• Qatar’s Choice is "Nurol Makina"
    Qatar’s Choice is "Nurol Makina" 23 August 2020
    According to the agreement signed between Nurol Makine and Qatar, the Turkish company will produce armoured vehicles for the Qatar Special Forces Command. For the second time, Nurol Makina sat at the negotiation table with Nurol Makina, which previously supplied 400 Ejder YALÇIN and 100 YÖRÜK vehicles for the Qatar Armed Forces. According to the announcement made on the official twitter account of the Ministry of Defence of Qatar, the Qatar Armed Forces and Barzan H...
  • Uzbek Ejder Yalcin Copied
    Uzbek Ejder Yalcin Copied 21 August 2020
    Uzbekistan introduced the Tarlon 4x4 platform, which is allegedly developed with domestic resources, last July. The resemblance of the vehicle to Ejder Yalçın drew attention. C4Defence learnt from Nurol Makina, the producer of Ejder Yalçın 4x4 that there were two MoUs signed with Uzbekistan. One was for production of 1000 Ejder Yalçın within country.  "The MoU made no progress" a Nurol Makina authority explained. Second  MoU was about pr...
  • Ejder Yalcin Delivery to Qatar
    Ejder Yalcin Delivery to Qatar 27 May 2020
    The Turkish defence industry continues its exports and deliveries, even during COVID-19 process. Operating in Ankara, Nurol Makina continues to deliver armoured vehicles to Qatar. In addition to Turkey, production and deliveries are continuing of the platform used in many different countries. In this context, it was reflected in the media that the company delivered additional Ejder Yalcin within the framework of the current agreement, and that some of these vehicles a...
  • AK-47 Step of Turkish MKEK
    AK-47 Step of Turkish MKEK 10 May 2020
    Supply and demand equilibrium in the defense sector changes day by day in line with the shifting of different requirements. Changing requirements in the local market encourage the manufacturer to make new investments. In this framework, the Makina ve Kimya Endüstrisi Kurumu (MKEK / Machinery and Chemical Industry Instution) establish the new production line at the Gazi Cartridge Factory. According to the news of Anadolu Agency, the new line was created with ...
  • RCWS Export Success of ASELSAN
    RCWS Export Success of ASELSAN 10 April 2020
    Delivering thousands of remote-controlled weapons stations (RCWS) to the Turkish Armed Forces, ASELSAN added another to its export success. The company has announced its RCWS export to a NATO country from its official social media account. "#ASELSAN has signed a contract for remote control weapon systems and firing spot detection systems for the use of a NATO member country." description used in the share. In September 2019, Hungary announced that ...
  • Anti-Riot Vehicle Export to South America
    Anti-Riot Vehicle Export to South America 20 March 2020
    Nurol Makina, one of the leading domestic land vehicle manufacturers, has added a new one to its export successes. According to the news of Anadolu Agency, Nurol Makina has exported Ejder TOMA anti-riot vehicle to another country. The fifth user of Ejder TOMA, which achieved sales success in four countries including Kuwait and Senegal, was Chile. Chile ordered 12 Ejder TOMA, which stands out from its competitors with its high off-road capability and protection le...
  • MKEK's 12.7 mm Gatling Gun Terminated the Tests
    MKEK's 12.7 mm Gatling Gun Terminated the Tests 9 March 2020
    The 12.7 mm 3 barrel Gatling gun, which the Machinery and Chemical Industry Corporation (Makina ve Kimya Endüstrisi Kurumu/MKEK) shared with the public at IDEF 19, passed all acceptance tests. The official name of Project is "Developing a Rotary Barrel Weapon System" (DNSSG), which aimed to design a weapon with three barrels capable of firing 12.7x99 mm NATO Cartridges. The Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) targeted about 1 200 bullets to be fired in a minute. &nbs...
