• India successfully test-fired Laser-Guided Anti-Tank Guided Missile (ATGM) from MBT Arjun
    India successfully test-fired Laser-Guided Anti-Tank Guided Missile (ATGM) from MBT Arjun 24 September 2020
    The Indian Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), on Wednesday, successfully test-fired Laser-Guided Anti-Tank Guided Missile (ATGM) from the main battle tank (MBT) Arjun. The test was conducted at the Armoured Corps Centre and School in Ahmednagar (ACC&S). DRDO said that in these tests, ATGM successfully defeated a target at 3 km. Defence Minister Rajnath Singh announced the test on his personal Twitter account. In a press statement, the DRDO said, “La...
  • the UK is not Retiring Battle Tanks
    the UK is not Retiring Battle Tanks 15 September 2020
    UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace has dismissed earlier reports that the British Army is planning to retire its tanks. Last month, The Times’ reported that the British Army was planning to focus on evolving technologies such as cyber and space warfare. As a result of such efforts Main Battle Tanks like Challenger 2 (MBTs) Warrior Armoured Fighting Vehicles (AFVs) would be retired Denying the speculation, Wallace told BBC: “The idea that tanks won&rsquo...
  • Tank Delivery to Pakistan
    Tank Delivery to Pakistan 22 April 2020
    Despite its limited opportunities and virus epidemic, Pakistan continues to work on reinforcing its army and received a new delivery. Islamabad, which received the first batch of modernized T-55 tanks from Serbia in the past weeks, announced that the first VT4s it procured from China arrived in the country yesterday. In 2019, the delivery ceremony was held in mid-April 2020 for the platforms selected by the Pakistani Army, and the platforms set off in the direction of...
  • Britain Works on Full Situational Awareness
    Britain Works on Full Situational Awareness 25 January 2020
    British Company BAE Systems Israeli firm Elbit Systems are cooperating to build a new main battle tank (MBT) offering 360-degree situational awareness, for British Army urban operations. Elbit’s IronVision electro-optical system will provide the vision to the crew to see through tank armour wall. The company, along with the British army, have reportedly been working on the system to be integrated on to the Streetfighter II since January 2019. It will give the tank the ability ...
  • Russia Plans to Unveil the New TOS-2 Heavy Flamethrower System Next Year
    Russia Plans to Unveil the New TOS-2 Heavy Flamethrower System Next Year 14 November 2019
    The Russian Defence Ministry plans to show the new TOS-2 heavy flamethrower system at the parade in honour of the 75th anniversary of the Victory and send it to the troops. The head of the chemical, biological and radiation protection forces of the Russian Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov, said that the TOS-2 heavy flamethrower system should enter the military units in May 2020. “By the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Pat...
  • Modernised M60TM at Border
    Modernised M60TM at Border 16 October 2019
    Upgraded M60TM main battle tanks (MBTs) fitted with Pulat active protection systems (APS) are deployed to the Syrian border according to social media reports. M60MT tanks are fitted with ASELSAN’s remote weapon station and laser-warning receivers. Some of the tanks also have Pulat hard-kill APS.  Some of the tanks showed M60s fitted with Aselsan's Telescopic Periscope System (TEPES). Tanks are hidden behind an obstacle but can see remote distance tanks to TEPES. TEPES...
  • Integrated System by Rafael
    Integrated System by Rafael 10 September 2019
    Israel-based Rafael takes part in Defence and Security Equipment International exhibition (DSEI 2019) hosted by London. Rafael Advanced Defence Systems is showcasing its complete all-in-one Samson 30mm remote-controlled weapon station (RCWS), integrated with two Spike missiles and the Trophy Active Protection System (APS). Trophy is in service with the Israel Defence Forces on the Merkava Mk 3 and 4 main battle tanks (MBT) and on the Namer heavy armoured personnel carrier, with more...
  • Greek Cyprus to Get Leopard 2
    Greek Cyprus to Get Leopard 2 11 July 2019
      The European Defence Agency (EDA) is preparing to launch a programme in 2020 for four member states to upgrade or procure Leopard 2A7 equivalents. EDA is in final consultations with member states Greek Cyprus, Greece, Romania, and Spain to launch a programme in 2020 to modernise or procure Leopard 2 Main Battle Tank (MBT) fleets. According to the agency, the effort will aim at upgrading to Leopard 2A7 equivalents or acquiring them. The program will involve approximately 200 L...
