• Leonardo to Provide Training Helicopter
    Leonardo to Provide Training Helicopter January 14 2020
    Following the announcement of the platform to replace the UH-1s in the Air Force inventory, the USA made its final decision in the process of AHTS (Advanced Helicopter Training System). The winner was Leonardo in the scope of the AHTS Program, which was launched for the replace the TH-57B / C Sea Ranger helicopters in the Navy inventory. Within the scope of deliveries planned to start in 2022, a total of 32 TH-73As will enter the American Navy inventory. The platforms, the...
  • Last Product of 2019 56th Atak Helicopter
    Last Product of 2019 56th Atak Helicopter January 2 2020
    The Defence Industry Presidency (SSB) announced that the 56th T-129 ATAK attack helicopter manufactured by Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAS) was delivered to the security forces. SSB shared from its official twitter account that the 56th ATAK helicopter was delivered to the Turkish Armed Forces. According to the announcement, the last delivery of 2019 was realised. The statement said;  "56th of our T129 ATAK Helicopter was delivered to the Turkish Land Forces Command.&q...
  • Competition Continues in Hürjet’s Engine
    Competition Continues in Hürjet’s Engine January 1 2020
    Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAS) continues to search engine for single-engine jet training aircraft Hürjet. It was thought that TUSAS decided on this issue. Europe's Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft is powered by the Ej200 engine manufactured by Eurojet Consortium. TUSAŞ had begun to negotiate with the consortium at Le Bourget'de Paris Aeronautical Exhibition. This development was first written by C4Defence. The F404-GE-102 engine, which is a General Electric product wa...
  • Bahadur Era Ended
    Bahadur Era Ended December 27 2019
    Another era of the Indian Air Force / IAF inventory has come to an end. Bahadur period was closed in the IAF, which was frequently brought up by accident / incident events. The Indian MiG-27ML (NATO Code: Flogger), which has been in service since 1985, recently retired with a ceremony. The last unit using this aircraft in force was the No. 29 Scorpion Squadron located in the west part of the country. The MiG-27s, which made its maiden flight at August 20, 1970 have a varia...
  • First Delivery for STA Project
    First Delivery for STA Project December 25 2019
    The Weapon Carrier Project (Silah Taşıyıcı Araçlar / STA), which started in 2014, has reached an important milestone. The first two vehicles delivered to Turkish Army today. Delivery ceremony of the STAs developed within the scope of the Turkish Armed Forces' requirements for an anti-tank platform was held at FNSS Gölbaşı Facilities today. Four systems; such as Pars 4x4, Kaplan, Kornet and OMTAS turret were developed within the scope of the project. A total of 2...
  • Otokar exhibits ARMA and COBRA II vehicles
    Otokar exhibits ARMA and COBRA II vehicles December 10 2019
    Otokar, participates in Gulf Defence & Aerospace (GDA) 2019, on December 10-12, 2019 in Kuwait. During the exhibition, Otokar’s ARMA 6x6 with BOZOK turret and COBRA II with KESKIN turret will be displayed at its stand. Otokar General Manager Serdar Görgüç stated that Otokar is a company on a global scale. , "Designed in Turkey and our vehicles manufactured in Turkey, we have the honour to represent the Turkish defence industry in the world successfull...
  • Bundeswehr orders Spike launchers and 1500 missiles
    Bundeswehr orders Spike launchers and 1500 missiles November 19 2019
    Rafael Advanced Defence Systems has signed a contract to sell Spike missiles and launchers to the German Army through a joint venture (JV). Germany's Federal Office for Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support, (Bundesamt für Ausrüstung, Informationstechnik und Nutzung der Bundeswehr /BAAINBw) ordered 1,500 Spike missiles and hundreds of Integrated Control Launch Unit (ICLU) dismounted missile launchers from Eurospike for the German Army in early Novem...
  • M984A4 Support Comes to the Army September 19 2019
    The U.S. Department of Defence reported that Oshkosh Defence, defence arm of Oshkosh Corp., has received a U.S. Army Contracting Command order for 8x8 M984A4 wrecker and self-recovery winch. The contract, announced by the Department of Defence, is worth more than $12,2 million. Also added that work will be performed in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, with an estimated completion date of May 31, 2021. The M984A4 Recovery Truck or Wrecker, equipped with a crane and winch-retrieval system and able...
