• EU Sanctions on Turkish Company
    EU Sanctions on Turkish Company 21 September 2020
    The European Union (EU) has decided to sanction three firms for allegedly violating an arms embargo for Libya. One of the three companies is from Turkey and the others from Kazakhstan and Jordan. New resolutions have been made for the arms embargo in force at the Libyan Conference in January 2020; a military mission was deployed to control the embargo. A travel ban is planned for sanctioned firms and a freeze on assets in the EU, as well as a ban on trading with European companies.<...
  • The First Post-Pandemic Expo from Ukraine 27 August 2020
    Ukraine organises Arms and Security Fair annually in Kyiv. A second fair is organized in a separate hall. This year, the 17th Arms and Security will take place and the 12th the International Aviation and Space Hall (AVIASVIT) will take place. While no face-to-face fair has been held since March due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Ukrainian officials will continue their work in this area until the last moment. We interviewed Ivan Tkachenko, Deputy General Manager of the International Exhibition Cent...
  • ASELSAN Sarp Export
    ASELSAN Sarp Export 20 April 2020
    Despite the worldwide epidemic and disruptions, ASELSAN continued its operations without slowing down and achieved a new export success. One of Turkey's leading company ASELSAN has added a new one to its export success. The company signed a procurement agreement with Kazakhstan for the SARP DUAL remote-controlled weapon system (RCWS). Achievement announced from company's official social media account with "The leading global technology company Iskander-M Missile Flew Almost Twice More Landing in Kazakhstan
    Iskander-M Missile Flew Almost Twice More Landing in Kazakhstan 14 January 2020
      During a planned live-firing exercise by Russia, one of its Iskander-M ballistic missiles flew beyond 600km and landed outside its designated target area. The missile is said to have been fired from Kapustin Yar for the Makat firing range in Kazakhstan. However, the missile ended up in the Bayganinsky district. The Makat is at the 480 km distance, but it flew more than 800 km. On January 9, 2020, during the planned exercises of the test centre of the Minis...
  • Otokar Founded Otokar Central Asia at Kazakhstan
    Otokar Founded Otokar Central Asia at Kazakhstan 28 November 2019
    Otokar established subsidiary “Otokar Central Asia” in Kazakhstan. Askar Mamin, the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan presented the registration certificate of Otokar Central Asia to Ali Y. Koç, Vice Chairman of Koç Holding and Chairman of Otokar. With the establishment of Otokar Central Asia Limited in Astana International Financial Center (AIFC) in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan, Otokar aims to be closer to its current and prospective clients in Ce...
  • End of an Era
    End of an Era 4 November 2019
    The MiG-27 bomber and ground attack aircraft, a variant of the MiG-23 (NATO code: Flogger) with variable arrow angled wings, has been modified for airborne missions, filling nearly 30 years of history in the Indian Air Force (IAF). Nicknamed Bahadur in India, the Soviet origin MiG-27 was inducted into the IAF in 1984. The airplanes will be out of service at the end of this year after making their last flight from Rajasthan to Jodhpur Air Base. This year, two crashes near Pokhran in February a...
  • Arms and Security Begins
    Arms and Security Begins 7 October 2019
    Arms and Security 2019 defence expo in Kiev starts tomorrow. Defence and Aerospace Industry Exporters' Association provides National Participation to the event, which is the media sponsorship of C4Defence magazine. During the fair, many Turkish Compaies such as Aselsan, Roketsan, STM have booth also. The event was attended by more than 300 companies based in Ukraine; 15 from the United States, 17 from Turkey, four from Denmark, 10 from Poland, one from Kazakhstan, four from Ital...
  • Additional C-295 Order
    Additional C-295 Order 27 March 2019
    Kazakhstan ordered additional C-295 for the use of border security units. Thus, the country's C-295 order increased to nine. The aircraft, which is described as being in the configuration that can be used in border control and homeland security missions, will be able to serve in different task configurations. Agreement also included procurement of the necessary training, spare parts and ground support equipment
  • ASELSAN Hit on "T-72"
    ASELSAN Hit on "T-72" 2 January 2019
    According to the news in ASELSAN's A Bulletin, T-72A Tank Modernization Project, which was carried out with Kazakhstan ASELSAN Engineering (KAE), the company's subsidiary in Kazakhstan, successfully completed and took its place in the showcase as one of the most modern T-72 tank configurations in the world. Within the scope of modernization, T-72 tanks were equipped with a new generation Fire Control System with day / night firing on move capability, remote-controlled anti-aircraft gu...
