Howitzer Market Increases 6 May 2020
    Demand for truck-mounted howitzer is increasing day by day thanks to its ease of use as well as low acquisition and operating costs. The Philippines, which has accelerated the procurement process for the reconstruction and armament of the army, announced a new procurement plan. A statement from the Philippines Department of National Defence said the country has acquired new artillery systems. According to official information confirmed by Manila, 155 mm 52 calibre ATMOS self-propell...
  • Truck Mounted Howitzer in Use
    Truck Mounted Howitzer in Use 1 May 2020
    Truck-mounted howitzer systems are becoming more popular in the international market thanks to being cost-effective solutions and mobility. China continues to modernize and expand its inventory with the platforms it has developed both with its original and reverse engineering methods. In the images published recently, it was determined that the China People's Liberation Army took active use of PCL-181 truck-mounted howitzers in the Eastern Theatre. Described as on...
  • Arms Export to Africa
    Arms Export to Africa 13 April 2020
    African countries are arming to improve army capabilities. China is increasing its presence in the world defence market. Beijing, has recently exporting more to the African market, has delivered new defence systems to Nigeria. The delivery batch includes 17-vehicles. These are VT4 main battle tanks, SH5 105mm self-propelled howitzers and again 105mm ST1 tank destroyers. In addition, Nigeria received 15 40-foot containers spare parts and consumables. Chi...
  • Excalibur to Artillery
    Excalibur to Artillery 13 April 2020
    Guided artillery ammunition stands out with its features such as precise strike capability at long ranges and thus minimizing possible side effects. The Netherlands supplies guided artillery rounds. In the statement from the United States, the country was approved for the sale of 199 M982AI Excalibur Increment IB for army use. The possible total cost was announced as 40.55 million USD. Excalibur, which can be fired from different artillery systems, is also compatible with ...
  • Nuclear Howitzer Moderdinsed
    Nuclear Howitzer Moderdinsed 9 April 2020
    Self-propelled howitzers, which are capable of firing nuclear artillery projectiles, was developed to destroy large enemy units that would be encountered in a possible Third World War. Although nuclear rounds have been phased out of service today, the systems that use them are still in operation. Russia is modernizing its 2S7M Malka self propelled howitzers in its inventory. The platform, which has been upgraded in this context, has been tested recently. In ...
  • K9 Thunder Howitzer to Buy by Estonia can be Deferred to a Future Date Due to Coronavirus
    K9 Thunder Howitzer to Buy by Estonia can be Deferred to a Future Date Due to Coronavirus 20 March 2020
    The K9 Thunder self-propelled howitzer, which Estonia wants to add to its inventory, can be postponed to a later date due to the rapid spread of the coronavirus. Estonia, which previously bought 12 howitzers from the Republic of Korea, wanted to supply six additional platforms. Estonian Defence Minister Jury Luik, who is expected to visit Seoul last month, has cancelled his trip. Many speculate that the abrupt cancellation was related to COVID-19. "I don't believe the virus situation...
  • Truck Mounted Howitzer Order
    Truck Mounted Howitzer Order 16 March 2020
    Israel, which has implemented a strategic plan to restructure the army, acquire new systems, and increase the effectiveness of systems that is already in use, continues its system procurement processes. Israel is implementing the replacement program that signed in May 2019 to replace the M109 Doher in its inventory. Within the scope of the plan, which covers a 12-year period and estimated to cost of 280 million USD, Elbit production ATMOS truck-mounted howit...
  • Malaysia's Howitzer will be Inventory Soon
    Malaysia's Howitzer will be Inventory Soon 10 March 2020
    Malaysia's Ministry of Defence had bought 18 LG1 Mk towed howitzer from France in April 2018. All 18 howitzers were originally scheduled for delivery by February 2020, although Nexter confirmed that they would be able to deliver all 18 howitzers within 2020. The contract includes the 18 fully digitizer LG1 Mk. III light guns, the BACARA compact portable ballistic computer for battery unit level, and an unspecified quantity of high explosive base-bleed extended range G3 ammunition. ...
  • Artillery Hit from 65 Kilometres Distance
    Artillery Hit from 65 Kilometres Distance 9 March 2020
    Pyrotechnic technology continues to evolve while microelectronics shrinking to a size that can fit inside the artillery shell. So the gunner gained the ability to make ultra-precise shots. With cooperation of these two important areas, artillery troops will be effective at a longer range in the future. Yuma Proving Ground hosted an important test launch. The US Army performed four ammunition test firings on March 6 as part of the Extended Range Cannon Artillery (...
  • New Vehicle Delivery to Indonesia
    New Vehicle Delivery to Indonesia 12 February 2020
    Indonesia continues to taking delivery of new military platforms. Images of new vehicles arrived to the country were published on social media. In the images published on social media, it was determined that the Indonesian Army (TNI-AD) received new systems. In the first batch deliveries, five CAESAR 155 mm self-propelled howitzers were received. Within the scope of the new batch shipment that reached the country by the sea a few days later, four M3 amphibious rigs and an unkno...