  • Current Situation Analysis from SSB
    Current Situation Analysis from SSB 30 November 2019
    The report titled International Cooperation and Export in Defence and Aviation Industry dated October 2019 was shared at the Conference held in Antalya. The study aims to create a sectoral situation analysis in order to prepare the ground for strategy development in line with the 2023 export targets. The study was created with the information provided by 27 companies that realized 95 per cent of the sector's exports according to the data of the Defence and Aerospace In...
  • International Radar and Border Security Summit Held for the Second Time
    International Radar and Border Security Summit Held for the Second Time 2 October 2019
    International Radar and Border Security Summit Held for the Second Time Organized by the Independent Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (MÜSİAD) for the second time, Military Radar + Border Security Turkey Summit started today with the participation of Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu, National Defence Minister Hulusi Akar and a number of state officials. Interior Minister Soylu, drew attention to Turkey's security measures need to reduce dependence ...
  • Cooperation Between Turkey and Uzbekistan 12 August 2019
    Turkish defence company Nurol Makina has delivered 24 Ejder Yalçın armoured vehicles to Army of Uzbekistan. In October 2017, Nurol Makina had signed a deal for joint production of 1,000 Ejder Yalçın 4×4 wheeled tactical armoured vehicles with an Uzbekistan’s UzAuto Company. The vehicle was unveiled at IDEF, a Turkish defence exhibition in May 2013. Under the deal, 1,000 4×4 tactical armoured vehicles will be co-produced in Uzbekistan. The deal also includes the...
  • 120mm Mortar Surprise from MKEK
    120mm Mortar Surprise from MKEK 30 April 2019
    Mechanical and Chemical Industry Company (Makina ve Kimya Kurumu Endüstrisi Kurumu/MKEK) will introduce the 120 mm Automatic Mortar System Development Project to the public at IDEF. MKEK has kicked off the project in order to design, manufacture, test and qualify the product. MKEK worked on five alternatives designs within the framework of the project and a solution was reached by analysing technological feasibility, production feasibility, availability, modularity, ease of use...
  • 12.7 mm Gatling from MKEK
    12.7 mm Gatling from MKEK 30 April 2019
    Mechanical and Chemical Industry Company (Makina ve Kimya Kurumu Endüstrisi Kurumu/MKEK) is developing a 12.7x99 mm Gatling. As part of the project officially titled “Development of Rotating-barrel Weapon System”, the aim is to design indigenous three-barrel guns capable of firing 12.7x99 mm NATO cartridge. A weapon with a high rounds per minute rate will be produced for the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) as a result of the project launched with MKE’s own funds. The weapon ...
  • IDEF Special 2019 /From the companies 26 April 2019
    ASELSAN: Moving Forward for Globalisation BMC Aims to be Export Pioneer GİRSAN’s Goal: Introduction and Improvement İŞBİR, the Most Indigenous Generator Katmerciler Seeks Visibility Abroad Nurol Makina Set Eyes on Exports Exporter Meteksan Passed the Test Menatek: Surprise-loving Designer ONUR Mühendislik, Assertive in the Fair SSTEK: An Opportunity Fair, IDEF TUSAŞ’s Giant Sur...
  • Special Delivery to Qatar
    Special Delivery to Qatar 2 January 2019
    According to the news in ASELSAN 's A Bulletin, under the requirement of Qatar Special Forces Command, a contract was signed between Nurol Makina and ASELSAN. Within the scope of the project, Aselsan developed and adapted Weapons / Missile Systems, Command-Control Systems, Inertial Navigation Systems, Sniper Detection Systems and Radiolink Systems for many Ejder Yalçın armoured vehicles. Deliveries to the first batch of vehicles were completed as a result of the intense efforts of ...
  • MKEK’s 105mm Boran Howitzer First Time on Air Transportation
    MKEK’s 105mm Boran Howitzer First Time on Air Transportation 21 September 2018
    The Turkish Company, the Mechanical and Chemical Industry Corporation’s (Makina Ve Kimya Endüstrisi Kurumu/ MKEK) 105mm air transportable light towed howitzer Boran is transported for first time. The new 105mm MKEK towed howitzer can provides direct and indirect fire support to the forces deployed in combined arms operations. Turkish Land Forces plans to acquire 106 Boran howitzers. The MKEK 105mm towed howitzer can fire all type of ammunition uses by NATO countries. The ...