  • Russia  Tests Modernised Air Defence System
    Russia  Tests Modernised Air Defence System 3 December 2018
    The Russian Aerospace Forces have successfully conducted a test-firing of a modernised air defence rocket at the Sary Shagan testing range in Kazakhstan, the Russian Defence Ministry said on Saturday. "The combat troops of the Aerospace Forces successfully conducted another test launch of the upgraded missile of the Russian anti-missile defence system on the Sary Shagan testing ground (Republic of Kazakhstan)," the Russian Defence Ministry said. Missile Defense Task Force Commander ...
  • Kazakhstan signed an agreement with Russia
    Kazakhstan signed an agreement with Russia 1 October 2018
    Under the agreement, the Astana administration gained to military access to Russia's navigational system GLONASS. Kazkosmos, the aeronautical and space committee of Kazakhstan, will be presented as a source for the use of the system. Armed forces and military topographers will be primart users of system. GLONASS, which includes altitude, coordinate and position calculation as well as programming of guidance systems as application areas, has high precision. Kazakhstan, India and Algeria ar...
  • Russia Successfully Tests New Interceptor Missile 30 August 2018
    "An air and missile defence unit of the Russian Aerospace Forces has carried out another successful test of a new interceptor missile at the Sary Shagan anti-ballistic missile testing range in Kazakhstan," the ministry said in a statement. According to the Russian Defence Ministry's statement, the new missile interceptor successfully accomplished the set task by destroying a simulated target with a required accuracy. The Defence Ministry previously reported a...
  • Kazakh Y-8 Made Its Maiden Flight
    Kazakh Y-8 Made Its Maiden Flight 18 June 2018
    Y-8F-200WA tactical transport aircraft which is ordered by Kazakhstan made its maiden flight. The contract was signed on April 21st for the aircraft tested at Shaanxi Liugu Airport. All aircraft which are ordered by Kazakhstan are scheduled to be delivered in the first quarter of 2019. The Y-8F-200WA is an upgraded version of the Y-8, a medium-range transport aircraft developed from Antonov-12. The body can be used for tasks such as platform, troop transport, aerial resupply an...
  • Tough Conditions, yet Robust Exhibition: KADEX 2018
    Tough Conditions, yet Robust Exhibition: KADEX 2018 11 June 2018
    Comprising a geographical area of one third of the United States and almost four times that of Turkey, Kazakhstan is the world’s 10th largest state and takes pains to maintain security. Devoid of any access to open seas, Kazakhstan does not live a single day in peace in the Caspian Sea, constituting the only water resource for this country. On the other hand, two of the five neighbours encircling this giant country are Russia and China. Land borders amount to 13364 km. This va...
  • Fair News Issue 62
    Fair News Issue 62 10 June 2018
    Electrical Vehicle by KazTechinnovations “CADI” Meets Visitors KAE Signature in Arlan T-72A Fitted with Owl Eyes AMTE’s Armoured Medical Evacuation Vehicle
    Barys Undergoes Climate Tests
    Short-Range Igla Solution STM in Cybersecurity Training Rocket Deal between ROKETSAN and Kazakhstan OTOKAR in Maintenance Business A400M to Deliver Arlan with ASEL...
  • "Arlan" Loaded to Turkish A400M Aircraft
    "Arlan" Loaded to Turkish A400M Aircraft 30 May 2018
    At the defence fair KADEX held in Astana which is capital of Kazakhstan, two Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering (KPE) product 4X4 Arlan armored vehicles loaded into the Turkish A400M transport aircraft. In order to provide technical support to SoloTürk in KADEX, A400M achieved different action. Two Arlan armored vehicles, each 16 tons and 3.4 meters in height, were loaded into the aircraft. Kazakhstan's Aselsan Engineering (KAE), gave SARP which is remote-...