  • New Pickup from BMC
    New Pickup from BMC September 17 2019
    BMC, an Izmir-based company, introduced its new armoured pickup vehicle at Teknofest. Produced to meet the need for internal security, the six-ton vehicle is powered by a 3800-cc diesel engine. The vehicle is manufactured armoured. BMC is preparing for mass production of the vehicle.
  • The First Rafale will Enter the Inventory
    The First Rafale will Enter the Inventory August 29 2019
    In September 2016, India signed a deal with the French government and Dassault Aviation to acquire 36 Rafale fighter jets for over Euro 7.8 billion to meet urgent requirements on the eastern and western fronts. As a result of this agreement, Air Force Chief BS Dhanoa and Defence Minister Rajnath Singh will be in France on September 20 to receive the first Rafale jet manufactured for the Indian Air Force. "In presence of the IAF Chief, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh will accept the aircra...
  • Huge Deal for Raytheon
    Huge Deal for Raytheon August 27 2019
    The United States has signed an agreement worth 534 million US Dollars with Raytheon. Under the agreement, the company will undertake the production and engineering services of the Commander’s Independent Thermal Viewer, known as CITV, used in M1 Abrams tanks.  CITV helps M1 Abrams tank commanders to find and define targets by allowing commanders to monitor the environment around him in all weather conditions, which also increases situational awareness. Providing 360-degr...
  • First KC-390 to be Delivered to Brazilian Air Force on September 4
    First KC-390 to be Delivered to Brazilian Air Force on September 4 August 20 2019
    The first KC-390 is due to be delivered to the Brazilian Air Force on September 4, according to an Airway source. Manufactured by Embraer, the multi-purpose cargo jet is the largest aircraft ever built in Brazil. If all goes as planned, the ceremony will be held at Anapolis Air Base where Wing 2 is located, which will be responsible for operating the new aircraft. The first KC-390 from Brazil’s 28-unit order was completed late last year and made its first flight in October. Em...
  • US Army Inks Iron Dome Deal
    US Army Inks Iron Dome Deal August 15 2019
    US Army has signed a deal to acquire two Iron Dome systems for the U.S. Army’s interim cruise missile defence capability. Iron Dome was co-developed by American company Raytheon and Israeli defence firm Rafael. It is partly manufactured in the United States. The agreement to buy two Iron Dome batteries for $373 million was first speculated in January, with the system reportedly beating out Norwegian and American alternatives for short-range air defence in a Pentagon review.
  • Hızır’s First Export
    Hızır’s First Export July 30 2019
      İzmir based Katmerciler announced from its official twitter account that  it had received a USD20.7 million order from an undisclosed African country. This is Katmerciler’s first export order for the Hizir 4x4 armored vehicle, which will be delivered between 2019 and 2020. The Hizir vehicle recently entered service with the Turkish army. It has been designed and optimized for high performance under extreme operational conditions in rural and urban areas for nine pe...
  • New Support for Qatar Defence Capability July 13 2019
    Qatar signed two contracts worth $ 2.2 billion with Raytheon Company for integrated air and missile defence capability. The contracts include the National Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile System, final certification of the AMRAAM-Extended Range missile, and an unspecified quantity of additional Patriot fire units. Qatar is the first country to procure AMRAAM-ER, the surface-to-air extended-range variant of the AMRAAM air-to-air-missile. Qatar also becomes the 11th country to procure NASAMS, a ...
  • Black Panther on the Line Again
    Black Panther on the Line Again May 30 2019
    The K2 Black Panther tank comes back to mass production after two years. The main contractor, Hyundai Rotem, announced that the mass production phase would resume after the transmission problem was resolved. The mass production is restarted with a ceremony at the company's plant in Changwon. The process, which planned to began in 2014 and was scheduled to be completed in 2017, has been delayed by more than two years since the locally manufactured transmission failed to pass the durability...
  • Faulty Ammunition Alarm
    Faulty Ammunition Alarm May 16 2019
    The Indian Army is alarmed due to poor and defective quality of ammunition being supplied for tanks, artillery, air defence and other guns. Army is concerned due to unacceptably high number of accidents taking place in the field. State-owned Ordnance Factory Board (OFB supplies.   The Indian Times reported that Army has told the defence ministry (MoD) that the spike in ammunition-related accidents is causing “fatalities, injuries and damage to equipment” a...
