• NATO Standard Kalashnikov
    NATO Standard Kalashnikov 20 August 2020
    A new member firing NATO-standard cartridges joined the AK series rifle family, one of the most iconic weapons of the Cold War. Kalashnikov Group introduced a new variant of the AK-12 rifle firing NATO standard cartridges. The new weapon, called AK-19, chambered for 5.56x45 mm NATO ammunition. The AK-19, which is stated to be under development, has some differences from its predecessor. In the statement made, these differences were stated as the design improved stock, lower profile ...
  • Western In, Russian Out
    Western In, Russian Out 4 August 2020
    The winds of change continue in Ukraine, which has an army and defence industry infrastructure inherited from the Soviet Union. Kyiv had started to work on its regeneration to meet the military's modern battlefield requirements. In this context, the process progressing which initiated for the replacing of the Soviet school infantry rifles in the inventory. New UAR-15 was delivered to the 10th Separate Rapid Response Detachment (Dozor) within the program. The ...
  • AK-47 Step of Turkish MKEK
    AK-47 Step of Turkish MKEK 10 May 2020
    Supply and demand equilibrium in the defense sector changes day by day in line with the shifting of different requirements. Changing requirements in the local market encourage the manufacturer to make new investments. In this framework, the Makina ve Kimya Endüstrisi Kurumu (MKEK / Machinery and Chemical Industry Instution) establish the new production line at the Gazi Cartridge Factory. According to the news of Anadolu Agency, the new line was created with ...
  • Modernised SVD Unveiled
    Modernised SVD Unveiled 8 March 2020
    SVD (Snayperskaya Vintovka Dragunova / Dragunov Sniper Rifle), which was first produced by the Soviet Union first, showed its new face. SVDs, commonly known as "Kanas" in the Turkish Armed Forces and used by irregular elements as well as many regular armies, have been modernised. The face of the rifle changed with the study initiated by Kalashnikov, which is a subsidiary of Rostec. The flash hider of the gun, which was equipped with a heavier barrel than its...
  • Lantset: Cost Effective Solution 30 June 2019
      The Kalashnikov Group has showcased its latest reconnaissance and attack drone Lantset-3 'kamikaze' which can autonomously locate and destroy hostile targets in the air, on land and in the water for the first time at the Army 2019 defence exhibition. Only one variant of the Lantset is on display at Army 2019, the weapon system comes in two configurations.   The heavier variant designated as the Lantset-3 exhibited at Army 2019 carries a 3 kg w...
  • Kalashnikov Increased the Income
    Kalashnikov Increased the Income 22 March 2019
    Kalashnikov published the company statistics of the 2018. The increase in company revenues compared to the previous period is quite large. The company announced revenue of $ 2.7 million for 2017. Kalashnikov's revenues for 2018 increased by 280% to US $ 267 million. In the statement made by the company, the 200th series of AK family weapons, robots and unmanned systems and technology agreements with the Russian State were shown as the reason for the increase.
  • India Begins AK203 Production
    India Begins AK203 Production 15 March 2019
    Indian PM Narendra Modi opened a plant for production of 200-series Kalashnikov assault rifles, in Corva, Uttar Pradesh. The founders of the JV Indo-Russian Rifles Private Limited for production of Kalashnikov assault rifles in India are India’s Ordnance Factory Board (OFB) and Russia’s Rosoboronexport and Kalashnikov Group parented by Rostec. The 200-series Kalashnikovs were unveiled abroad in 2019. The weapons made their debut at IDEX 2019 in the UAE and Aero...
  • Marker Armed Testbed UGV from Russia
    Marker Armed Testbed UGV from Russia 7 March 2019
    Russian Foundation for Advanced Studies (FPI), Russia's equivalent to the US DARPA (Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency) in conjunction with the Android Technology' has started a joint Project called the Marker UGV. The Marker UGV is designed to be a testbed for new technologies that will interact with special forces to test and mature emerging technologies and concepts of operation. The vehicle is equipped with a Remote Weapon Station (RWS) and is armed with...