  • Kazakhstan to acquire four mi-35s
    Kazakhstan to acquire four mi-35s 29 May 2018
    Russia has signed a new contract with Kazakhstan on the delivery of four Mil Mi-35 (Hind-E) transport and attack helicopters, according to Deputy Head of Russia’s Federal Service for Military and Technical Cooperation Vladimir Drozhzhov. In 2016, Russia also signed a delivery contract with Kazakhstan on four Mi-35 helicopters. Overall, Kazakhstan is to get eight Mi-35 helicopters from Russia, according to the latest data. Mi-35M transport and attack helicopters ...
  • Aselsan Claw to MT-LB
    Aselsan Claw to MT-LB 27 May 2018
    Kazakhstan Aselsan Engineering introduces its new short-range air defense system. IGLA Missile Launch System integrated to Soviet production of MT-LB multipurpose tracked armored vehicle. System was exhibited at the 5th KADEX Fair held in Kazakhstan. With fully autonomous IGLA Missile Launch System developed by Aselsan MT-LB vehicles can attack to low-flying fixed or rotary wing aircraft needed, the UAV attack and cruise missiles. System can be integrated with the all...
  • Otokar Turn a Hand to Joint Production
    Otokar Turn a Hand to Joint Production 26 May 2018
    OTOKAR participated in KADEX 18 fair held in Kazakhstan with three vehicles. The intention agreement signed between Kazakhstan Engineering and Otokar envisages the production of armored vehicles in Kazakhstan through the maintenance, modernization, supply of vehicles on joint company of the Otokar vehicles in the army of Kazakhstan. "The document we signed was the first step taken for the joint production of armored vehicles for Kazakhstan's armed forces, not just imports,"...
    TAI PRESS RELEASE 25 May 2018
    Turkish Aerospace Industries, Inc. (TAI) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Kazakhstan Aviation Industry (KAI) regarding to bilateral cooperation of “ANKA” UAV System and “HÜRKUŞ” New Generation Advanced Trainer at the KADEX 2018.
  • Kazakhstan Ordered Su-30SM
    Kazakhstan Ordered Su-30SM 25 May 2018
    Kazakhstan has ordered a new batch of Su-30SM multirole fighters under a contract signed with Irkut Corporation on 24 May. The signing ceremony took place during the International Exhibition of Weapons Systems and Military Equipment - KADEX-2018 held in Astana. Although the number of the aircraft was not disclosed, the platforms will be added to the fleet of the same combat aircraft, which are successfully operated by Air Force of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The ...
  • Kazakhstan Step by TAI
    Kazakhstan Step by TAI 24 May 2018
    Participating in Kazakhstan Defence Fair (KADEX 2018), Turkish Aerospace Industries Inc. (TAI) signed a cooperation agreement with Kazakhstan Aviation Industry (KAI). Within the framework of the agreement, information on ANKA and Hürküs platforms, developed by TAI, can be exchanged. According to the information obtained, while Kazakhstan prioritizes ANKA, talks on Hürkuş have just started. Kazakhstan was interested in the B and C models of Hürkuş. TAI will a...
  • Barys 6 Unveiled Before KADEX
    Barys 6 Unveiled Before KADEX 22 May 2018
    Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering (KPE) introduce Barys 6 vehicle before the opening of the KADEX Fair on 23th May. The new vehicle is a winterised version of the South African Paramount Group's Mbombe 6, adapted to the harsh winter conditions. The Barys 6 was equipped with a 30 millimeter 2A42 30 cannon removed from the BTR-82A. The KPE company will also exhibit the remote controlled weapon station called Sarbaz at KADEX. Developed with the partnership of Aselsan, the ...
  • ARMA, URAL and COBRA Goes to KADEX'18
    ARMA, URAL and COBRA Goes to KADEX'18 22 May 2018
    Otokar, with products used in more than 30 countries across the world, will attend at the KADEX to take place on May 23-26, 2018 in Astana, Kazakhstan. During the four-day exhibition Otokar will showcase its ARMA 8x8, COBRA II and URAL armored vehicles. General Manager Serdar Görgüç said "Apart from being the leading supplier of the Turkish Military and Security Forces for land systems, our military vehicles serve almost 50 different end users in over 30 countr...
