• Jordan Exhibits Donated Leclerc Tanks During Military Exercise
    Jordan Exhibits Donated Leclerc Tanks During Military Exercise 26 October 2020
    According to a Tweet of Arab Defence News, the Jordanian army has deployed Leclerc Main Battle Tanks (MBTs) donated by the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The tanks were seen during the military exercise Salah al-Din Citadel. UAE has donated 80 Leclerc Main Battle Tanks to Jordanian armed forces in September, enough for Jordanian armed forces to equip two of the four tank battalions belonging to its 3rd Armoured Division. In 1993 the UAE ordered 436 tanks for delivery from 199...
  • EU Sanctions on Turkish Company
    EU Sanctions on Turkish Company 21 September 2020
    The European Union (EU) has decided to sanction three firms for allegedly violating an arms embargo for Libya. One of the three companies is from Turkey and the others from Kazakhstan and Jordan. New resolutions have been made for the arms embargo in force at the Libyan Conference in January 2020; a military mission was deployed to control the embargo. A travel ban is planned for sanctioned firms and a freeze on assets in the EU, as well as a ban on trading with European companies.<...
  • AIM-9M Sidewinder Engine for Egypt and Jordan 11 September 2020
    Northrop Grumman will deliver AIM-9M Sidewinder rocket engine to Egypt and Jordan. The $21 million deal covers 788 engines for Egypt and 43 engines for Jordan, according to the US Department of Defence. It features a short-range air-to-air Sidewinder missile, infrared guidance system and a high-blown track warhead. With improvements in AIM-9, which has the highest level of infrared spectrum precision, the missile's operationality has been taken out of the bombers. Egyp...
  • Additional Black Hawk Acquisition
    Additional Black Hawk Acquisition 10 July 2020
    Jordan, which has a well-established military tradition and well-equipped armed forces infrastructure despite being a small country, acquiring additional helicopter. The U.S. recently approved the sale of 1 UH-60M Black Hawk helicopter to Jordan. Within the scope of FMS (Foreign Military Sales), two T700-GE-701D turboshaft engines and other subcomponents will be delivered with the helicopter. Currently, there are more than 20 UH-60M Black Hawk helicopters in Jordan...
  • Black Hawk sales from the USA
    Black Hawk sales from the USA 8 July 2020
    The U.S. Department of State approved a total of seven UH-60M sales to the Kingdom of Jordan and Lithuania. According to the US Defence and Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA), one of these helicopters is for Jordan and the remaining six are for Lithuania. Jordan will pay $ 23 million for a single helicopter, and Lithuania will pay a total of $ 380 million for six helicopters. If Lithuania's helicopters were in the same configuration of Jordan, they would have cost $ 138 million instead of...
  • NATO's New Opportunities Partner
    NATO's New Opportunities Partner 13 June 2020
    The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) has accepted Ukraine as an Enhanced Opportunities Partner. It is aimed to maintain cooperation between the allied countries and its partners who contribute to NATO-led operations and missions. As a partner of the organisation, Ukraine has sent troops to allied operations and NATO-led exercises. As a Partner of Enhanced Opportunities, Ukraine will be able to take advantage of privileges such as special exercises and information ...
  • Apache and Viper Approved
    Apache and Viper Approved 3 May 2020
    The Philippines, which restructuring the army and decided to re-establish many elements after ISIS has started in the country, continues its activities. An important announcement was made in the attack helicopter process of the Philippines, which continues to be armed with limited economic opportunities. The U.S. has approved the possible sale of eight AH-64E Apache Guardian or AH-1Z Viper attack helicopters as part of the country's attack helicopter requirements. ...
  • US F-35A Airplane Flies Over Syrian Skies
    US F-35A Airplane Flies Over Syrian Skies 19 April 2020
    The F-35 Lightning II, Joint Program Office's (JPO) twitter account, said that the US Air Force F-35A fighter plane was flying within the responsibility area of ​​the US Central Forces Command (CENTCOM). While it was announced that the plane was flying in the Al-Tanf region of Syria, no further details were provided on the subject. Al-Tanf Region, also known as "Tanf At", is a military base in the Homs Governorate of Syria, 24 km west of the Al-Tanf border crossing in ...