  • KUB-BLA from Kalashnikov
    KUB-BLA from Kalashnikov 19 February 2019
      Kalashnikov, operating under Rostec, introduced its new system at IDEX-2019. The platform with a attack UAV was named KUB-BLA. Developed for the destroying of long-distance targets, the KUB-BLA can move to its target at a top speed of 130 km / h for half an hour. The vehicle supported by the precision guidance system can attack its target without being affected by the weather or terrain. 80 to 130 km / h in speed, the system can carry a payload of 3 kg. The test pha...
  • Russia receives Uran-6 UGVs
    Russia receives Uran-6 UGVs 6 February 2019
    Russia is set to receive 12 Uran-6 demining unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) this year, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) announced. The updated Uran-6 - which is developed by the 766th UPTK subsidiary of Rostec's Kalashnikov Group - maintains the physical dimension of the original model at 4,565 mm long, 2,015 mm wide, and 1,470 mm tall. The vehicle weighs 6 tonnes without its mine clearance subsystems. The updated vehicle can clear mines or explosive objects with a charge...
  • Robotic Sniper Rifle from Syrian Engineer 14 October 2018
    Syrian Engineer Hamzah Salam, from the village of Shreihi in Suwayda, southern Syria, has built a custom automatic rifle which he has dubbed as an ‘electronic sniper.’ Sputnik wrote, the sniper uses a Kalashnikov AK-47 rifle as the weapon but it can use any small-arms weapon, from a machine gun to a sniper rifle. “The automated system monitors the situation and, if necessary, opens fire. My ‘electronic sniper’ is very convenient; it can be controlled re...
  • Russia’s Uran-9 to be upgraded 24 September 2018
    Russia is upgrading the Uran-9 unmanned ground vehicle (UGV).  The baseline Uran-9 UGV was unveiled in December 2015 and it will be updated based on operational experience in Syria. Speaking to the Jane’s, “The [vehicle] has been tested in Syria and demonstrated high performance in an operational environment, an industry source said.” The source claimed, noting that industry is now working to increase the Uran-9’s range, response time, and data band...
  • The Russian Kalashnikov Unveiled A New AK-308 Rifle With 7.62 Mm NATO Round
    The Russian Kalashnikov Unveiled A New AK-308 Rifle With 7.62 Mm NATO Round 23 August 2018
    The Russian maker of the AK-47 unveiled a new rifle on Monday called the AK-308. Chambered in 7.62x51mm, the AK-308 assault rifle is based on the AK-103, with “elements and components of the AK-12 automatic machine,” the English translation of the Russian press release states. It sports a 16.3-inch barrel; weighs 9.4 pounds with an empty magazine; and has a 20-round magazine capacity. New calibre standards are also used in NATO countries. "At the moment, p...
  • License-built AK-103 Production in India
    License-built AK-103 Production in India 18 April 2018
    India plans to license-built upgraded Kalashnikov AK-103 7.62x51 mm assault rifles for the Indian Army. Indian Army wants to acquire up to 768 thousand rifles. Russian and Indian officials will begin talks regarding the acquisition to be made under "Make in India" initiative.
  • Lebedev Will Soon Proceed to Serial Production
    Lebedev Will Soon Proceed to Serial Production 6 March 2018
    The Izhevsk Mechanical Factory, part of the Kalashnikov Group firearms manufacturer, will soon launch the serial production of the new Lebedev PL-14 pistol.  The enterprise has launched a project to organize a new manufacturing site to prepare for the serial production, according to Kalashnikov Group press office, as the acceptance trials draw near. Designed for use of the military, law enforcement and private security, the Lebedev PL14 semiautomatic pi...
  • RPK-16 Order to Kalashnikov
    RPK-16 Order to Kalashnikov 15 February 2018
    Russian Defence Ministry has signed a contract with Kalashnikov Concern regarding the purchase of RPK-16 machine guns. The number and the value of the order were not disclosed.  The RPK-16 5.45mm light machine gun was unveiled at the Army 2016 international military exhibition. Based on traditional Kalashnikov layout and design, it has several novel technical and ergonomic features derived from the AK-12 program, as well as some specific upgrades such as det...
  • Thailand Opted For Russian Rifles
    Thailand Opted For Russian Rifles 6 February 2018
    Russia and Thailand have signed an agreement at the Singapore AirShow regarding delivery of Russian Kalashnikov assault rifles to Thai Armed Forces. Although the type and number of the rifles were not disclosed, TASS reports that it might be the AK-100 series. 