  • Pi Makina's Indigenous March 16 August 2018
    Having launched new endeavours in 2017, Pi Makina plans to move on to the serial production stage. In this vein, the Company is seeking to create a different product range in land platforms covering indigenously produced powertrain systems. Pi Makina General Manager Hacı Sarı explained to us the Company’s goals towards indigeneity. Up until 2017, Pi Makina conducted work in steel construction building, machining and various equipment for main contractors. Additionally, the Com...
  • Yoruk in Serial Production
    Yoruk in Serial Production 30 June 2018
    Nurol Makina started serial production of Yoruk 4x4 tactical wheeled armored vehicle. In the official ceremony held by company the first Yoruk, which rolled out from serial production line, was introduced as a participants. Yoruk is designed for wide variety of missions which can be used in a different tasks from personnel transfer to reconnaissance tasks. The vehicle, which can also serve as a weapon platform if necessary, has a "V" type monocoque...
  • Turkey exports weapon to USA
    Turkey exports weapon to USA 18 June 2018
    US Army has bought weapon from Turkey. Zenith Firearms will submit 30 submachine guns to army until August 1st that will be acquired from Mechanical and Chemical Industry Company (Makina ve Kimya Endüstrisi Kurumu / MKEK). The Army service has not purchased a new submachine gun for more than seventy years and is reportedly considering them for units tasked with protecting senior Army leaders under the Sub Compact Weapon (SCW) program. The service posted a Request for Information (RFI) in...
  • NUROL Makina presents NMS 4x4to Meet Different Requirements with Single Vehicle
    NUROL Makina presents NMS 4x4to Meet Different Requirements with Single Vehicle 12 June 2018
    Nurol Makina presents its most recent product NMS 4X4 at Eurosatory. Adding modularity to mobility performance and protection level, the vehicle provides new opportunities to its users.  With the NMS 4x4, Nurol Makina responds to different protection level and payload requirements with a single platform. The vehicle features scalable armour, offering a protection levels ranging from 1–4, and the level of ballistic protection the platform offers can be further adjusted according to ...
  • Nurol Makina Press Release 12 June 2018
    Nurol Makina Ejder Yalcin Press  Release
  • Nurol Makina Press Release
    Nurol Makina Press Release 12 June 2018
    Nurol Makina 4X4 NMS Press Release
  • Nurol Makina Press Release
    Nurol Makina Press Release 12 June 2018
    Nurol Makina Eurosatory Press Release
  • 2017 Turkey's Top 500 Industrial Enterprises List Announced
    2017 Turkey's Top 500 Industrial Enterprises List Announced 30 May 2018
    The results of the giant research, which includes the biggest 500 industrial companies organized every year by the Istanbul Chamber of Industry, are released. The study, which was first publicly announced as "100 Big Companies" in 1968, was expanded to 300 organizations in 1978 and to 500 organizations in 1981. As a result of the study, ASELSAN from the defence industry companies stayed the 20th place in 2016. The Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI), which rises from the 29th place t...
  • Nurol Makina Exhibits Ejder Yalçın in Slovakia
    Nurol Makina Exhibits Ejder Yalçın in Slovakia 18 May 2018
    Ejder Yalçın, the 4x4 Armored Combat Vehicle, which promises the highest ballistic and mine protection in its class, will be showcased at IDEB International Defence Exhibition which will be held 16-18 May in Bratislava, Slovakia. In service of several armies in Africa, Middle East and Asia; Ejder Yalçın pursued export opportunities in Slovakia. FNSS and Nurol Makina, both are in Armored Vehicle business and having Nurol Corporate as shareholder, jointly conducts m...
  • NUROL Makina Press Release 18 May 2018
    Nurol Makina participates in IDEB 2018 being held in Slovakia. You may reach the relevant press release here. 