  • IDEF Opens its Doors 30 April 2019
    Turkey's biggest defence expo IDEF begins today. More than 800 company and institution attend to the expo. First day is preserved for opening ceremony and delegation visits. TUSAS’ AKSUNGUR UAV,  FNSS’ ZAHA, MKEK’s 120 mm automatic loading mortar, OTOKAR’s Akrep II, BMC’s Altay MBT, Roketsan’s Atmaca Missile are among exhibited products. ASELSAN will present GÖKDENİZ Project today.
  • Rheinmetall Acquires a Vehicle Protection System Manufacturer
    Rheinmetall Acquires a Vehicle Protection System Manufacturer 27 March 2019
    The German company Rheinmetall announced the acquisition of the company for development and construction of protection and shielding systems IBD Deisenroth Engineering GmbH. The Family-ran Germany -based company is one of the leading companies in the field with long presence and participation in major development and armament programs. This includes the older Advanced Modular Armour Protection active system and the Modular Expandable Armour System composite armour system. IBD Diesen...
  • Altay MBT Will Have Three Variants
    Altay MBT Will Have Three Variants 28 November 2018
    Officials from Turkey's Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB) have revealed details of the three variants to be produced for the Altay main battle tanks (MBTs) programme by local company BMC British Magazine Jane’s learnt that the total contract, which was announced as signed on 9 November, is for 251 units of the Altay MBT in three variants. Of this number, 40 will be the T1 variant, which is similar to the four prototype models that have completed testing, and is schedu...
  • BMC to Produce Turkey's Altay MBT
    BMC to Produce Turkey's Altay MBT 9 November 2018
    The serial production of Turkey’s Main Battle Tank (MBT), the Altay, has been awarded to BMC, one of Turkey's largest commercial vehicle manufacturers. The announcement was made on 9 November by the Turkish Presidency of Defence Industries (Savunma Sanayii Başkanlığı / SSB). Under the new contract,  250 Altay tanks will be produced, with the first tank to be delivered to Turkish Land Forces within 18 months once serial production line is completed. The Altay...
  • Iran to produce 800 MBT
    Iran to produce 800 MBT 22 July 2018
    The Iranian military will receive up to 800 new and upgraded main battle tanks in the coming years. Defence ministry plans to upgrade and produce around 50 – 60 tanks annually at its production facility in Dorud. The tanks to be built will be most likely the Karrar (Striker) and the Zolfaghar. The Karrar is an indigenous combat vehicle developed in-house by Iran's Defence Industries Organisation (DIO) and was announced on 12 March 2017. It has three crew (Gunner, Commander and Drive...
  • Taiwan to buy M1A2 Abrams from US
    Taiwan to buy M1A2 Abrams from US 12 July 2018
    Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defence (MND) wants to acquire M1A2 Abrams main battle tanks (MBTs) from the United States to replace some of its older M60A3 and M48H CM11 MBTs. Taiwanese ministry has secured USD990 million for 108 M1A2s along with associated ammunition from next year’s defence budget.
  • Norway abandons tank upgrade
    Norway abandons tank upgrade 22 June 2018
    Plans to upgrade the Norwegian Army’s Leopard 2A4 MBTs have been cancelled. Norwegian Army’s plans to upgrade the Leopard 2A4 main battle tanks (MBTs) have been abandoned following the publication of the government’s revised budget in May. A reduced MBT capability will be retained until 2025, when a new tank or an interim solution will be introduced. Only 30 of the 52 tanks in the Norwegian Army inventory are operational. Upgrade proposals to adopt Germany’s Leopard 2A...
  • European Export Tank
    European Export Tank 11 June 2018
    The French (Nexter Defence Systems) and German (KMW) partnered KNDS Group introduced their first joint production vehicles. Introduced at Eurosatory 2018 Fair, the system called EMBT (European Main Battle Tank) was developed in less than three years. Developed primarily for the export market, the platform is integraton of the Leopard 2A7 engine, chasis and hull and the compact tower with light and automatic loading system of the French Leclerc tank. Managed by a ...