  • Qatari Ejder on Exercise
    Qatari Ejder on Exercise 27 March 2020
    Domestic production vehicles continue to achieve an export success. Platforms, which have successfully served in the inventory of different countries, also show up at international events. In the Impregnable Guard 2020 Exercise held in Qatar, in which more than 10 participants participated in different statuses, Turkish indigenous vehicles also seen. Delivered to Qatar within the scope of the exports announced in 2017, Ejder Yalçın was seen for the first t...
  • COVID-19 Hits Defence Expos
    COVID-19 Hits Defence Expos 9 March 2020
    The effect of Corona COVID-19 virus from China continues to spread. The next stops of the virus are Jordan and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The SOFEX Defence fair to be held in Jordan is postponed without sharing any information. In the announcement on the subject, the e-mail address was shared for further details. Homeland Security Fair ISNR held in the United Arab Emirates is alsı postponed. The statement made on the main page of the fair shared the information that this decision was tak...
  • Armoured Vehicle Reinforcement to Haftar Forces
    Armoured Vehicle Reinforcement to Haftar Forces 27 December 2019
    Clashes continue between Libyan National Army forces under the command of Khalifa Haftar and the Government of National  Accord. Despite the UN's arms embargo on Libya, Haftar forces were reinforced with new armored vehicles. A news published in Jane's, it was seen that Libyan National Army forces equipped with Terrier LT-79 armoured vehicles. It was also attended that the vehicle is in new condition and despite harsh environmental conditions, exterior of the LT-79 was ...
  • Eagles got the Situation Under Control in Anatolia 9 August 2019
    The Turkish Air Force, which suffered the most losses during the July 15 process and therefore underwent a rapid recovery with the support of its former members, continues to establish its deterrence by increasing the level of preparation for the war. One of the most important trainings for this purpose, the Anatolian Eagle Exercise, was carried out successfully between 17-28 June 2019 in its usual home in Konya. The Anatolian Eagle Exercise performed at Konya 3rd Main Jet Base...
  • House Blocks Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia, UAE
    House Blocks Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia, UAE 20 July 2019
    The House of Representatives passed three resolutions Wednesday to block the sale of weapons to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.   U.S. President Donald Trump had invoked an emergency provision to allow him to circumvent Congress to push the $8.1 billion arms sales through- including precision-guided munitions — to Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Jordan. Lawmakers expressed outrage over Trump’s tactics.   Trump...
  • A400M Acts as Tanker
    A400M Acts as Tanker 9 July 2019
      The German Air Force Luftwaffe cleared the A400M for air-to-air refuelling, and has also deployed an A400M to Jordan on its first operational air tanker mission. The A400M is now being tested abroad as a tanker aircraft as part of Operation Counter ISIS, it refuels German and Allied aircraft in the air. Since August 2018, the certification of the A400M as refuelling aircraft in the AAR (Air-to-Air-Refuelling) version has been in progress. Air transport squ...
  • Italian F-35 Visits Greece for Iniochos Exercise
    Italian F-35 Visits Greece for Iniochos Exercise 30 March 2019
    The Greek Air Force has shared information and image from its official web site, about Iniochos 2019 (Unique 2019) Exercise. In one of the published images, the F-35A fighter from the Italian Air Force landed at Andravida Air Base in Greece to take part in the Iniochos 2019 exercise. Italy has announced that it will send six F-35s to the drill. Israel, Jordan, the US Air Force and the South Cyprus Greek Administration will participate in the exercise. Unique 2019  will begin on April 1 a...
  • Second Mi-26 Delivered
    Second Mi-26 Delivered 2 January 2019
    Russia delivered the second Mi-26T transport helicopter to Jordan. The news was announced via official website of the Royal Jordanian Air Force. The agreement for helicopters to be procured by Jordan in total of four was signed in September 2016. Military and civilian users jointly use the platforms. Deliveries are planned between 2018-2019. Amman has two more options for helicopters which are flying without any Jordanian markings. The Mi-26T is the only Russian-based rota...