  • First Domestically Built Black Hawk Engine Delivered
    First Domestically Built Black Hawk Engine Delivered May 15 2019
    The process continues to progress in helicopters to be manufactured at TUSAŞ facilities under licence within scope of the T70 Utility Helicopter Program. In this context, TEI delivered the first T700-TEI-701D turboshaft engine produced under license. The delivery ceremony was held at TEI facilities based in Eskişehir. The ground laying ceremony for TR Engine, which will be the Turboshaft engine R & D center, was also held at the ceremony. President of Defense Industry Dr. Ismail...
  • F35 Reinforce to the Republic of Korea
    F35 Reinforce to the Republic of Korea April 24 2019
    Two F-35A stealth fighters arrived in the Republic of Korea for the first time. According to The Defence Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA), F-35As arrived at the airbase in Cheongju and an official deployment ceremony will take place in the next two months. The two planes will undergo domestic processes to be combat-deployed to the Air Force, DAPA said. In 2014, the Republic of Korea decided to purchase 40 F-35As for deployment with about $6.8 billion, the biggest amount for...
  • First Saudi Hawk Rolled Out
    First Saudi Hawk Rolled Out April 2 2019
    Saudi Arabia, rolled out the the country's first Hawk Mk 165 advanced jet trainer aircraft manufactured under license, with a ceremony. The ceremony was held at the King Abdulaziz Air Base, and the crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, was also attended. Prince told that during ceremony the program is an important milestone in the country's Vision 2030 Program. The Saudi Royal Air Force, which already has Mk 65 and Mk65A models in its inventory, ordered the first Mk165 AJT pack...
  • Republic of Korea Receives First F-35A Stealth Fighters
    Republic of Korea Receives First F-35A Stealth Fighters March 30 2019
    The Republic of Korea Air Force (ROKAF) received first two F-35A ( Conventional Take Off and Landing /CTOL) fighter jets at a key base in country to join the ranks of Asia's few radar-evading warplane operators, Seoul's arms procurement agency Defence Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) said. Two F-35s arrived at an air base in Cheong Ju, 140 kilometres south of Seoul, after several stopovers for refuelling following their departure from Luke Air Force Base i...
  • Pakistan Demonstrates Its New Drones
    Pakistan Demonstrates Its New Drones March 28 2019
    Pakistan, demonstrated its drones on Pakistan Day. Demonstrated UAVs mounted on a truck, are Burraq, able to carry to missiles, and the Shahpar reconnaissance drone derived from the Chinese CH-3.  On other truck, two UAVs are unveiled, manufactured by Global Industrial & Defence Solutions (GIDS). GIDS’ twin-boom Uqab and Huma that each operate at low altitudes and have limited flight times not exceeding four hours.
  • Japan’s Ninja Helicopters Back on the Air
    Japan’s Ninja Helicopters Back on the Air March 8 2019
    Japan Ground Self-Defence Force’s (JGSDF) OH-1 Ninja light observation helicopter fleet resumed on March 1, 2019, after a gap of nearly four years. The helicopter fleet was grounded following a crash in February 2015. The crash was attributed to faulty engine parts, according to Scramble Magazine. The OH-1 is manufactured by Kawasaki Heavy Industries for the JGSDF. The helicopter is a successor to the OH-6D helicopter of the JGSDF.
  • 3D Printed Rocket Engine from Orbex
    3D Printed Rocket Engine from Orbex February 15 2019
    Orbex has publicly unveiled its “Prime” rocket at the opening of its new headquarters and rocket design facility in Forres in the Scottish Highlands. UK-based spaceflight company, Orbex, with subsidiaries and production facilities in Denmark and Germany, has received funding from the UK Space Agency (UKSA), two of Europe's largest venture capital funds, Sunstone Technology Ventures and the High-Tech Gründerfonds, as well as strategic investor Elecnor Deimos Spac...
  • Germany Blocks French Meteor Sale to Saudi Arabia
    Germany Blocks French Meteor Sale to Saudi Arabia February 7 2019
        The German government has blocked the sale of Meteor air-to-air missiles to Saudi Arabia. The Meteor, developed and produced by Paris-based MBDA but with German components, is not the target of a specific German veto, but rather its export to Saudi Arabia is being blocked by the German government’s embargo on all arms sales to the Saudi kingdom, decided in late November. In particular, Germany once again decided to apply an embargo o...