  • Support from the Netherlands for Transatlantic Power
    Support from the Netherlands for Transatlantic Power 22 January 2020
    The Royal Netherlands Army has deployed Panzerhaubitze (PzH) 2000 self-propelled howitzers to Lithuania for the first time as part of the German-led NATO Enhanced Forward Presence (EFP) battlegroup, the Dutch Ministry of Defence announced on its website. The SPHs will spend half a year in Lithuania, mainly to exercise and exchange experience with the Lithuanian army, the ministry said. NATO has increased its presence in the east by forming an alliance group with EFP and Estonia, Lat...
  • Brasil Released Strategic Plan
    Brasil Released Strategic Plan 20 January 2020
    Brazil, which has been carrying studies for a long time to improve the defence industry infrastructure of the country, has published its strategic plan in this field. The document, which covers the plans and objectives of the country's defense and industry, especially the Brazilian Armed Forces, consists of 34 measures in 15 main actions. In these sections, acquisition of howitzer, personnel equipment, unmanned ground and air vehicles, armoured boats, transport and att...
  • U.S. to Expand Cannon’s Range to 1850 Km
    U.S. to Expand Cannon’s Range to 1850 Km 20 October 2019
      The U.S. Army is developing a new weapon capable of reaching 1,850 km. The U.S. Army released Directive 2017-33, which led to the establishment of the Army Futures Command Task Force and the outlining of six modernisation priorities. One of the concepts unveiled by the Army Futures Command, known as the "Strategic Long-Range Cannon" (SLRC) is based on scaling up existing howitzers and rocket-boosted artillery shells to a much bigger size and range capability. Army b...
  • New Generation Artillery
    New Generation Artillery 7 October 2019
    USA has signed a 48 million US Dollar agreement with BAE Systems. Under the agreement, the company will support the production of advanced versions of the M109A7 Paladin self-propelled howitzers and the M992A3 field artillery ammunition support vehicles. The work is planned to be completed in 31 January 2023 in York, Maine. Using the main weapon of the M109A6 platform, Paladin, unlike its predecessor, has a more advanced and modern hull.  It uses the existing main armament of t...
  • Greek Cyprus Shows Serbian NORA B-52
    Greek Cyprus Shows Serbian NORA B-52 30 September 2019
    Greek Cyprus will show off its new acquisition the Serbian NORA B-52 Self Propelled Gun-Howitzer. Greek Cypriot administration will celebrate “the 59th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence of the Republic of Cyprus” in accordance with the “anniversary”, National Guard will show off its new acquisition Serbian NORA B-52 cannons.  Serbian Foreign Minister Alexander Vulin will attend the ceremony.
  • Brutus at Fire Range
    Brutus at Fire Range 31 July 2019
    US is continuing to develop its Brutus howitzer, as a reminder of France's CAESER howitzer. US Army fired the 155 mm Brutus self-propelled howitzer in Northern Strike 2019 drill, Michigan. In February 2018, the U.S. Army announced it was interested in exploring available options for a new howitzer to replace its existing 105mm and 155mm towed types. The Brutus 155mm self-propelled mobile gun is jointly developed by the AM General and The Mandus Group companies. The Brutus mounts the same ...
  • Long-Awaited Contract Concluded
    Long-Awaited Contract Concluded 18 July 2019
    The U.S. Department of Defence and BAE Systems announced an agreement worth about for $45 million for the Extended Range Cannon Artillery (ERCA). The long-awaited U.S. Army contract provides work to increase the range and rate of fire on current and future M109A7 self-propelled howitzers. The ERCA consists of two parts—a new rocket-boosted shell, the XM1113, and a longer howitzer barrel. ERCA will have a fully automated ammunition loading system and a communications system that will wor...
  • Yavuz Gets Lighter
    Yavuz Gets Lighter 30 April 2019
    Yavuz truck-mounted howitzer, which was developed by Mechanical and Chemical Industry Company with its own sources, got lighter. The cabin height of the platform, which was displayed during IDEF'19 in Istanbul, was reduced in line with user demands. In addition, the weight of the vehicle was reduced thanks to modifications without compromising armour and CBRN protection. It was also fitted with a semi-automatic loader once again in line with user demands. In this way, the vehicl...
  • Boran is Ready for Qualification
    Boran is Ready for Qualification 30 April 2019
    As part of the Air Transportable Towed Howitzer Project with MKEK as the contractor, Boran howitzer is about to be completed. The system is ready for qualification tests. All the parameters of the system will be subjected to extensive trials within the scope of the tests planned to start in May. Boran's parameters such as road and movement, positioning, braking will be tested in the process planned to be carried out in two stages, with and without firing. In the firing stage, fi...