  • New Unmanned Ground Vehicle Unveiled
    New Unmanned Ground Vehicle Unveiled 21 July 2018
    Jordanian based King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau (KADDB) has developed a armed unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) with private venture. The system is controlled by a lightweight control unit backpack and handheld controller. The platform weighs 250 kilograms, is 1 meter long and 0.78 meters wide. Armed with a 7.62 mm M240 machine gun, the vehicle has 800 meters effective firing distance. UGV can also be integrated with other weapons, such as the FN MINIMI. Th...
  • Terminator Anti-tank Missile Unveiled at SOFEX
    Terminator Anti-tank Missile Unveiled at SOFEX 14 May 2018
    Jordanian Jadara Equipment and Defence Systems company unveiled its new Terminator anti-tank missile system during the SOFEX 2018 held in Amman from 8-10 May.  With a range of up to 2 thousand 500 metres, Terminator can carry both a 15,9 kg tandem high-explosive anti-tank (HEAT) warhead and a 15,4 kg high-explosive fragmentation (HE-FRAG) warhead. It can be mounted on either a portable launcher or a carrier-based automatic launcher. The system uses a se...
  • Javelin Delivery to Ukraine
    Javelin Delivery to Ukraine 3 May 2018
    Ukraine has received Javelin antitank missile systems from the US. Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko confirmed the delivery in a statement on Monday. The U.S. State Department approved the possible sale of Javelin systems to Ukraine at an estimated cost of $47 million in March. The package consisted of 210 Javelin antitank missiles and 37 Javelin launchers, however, Poroshenko did not specify how many systems were received in this first batch. J...
  • Mi-26T Will Be Delivered to Jordan in 2018
    Mi-26T Will Be Delivered to Jordan in 2018 30 April 2018
    Russian Helicopters revealed that four Mi-26T heavy-lift helicopters to Jordan this year. Mi-26T helicopters can be used for various missions including transportation, evacuation and fire-fighting. The helicopters can carry up to 20 tonnes of cargo inside fuselage or on the external sling. 
  • Javelin Purchase from the US
    Javelin Purchase from the US 24 February 2018
    Turkey is to purchase Javelin missiles from the US under Foreign Military Sales contract. France, Taiwan, Jordan, Qatar and Lithuania will also receive the Javelin systems under an estimated $94,8 million contract. Lockheed and Raytheon are expected to complete the deliveries by August 2020. 
  • TAI Will Attend Singapore Airshow
    TAI Will Attend Singapore Airshow 2 February 2018
    Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) revealed its 2018 exhibition calendar. The company will demonstrate all its products in Singapore and will carry out negotiations at Singapore Airshow particularly regarding UAV “ANKA” and Multirole Utility Helicopter “T625”. TAI, which is ambitious in the Asian market, will also exhibit models of T625, ANKA, ATAK, HÜRKUŞ and MMU during the exhibition. In 2018, the company's exhibition schedule, which was ...
  • 56th Issue Fair News
    56th Issue Fair News 11 December 2017
    Target in Thailand: Artillery No Surveillance, No Artillery A First by Japan China, Active in Thai Market Surprises in Thailand Continue Things are Going Well for Daewoo Indian Industry, Strong in Bangkok Israel, Undoubtedly Bangkok’s Favourite Rafael, in Australia to Stay Thailand, in Search of New Infantry Rifle China Wants Quick Entry to Submarine Market Leonardo Response to ...
  • Jordan Retires Geckos
    Jordan Retires Geckos 28 October 2017
    The Jordanian Hashemite Land Forces will retire the USSR-made systems in the framework of modernization. The Kingdom is retiring 52 short-range surface-to-air  9K33 Osa SA-8 (NATO Reporting Name: Gecko, export version Romb) air defence systems. Both the launcher and radar of the system are mounted on the same vehicle and it can engage the aircraft either on its own or via an external radar. Six-wheeled amphibious BAZ-5937 vehicles can be air-transported. It is reported tha...