  • U.S. Army Seeking Two Iron Dome Units
    U.S. Army Seeking Two Iron Dome Units January 17 2019
    News reports says the U.S. Army is asking Congress for $373 million to buy the two Iron Dome missile interceptor batteries, developed and manufactured by Rafael Advanced Defence Systems Ltd. According to “Inside Defence”, US Army acquisition executive Bruce Jette told Congress that the key benefits of the Iron Dome is its magazine depth of 20 interceptors and is proven in combat. The US Army is seeking to have them delivered by 2020.
  • Ground breaking Ceremony for Tank Factory
    Ground breaking Ceremony for Tank Factory January 13 2019
    BMC company that will produce Altay Main Battle Tanks for Turkish Army has set ground breaking ceremony in Sakarya, Karasu district. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said “Turkish defence firms export armoured vehicles, air defence systems, rocket systems, simulators, coastal security vessels, communication control systems and various software across the world.” Moreover, as a result of accelerating efforts, the defence industry's exports recorded a 17 percent rise com...
  • Advanced ShAK-12 Assault Rifles is Underway
    Advanced ShAK-12 Assault Rifles is Underway December 14 2018
    The equipment of the Russian law enforcement with the advanced ShAK-12 assault rifles, is underway, Yury Amelin, the representative of the Russian TsKIB SOO small arms design bureau, told Sputnik. "The deliveries to the law enforcement are underway. ShAK is rather peculiar equipment, it is not designed for mass use even inside special ops units. We receive orders, we implement them under the state defence procurement program but [the assault rifles] were not intended to be manu...
  • Nuclear Bomb’s Guided Tail-Kit Approved for Production
    Nuclear Bomb’s Guided Tail-Kit Approved for Production December 11 2018
    The US Air Force Nuclear Weapons Centre formally approved the start of production of the B61-12 nuclear gravity bomb’s new guided tail-kit assembly. The programme office says it completed a 27-month test programme in less than 11 months. It claims the accelerated schedule, as well as other risk mitigation strategies, helped to save more than $280 million in development costs. The new tail-kit assembly is manufactured by Boeing and is part of a larger life-extension p...
  • Armenia may Purchase JAS-39 Gripen
    Armenia may Purchase JAS-39 Gripen November 14 2018
    Armenia’s possible acquisition might be JAS-39 Gripen fighter aircraft manufactured by the Swedish aerospace company Saab according to Armenian Daily . The publication learned from Armenian Defence Ministry that the decision is currently under discussion. According to the Ministry, Armenia is considering the purchase of fighter jets produced in other countries in order to create a multifunctional air force. It was formerly reported earlier that Sweden has propo...
  • Iran Launches Serial Production of Kowsar Interceptor Jet
    Iran Launches Serial Production of Kowsar Interceptor Jet November 5 2018
    Iran has started the mass production of a fourth-generation domestically-manufactured interceptor jet in a major step toward the renovation of its Air Force, Iran’in state television reported. "Soon the needed number of this plane will be produced and put into service with the Air Force," Iranian Defence Minister Amir Hatami stated at a ceremony launching the plane's production. The production of each Kowsar jet would save the country about $16.5 millio...
  • S-70i to Turkish Gendarmerie
    S-70i to Turkish Gendarmerie October 30 2018
    The first S-70i Black Hawk helicopter produced at the PZL-Mielec plant for the Gendarmerie General Command was displayed. In the news published by Scramble Magazine, the image of the J-3943 tail number seen on the platform. Helicopter is painted with white, red and dark blue colour of the gendarmerie. The newest and advanced model of the UH-60 Black Hawk platforms, the S-70i helicopters, are equipped with modern avionics such as a fully integrated digital cockpit. Powered by two T70...