  • Nurol Makina Named its NMS "Yörük"
    Nurol Makina Named its NMS "Yörük" 11 May 2018
    Nurol Machinery, one of the Turkish armored vehicle manufacturers, named its 4x4 NMS as "Yörük" (Nomad). Yörük first participated in Efes 2018 military exercise. Nurol Makina Business Development Manager Hakan Arısüt said that the search for a name of the vehicle was a result of the ongoing quests and added: "Our new vehicle was named Yörük and we expect it to serve for our security and armed forces and to honour our country in the b...
  • Bayraktar TB2 in 'Ephesus 2018' Drill
    Bayraktar TB2 in 'Ephesus 2018' Drill 4 May 2018
    Bayraktar TB2, an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) system indigenously developed by Turkish Baykar Makina, will carry out live-firing exercise in Ephesus 2018 drill for the first time this year. The company announced on its official Twitter account that live video transmission of flights will be released during the exercise. A total of 23 armed Bayraktar TB2 UAVs are currently in the inventory of Turkish Armed Forces (TSK). The Bayraktar TB2 has an operational flight alt...
  • DIMDEX Fair News
    DIMDEX Fair News 7 April 2018
    Large Sales by Leonardo Barzan Holdings, Established Fincantieri Day in Qatar Kongsberg’s Northern Wind Baykar’s Second Step Qatar, Pleased with ARES Qatar on Good Terms with BMC Rapid Response from Yonca-Onuk 4x4 Sales from Nurol Makina ADİK will Train
  • Baykar Makina Delivered New TB2s to TSK
    Baykar Makina Delivered New TB2s to TSK 22 March 2018
    Baykar Makina delivered eight Armed Bayraktar Tactical Block 2 (TB2) unmanned aerial vehicles to the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK). Baykar Makina announced the news on its social media accounts saying, "After successfully completing the performance and functional flight acceptance tests, 8 armed-UAVs (SİHA) entered into the inventory of Turkish Armed Forces with early delivery." TB2 can carry MAM-L and MAM-C developed by ROKETSAN.
  • Ejder Became a Tank-hunter
    Ejder Became a Tank-hunter 16 March 2018
    Nurol Makina's 4x4 armored vehicle Ejder Yalçın became a tank hunter.On the vehicle Nurol Makina exported to Qatar, an anti-tank missile system developed by ASELSAN is featured. The company exhibited this vehicle with test images at DIMDEX'18 fair held in Qatar. Thanks to its modular structure, the system can use anti-tank guided missiles, such as Kornet, SKIF Hellfire, Javelin, Shershen and OMTAS. Depending on the navigation system of the chosen missile, th...
  • First Export Contract Signed for Bayraktar TB2
    First Export Contract Signed for Bayraktar TB2 14 March 2018
    Bayraktar TB2 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) System, developed by Turkish Baykar Makina and in operational use with the Turkish Armed Forces especially in counterterrorism missions, received its first export success in Qatar. Within the scope of the contract signed between Baykar and Qatar Armed Forces at DIMDEX 2018, 6 armed Bayraktar TB2 Unmanned Air Vehicles, 3 ground control station systems and equipment along with UAV training simulator will be delivered within a year.
  • NMS 4x4 Contract Secured at DIMDEX
    NMS 4x4 Contract Secured at DIMDEX 14 March 2018
    Turkish armoured vehicle manufacturer Nurol Makina has secured a sales contract at DIMDEX 2018 fair for its NMS 4x4 vehicles. Under the contract, the company will deliver 214 vehicles to the Qatari Special Forces Command. Designed on a V-structured body and indigenous military chassis, 10-ton NMS 4x4 features independent suspension, continuous four-wheel drive, self-contained CTIS (Central Tire Inflating) System. Nurol Makina unveiled the vehicle for the first time at...