  • TAI to Participate KADEX 2018
    TAI to Participate KADEX 2018 22 May 2018
    Turkish Aerospace Industries Inc. (TAI) will participate in the V. International Exhibition of Weapon Systems and Military Equipment (KADEX 2018) which will be held in Astana, Kazakhstan between May 23-26, 2018. Our company will showcase “ANKA” Multirole UAV System, “HÜRKUŞ” New Generation Basic Trainer, “T129 ATAK” Multirole Combat Helicopter, and “T625” Multirole Helicopter and Turkish Fighter (TF) models. Having played an activ...
  • TAI Announcement 22 May 2018
    Turkish Aerospace Industries Inc. (TAI) will participate in the V. International Exhibition of Weapon Systems and Military Equipment (KADEX 2018) which will be held in Astana, Kazakhstan between May 23-26, 2018 with “ANKA” Multirole UAV System, “HÜRKUŞ” New Generation Basic Trainer, “T129 ATAK” Multirole Combat Helicopter, and “T625” Multirole Helicopter and Turkish Fighter (TF) models. You may reach the relevant press release her...
  • Turkey Will Be The Largest Participant of KADEX 2018
    Turkey Will Be The Largest Participant of KADEX 2018 18 May 2018
    The largest participation to the KADEX - International Arms Systems and Military Equipment Fair, which will be held in Kazakhstan's capital city Astana, will be the Turkish defence industry with 22 institutions and organizations exhibiting. The KADEX (International Arms and Military Equipment Fair), which will be held this year with the support of the Republic of Kazakhstan's Ministry of Defence and Aerospace Industry and the Ministry of Defence, will take place in Kaza...
  • Russia Test-fired Upgraded Air Defence Missile
    Russia Test-fired Upgraded Air Defence Missile 12 February 2018
    The Russian military test-fired an upgraded air defence missile at the firing range Sary-Shagan in Kazakhstan, Russian newspaper Krasnaya Zvezda reported on Monday. According to the newspaper, the deputy commander of Aerospace Forces’ air and missile defence task force Andrei Prikhodko said the missile’s tactical and technical characteristics regarding the range, precision and operational lifetime were significantly higher compared to present-day weapons. ...
  • TAI Will Attend Singapore Airshow
    TAI Will Attend Singapore Airshow 2 February 2018
    Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) revealed its 2018 exhibition calendar. The company will demonstrate all its products in Singapore and will carry out negotiations at Singapore Airshow particularly regarding UAV “ANKA” and Multirole Utility Helicopter “T625”. TAI, which is ambitious in the Asian market, will also exhibit models of T625, ANKA, ATAK, HÜRKUŞ and MMU during the exhibition. In 2018, the company's exhibition schedule, which was ...
  • Su-30 Delivery to Kazakh Armed Forces
    Su-30 Delivery to Kazakh Armed Forces 9 January 2018
    Kazakhstan's Ministry of Defence press office announced that the Kazakh Armed Forces have received advanced Su-30SM fighter jets as part of the military and technical cooperation between Kazakhstan and Russia. The number of Su-30 delivered was not specified in the ministry's statement, however, it was noted that the armament of the aircraft was doubled and is now able to carry anti-radiation and anti-ship guided missiles, intermediate- and short-range air-to-ai...
  • Russia Test-launched Topol ICBM
    Russia Test-launched Topol ICBM 28 September 2017
    Russia has test-launched a Topol RS-12M intercontinental ballistic missile from the Kapustin Yar range in Russia’s southern Astrakhan region, according to Russian Ministry of Defence statement on Tuesday. The goal of the launch was to test advanced ballistic missile warheads. The missile’s exercise warhead hit a maneuvering target at the Sary-Shagan range in Kazakhstan, the ministry said. Data on the Topol launch will be used to develop advanced anti-missile de...