  • Major Decision on Altay MBT
    Major Decision on Altay MBT 24 April 2018
    Turkish Undersecretariat for Defense Industries (SSM) made a decision on serial production of Altay. SSM decided to start contract negotiations with BMC on the serial production of national main battle tank Altay and power group development.  OTOKAR, BMC and FNSS companies submitted their offers on 16 November 2017 to the new tender consisting of 250 units.
  • German Transmission System to K2 MBTs
    German Transmission System to K2 MBTs 15 February 2018
    The Republic of Korea's K2 main battle tanks will be equipped with German RENK transmission system, the Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) announced on 7 February. The first batch of 100 K2s was equipped with the German MTU 883 diesel engine and RENK transmission system. The second-batch production, which was originally started in 2014 when Hyundai Rotem signed an $820 million contract to supply the additional K2 MBTs, has long been delaye...
  • OTOKAR Emphasis on Being Entirely Local
    OTOKAR Emphasis on Being Entirely Local 9 February 2018
    OTOKAR, who submitted its Best and Final Offer (BAFO) on the Altay main battle to the Undersecretariat for Defence Industries (SSM) yesterday, has released an announcement. The company emphasized the fact that they were the only entirely-local company among competitors that submitted proposals for the project. In the announcement that read "Otokar is the only Turkish land systems manufacturer without any foreign partners", the following statements were made; “The absenc...
  • Demir: Altay MBT Decision To Be Made Soon
    Demir: Altay MBT Decision To Be Made Soon 26 January 2018
    Turkish Undersecretary of Defence Industries Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir said that the decision for Altay Main Battle Tank will be announced within 20 days. Answering the questions of the press at a ceremony in Ankara, Demir noted that the decision on mass production of the tank will be announced very soon. OTOKAR had the right to design Altay MBT, to produce four prototypes and to submit first bids for mass production. The company's prototype passed the acceptance tests in...
  • New Tender for ALTAY MBT Powerpack
    New Tender for ALTAY MBT Powerpack 18 October 2017
    Turkish Undersecretariat for Defence Industries (SSM) has issued a new tender yesterday for indigenous development of Altay Tank powerpack. SSM determined the tender subject as "to remove the foreign dependency regarding ALTAY Tank's powerpack and to develop a powerpack which is not subject to the export license, using the current possibilities and capabilities of our country's industry to meet the powerpack need for ALTAY Tank with domestic and national sources." ...
  • Korea To Wait Three More Years
    Korea To Wait Three More Years 17 October 2017
    The Republic of Korea's Defence Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) announced a three-year delay in production of additional Hyundai Rotem K2 (Black Panther) main battle tanks (MBTs) on 13 October. Hyundai Rotem signed a $820 million contract to supply the additional K2 MBTs to the Republic of Korea Army (RoKA) in December 2014. The country is expected to order more than 600 K2 MBTs to replace its M47 Patton tanks and K1 MBTs. The delay is due to reliab...
  • Leopard 2 Modernization by Rheinmetall
    Leopard 2 Modernization by Rheinmetall 6 October 2017
    Rheinmetall has been awarded a modernisation contract worth $138 million to upgrade Leopard 2 main battle tanks (MBT) of the German armed forces. A total of 104 MBTs will receive the upgrade; 68 Leopard 2A4, 16 Leopard 2A6 and 20 Leopard 2A7 MBTs, bringing them up to the A7V standard.  The tanks will be installed a new laser rangefinder and a thermal imaging device as well as the new L55A1 gun for the 68 Leopard 2A4 MBTs enabling them to ...
  • Russia To Overhaul T-80s
    Russia To Overhaul T-80s 12 September 2017
    Russia has awarded a contract to Uralvagonzavod Corporation, a subsidiary of Rostec state company, for upgrade and overhaul of T-80 main battle tanks. The relevant work will be carried out at the Omsk Transport Machine-Building Plant (Omsktransmash) who launched the production of the T-80 main battle tank in the 1970s. The T-80 tank will receive the Sosna-U multi channel sight with a laser rangefinder, a thermal imager and an automatic target tracker and the fuel cons...