  • Remote-control to Ejder Yalçın
    Remote-control to Ejder Yalçın 24 February 2018
    Turkish Undersecretariat for Defence Industries (SSM) has added a second to its disclosures of remotely operated land vehicles. SSM Undersecretary Prof. Ismail Demir said, "As the unmanned and robotic systems today begin to take their place on the battlefield, Turkey will be a leading country in terms of developing technology and not a mere follower. Unmanned Ejder Yalcin's tests were carried out successfully and there are more to come." in a statement on his offi...
  • Qatar Armed Forces is Ready
    Qatar Armed Forces is Ready 19 December 2017
    Qatar, held a military ceremony on the National Day on December 18th. In this ceremony, Qatar also exhibited its newly supplied vehicles. On the one hand, China made 300 kilometers-range BP-12A ballistic missiles and Leopard 2A7 +; on the other hand, for the first time seen with desert camouflage, the armored Ejder Yalçın and NMS vehicles have contributed to the demonstration of power. Ejder Yalçın and NMS which are procured from Nurol Makina are equipped with ASE...
  • Surprise Qatar Contract by Nurol Makina
    Surprise Qatar Contract by Nurol Makina 16 December 2017
    Turkish manufacturer Nurol Makina's export to Qatar has came to light. According to the information in the social media, Nurol Makina signed a sales contract for nearly 400 Ejder Yalçın tactical wheeled armored vehicles. Some of the vehicles delivered under this contract were spotted on the rehearsals of the parade that will take place on 18 December. Nurol Makina is expected to manufacture all vehicles in Turkey.
  • Companies Gather in Kuwait
    Companies Gather in Kuwait 8 December 2017
    The fourth edition of international exhibition and conference in Kuwait for defence and homeland security, Gulf Defense & Aerospace (GDA 2017) will be held between 12-14, December.  Many defence companies who want to increase their cooperation in the Middle Eastern market see this fair as an opportunity. The US, the UK, Germany, France, Canada, Russia, UAE and Turkey are among the countries attending the fair as exhibitors.  Turkish Armed Force...
  • Uzbekistan Move by Nurol Makina
    Uzbekistan Move by Nurol Makina 27 October 2017
    The first high-level contact between Turkey and Uzbekistan after 21 years has come to fruition in defence sector. In the scope of this cooperation, Nurol Makina and Uzbek UzAuto companies signed a Memorandum of Understanding regarding joint production. Nurol Makina's domestic production Ejder Yalçın 4x4 armoured combat vehicle will be manufactured in Uzbekistan. One thousand Ejder Yalçın vehicles are planned to be manufactured in Uzbekistan via joint init...
  • 54. Issue Exhibition News
    54. Issue Exhibition News 2 October 2017
    New Task for Gripen Nexter’s Exclusive Solutions for Global Market Leonardo Joined the Team Rolls-Royce Looks Beyond the Horizon Rafael Solutions Move to London UK Dragonfire Self-confident MBDA Left Its Mark in London Elbit's Mortar at DSEI AJAX in Progress Ironclad UGV to Become Autonomous Special Boat for Special Forces Anti-UAV Solution by AUDS QinetiQ Returns ...
  • Indigenous UAV Delivered to TAF
    Indigenous UAV Delivered to TAF 16 June 2017
    According to Turkish Undersecreteriat for Defence Industry's announcement on its official Twitter account, six Bayraktar TB2 unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and their ground systems have been successfully tested and delivered to Turkish Armed Forces (TAF). Developed by Turkish company Baykar Makina indigenously and in accordance with TAF's requirements, medium-altitute long-endurance (MALE) class UAV Bayraktar TB2 was designed to carry out intelligence, reconaissance an...
  • New Weapon System for "Ejder Yalçın III"
    New Weapon System for "Ejder Yalçın III" 11 May 2017
    ASELSAN and Nurol Makina are signing a cooperation agreement at IDEF 2017. Under the agreement, ASELSAN's SARP Stabilized Advanced Remote Weapon Platform will be integrated onto Nurol Makina's Ejder Yalcin III tactical wheeled armored combat vehicles. The signing ceremony will be held today at Nurol Makina's stand. Ejder Yalcin offers special solutions to the different operational requirements of users with customizations such as Border Surveillance a...