  • German Troops Left Incirlik Base
    German Troops Left Incirlik Base 6 October 2017
    Germany’s military has finished its withdrawal from Turkey’s airbase İncirlik. The last German troops have left the base on 27 September.  German parliament decided to leave İncirlik base in June due to Ankara’s refusal to allow visits by German parliamentarians and to deploy the Bundeswehr's Tornado reconnaissance jets, a refueling aircraft, logistical equipment and 260 personnel to Jordan's al-Asrak airbase. 
  • The Person behind Iraq’s Fragmentation: Not Barzani, but Nouri al-Maliki...
    The Person behind Iraq’s Fragmentation: Not Barzani, but Nouri al-Maliki... 2 October 2017
    Nouri al-Maliki is the statesman, deciding the fate of Iraq between 2006 and 2014. His policies stand before us as the main reason behind the deep instability faced by the country. He was born in 1950 as the son of a middle class family in Hindiyah, southern Baghdad. His grandfather Muhammad Hasan Abi al-Mahasin, was a poet, cleric and activist, who fought against the British in the Iraqi revolution of 1920. Under his influence, he entered politics at a very early age. By the end of...
  • UK Firm To Train Jordanian Pilots
    UK Firm To Train Jordanian Pilots 15 September 2017
    UK's Inzpire company has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Jordan’s Golden Eagle Aviation Academy (GEAA) at DSEI on 13 September to provide helicopter flight training to military and civilian flight training programs in Jordan.  The company will provide simulator training using its Raven II system as well as live flight training. 
  • Half A Billion Via Two Contracts
    Half A Billion Via Two Contracts 2 June 2017
    Lockheed Martin has been awarded a $414 million contract by the US Air Force on 1 June for AGM-158B Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile-Extended Range (JASSM-ER) missiles. Lockheed Martin will provide 360 missiles to the service, completing delivery by 31 August 2020. Lockheed will also provide Sniper Advanced Targeting Pod (ATP) to USAF in a seperate contract worth $200 million. The contract consists of only foreign military sales to various countries includin...
  • 'Husky 2G' Sales to Middle East
    'Husky 2G' Sales to Middle East 6 April 2017
    The US Department of Defence approved the sales of Husky 2G Protected Payload Delivery Vehicles to Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia on 30 March. The contract, awarded to Critical Solutions International (CSI), has a total value of $132 million. Husky 2G has been designed for route clearance and counter-improvised explosive device (C-IED) missions.  The second-generation Husky 2G uses ground-penetrating radar and various sensors to detect explosive d...
  • ASELSAN is Everywhere
    ASELSAN is Everywhere 16 March 2017
    Attending IDEX 2017 with a large delegation under the leadership of the General Manager, ASELSAN displayed a visible dynamism. ASELSAN Middle East, ASELSAN’s subsidiary in Jordan, attracts attention with its activities. Established for the purpose of producing night vision systems to meet the requirements of the Jordanian Armed Forces, the company gains momentum with each passing day.
  • Jordan Wants Israeli F-16s
    Jordan Wants Israeli F-16s 5 January 2017
    Jordan wants to acquire Israeli F-16As which were retired after 36 years of service. According to, neighboring Jordan is interested in acquisition of the Israeli aircraft which were declared retired and on sale in December, 2016. Israel Air Force retired 40 F-16A/B ‘Netz’ aircraft during a ceremony held at Ouvda Airbase on 26 December.. However, it is emphasized that Jordan can only acquire these aircraft through a third country or company.
  • Extensive Contract to BAE Systems
    Extensive Contract to BAE Systems 11 October 2016
    BAE Systems has been awarded a not-to-exceed $618 million contract for the Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System II full-rate production, upgrading the current 2.75-inch rocket system to a semi-active laser guided precision weapon. The agreement covers the procurement of  the Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force, and governments of Iraq, Lebanon, Netherlands, Jordan, and Australia. Estimated completion date of the work required is 2018, December. 