  • A Committee Will Serve In Tender
    A Committee Will Serve In Tender 17 June 2017
    The serial production of Altay main battle tank has turned into a tender as the designer OTOKAR and Turkish Undersecreteriat for Defence Industry (SSM) have failed to reach an agreement due to price issues.  According to the information C4Defence obtained, six companies are interested in participating. SSM, on the other, has chosen an unprecedented way to select subcontractor and pricing. SSM has set up a selector committee, comprising of 80 individuals, to make use in selectin...
  • Tender To Be Issued for Altay MBT
    Tender To Be Issued for Altay MBT 9 June 2017
    OTOKAR has announced at the Public Disclosure Platform (KAP) that it will follow Turkish Undersecreteriat for Defence Industry's (SSM's) tender procedures regarding Altay main battle tank. The company used to have exclusive right to submit its offer as the manufacturer of the tank's prototype. OTOKAR, who has sent its best and last offer in 2016, said it has received a document from SSM saying that the offer had been evaluated in terms of managerial, financial and technical aspect...
  • Altay waits decision
    Altay waits decision 15 April 2017
    Defence minister Fikri Işık announced that the Altay main battle tank (MBT) could enter full-scale production in May. Attending to a ceremony in Sakarya, Defence Minister Işık said, “We will push the button on mass production in May. We will have a decision about Altay tank’s mass production in May if nothing goes wrong.” The Altay MBT passed its qualification tests in February, at which point Otokar announced that the Altay was ready for full-scale production for ...
  • R&D Promise for Altay Engine by Delta
    R&D Promise for Altay Engine by Delta 2 April 2017
    The Altay Main Battle Tank's engine program has successfully overcome a major problem with the release of information that the engine to be used on Altay will be supplied from Ukraine. UkrOboronProm General Manager Romanov said in a special interview with our magazine that Turkish and Ukrainian prime ministers have reached an agreement and that a long-lasting work has been carried out for cooperation. C4Defence contacted at Delta Defence LTD, the representative of UkrO...
  • Ukranian engine for Turkish MBT Altay
    Ukranian engine for Turkish MBT Altay 27 March 2017
    The long needed support has been found for the Altay Main Battle Tank, which Turkey designed and produced with national capabilities. After one year of TÜMOSAN's efforts, the relevant contract was canceled mutually. The company said it was the political obstacles to technology support from Austria. With this explanation, the uncertainty process for the tank engine re-started. Roman Romanov, general manager of UkrOboronProm, the state agency responsible for Ukraine's defence compa...
  • Indigenious MBT by Iran 13 March 2017
    Iran unveiled its newest, domestically manufactured main battle tank (MBT) Karrar on 12 March, stating that the MBT is ready for mass production. Reportedly, the tank has advanced weapons sytems along with an electro-optical fire control system, a laser rangefinder, and a ballistic computer. Iranian Defence Minister Brig. Gen. Hossein Dehqan emphasized his confidence in the tank during its unveiling ceremony, saying that Karrar could compete with the most advanced tan...
  • Ukrainian Support to Armored Vehicles
    Ukrainian Support to Armored Vehicles 6 March 2017
    Ukraine will supply 88 tank sights to Pakistan under a recently signed memorandum of understanding for collaboration and support in armour programs. The country also support overhauling the Pakistan Army’s T-80UD main battle tanks (MBT). The overhaul work will begin with a pilot program covering five T-80UDs and conducted by Heavy Industries Taxila.
  • Ukraine and Pakistan Agrees on MBT Engine
    Ukraine and Pakistan Agrees on MBT Engine 26 February 2017
    Pakistan and Ukraine signed a memorandum-of-understanding (MoU) to co-produce diesel engine and engine components for Pakistan’s main battle tank al-Khalid (MBT) programs. Pakistan’s Minister of Defence Production (MoDP) Rana Tanveer Hussain and the General Director of the Ukrainian Defence Industry branch in Ukroboronprom Roman Romanov signed the MoU. Upon signing the MoU, Mr. Hussain reportedly stated that Pakistan “will import technology to produce eng...