  • AK-12 Goes Into Serial Production
    AK-12 Goes Into Serial Production 5 February 2018
    Russian Kalashnikov AK-12 assault rifles are to go into serial production with the first batch scheduled for delivery to the Russian troops before the end of this year.  Head of Rostec hi-tech corporation Sergey Chemezov said on Thursday that all the trials have already been held and the serial production phase would begin soon. Expected to become operational in the Russian Army as the basic long-barrel firearm, the AK-12 will be a part of Ratnik c...
  • Saudi Arabia Signs S-400 Deal
    Saudi Arabia Signs S-400 Deal 6 October 2017
    Based on the agreement reached between the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Government of the Russian Federation on the procurement of several armament systems, Saudi Arabia signed purchase contracts for the S-400 air defense system, the Kornet-EM anti-tank guided missiles, the TOS-1A thermobaric multiple rocket launcher, the AGS-30 automatic grenade launchers and  the Kalashnikov AK-103 assault rifles. Saudi Arabian Military Industries...
  • Artificial Intelligence Makes Its Way To Defence Sector
    Artificial Intelligence Makes Its Way To Defence Sector 6 July 2017
    The Kalashnikov Group has developed a fully automated combat module with artificial intelligence, according to Russian news agency TASS. Kalashnikov Director for Communications Sofiya Ivanova said, "In the imminent future, the Group will unveil a range of products based on neural networks. A fully automated combat module featuring this technology is planned to be demonstrated at the Army-2017 forum." A neural network is a quickly learning system that can ope...
  • New Rifle for Russian Army
    New Rifle for Russian Army 21 June 2017
    Russian arms manufacturer Kalashnikov told TASS on 20 June that newest AK-12 assault rifle produced for the Ratnik ‘soldier of the future’ combat gear has passed all the stages of its operational evaluation. Expected to become operational in the Russian Army as the basic long-barrel firearm, the AK-12 will be a part of Ratnik combat gear which also includes advanced protective and communication equipment as well as life support elements....
  • Rather US-made Than Russia
    Rather US-made Than Russia 30 May 2017
    Georgian Ministery of Defence revealed that the country's armed forces will gradually replace Kalashnikov PK machine guns with M240 machine guns. The demonstration of new M240 will be carried out at the second establishment anniversary ceremony of NATO-Georgian Joint Training and Evaluation Centre (JTEC). Developed by the US, M240 is a fully automatic machine gun in conformity with the NATO standards. 
  • MiG-29 Offer by Russia to Turkey
    MiG-29 Offer by Russia to Turkey 3 May 2017
    The recent military and political convergence between Russia and Turkey signaled a new period. The most concrete example of the convergence of the two countries will be exhibited at the International Defense Industry Fair, IDEF'17, according to the information obtained by C4Defence before the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's visit to Russia. The joint Russian display at IDEF’17 attended by Rosoboronexport and JSC “Concern “Almaz Antey” will sh...
  • Kalashnikov Readies 'Lebedev' in 2018
    Kalashnikov Readies 'Lebedev' in 2018 21 March 2017
    The Kalashnikov Corporation announced its plans to complete trials of the advanced Lebedev PL-14 pistol before the end of the year. First unveiled at  2016 Army Military and Technical Forum, The PL-14 pistol will have a 21-millimeter barrel and 28-millimeter grip and able to accommodate 9x19mm rounds. Designed for both left and right-handed shooters, it has reduced recoil and muzzle rise. 
  • Russia's new platform Soratnik at Army 2016
    Russia's new platform Soratnik at Army 2016 12 September 2016
    Russia's Kalashnikov Group unveiled an unmanned ground vehicle (UGV), designated as BAS-01G BM Soratnik, at the Army 2016 defence exhibition in Moscow. The innovative platform is intended for combat reconnaissance, fire support for soldiers on the battlefield, mine clearance, logistics operations, and patrolling. The vehicle has an operational range of 400 km, a maximum road speed of 40 km/h, and can be remote-controlled out to a distance of 10 km as well as autonomously operated. Soratni...