  • Jordan Modernizing Air Defence Systems
    Jordan Modernizing Air Defence Systems 3 October 2016
    The Belarussian company Tetraedr offered an upgrade for the Jordanian Armed Forces’ 9K33 Osa (SA-8 'Gecko') mobile short-range air-defence systems for $2 million a unit. The JAF has 52 Osa systems in service since its first deployment in 1982. The 9K33-1T Osa-1T, which is an extensive modernisation of the system and can involve remounting it on a new 6x6 MZKT-69222 wheeled chassis, is equipped with a new day/night camera system OES-1T. 
  • Training Support to Kenya by Jordan
    Training Support to Kenya by Jordan 27 September 2016
    Kenya is to receive support from Jordan for its counter terrorism activities. Announced on 26 September during the visit of Jordanian leader King Abdallah II Ibn Hussein to Kenyan president, fighter pilots of the Kenyan Defence Forces (KDF) will receive military training from Jordan. When the training would commence was not disclosed. After talks between the two leaders, they witnessed a joint military training exercise between KDF and Royal Jordanian Armed Forces.  
  • TAI in talks to upgrade Pakistan’s F-16s 25 May 2016
    Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) is negotiating with Pakistan Air Forces (PAF) to upgrade 74 F-16 fighters. If finalized, the deal will involve upgrades on a batch of 74 PAF F-16 aircraft, including 14 fighters that Pakistan will acquire from Jordan. In an earlier upgrade program for 41 F-16s, Pakistan wanted the job to be done locally but failed to win US permission. The US has agreed that TAI could carry out the upgrade work. For any Turkish-Pakistani deal, TAI will need US&rsqu...
  • KADDB’s sighting system upgrade for Al Hussein MBT is ready 22 May 2016
    Jordan's King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau (KADDB) has a ready to install thermal imaging system for the Al Hussein main battle tank (MBT) in service with the Jordanian Armed Forces (JAF). The bureau has built and tested an upgraded Barr & Stroud (now Thales Optronics) Thermal Imaging and Gunnery Sight (TOGS). The tanks are fitted with a then which is mounted externally on the right side of the turret and moves in elevation with the Royal Ordnance 120 mm L11A5 rifled gun....
  • US is only participant at Annual Jordan War Games 17 May 2016
    Only Jordan and the United States are going to take part in this year’s Eager Lion military exercise. Last year 18 nations (besides USA and Jordan- United Kingdom, France, Italy, Pakistan, Canada, Belgium, Poland and Australia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE, Lebanon and Iraq) participated. A total of 6,000 troops will carry out 10 days of manoeuvres in the kingdom — 3,000 from each country and including special forces as well as air, ground and na...
  • KADDB unveils heavy APC 16 May 2016
    Jordanian the King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau (KADDB) revealed the latest version of its heavy armoured personnel carrier (APC), at SOFEX 2016 in Jordan. The APC is based on a surplus Tariq main battle tank (MBT) hull that is essentially an upgraded British Centurion MBT.  
  • Jordan mounts RPG on vehicles 13 May 2016
    RPG vice versa Jordanian company Jadara Equipment and Defence Systems develops tripod-mounted system for armoured vehicles. The tripod-mounted system is called RPG-32 Quad-1 Nashshab, (Archer). System is mounted on a four-wheel drive, special-purpose, light-armoured vehicle developed by Jordan’s King Abdullah Design and Development Bureau.  The Jordanian vehicle-mounted RPG-32 Quad-1 Nashshab System will be result of cooperation among Jordan, Russian state-owned Bazalt and SRPC Re...
  • Jordan to buy TOW missiles 11 May 2016
    Jordan Ministry of Defence has signed an agreement with Pentagon to purchase (Tube launched, Optically tracked /TOW) missiles made by Raytheon Company. Raytheon will begin deliveries this year. TOW is in service in more than 40 international armed forces. The TOW weapon system will be in service with the U.S. military beyond 2025.