  • Hyundai Overcomes 'Obstacles'
    Hyundai Overcomes 'Obstacles' 22 February 2017
    Hyundai Rotem shared details of its new combat engineer vehicle (CEV), developed for the Republic of Korea Army. The new vehicle was designed for clearing battlefield obstacles, preparing fire positions for MBTs and artillery, and carrying out breaching operations. The hydraulic arm of the vehicle, which lays alongside the hull when not used, can accommodate a crane with a maximum lifting capacity of up to 2.5 tonnes. According to the information released, the new CEV features a 1,200 hp dies...
  • Middle East's New Favourite: 'Tagil'
    Middle East's New Favourite: 'Tagil' 22 February 2017
    Russia is to export its latest version of T-90 main battle tanks (MBT) to Middle East.  The T-90MS Tagil MBT was first revealed in 2011 and tested over two years in several Middle Eastern countries according to Russian Industry and Trade Minister Denis Manturov.  Speaking at IDEX 2017 defence exxhibition in Abu Dhabi, Manturov stated a large- scale contract was signed in December and another contract is epected to be signed soon.  Built by Uralvagonzavod, the comb...
  • Final Turn on Altay MBT
    Final Turn on Altay MBT 22 February 2017
    The long awaited news from Otokar, the company designed the Altay Main Battle Tank and produced the first four prototypes, has finally come. Otokar's General Manager Serdar Görgüç said in his statement to C4Defence that the acceptance tests on the tank had successfully been completed. Görgüç said:, "The Undersecretariat for Defence Industry is in the process of reporting and evaluating the results of acceptance tests." Ali Ko...
  • India To Continue Production of Russian MBT
    India To Continue Production of Russian MBT 14 February 2017
    Russia extended India's licence to manufacture T-90S main battle tanks upon New Delhi's request. Indian Ministry of Defence has approved a major arms purchase which includes 464 T-90 tanks by the end of last year at cost of approximately $2.1 billion. T-90 tanks will be equipped with thermal imaging night vision cameras and some additional countermeasures to significantly reduce the chances of being hit. India has already inducted 18 regiments of T-90 tanks which are de...
  • Russia Hits The Gas for 'Armata' MBT
    Russia Hits The Gas for 'Armata' MBT 7 February 2017
    The CEO of Russian Uralvagonzavod (UVZ) machine building company,Oleg Sienko, announced today that the advanced main battle tank T-14 Armata's serial production is planned to begin in 2018. Sienko added that they might cut back some of the tests in order to reach this goal. First unveiled at the May 9 Victory Day military parade in Moscow in 2015, T-14 MBT features an unmanned turret armed with a 125-mm smoothbore cannon and a 7,62-mm remote-control machine g...
  • Thailand Chose Chinese-made MBTs
    Thailand Chose Chinese-made MBTs 5 January 2017
    The Royal Thai Army signed a deal with China for 28 VT-4 main battle tanks and will acquire 21 additional vehicles within the fiscal year 2017 to complete a fleet of 49 tanks. VT-4 main battle tanks, also known as the MBT 3000, have been designed and manufactured by the China North Industries Corporation (NORINCO). The VT-4 has a 125 mm smoothbore cannon and a 12.7 mm heavy machine gun on the turret.  The vehicle’s fire control system consists of laser rangefinder, panoramic sight,...
  • Ukraine To Upgrade Pakistani Tanks
    Ukraine To Upgrade Pakistani Tanks 9 December 2016
    Ukraine signed a memorandum of understanding with Pakistan on 23 November to upgrade the country’s Al-Khalid Main Battle Tanks, developed jointly by Pakistan and China. Ukrainian state-owned Ukrspecexport company has been awarded a $600 million contract to conduct relevant modernization work.  Al-Khalid MBTs has an operational range of up to 500 kilometers and can reach 72 km/h speed. The vehicles are currently in service with Pakistan, Morocco, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Myanma...
  • Russia To Upgrade MBTs
    Russia To Upgrade MBTs 9 December 2016
    Russia contemplates upgrading some of its T-72 and T-90 main battle tank (MBT) fleets to improve first round hit capability, reduce workload on the gunner and enhance their operational life. If concluded, the tanks will be equipped with the automatic target tracker (ATT) and fire control computer (FCC) used on the Armata T-14 MBTs. Russia already commenced upgrade work on T-80BV MBTs as a part of its upgrade plans.