  • Israel Buys Howitzers for Its Army
    Israel Buys Howitzers for Its Army 30 March 2019
    Israeli Elbit Systems announced it was awarded a $125 million contract by Israel’s defence ministry for “automatic howitzer gun systems.” The specific number of artillery pieces wasn’t revealed. Elbit Systems claimed these artillery pieces are cost-effective and require small crews. Based on this description, ATMOS 155mm truck howitzers are soon being adopted by the Israel Defence Force (IDF).
  • Dhanush, India's First Indigenous Artillery Gun Clears Final Test
    Dhanush, India's First Indigenous Artillery Gun Clears Final Test 26 March 2019
    Upgraded Bofors howitzers called “Dhanush” clears final test. Indian DRDO and Ordnance Factory Board almost a decade ago kicked off work on Rs 1,437-crore Bofors Howitzer. This work has finally led to the electronically upgraded Dhanush howitzer. The 39-calibre of the original Bofors gun is also upgraded to 45-calibre to increase its maximum strike range from 24-30 km to 27-36 km. The gun has passed tests under severe cold conditions in Sikkim and Leh and in hot and humi...
  • ASELSAN Announced Fırtına
    ASELSAN Announced Fırtına 2 January 2019
    The T-155 K / M Fırtına self-propelled howitzer Fire Control System Contract was signed for New Generation FIRTINA howitzers to be produced to meet the needs of the Turkish Army. Within the scope of the contract, the systems to be produced by ASELSAN will be delivered to the 1st Ana Bakım Merkezi where FIRTINA howitzers will be produced. Currently available in the Land Forces Command and firing control system ASELSAN was provided by FIRTINA howitzers were used intensively and effectively...
  • IDEAS 18 Fair News
    IDEAS 18 Fair News 8 December 2018
    TUSAŞ’s ANKA-S Move Yonca-Onuk at Full Throttle Cyber Support by STM China’s Howitzer Hype HIT to Introduce Viper IFV Korean Ammunition to Pakistan Al Khalid I, Unveiled
  • Artillery to Shoot 70 Kilometers
    Artillery to Shoot 70 Kilometers 23 October 2018
    US Army is close to the end of programme carried out for artillery. Under the programme named Extended Range Cannon Artillery Program (ERCA), 70 kilometres range is aimed. Studies also carried out on M109 Paladin self-propelled howitzers which are already US Army inventory. Howitzer’s range will be doubled. The US Army gives its priority to long-range high-precision shots under the modernization programmes. A new rocket assisted ammunition (Rocket Assisted Projectile / RAP) wa...
  • Netherlands Continues Modernization 17 October 2018
    The Netherlands continues to modernize its army. In recent weeks, Netherlands has signed an agreement with the US to modernize the AH-64 Apache and CH-47 Chinook helicopters, and now it has taken action to modernize the PzH 2000NL howitzers and CV90 vehicles.   Under the program called Mid Life Upgrade (MLU), the electronic components of PzH 2000NL howitzers will be renewed and ventilation systems will be replaced. The automatic loading system will be adapted to long-...
  • ADEX Fair News 7 October 2018
    Azeri “Tufan” at ADEX Elbit Systems Unveils ATMOS M-46 Howitzer ROKETSAN’s Broad Participation Silent Export Door by İşbir ASELSAN; Two States, One Weapon HAVELSAN Offers Technology Guarantee Solutions are Abound in STM
  • Issue 66 Sector News 7 October 2018
    MKEK’s Flying Howitzer: BORAN TUSAŞ’s T625 Performs First Flight FNSS’ Kaplan is to Breed Replacement in STM TEI's T625 Engine is “Steady” New Development at Pegasus Lockheed will Fire from Afar
  • MKEK’s 105mm Boran Howitzer First Time on Air Transportation
    MKEK’s 105mm Boran Howitzer First Time on Air Transportation 21 September 2018
    The Turkish Company, the Mechanical and Chemical Industry Corporation’s (Makina Ve Kimya Endüstrisi Kurumu/ MKEK) 105mm air transportable light towed howitzer Boran is transported for first time. The new 105mm MKEK towed howitzer can provides direct and indirect fire support to the forces deployed in combined arms operations. Turkish Land Forces plans to acquire 106 Boran howitzers. The MKEK 105mm towed howitzer can fire all type of ammunition uses by NATO countries. The ...
  • Ukraine to Unveil New Weapon
    Ukraine to Unveil New Weapon 10 August 2018
    Ukraine has announced the development of a 155 mm truck-mounted howitzer. The system, called Bogdana, was integrated on the KrAZ 6x6 truck. Platform developed the Ukraine based AutoKrAZ company. Bogdana 6x6, equipped with a modern ballistic computer-controlled fire control system, has a welded steel armored cabin. There are also screens behind the vehicle for the use of the crew during shooting. The new artillery system is planned to has 780 meters minimum and 40...