  • Kh-35UEh Missile Launch İn The Pacific From the Russian Su-34
    Kh-35UEh Missile Launch İn The Pacific From the Russian Su-34 September 26 2018
    The Kh-35UEh airborne missile-mounted missile tested a Russian Su-34 aircraft in the Pacific Ocean. The test scenario was complex and portrayed the attack on a group of ships. In total, eight missile launches were made, which were successful. The Kh-35UEh anti-ship missile was developed and manufactured by the JSC Tactical Missiles Corporation (KTRV) and tested on aircraft in 2017. The rocket has been certified for use by the Su-24M bomber, the Su-30SM fighter, the MiG-29K fighter /...
  • CATIC Presents Unmanned Helicopter Armed With Bombs September 24 2018
    China presents its Unmanned Aerial Vehicles at AAD 2018, the International Aerospace and Defence Exhibition.  The unmanned helicopter Ziyan Blowfish I is armed with bombs. The Blowfish 1 is a lightweight, vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) designed and manufactured by the Chinese Company CATIC (China National Aero-Technology Import & Export Corporation). Ziyan Blowfish I, equipped with a new-generation of flight control system, can flight in ...
  • Rolls-Royce to Power Boeing MQ-25 UAV
    Rolls-Royce to Power Boeing MQ-25 UAV September 11 2018
    Boeing has selected Rolls-Royce engines to power the U.S. Navy’s new MQ-25 Stingray unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), which will provide unmanned, carrier-based air-to-air refuelling, Rolls-Royce announced in a Sept. 6 release. The U.S. Navy has awarded the MQ-25A engineering and manufacturing contract to Boeing to provide four aircraft. Each MQ-25 aircraft will be powered by a single Rolls-Royce AE 3007N engine, manufactured in Indianapolis. The AE 3007N, the latest va...
  • US Navy Selects Builder For New MQ-25 Stingray Aerial Refueling Drone
    US Navy Selects Builder For New MQ-25 Stingray Aerial Refueling Drone September 3 2018
    The US Navy has awarded Boeing Defence an $805.3 million contract to develop four MQ-25A Stingray carrier-based unmanned refuelling aircraft. Boeing will design, develop, produce, test, deliver and support the MQ-25A unmanned air vehicles, including integrate into the carrier air wing for an initial operational capability by 2024. Besides Boeing, Lockheed Martin and General Atomics Aeronautical Systems were competing. Boeing manufactured a full-scale and functional aircraf...
  • Iran Unveils First Homegrown Fighter Jet
    Iran Unveils First Homegrown Fighter Jet August 22 2018
    Iran has successfully test-flown the first indigenous advanced light attack and training jet ‘Kosar’ concurrent with the National Day of Defence Industry. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Tuesday attended a ceremony in Tehran in which the country’s first fighter jet designed and manufactured by domestic military experts was unveiled. In February, Iran unveiled what it claimed was a locally-developed stealth fighter, the Qaher 313, but today it “u...
  • Russia To Starts Tu-22M3M Bomber Flight Trials
    Russia To Starts Tu-22M3M Bomber Flight Trials August 19 2018
    Russia is close to commencing ground and flight trials with its first modernised Tupolev Tu-22M3M bomber. Extensive modifications made to the variable-geometry type include the installation of new navigation and communication equipment, targeting systems, engine controls. United Aircraft (UAC) says that 80% of the Tu-22M3M's avionics equipment has been replaced, with the updates also enhancing commonality with Russia's remanufactured and re-engined Tu-160M bomber; the first ...
  • Belarussian Vehicles at Africa
    Belarussian Vehicles at Africa August 8 2018
    The Côte d'Ivoire gendarmerie exhibited its new vehicles. Cayman 4x4 vehicles which procured from Belarus has unveiled at the military parade on August 7th in honor of Independence Day, is the first known export customer of Cayman vehicles. Announced vehicles for service in May 2017 were developed for reconnaissance, escort and patrol missions and were manufactured at the 140th Repair Plant in Borisov, Belarus. Caymans, which are heavily modernized versions of th...
  • Ka-52 Alligator Helicopters For the Egyptian Armed Forces
    Ka-52 Alligator Helicopters For the Egyptian Armed Forces August 5 2018
    Simple satellite photos from Google Earth revealed that the Egyptian Air Force has received a new batch of Russian attack helicopters Ka-52 Alligator which are stationed on the Kattamia Air Base. The helicopters were developed and manufactured by Kamov, a subsidiary of Russian Helicopters, which belongs to the state-owned holding company Rostec, which coordinates and controls technological innovations in the field of defence and high-tech.