  • Additional Two C295s to Kazakhstan
    Additional Two C295s to Kazakhstan 21 April 2017
    Kazakhstan is to acquire two more Airbus C295 transport aircraft following the signature of a new contract with Airbus Defence and Space. The agreement, which includes a spares and support package, covers the final two aircraft included in a memorandum of understanding signed in 2012. Both aircraft will be delivered in the second half of this year and will take the Kazakhstan Air Defence Forces’ C295 fleet to eight and total C295 sales to 186, including 12 in the CIS...
  • New Russian-made Helicopters to Kazakhstan
    New Russian-made Helicopters to Kazakhstan 14 January 2017
    Russia is to deliver four Mi-35M attack helicopters to Kazakhstan in 2018, announced by the manufacturer Russian Helicopters on 11 January. The export variant of Mi-24, Mi-35M helicopters will have attack, ground assault, medical evacuation transport capabilities.
  • Two New Su-30SM to Kazakhstan
    Two New Su-30SM to Kazakhstan 28 December 2016
    Kazakhstan has taken delivery of two more Su-30SMs on 27 December. The first batch of four aircraft was handed over to Kazakhstan Armed Forces in April 2015. Russian Su-30SM multirole fighter is mainly designed for gaining air superiority and attacking surface targets. The aircraft carries the Bars all-weather multifunction fire control radar and a wide array of weapons, including air-to-air missiles and air-to-surface precision-guided weapons. Su-30SM is powered by two AL-31FP by-pass turboj...
  • Kazakhstan is expected to sign OPV agreement
    Kazakhstan is expected to sign OPV agreement 19 October 2016
    German shipbuilders Abeking and Rasmussen are looking to sign a formal contract for a 60m OPV with Kazakhstan by the end of this year or in early 2017. The Kazakhstan vessel will have an endurance of 14 days and a range of approximately 2,500nm at 12kt. The company had previously completed a three ship programme for the Latvian Navy in 2011. These swath-hulled multirole vessels feature a modular mission area at the bow.
  • Fair News Issue 40 24 July 2016
    HİBTEK’S Paint to Conceal F-16 Good News about Mi-35 from Russian Helicopters ASELSAN’s Kazakhstan Move Kazakhstan-Dearsan Cooperation Urban Warfare Tank from Russia New Russian Chassis Fresh Company, Fresh Product Shocked by the Chinese Poly Defence Chengdu Introduced Wing Loong UAV MKEK’s BORAN Show
  • ASELSAN in Search of New Markets in Kazakhstan 24 July 2016
    During KADEX 2016 Defence Exhibition, organised at Kazakhstan’s capital Astana, we interviewed with Ziya Kaboğlu, General Manager of the ASELSAN-Kazakhstan Engineering joint venture, ASELSAN Kazakhstan Engineering (KAE). Hosting us at the KAE stand, Kaboğlu gave details as to the studies carried out in the firm. He also helped us visit KAE facilities, which we first saw two years ago at the opening ceremony. Some highlights of this video interview are as follows; C4Def...
  • The Window of Central Asia and the Eye of the Storm: KADEX 24 July 2016
    As a former Soviet Socialist Republic, Kazakhstan demonstrated at KADEX Defence Exhibition that it is now one of the exemplary countries against the background of international power struggles in Central Asia. Although Kazakhstan gravitates toward Western products, it remains to be seen whether the political circumstances of its geography will allow this to happen.
  • Russian Borders to be guarded by Artificial Intelligence 30 June 2016
    The Russian border in the Far East and the South will be equipped with an artificial intelligence system which will be able to automatically collect and analyse information on any violations, according to the press service of the United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation (OPK). The press statement said, “At present, the intelligent decision support system is passing test operations in the Chelyabinsk region on the border with Kazakhstan and preparing for the preliminary test...
  • Russian Aerospace Forces Successfully Test Short-Range Antimissile System 21 June 2016
    A short-range antimissile system was successfully tested early Tuesday at Kazakhstan testing range, the country’s Defence Ministry said. Anti-missile and anti-aircraft forces of the Aerospace Forces together with industry representatives successfully test-fired a short-range antimissile system of the Russian missile shield at the Sary-Shagan testing ground," the press release read.